40 days English and Luba-Kasai conversation with Flores.

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In this session, we will learn a conversation in English and Kiluba languages using the 'Flores200' data provided by 'MetaAI.' This data consists of a total of 997 sentences, so if you read 25 sentences per day, you can see your language skills improve within 40 days.

Furthermore, this data has translations in the same content for 204 languages, so you can use the blog search function at the top to search for the desired language. However, please note that this data will be reflected in the blog starting from June 2023, and it takes six months for all the data to be incorporated. If the language you search for is not available, it means it hasn't been included yet, so please understand.

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English : On Monday, scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine announced the invention of a new diagnostic tool that can sort cells by type: a tiny printable chip that can be manufactured using standard inkjet printers for possibly about one U.S. cent each.

Luba-Kasai : Mu dimua, ba scientifique ba mu kalasa ka Medecine ka Universite wa Stanford mbafila dimanyisha dia difuka dia tshiamua tshipiamupia tshia diagnostique tshidi mua kupatula cellules bilondeshila mushindu wayi: ka puce kakesa kikala imprimaple kadi mua kuenzeka ni printers ya standard inkjet bua dienzeka bua E.U. umua cent pa umua.

English : Lead researchers say this may bring early detection of cancer, tuberculosis, HIV and malaria to patients in low-income countries, where the survival rates for illnesses such as breast cancer can be half those of richer countries.

Luba-Kasai : Bakebi bashindama bamba se tshidi mua kulela cancer kumpala kua diba, tuberculose, SIDA ne malaria kudi bantu ba mu matunga a economie mushadila, muaba udi bungi bua dipanduka bua masama bumudi cancer ka mabela budi bua kuikala nkatshi nkatshi wa dia matunga a makuta.

English : The JAS 39C Gripen crashed onto a runway at around 9:30 am local time (0230 UTC) and exploded, closing the airport to commercial flights.

Luba-Kasai : JAS 39C mu crashe mu tshialu ku ma 9:30 wa mudinda diba dia muabau (0230 UTC) ne kutayika, kukandayi tashialu tshia ndeka bua ngedu ya mishunga.

English : The pilot was identified as Squadron Leader Dilokrit Pattavee.

Luba-Kasai : Muendeshi wa ndeka uvua musunguluja bu Squadron Leader Dilokrit Pattavee.

English : Local media reports an airport fire vehicle rolled over while responding.

Luba-Kasai : Bisanji bia muabau mbimona mashinyi a dijima nawu midilu a ku tshialu mabunguluka munkatshi mua dijima mudilu.

English : 28-year-old Vidal had joined Barça three seasons ago, from Sevilla.

Luba-Kasai : Vidal wa bidimu 28 muya mu Barça bidimu bisatu bipita, mumbukila mu Sevilla.

English : Since moving to the Catalan-capital, Vidal had played 49 games for the club.

Luba-Kasai : Katshia waya mu capitale Catalane, Vidal munaya 49 match bua equipe.

English : The protest started around 11:00 local time (UTC+1) on Whitehall opposite the police-guarded entrance to Downing Street, the Prime Minister´s official residence.

Luba-Kasai : Manifestation mabangish ku ma 11:00 diba dia muabawu (UTC +1) ku Whitehall disambu dia tshibueledi tshia Downinig Street thilama kudi mpulushi, kumbelu kua premier ministre.

English : Just after 11:00, protesters blocked traffic on the northbound carriage in Whitehall.

Luba-Kasai : Anu panyima pa 11:00, ba manifestants ba kakanga dipita ku northbound carriage mu Whitehall.

English : At 11:20, the police asked the protesters to move back on to the pavement, stating that they needed to balance the right to protest with the traffic building up.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 11:20, pulushi ya kalomba ba manifestants bua kupingana panyima pa tshibumba, mudiamba se badi bakeba ku equilibre bukokeshi bua ku manifeste ne embouteillage mivulangane.

English : Around 11:29, the protest moved up Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square, along the Strand, passing by Aldwych and up Kingsway towards Holborn where the Conservative Party were holding their Spring Forum in the Grand Connaught Rooms hotel.

Luba-Kasai : Ku ma 11:29, ba manifestants ba kaya ku Whitehall, kupita Trafalgar Square, kumpenga kua brin, kupitshila ku Aldwych ne ku Kingsway towads Holborn kuvu parti conservateur muikala wenza forum wenda wa printemps mu Tshilala benyi tshia Grand Connaught Rooms.

English : Nadal´s head to head record against the Canadian is 7–2.

Luba-Kasai : Record wa bipeta bia Nadal contre Canadien udi 7–2.

English : He recently lost against Raonic in the Brisbane Open.

Luba-Kasai : Musangu mushala mu jimija contre Raonic mu dikangula dia Brisbane.

English : Nadal bagged 88% net points in the match winning 76 points in the first serve.

Luba-Kasai : Nadal muangata 88% wa ku point yonso mu match mu digagne 76 point mu tshitupa tshia kumpala.

English : After the match, King of Clay said, ¨I am just excited about being back in the final rounds of the most important events. I am here to try to win this.¨

Luba-Kasai : ⁣Panyima pa match, Roi wa argile, ¨Ndi ne disanka bua kupingana mu tshitupa tshia ndekelu tshia evenement muimpa ku yonsu. Ndi apa bua kuteta ku mugagne.¨

English : ¨Panama Papers¨ is an umbrella term for roughly ten million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, leaked to the press in spring 2016.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Mabeji a ku Panama¨ tshidi mbikidilu wa dikumbi bua milio dikumi ya mikanda mu cabinet ka ku Panama ka mulumbuluidianganyi Mossack Fonseca, dipatuka mu presse wa printemps wa 2016.

English : The documents showed fourteen banks helped wealthy clients hide billions of US dollars of wealth to avoid taxes and other regulations.

Luba-Kasai : Mikanda idi ileja bank dikumi ne inayi idi miambuluish mubanji bua kusokoka milio ya dollars ya US ya mubanji bua kubenga kufuta bitadi ne regulation mikuabu.

English : British newspaper The Guardian suggested Deutsche Bank controlled roughly a third of the 1200 shell companies used to accomplish this.

Luba-Kasai : Mabeji a ngumu ya ku Britanique The Guardian mufila lungenyi bua se Bank ya ku Pays bas icontrole to ne misatu ya ku 1200 societes itu mibidila yenza nunku.

English : There were protests worldwide, several criminal prosecutions, and the leaders of the governments of Iceland and Pakistan both resigned.

Luba-Kasai : Kuenzeka manifestation mu buloba bujima, kulondeshilula kua bungi penale, ne bena ku mutu kua gouvernement wa Islande ne Pakistan bonso mbalekela mudimu.

English : Born in Hong Kong, Ma studied at New York University and Harvard Law School and once held an American permanent resident ¨green card¨.

Luba-Kasai : Mulela mu Hong Kong, Ma mulonga ku Universite wa New York ne Kalasa ka Mikenji ka Havard ne ukatu mu peta residence permanent wa ba American ¨carte vert¨.

English : Hsieh implied during the election that Ma might flee the country during a time of crisis.

Luba-Kasai : Hsieh mudimuisha mu tshikondo tshia masungudiangnyi se Ma udi mua kunyema ditunga mu tshikondo tshia tshiyola.

English : Hsieh also argued that the photogenic Ma was more style than substance.

Luba-Kasai : Hseih muela kabidi mpata se photogenique Ma uvu ne style wabungi ke substance.

English : Despite these accusations, Ma won handily on a platform advocating closer ties with the Chinese mainland.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha mafundi ara, Ma mu gagne bipepele mu plate-forme mu di defendre ne mishindu milulame ne Chine continentale.

English : Today´s Player of the Day is Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.

Luba-Kasai : Joueur wa dituku dia lelu Alex Ovechkin wa mu Capitlale ka Washington.

English : He had 2 goals and 2 assists in Washington´s 5-3 win over the Atlanta Thrashers.

Luba-Kasai : Udi ni ndundu ibidi ne passe ibidi mu 5-3 wa di gagne dia Washington contre Atlanta Thrashers.


English : Ovechkin´s first assist of the night was on the game-winning goal by rookie Nicklas Backstrom;

Luba-Kasai : Passe wa ndundu wa kumpale wa Ovechkin wa butuku abu uvu wa ndundu wa ku gagne nrenda match kudi Nicklas Backstrom;

English : his second goal of the night was his 60th of the season, becoming the first player to score 60 or more goals in a season since 1995-96, when Jaromir Jagr and Mario Lemieux each reached that milestone.

Luba-Kasai : Ndudu wenda muibidi wa butuku uvu wenda wa 60 bua tshidimu, kuluayi munayi wa kumpala bua kobesha ndudu 60 eshi mipita mu tshidimu katshia 1995-96, pavua Jaromir Jagr ne Mario Lemieux yonsu mufika mu tshitupa tshia mushinga.

English : Batten was ranked 190th on the 2008 400 Richest Americans list with an estimated fortune of $2.3 billion.

Luba-Kasai : Batten uvu wa 190 ku liste wa babanji ba mu Amerique wa 2008 400 ne bubanji buelakana ku $2.3 milio.

English : He graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Virginia in 1950 and was a significant donor to that institution.

Luba-Kasai : Mujikija ku College wa Arts & Science wa ku Universite wa Virginie mu 1950 ne uva muambuluishi wa mushinga wa institution awu.

English : Iraq´s Abu Ghraib prison has been set alight during a riot.

Luba-Kasai : Abu Ghraib lukanu lua mu Iraq luedibua midilu mu tshikondo tshia vunda.

English : The jail became notorious after prisoner abuse was discovered there after US forces took over.

Luba-Kasai : Lukanu lua kalua lumanyika bikola panyima pa dijandula dia malu mabi a bantu ba mu lukanu panyima pa diangata dia makokeshi kudi EU.

English : Piquet Jr. crashed in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix just after an early pit stop for Fernando Alonso, bringing out the safety car.

Luba-Kasai : Piquet Jr. mu crashe mu Grand Prix wa 2008 mu Singapour anu panyima pa stand arret wa zanzanza wa Fernando Alonso, mudilua ne mashinyi a securite.

English : As the cars ahead of Alonso went in for fuel under the safety car, he moved up the pack to take victory.

Luba-Kasai : Padi mashinyi avu kumpala kua Alonso maya munda mua mashinyi a securite bua carburant, mupita kumpala bua kuangata victoire.

English : Piquet Jr. was sacked after the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Luba-Kasai : Picket jr. uvua muipata panyima pa Grand Prix wa ba Hongrois mu 2009.

English : At exactly 8:46 a.m. a hush fell across the city, marking the exact moment the first jet struck its target.

Luba-Kasai : Mu diba dijalama dia 8:46 wa mudinda. calme kabuela mu cite, bileja tshikondo tshilelela tshia dijama dia jet wa kumpala wa dilondesha dienda.

English : Two beams of light have been rigged up to point skywards overnight.

Luba-Kasai : Poteau ibidi ya mudilu ivua miasa butuku mitangidija mudiulu.

English : Construction is ongoing for five new skyscrapers at the site, with a transportation center and memorial park in the middle.

Luba-Kasai : Nzubu itanu ya etage ya milepa bikola idi munkatshi mua dibakibua mu chantier, ni centre wa transport ne parc commemoratif munkatshi.

English : The PBS show has more than two-dozen Emmy awards, and its run is shorter only than Sesame Street and Mister Rogers´ Neighborhood.

Luba-Kasai : Emission wa PBS udi ne trophees ya Emmy mipita ku makumi abidi ne inayi, ni dienzekibua diende didi tshitupa tshipi anu kudi Sesame street ni mitumba ya Mister Rogers.

English : Each episode of the show would focus on a theme in a specific book and then explore that theme through multiple stories.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitupa tshonso tshia emission tshivu tshiakuila pa tshiena-bualu tshimue mu mukanda kampanda ni babuela pashishe mundondo wa tshiena-bualu kupitshila nsumwinu.

English : Each show would also provide recommendations for books that children should look for when they went to their library.

Luba-Kasai : Emission yonso uvu ufila kabidi mibelu pa mikanda ivu bana ni tshia kukeba pavubu baya mu Nzubu wa bukubi bua mikanda.

English : John Grant, from WNED Buffalo (Reading Rainbow´s home station) said ¨Reading Rainbow taught kids why to read,... the love of reading — [the show] encouraged kids to pick up a book and to read.¨

Luba-Kasai : John Grant, wa WNED Buffalo (kutu kumbukile Reading Rainbow) uvu muambe: ¨Reading Rainbow uvu mulongeshe bana buatshinyi kubala… dinanga dia kubala, Emission uvu utua bana mpanda bua kuangata mukanda umwe ni kubala.¨

English : It is believed by some, including John Grant, that both the funding crunch and a shift in the philosophy of educational television programming contributed to ending the series.

Luba-Kasai : Bakuabu, bumudi John Grant, bela menji bua se kupanga kua lupetu ndishintuluka dia kuela kua menji mu bulongolodi bua television educative bivu bienzeje buimanyiki bua malu a mulongolongo.

English : The storm, situated about 645 miles (1040 km) west of the Cape Verde islands, is likely to dissipate before threatening any land areas, forecasters say.

Luba-Kasai : Bamonyi bamba, tshipepela tshikola, tshikalangana mu 645 meta (1040 km) ku Est wa ils ya Cape-vert, ludi mua kujika kumpala kua kunyanga bitupa nansha kayi bionsu bia bulaba.

English : Fred currently has winds of 105 miles per hour (165 km/h) and is moving towards the northwest.

Luba-Kasai : Fred muikalangana ne lupepela lua 105 meta pa diba (165 km/h) ne udi uya mutangila ku Nord-Ouest.

English : Fred is the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded so far south and east in the Atlantic since the advent of satellite imagery, and only the third major hurricane on record east of 35°W.

Luba-Kasai : Fred muaba wa kumpala wa cyclone tropical ukatubu bapeta katshia ba banga Sud ne Est mu Atlantique katshia evenement wa dikuata dia photo kudi satellite, ne anu ouragan munena muisatu bapeta 35°W ku Est.

English : On September 24, 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the St James´ Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 25 wa ngondo wa Tshitema, 1759, Arthur Guinness signe contrat wa 9,000 wa tshidimu bua St James´ Gate Brewery mu Dublin, Irland.

English : 250 years later, Guinness has grown to a global business that turns over 10 billion euros (US$14.7 billion) every year.

Luba-Kasai : Panyima pa bidimu 250, Guinness wa kakola to ne ku entreprise ya buloba ivua ibueja tuamba bilio 10 bia euro (US$14.7 bilio) tshidimu tshionsu.

English : Jonny Reid, co-driver for the A1GP New Zealand team, today made history by driving the fastest over the 48-year-old Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand, legally.

Luba-Kasai : Jonny Reid, copilote wa A1GP equipe wa Nouvelle Zelande, muenza histoire lelu mu kuendesha lubilu ku bonsu mupita Auckland Harbour Brigde wa bidimu 48, Nouvelle Zelande, mu buimpa.

English : Mr Reid managed to drive the New Zealand´s A1GP car, Black Beauty at speeds over 160km/h seven times over the bridge.

Luba-Kasai : Mr Reid mukumbaja bua kuendesha mashinyi a A1GP a Nouvelle Zelande, Black Beauty lubilu lupita 160km/h misangu muanda muteketa kupita the bridge.

English : The New Zealand police had trouble using their speed radar guns to see how fast Mr Reid was going because of how low Black Beauty is, and the only time the police managed to clock Mr Reid was when he slowed down to 160km/h.

Luba-Kasai : Mpulushi ya Nouvelle Zeland mipeta lutatu bua kuenzela bingoma biabu bia mbilu bua kumona lubilu kayi luvua Mr Reid unyiema bilondeshila biteketa bivua Black Beauty, ne musangu umua uvua mpulushi mukumbaja bua kubala Mr Reid uvua pavuaye mutekesha mu 160km/h.


English : In the last 3 months, over 80 arrestees were released from the Central Booking facility without being formally charged.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ngondo 3 ya ndekelu, ba kalekela bantu 80 bavuabu bakuata kumbukila Centrale wa ndaminu kakuyi dibakosela dia tshibawu nansha.

English : In April this year, a temporary restaining order was issued by Judge Glynn against the facility to enforce the release of those held more than 24 hours after their intake who did not receive a hearing by a court commissioner.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ngodo muinayi tshidimu etshi, ordonnance wa dikandika dia tshiyola uvua mufidibue kudi Judge Glynn contre etablissement bua kuenzeja dilekelela dia bavua bambuluisha bipita ku meba 24 panyima pa dikuatshibua diabu udi kayi mupeta dilumbuluisha kudi commissaire wa justice.

English : The commissioner sets bail, if granted, and formalizes the charges filed by the arresting officer. The charges are then entered into the state´s computer system where the case is tracked.

Luba-Kasai : Commissaire mukosa tshibawu, wewa mu tshikumbena, ne kulongolola bibawu bifila kudi bureau bia dikuatangana. Bibawu bikadi pindiewu bibueja mu systeme wa mashinyi a ordinateur wa l´Etat mudi batangila bilumbu.

English : The hearing also marks the date for the suspect's right to a speedy trial.

Luba-Kasai : Dilumbulula didi dileja padi dituku bua bukokeshi bua dilumbuluisha udi mukuatshibua lukasa.

English : Peter Costello, Australian treasurer and the man most likely to succeed Prime Minister John Howard as Liberal party leader has thrown his support behind a nuclear power industry in Australia.

Luba-Kasai : Peter Costello, mulami wa bubanji wa ku Australie ne muntu muluma udi mua ku pinganyina premier minister John Howard bu muimanyinyi wa tshisumbu tshia budikadidi wa kafila diambuluisha dienda mu industrie nucleaire mu Australie.

English : Mr Costello said that when nuclear power generation becomes economically viable, Australia should pursue its use.

Luba-Kasai : Mr Costello wa kamba se padi dienza dia energie nucleaire dilua economiquement viable, Australie udi ne tshiabua kulondesha dimuenzela.

English : ¨If it becomes commercial, we should have it. That is, there´s no in-principle objection to nuclear energy¨ Mr Costello said.

Luba-Kasai : Mr Costello wa kamba,¨Yoyi milua ya mushinga, tudi ne tshiabuakuikala nayi. Kimudibi, kakuena objection wa shindamenu mu energie nucleaire to¨.

English : According to Ansa, ¨police were concerned by a couple of top-level hits they feared might spark a full-blown war of succession.

Luba-Kasai : Kupitshila ku Ansa, ¨mpulushi ivua preocupee mu buluishi bua tshipidi tshibandile ivua mikala ne bowa se buvu bua kulela mvita ya dipinganyinangana.

English : Police said Lo Piccolo had the upper hand because he had been Provenzano´s right-hand man in Palermo and his greater experience won him the respect of the older generation of bosses as they pursued Provenzano´s policy of keeping as low as possible while strengthening their power network.

Luba-Kasai : Mpulushi miamba se Lo Piccolo uvua ne diambuluisha dia kulu bualu ukatu muikala diboku dia bukola dia Provenzano mu Palerme ne dimanya dienda dimpe ndi mupesha dinemekibua bua generation wa babanji ba kala bumudibu balonda politique wa Provenzano wa kulama bikumbana kuinshi padibu muku kolesha reseau electrique wabu.

English : These bosses had been reined in by Provenzano when he put an end to the Riina-driven war against the state that claimed the lives of Mafia crusaders Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992.¨

Luba-Kasai : Babanji aba bavua bapingaja panyima kudi Provenzano pavuaye muimakija mvita ya Riina-driven contre Etat uvua mushipa Mafia crusaders Giovanni Falcone ne Paolo Borsellino mu 1992.¨

English : Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the device by walking onto the stage and taking the iPhone out of his jeans pocket.

Luba-Kasai : Apple CEO Steve Jobs mutundubula tshiamua mu dienda mu evenement ne kupatula iphone mu mpaya wa jeans dienda.

English : During his 2 hour speech he stated that ¨Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, We are going to make history today¨.

Luba-Kasai : Munkatshi mua diakula dienda dia meba 2 muamba se ¨Lelu Apple udi ufukulula tshiamua tshia allo allo, Tudi tuenza histoire lelu¨.

English : Brazil is the largest Roman Catholic country on Earth, and the Roman Catholic Church has consistently opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country.

Luba-Kasai : Brasil ditunga dinena dia Katholique Romain mu buloba, ne ekelezia wa Katholique Romain mu ubenga misangu mivule ditabuijibua dia diselangana dia bantu ba sex imua mu ditunga.

English : The National Congress of Brazil has debated legalization for 10 years, and such civil marriages are currently only legal in Rio Grande do Sul.

Luba-Kasai : Congres Nationale wa Brasil muenza miyuki ya ditabuijibua bua bidimu dikumi, ne owu marriage civil a sex imua adi mitabuijibua anu mu Rio Grande do Sul.

English : The original bill was drafted by former mayor of São Paulo, Marta Suplicy. The proposed legislation, after being amended, is now in the hands of Roberto Jefferson.

Luba-Kasai : Projet wa mikenji ya original uvua muenza kudi maire wa kala wa Sao Paulo, Marta Suplicy. Panyima pa dikudimona, projet wa mikenji, bukokeshi budi pindiewu mu bianza bia Roberto Jefferson.

English : Protesters hope to collect a petition of 1.2 million signatures to present to the National Congress in November.

Luba-Kasai : Ba manifetant badi ne ditekemena dia kupeta milio 1.2 ya biala bua kuleja ku Congres National mu ngondo wa dikumi ne umua.

English : After it became apparent that many families were seeking legal help to fight the evictions, a meeting was held on March 20 at the East Bay Community Law Center for the victims of the housing scam.

Luba-Kasai : Panyima pakaluabi bimueneshibua se meku abungi avua akeba diambuluisha dijalama bua kuluangana ne dipata, muyuki uvua muenzeka mu 20 wa ngondo muisata ku centre wa mikenji wa communaute wa East Bay bua ba victime ba ku mutshima wa miaba nzubu.

English : When the tenants started sharing what had occurred to them, most of the families involved suddenly realized that Carolyn Wilson of the OHA had stolen their security deposits, and skipped out of town.

Luba-Kasai : Padi bafutshidi babangisha kulonda bivu bibafikila, meku abungi avua madivuinga ma realise musangu umua se Carolyn Wilson wa ku OHA uvua muiba securite wa depot wabu, ne munyemena pambelu pa cite.

English : Tenants at Lockwood Gardens believe that there may be another 40 families or more to face eviction, since they learned that OHA police are also investigating other public housing properties in Oakland that may be caught up in the housing scam.

Luba-Kasai : Bafutshidi ba ku Jardin wa Lockwood badi ne ditabuja se bidi bua kuikala meku 40 eshi mapita adi bua kuipatshibua, Katshia bumvua se mpulushi wa OHA udi penda munkatshi mua dikeba mu nzubu ya bantu bakuabu mu Oakland idi mua ku kuatshibua mu mutshima wa nzubu.

English : The band canceled the show at Maui´s War Memorial Stadium, which was set to be attended by 9,000 people, and apologized to fans.

Luba-Kasai : The band mu benga manifstation a ku Tshialu tshia tshivulukidilu tshia mvita, avua malongolola bua kuakidila bantu 9.000, ne kulombayi lusa kudi bantu.

English : The band´s management company, HK Management Inc., gave no initial reason when they canceled on September 20, but blamed logistical reasons by the next day.

Luba-Kasai : Balombodi ba societe wa ba The band, HK Management Inc., kabena bafila raison padibu babenga mu le 20 wa ngodo wa tshitema, kadi kufila raison ya logistique pa dituku didi dilonda.

English : The famous Greek lawyers, Sakis Kechagioglou and George Nikolakopoulos have been imprisoned in the Athens´ jail of Korydallus, as they were found guilty of graft and corruption.

Luba-Kasai : Avocat Grec mimanyika bikola, Sakis Kechagioglou ne George Nikolakopoulos miedibua mu lukanu lua Athen wa Korydallus, muvuabu babapeta bahila mu dikosa mishiku.

English : As a result of this, a big scandal within the Greek legal community has been raised through the exposure of illegal actions that judges, lawyers, solicitors and attorneys have done during the previous years.

Luba-Kasai : Bu bipeta bia nunku, scandale munena mu communaute juridique wa Gece uvu mujula mu disokuela dia action mikandikibua idi nzuji, avocat, notaire ne procureur benza munkatshi mua bidimu tshishala.

English : A few weeks ago, after the information published by the journalist Makis Triantafylopoulos in his popular Television show ¨Zoungla¨ in Alpha TV, the member of Parliament and lawyer, Petros Mantouvalos was abdicated as members of his office had been involved in illegal graft and corruption.

Luba-Kasai : Mbingu mikesa mishala, panyima pa dimanyisha difila kudi journaliste Makis Triantafylopoulos mu evenement wenda wa bantu babungi wa ku bindidimbi ¨Zoungla¨ mu Alpha TV, tshidimba tshia mu parlement ne avocat, Petros Mantouvalos uvua mutekibua panshi bua se bidimba bia mu bureau bienda bivua bidivuinga mu malu makandikibua ne mu dikosa mishiku.

English : Moreover, top judge Evangelos Kalousis is imprisoned as he found guilty of corruption and degenerate behaviour.

Luba-Kasai : Mu dikumbaja, nzuji wa kulu Evangelos Kalousis muela mu lukanu bualu mbamupeta muhila mu dikosa dia mishiku ne bikadilu bibi.


English : Roberts flatly refused to say about when he believes life begins, an important question when considering the ethics of abortion, saying that it would be unethical to comment on the specifics of likely cases.

Luba-Kasai : Roberts flatly mubenga bua kuamba bua padiyi witabuja se vie wa bangishi, lukongu lua mushinga padiyi uconsidere ditaba dia kutula difu, mu diamba se nebikala contraire bua kuakula mu ndondu malu a mushinduewu.

English : He did, however, reiterate his earlier statement that Roe v. Wade was the ¨settled law of the land¨, emphasizing the importance of consistent Supreme Court rulings.

Luba-Kasai : Pananku, muambulula declaration wenda uvu se Roe v. Wade kivu ¨mukenji wa bulaba¨, mu kuela kashongi pa mapangadika majalama pa bibambalu bia kulu.

English : He also confirmed that he believed in the implied right to privacy which the Roe decision depended upon.

Luba-Kasai : Mu jadika penda se muitabuija disuikibua dia mukenji ku vie privee uvu mapangadika a Roe afumina.

English : Maroochydore had finished on top of the ladder, six points clear of Noosa in second.

Luba-Kasai : Maroochydore mujikija kumutu kua tshibandilu, point mimpa isambombu ya Noosa mu tshitupa tshibidi.

English : The two sides would meet in the major semi final where Noosa ran out winners by 11 points.

Luba-Kasai : Nseka ibidi ne ituilangana mu demi-finale munena padi Noosa mutshioka mu digangne ku 11 points.

English : Maroochydore then defeated Caboolture in the Preliminary Final.

Luba-Kasai : Maroochydore pashisha ku gange Caboolture mu finale preliminaire.

English : Hesperonychus elizabethae is a species of the family Dromaeosauridae and is a cousin of Velociraptor .

Luba-Kasai : Hesperonychus elizabethae epice wa mu diku dia Dromaeosauridae ne cousin wa Velociraptor.

English : This fully feathered, warm blooded bird of prey was believed to have walked upright on two legs with claws like the Velociraptor.

Luba-Kasai : Niunyi wa musunya, mashi a luya ne masala mbidi mujima uvua muitabuijibua bua se uvua muenda kulu mololoka ne mikolu ibidi nyi nzadi bu Velociraptor.

English : Its second claw was larger, giving rise to the name Hesperonychus which means ¨western claw.¨

Luba-Kasai : Luzadi luenda luibidi luvua lulepa, kufukishaye dina dia Hesperonychus didi diumvuija ¨griffe occidentale.¨

English : In addition to the crushing ice, extreme weather conditions have been hampering rescue efforts.

Luba-Kasai : Mu dukumbaja ku glace pillee, condition extreme wa lupepela retarde effort ya disungila.

English : Pittman suggested that conditions wouldn´t improve until sometime next week.

Luba-Kasai : Pittman mufila lungenyi se condition qui ya kulua mimpa to anu misangu mikuabu lumingu lulualua.

English : The amount and thickness of the pack ice, according to Pittman, is the worst it has been for sealers in the past 15 years.

Luba-Kasai : Bungi ne bunena bia banquise, bilondeshela Pittman, bidi bibi ku bionsu bikatu bifikila bilembi bia phoque mu bidimu 15 bishala.

English : News spread in the Red Lake community today as funerals for Jeff Weise and three of the nine victims were held that another student was arrested in connection with the school shootings of March 21.

Luba-Kasai : Lumu luvu lutangalake mu tshisumbu tshia Red Lake lelu, ni diba divubu baya kujika Jeff Weise ni basatu ba mu bantu tshitema bavu bashipa, kipavubu bakuate mulongi mukuabu kupitshila didila dia bingoma dia mu tulasa mu dituku dia 21 Mars.

English : Authorities said little officially beyond confirming today´s arrest.

Luba-Kasai : Balombodi kabavu bamba tshintu kutoke, pa bivu bitangila kukuata bantu kua lelu.

English : However, a source with knowledge of the investigation told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that it was Louis Jourdain, 16-year old son of Red Lake Tribal Chairman Floyd Jourdain.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, kasumbu ka dimanya ditue mu dikebulula kavu kambila Minnepolis Star-Tribune bua se bivu Louis Jourdain wa bidimu 16, mwana wa baluma wa Floyd Jourdain Chairman wa Red Lake Tribal.

English : It is not known at this time what charges will be laid or what led authorities to the boy but juvenile proceedings have begun in federal court.

Luba-Kasai : Katuena bamanie bua mpindjewu bialombabu anyi bivu bifikishe balombodi kudi songalume, kadi bulondolodi bua malu a bana batekete bukavu bufike ku kabadi.

English : Lodin also said officials decided to cancel the runoff in order to save Afghans the expense and security risk of another election.

Luba-Kasai : Lodin muamba penda se balombodi bangata mapangadika a kubenga musangu muibidi bua kukuba ba Afghan ku ditula makuta ne risque wa securite wa masungula makuabu.

English : Diplomats said that they had found enough ambiguity in the Afghan constitution to determine the runoff as unnecessary.

Luba-Kasai : Diplomates miamba se mipeta ambiguite mukumbana mu constitution wa Afghan bua kumanya masungulanganyi bua se kahenacne mushinga to.

English : This contradicts earlier reports, which said that cancelling the runoff would have been against the constitution.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi tshibenga bipeta bia zanzanza, bidi biamba se dibenga masungulanganyi didi contre constitution.

English : The aircraft had been headed to Irkutsk and was being operated by interior troops.

Luba-Kasai : Ndeka uvua uya ku Irkutsk ne uvua muenzela kudi tusumbu tua munda.

English : An inquiry was established to investigate.

Luba-Kasai : Enquete uvua mukangula bua kuenza enquete.

English : The Il-76 has been a major component of both the Russian and Soviet military since the 1970s, and had already seen a serious accident in Russia last month.

Luba-Kasai : Il-76 uvua composant principal wa bonsu basalayi ba Ruissie ne ba Sovietique katshia 1970s, ne bakatu bamona njuwa milelela ngodo mushala mu Ruissie.

English : On October 7 an engine separated on takeoff, without injuries. Russia briefly grounded Il-76s after that accident.

Luba-Kasai : Mu le 7 wa ngondo wa dikumi moteur mutukakana mu dibuka mulu, kayi mutapika to. Ruissie mulama Il-76s panshi panyima pa accident.

English : 800 miles of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System were closed down following a spill of thousands of barrels of crude oil south of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Luba-Kasai : Meta 800 a systeme wa tuyau wa Trans-Alaska avua makanga bilondeshela ditangalaka dia binunu bia bungulu ya mafuta a brut a Fairbanks, Alaska.

English : A power failure following a routine fire-command system test caused relief valves to open and crude oil overflowed near the Fort Greely pump station 9.

Luba-Kasai : Dinyanguka dia zembua difumina ku systeme wa commande wa incendie wa matuku onsu mulela dikanguka dia soupapes ne debordement wa mafuta a brut pabuipi ne station 9 wa dipompe wa Fort Greely.


English : The valves opening allowed a pressure release for the system and oil flowed on a pad to a tank that can hold 55,000 barrels (2.3 million gallons).

Luba-Kasai : Bikangidi bikanguka bilekela pression mupatuka bua systeme ne mafuta mapongoloka mu tampon matangila ku reservoir udi bua kuambula bungulu 55,000 (2.3 milio ya gallons).

English : As of Wednesday afternoon, the tank vents were still leaking probably from thermal expansion inside the tank.

Luba-Kasai : Kubangishila ku dilolo dia mu Disatu, event ya reservoir itshivu imatshisha tuamba se kufumina ku dilatation thermique munda mua reservoir.

English : Another secondary containment area below the tanks capable of holding 104,500 barrels was not yet filled to capacity.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitupa tshia muaba muibidi muinshi mua reservoir tshidi mua kuambula bungulu 104,500 katshivu tshianji kulu to.

English : The comments, live on television, were the first time that senior Iranian sources have admitted that the sanctions are having any effect.

Luba-Kasai : Diakula, dipita ku bindidimbi mu ligne, divua dia musangu wa kumpala divua senior source wa Iran muitabuja se tshibawu tshidi ne buenzeji.

English : They include financial restrictions and a ban by the European Union on the export of crude oil, from which the Iranian economy receives 80% of its foreign income.

Luba-Kasai : bakumbaja condition limite bua makuta ne dikandika kudi Union Europeenne mu exportation petrole brut, kuvu economie wa Iran upetela 80% wa tax kudi bantu ba matunga makuabu.

English : In its most recent monthly report, OPEC said exports of crude had fallen to their lowest level for two decades at 2.8 million barrels per day.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bipeta bia ngondo mushala, OPEC muamba se exportation wa petrole brut mupueka mu niveau wa kuinshi bikola bua decennies ibidi ku milio 2.8 ya bungulu ku dituku.

English : The country´s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has described the dependency on oil as ¨a trap¨ dating from before Iran´s Islamic revolution in 1979 and from which the country should free itself.

Luba-Kasai : Mulombodi supreme wa ditunga, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, mu jandulula didependre ku mafuta ¨diteyi¨ dia katshia kumpala kua revolution Islamique wa Iran mu 1979 ne kuvu ditunga ne tshiamuakuikala didikadila nkayadi.

English : When the capsule gets to Earth and enters the atmosphere, at about 5am (eastern time), it is expected to put on quite a light show for folks in Northern California, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

Luba-Kasai : Padi capsule kafika ku buloba ne kabuela mu matutu, ku ma 5h wa dinda (diba dia ku Est), bivua bindila bua bienza spectacle wa dingenga bua bantu mu Nord wa Californie, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

English : The capsule will look much like a shooting star going across the sky.

Luba-Kasai : Capsule ne kamueneka bikola bu mutotu wa mulu uya mu biululu.

English : The capsule will be traveling at about 12.8 km or 8 miles per second, fast enough to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one minute.

Luba-Kasai : Capsule ne kikala munkatshi mua kuenza luendu ku ma kilometa 12.8 eshi meta 8 ku second, lubilu lukumbana bua kuya kumbukila ku San Francisco to ne ku Los Angeles mu kasunsa kamua.

English : Stardust will set a new all-time record for being the fastest spacecraft to return to Earth, breaking the previous record set in May of 1969 during the return of the Apollo X command module.

Luba-Kasai : Stardust ne enza record mupiamupi wa meba onsu bua dikala muntu wa lubilu lukola mu dipingana pa buloba, mu di battre record wa kala muenza mu ngondo Muitanu wa 1969 mu dipingana dia Apollo X command module.

English : "It will move over the west coast of northern California and will light the sky from California through central Oregon and on through Nevada and Idaho and into Utah," Tom Duxbury, Stardust´s project manager said.

Luba-Kasai : Tom Duxbury, project manager wa Stardust wa kamba,"ne biya ku cote ya Ouest wa Nord wa Californie ne nyi akengesha diulu kumbukila ku Californie kupitshila munkatshi mua Oregon ne mu Nevada ne Idaho ne mu Utah."

English : Mr. Rudd´s decision to sign the Kyoto climate accord isolates the United States, which will now be the only developed nation not to ratify the agreement.

Luba-Kasai : Dipangadika dia Mr. Rudd bua ku signe dipetangana nyi climat wa Kyoto ndiseja kula Etats-Unis, bidi bilua pindiewu ditunga dimua ditantshishibua didi kadiyi ditaba diunvuangana.

English : Australia´s former conservative government refused to ratify Kyoto, saying it would damage the economy with its heavy reliance on coal exports, while countries like India and China were not bound by emissions targets.

Luba-Kasai : Gouvernement conservateur mushala wa Australie wa kabenga bua kuitaba Kyoto, wamba se ne bilua kunyanga economie nyi didikadidi diadi dia bujitu mu exportation wa charbon. padi matunga bumudi Inde ne Chine kibavu basuikibua ku objectif ya production to.

English : It is the biggest acquisition in eBay´s history.

Luba-Kasai : Difunda dinena ku onsu mu histoire wa eBay.

English : The company hopes to diversify its profit sources and gain popularity in areas where Skype holds a strong position, such as China, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

Luba-Kasai : Entreprise udi wela menji bua ku diversite kutu benefice yenda iluila ne ku gagne bantu babungi mu miaba idi Skype mukuata position munena, bu mudi Chine, Est wa Europe, ne Bresil.

English : Scientists have suspected Enceladus as geologically active and a possible source of Saturn´s icy E ring.

Luba-Kasai : Bena science ba suspecte Enceladus bu geogiquement actif ne source mukumbana wa dibua dia mayi dia anneau E wa Saturn.

English : Enceladus is the most reflective object in the solar system, reflecting about 90 percent of the sunlight that hits it.

Luba-Kasai : Enceladus tshintu tshidi reflechissant bikola mu systeme wa diba, reflectant pa 90 porcent wa nsesa idi itshitua.

English : The game publisher Konami stated today in a Japanese newspaper that they will not be releasing the game Six Days in Fallujah.

Luba-Kasai : Muena manayi a Konami muamba lelu mu bibejibeji bia Japon se kaba kupatula dinayi mu Fallujah mu matuku asambombu to.

English : The game is based on the Second Battle of Fallujah, a vicious battle between American and Iraqi forces.

Luba-Kasai : Dinayi dishindamena pa battaille muibidi, bataille wa lonji munkatshi mua Amerique ne makola a Iraq.

English : The ACMA also found that despite the video being streamed on the Internet, Big Brother had not breached online content censorship laws as the media had not been stored on Big Brother´s website.

Luba-Kasai : ACMA mupeta penda se kumbusha mukaba udi baleja mu Internet, Tutu kena mu viole meyi a censure wa bintu bu mudu media kimanji kujikija pa site Internet wa Tutu to.

English : The Broadcasting Services Act provides for the regulation of Internet content, however to be considered Internet content, it must physically reside on a server.

Luba-Kasai : Act wa mudimu wa ku difuse udi ufila bua condition ya bintu bia mu Internet, pananku bua kuangata ne mushinga bintu bia mu Internet, bidi ne tshiabua kuikala bisombela mu serveur.

English : The United States embassy located in Nairobi, Kenya has issued a warning that ¨extremists from Somalia¨ are planning to launch suicide bomb attacks in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Luba-Kasai : Ambassade wa Etats-Unis udi muikalangana mu Nairobi, Kenya mufila didimuisha se ¨extremiste ya mu Somalie¨ idi ilongolola bua banga attaque ya dishiebeyangana ku bombe mu Kenya ne Ethiopie.

English : The U.S. says it has received information from an undisclosed source that specifically mentions the use of suicide bombers to will blow up ¨prominent landmarks¨ in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Luba-Kasai : E.U. udi wamba badi bapeta ngumu kufumina ku muaba kawuyi mu temuija se bamba nangananga dienzela dia bombe ya dishipa ne itaika ¨kanungu ka dimanya naku ka mushinga¨ mu Ethiopie ne Kenya.

English : Long before The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Heck and Johnson envisioned a publication that would parody the news—and news reporting—when they were students at UW in 1988.

Luba-Kasai : Ku kale kumpala kua Daily Show ni The Colbert Report, Heck ni Johnson muele menji pa mifundu ivua mua kufuanangana ni ngumu, ngumu ya kuleja ku bantu, pavua bu balongi ku UW mu 1988.


English : Since its inception, The Onion has become a veritable news parody empire, with a print edition, a website that drew 5,000,000 unique visitors in the month of October, personal ads, a 24 hour news network, podcasts, and a recently launched world atlas called Our Dumb World.

Luba-Kasai : Kubangila diba divua yi muenze tshintu etshi, Onion mmulue ngumu ya milondangane, ni divudija dia mikanda, ni bia kumwenena pa enternete biangata 5,000,000 bua muntu umue mu ngodowa dikumi, ads wende, meba 24 bua ngumu ya mulupepele pa rezo, ma emision, ni Atlas mupia mupia udi ubikidibua Our Dumb World.

English : Al Gore and General Tommy Franks casually rattle off their favorite headlines (Gore´s was when The Onion reported he and Tipper were having the best sex of their lives after his 2000 Electoral College defeat).

Luba-Kasai : Al Gore ni munene wa basalayi Tommy Franck matuku mashilangane bavu benza mutoyi bua mpete yabu misuibwe (Pavua Onion mufile ngumu Gore ni Tipper bavu bapetangana ku mubidi kunyima kua dipangila diende dia masungula a mu Cllege mu 2000).

English : Many of their writers have gone on to wield great influence on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert´s news parody shows.

Luba-Kasai : Biabunyi bia bafundi babu mbiangatshibue ni lumu lwimpe Mu ngumu ni mazaba a Jon Stewart ni Stephen Colbert.

English : The artistic event is also part of a campaign by the Bucharest City Hall that seeks to relaunch the image of the Romanian capital as a creative and colourful metropolis.

Luba-Kasai : Tshibilu tsha buzodi ntshiena bualu tsha disonsolola dia Bucharest City Hall ukeba kubangulula ni tshindidimbi tsha capital wa bena Lomo bua se ntshifidi tsha ngenyi ni tshilengeja bimpe tsha mu metropole.

English : The city will be the first in southeastern Europe to host CowParade, the world´s largest public art event, between June and August this year.

Luba-Kasai : Ville ewu ni ikale wakumpala ku sud wa Europe kuenza CowParade, ditunga dia tshibilu tshinene tsha kuleja ma art ku bantu, munkatshi mua ngondo Mwisambombo ni wa mwanda mukulu wa Tshidimu etshi.

English : Today´s announcement also extended the government´s commitment made in March of this year to fund extra carriages.

Luba-Kasai : Ngumu ya lelu kabidi ivu miakuile pa mapangadika a ditunga bua se mu ngondo Mwisatu wa tshidimu etshi ba pete matempu a kale makuabu.

English : An additional 300 brings the total to 1,300 carriages to be acquired to relieve overcrowding.

Luba-Kasai : Dikumbaja dia matempu 300 afikisha ku matempu 1300 akupeta bua kujikija tshibunyi tsha bantu.

English : Christopher Garcia, a spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Department, said the suspected male offender is being investigated for trespassing rather than vandalism.

Luba-Kasai : Christopher Garcia, muleji wa mpala wa mu departement wa police wa mu Los Angeles, muena bualu wa balume uvu bu bapete ukadi muye kule bipite pa buivi.

English : The sign was not physically damaged; the modification was done using black tarpaulins decorated with signs of peace and heart to alter the ¨O¨ to read lowercase ¨e¨.

Luba-Kasai : Bimanyishilu kabivu binyanguke; dishuntulula divu dienzeke ni ntenta mifike milongolola ni bilejelu bia ditalala ni moyo wa kushintula ¨O¨ bua kubala mu mifundu mikese ¨e¨.

English : Red tide is caused by a higher than normal concentration of Karenia brevis, a naturally-occurring single-celled marine organism.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitu tshiluisha mbuwa ulua mukunze nkudipampa kua Karenia brevis, tshifukibue tsha mu mayi tshikalangane ni cellule umue.

English : Natural factors can intersect to produce ideal conditions, allowing this algae to increase in number dramatically.

Luba-Kasai : Bintu bia katsha tshifukilu bidi mua kuambuluisha kupeta nsombelu mwimpe, kuitabuja bua se bifukibue bia mu mayi ebi bilue bia bunyi mu lukasa.

English : The algae produces a neurotoxin that can disable nerves in both humans and fish.

Luba-Kasai : Bisonsa bia mu mayi bitu bilela neurotoxine udi mua kusamisha mijilu ya bantu ni ya bikele.

English : Fish often die because of the high concentrations of the toxin in the waters.

Luba-Kasai : Bikele bitu bifua bua bunyi bupite bua toxine mu mayi.

English : Humans can be affected by breathing affected water taken into the air by wind and waves.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu badi mua kupeta tshambu kupitshila dieyela dia mayi adi ni disama edi kupitshila mpepele ni mavala.

English : At its peak, Tropical Cyclone Gonu, named for a bag of palm leaves in the language of the Maldives, reached sustained winds of 240 kilometers an hour (149 miles per hour) .

Luba-Kasai : Ku musonga wende, Tropical Cyclone Gonu, dina dimu pesha bua mufuku wa mabeji a ngaji mu muakulu wa ba Wa ba maldive, upeta mpepele ya kilometa 240 diba dimwe (bule bua 149 ku diba).

English : By early today, winds were around 83 km/h, and it was expect to keep weakening.

Luba-Kasai : Aa matuku, mpepele ivua ya 83km/h, ni bivua bilombibwe bua ikale mitekete.

English : On Wednesday, the United States´ National Basketball Association (NBA) suspended its professional basketball season due to concerns regarding COVID-19.

Luba-Kasai : Mu disatu, National Basketball Association (NBA) wa mu Etats-Unis uvua muimanike tshikondo tsha mudimu wende wa ndundu ya mu makondo bua bualu bua COVID-19.

English : The NBA´s decision followed a Utah Jazz player testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Luba-Kasai : Dipangidika dia NBA divua dilondangane ni muena mazaba a Jazz mu Utah uvua bu bapete ni kishi ka COVID-19.

English : ¨Based on this fossil, that means the split is much earlier than has been anticipated by the molecular evidence.

Luba-Kasai : Tuakuila pa mifuba eyi, bimueneka ne ditapuluka didi pabuipi kupitshila bivu bujadiki bua ma molecule bufile kumpala.

English : That means everything has to be put back,¨ said researcher at the Rift Valley Research Service in Ethiopia and a co-author of the study, Berhane Asfaw.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Bileja ne bintu bionso bidi ni tsha ku tekibua ku nyima,¨ muvua bakebiludi ba Rift Valley Reseach Service mu Ethiope ni muena diabu mu bipeta, Berhane Asfaw bambe.

English : Until now, AOL has been able to move and develop the IM market at its own pace, due to its widespread use within the United States.

Luba-Kasai : Too ni lelu, AOL uvua mukokeshe kuyisha kumpala bisalu bia IM muvua yi musue, kupitsthila ditangalaja divua dienzek mu Matunga Masanga.

English : With this arrangement in place, this freedom might end.

Luba-Kasai : Ni ndongoluelu ewu, dipanda edi ni dijike.

English : The number of users of the Yahoo! and Microsoft services combined will rival the number of AOL´s customers.

Luba-Kasai : Batu batumikisha Yahoo! ni Microsoft diba dimue ni bafile bunyi bua basumbi ba AOL.

English : The Northern Rock bank had been nationalised in 2008 following the revelation that the company had received emergency support from the UK Government.

Luba-Kasai : Bank wa mu Northern Rock uvua mubuele mu ditunga mu 2008 kulondeshela bivua biamba bua se kumpanyi uvua mupete mambulwisha a lukasa umbukila mu ditunga dia UK.

English : Northern Rock had required support due to its exposure during the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007.

Luba-Kasai : Nothern Rock uvua mulombe diambulwisha bua dibuela dia nzala mu 2007.


English : Sir Richard Branson´s Virgin Group had a bid for the bank rejected prior to the bank's nationalisation.

Luba-Kasai : Kasumbu ka Virgin Group ka Tatu Richard Branson kavua kalombe bua ka banji kubueja bank mu ditunga to.

English : In 2010, while nationalised, the current high street bank Northern Rock plc was split from the 'bad bank', Northern Rock (Asset Management).

Luba-Kasai : Mu 2010, pavua bu bamu bueje, njila munene wa mpidiewu wa bank Northern Rock plc uvua muabanya kumbukila ku bank mubi, Northern Rock (Mulombodi).

English : Virgin have only purchased the 'good bank' of Northern Rock, not the asset management company.

Luba-Kasai : Virgin uvua musumbishe anu bank mwimpe wa Northern Rock, nki bulombodi bua kumpanyi too.

English : This is believed to be the fifth time in history that people have observed what turned out to be chemically confirmed martian material falling to Earth.

Luba-Kasai : Ebi bidi bitabibwe bua kwikala misangu itanu mu lusumwinu luvu bantu bamune luvua lunyunguluke muvua bena ku ngondo bajadike lukuluke pa buloba.

English : Out of the approximately 24,000 known meteorites to have fallen to Earth, only about 34 have been verified to be martian in origin.

Luba-Kasai : Pambelu pa ditshinkidila 24000 mumanya bu meteorite uvua mukuluke pa Buloba, anu 34 ki ivua mijadikibwe mwiumbukile ku Mars.

English : Fifteen of these rocks are attributed to the meteorite shower last July.

Luba-Kasai : Dikumi ni itanu ya mabwe aa avua mafuanangane ni meteorite ngondo wa mwanda mutekete mushale.

English : Some of the rocks, which are very rare on Earth, are being sold from US$11,000 to $22,500 per ounce, which is about ten times more than the cost of gold.

Luba-Kasai : Mabwe makese ku wowo aa, atu kaayi amweneka pa buloba, avua masumbishibishibwe kubangila ku US$11,000 ni ku US$22500 pa bujitu, tshidi mua kuikala tshipite Or misangu dikumi.

English : Following the race, Keselowski remains the Drivers´ Championship leader with 2,250 points.

Luba-Kasai : Kulondeshela mbilu, Keselowski udi anu kanyemesha wa kumpala ni point 2,250.

English : Seven points behind, Johnson is second with 2,243.

Luba-Kasai : Point mwanda mutekete panyima, Johnson udi mwibidi ni 2243.

English : In third, Hamlin is twenty points behind, but five ahead of Bowyer. Kahne and Truex, Jr. are fifth and sixth respectively with 2,220 and 2,207 points.

Luba-Kasai : Mwisatu, Hamline udi ni point makumi abidi panyima, kadi itanu pa mutu pa Bowyer, Kahne ni Truex, Jr badi bitanu ni bisambombo balondangane.

English : Stewart, Gordon, Kenseth, and Harvick round out the top-ten positions for the Drivers´ Championship with four races remaining in the season.

Luba-Kasai : Sterward, Gordon, Kenseth ni Harvick badi pabwipi ni bakumpala dikumi bua ba kanyemesha bakumpala ba bitupa bia mbilu binayi bikale anu mu saison.

English : The US Navy also said they were investigating the incident.

Luba-Kasai : US Navy kuamba yi biende ni bavua bakontolola njuwu.

English : They also said in a statement, ¨The crew is currently working to determine the best method of safely extracting the ship¨.

Luba-Kasai : ⁣Kuamba bu biabu mu meyi ni, ¨Kudi kasumbu kadi katumika bua kumanya ngenzelu mwimpe wa kuepuka njuwu mu diumbusha dia buatu¨.

English : An Avenger class mine countermeasures ship, the ship was on its way to Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

Luba-Kasai : Kasumbu ka basombodi ba mu mine bavua bateke bujitu kuluseke lua buatu, Buatu buvu buya mu Palawan.

English : It is assigned to the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet and based in Sasebo, Nagasaki in Japan.

Luba-Kasai : Buvua bua bua basalayi ba U.S Navy kasumbu ka muanda mutekete ni kikalangane mu Sasebo, Nagasaki mu Japon.

English : The Mumbai attackers arrived via boat on Novemeber 26, 2008, bringing with them grenades, automatic weapons and hit multiple targets including the crowded Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and the famous Taj Mahal Hotel.

Luba-Kasai : Tshilwilu tsha Mumbai tshivua tshifike ni buatu mu 26 wa ngondo wa dikumi ni umwe mu 2008, tshivua tshilue ni ma grenade, bingoma ni bia kuasa mu mishindu ya bunyi, Ni njila wa kaulu wa chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus muule ni bantu ni Hotel mwende lumu wa Mahal.

English : David Headley´s scouting and information gathering had helped to enable the operation by the 10 gunmen from the Pakistani militant group Laskhar-e-Taiba.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Nsukutu ni bafidi ba ngumu ba David Headley bavua basangile bua kuambuluisha midimu ya bakumi ba bingoma 10 ba mu Pakistan militant group Laskhar-e-Taiba yenzeke.

English : The attack put a huge strain on relations between India and Pakistan.

Luba-Kasai : Diluisha divua difile dipetangana dia dinene munka tshi mua Inde ni Japon.

English : Accompanied by those officials, he assured Texas citizens that steps were being taken to protect the public´s safety.

Luba-Kasai : Bikale ni basalayi aba, wa kamanyisha bena mu Texas ni tshipangu tshia bukubi bua bantu tshikavu tshiangatshibua.

English : Perry specifically said, ¨There are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenge that is posed in this case.¨

Luba-Kasai : Perry kuamba yi ne, ¨Kudi miaba mikese pa buloba idi ni bintu bia kujikija bualu budi panshi ebu.¨

English : The governor also stated, ¨Today, we learned that some school aged children have been identified as having had contact with the patient.¨

Luba-Kasai : Ngavena kuamba yi biende ne, ¨Lelu, tua kulonga ne tulasa tukuabu tua balongi bashindame tuvua tupeta bu tuangate mapangadika ni mubedi.¨

English : He went on to say, ¨This case is serious. Rest assured that our system is working as well as it should.¨

Luba-Kasai : Uvua muye kuamba ne, ¨Bualuebu budi bukole. Kushale bua kujadika ni system wetu udi wenda bu mudibi bikengela.¨

English : If confirmed, the find completes Allen´s eight-year search for the Musashi.

Luba-Kasai : Biobio bijadikibue, dipeta dia Allen wa bidimu mwanda mukulu mukebibue bua Musashi.

English : Following seabed mapping the wreck was found using an ROV.

Luba-Kasai : Kulondeshela karte ka mwinshi mwa mayi tshizubu tsha buatu tshivua tshipeta bua ROV.

English : One of the world´s richest people, Allen has reportedly invested much of his wealth in marine exploration and began his quest to find the Musashi out of a lifelong interest in the war.

Luba-Kasai : Umwe wa ku babanji, Allen uvu mulame bubanji buende buabunyi mu dijendula dia bintu bia mu mayi ni kubanga yi kudiebeja mua kupeta Musashi mu matuku ende a moyo munange mvita.


English : She gained critical acclaim during her time in Atlanta and was recognized for innovative urban education.

Luba-Kasai : Wakapeta kalumbandi diba divua yi mu Atlanta ni yeye kumanyibua bua ditantisha dia tulasa.

English : In 2009 she was awarded the title of National Superintendent of the Year.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 2009 wakapeta difutu dia National Superintendant of the year.

English : At the time of the award, Atlanta schools had seen a large improvement on test scores.

Luba-Kasai : Diba dia difutu, tulasa tua mu Atlanta tuvua tumune ditanta dia menemene mu point.

English : Shortly after, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a report showing problems with test results.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitupa tshikese, mukanda wa meyi ni mikandu ya mu Atlanta kufila yi luapolo bua se kudi ka bualu mu bipeta.

English : The report showed test scores had increased implausibly fast, and alleged the school internally detected problems but didn´t act on the findings.

Luba-Kasai : Luapolo luvua luleje point ivua miela mu lukasa, ni tulasa tuvua tu jendule bualuebu kadi kudipuwa bu diba di bipeta.

English : Evidence thereafter indicated test papers were tampered with Hall, along with 34 other education officials, was indicted in 2013.

Luba-Kasai : Kundekelu kua bionso mabeji a mateta kulejawu ne mabeji avua mateka mwaba umwe kudi Hall, pamwe ni tulasa tua basalayi bakuabu 34, bualu bujula mu 2013.

English : The Irish government is stressing the urgency of parliamentary legislation to rectify the situation.

Luba-Kasai : Bulombodi bua ditunga dia Irish bavua balombe ku kazubu ka basungudi ba mikandu bua bashinyule bualu ebu.

English : ¨It is now important from both a public health and criminal justice perspective that the legislation be enacted as soon as possible¨, said a government spokesperson.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Bidi bia mushinga bua bionso bukole bua mubidi bua bantu ni bulongame bua bantu mbintu bidi ni tsh kuenzeka mu matuku makese¨, muvua muakuidi wa ditunga mwambe.

English : The Health Minister expressed concern both for the welfare of individuals taking advantage of the temporary legality of the substances involved, and for drug-related convictions handed down since the now-unconstitutional changes came into effect.

Luba-Kasai : Kavula mbedi ka mianda ya bukole bua mubidi kuakula ye bua bidi bitangila budikadidi bua bantu budi bu diata malongame onso a bintu, ni bua buanga bupeta katsha tshikondo tsha nshitulukilu wa bintu uvu mubuele mu tshienzedi.

English : Jarque was practicing during pre-season training at Coverciano in Italy earlier in the day. He was staying in the team hotel ahead of a match planned for Sunday against Bolonia.

Luba-Kasai : Jarque uvua wenza entrainament wa kumpala kua mazaba ku Coverciano mu Italie mudinda. Wuvu mushale mu tshisumbu tsha hotel kumpala ku mapangadika a ndundu wa Dialumingu ni Bolonia.

English : He was staying in the team hotel ahead of a match planned for Sunday against Bolonia.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua mushale mu kasumbu ka hotel kumpala kua kubanga ndundu wa dialumingu ni Bolonia.

English : The bus was headed to Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri for the band to play to a sold-out crowd.

Luba-Kasai : Kuvua mabendele asamboboku mashini a St Louis mu Missouri bua kasumbu ka mazaba a tshipalu tshikanga.

English : At 1:15 a.m. Saturday, according to witnesses, the bus was going through a green light when the car made a turn in front of it.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 1:15 wa mudinda dia disambombo, kulondeshela bu ntemu, mashini avua mapitshile pa kapia ka mayi a matamba pavua mashini makudimuke kumpala kuawu.

English : As of the night of August 9, the eye of Morakot was about seventy kilometres away from the Chinese province of Fujian.

Luba-Kasai : Bu mu butuku bua 9 wa ngondo, disu dia Morakot divua pa kilometre makumi muanda mutekete kumbukila ku Provence wa mu Chine mu Fujian.

English : The typhoon is estimated to be moving toward China at eleven kph.

Luba-Kasai : Lupepela lukole bidi bitshinkidila lufike mu Chine mu kph dikumi ni umue.

English : Passengers were given water as they waited in 90(F)-degree heat.

Luba-Kasai : Bavua bapeshe bantu ba mu ndeke mayi pavubu bindila mu luya lua degre 90°(F).

English : Fire captain Scott Kouns said, ¨It was a hot day in the Santa Clara with temperatures in the 90s.

Luba-Kasai : Mulombodi wa malu a tupia Scott Kouns kwamba ye ne, ¨Divua dituku dia luya mu Santa Clara ni luya lua mu 90s.

English : Any length of time trapped on a roller coaster would be uncomfortable, to say the least, and it took at least an hour to get the first person off the ride.¨

Luba-Kasai : Bule bua diba dionso buvua bukuatshibwe mu tsha kunyunguluka tshikale tshibi bua kusomba mu, kuamba ne kakese, ni bia kangata bule bua diba dijima bua kumbusha muntu wa kumpala mu lubilu.¨

English : Schumacher who retired in 2006 after winning the Formula 1 championship seven times, was due to replace the injured Felipe Massa.

Luba-Kasai : Schumacher uvua mupete penssion mu 2006 kunyima kua ku kuata bu champion bua Formula 1 misangu muanda mutekete, bivua bua chuntula Felipe Massa uvua mutapike.

English : The Brazilian suffered a serious head injury after a crash during the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Luba-Kasai : Mwena mu Brezil uvua mutate bikole ni mputa wa ku mutu mu ditema dia kapia dia ndeke mu 2009 mu difutu dia Hungarian Grand.

English : Massa is due to be out for at least the rest of the 2009 season.

Luba-Kasai : Massa udi ni tsha kuikala pambelu bua tshikondo tsha mazaba tshidi tshishale.

English : Arias tested positive for a mild case of the virus, Presidential Minister Rodrigo Arias said.

Luba-Kasai : Arias uvua mujadika mwikale ni kishi ka disama, Muvua kavula mbedi Rodrigo Arias mwambe.

English : The president´s condition is stable, though he will be isolated at home for several days.

Luba-Kasai : Dikalangana dia mulombodi wa ditunga didi dimpe, kadi ni ikale mulamibue ku nzubu bua matuku makumbane.

English : ¨Apart from the fever and a sore throat, I feel well and in good shape to carry out my work by telecommuting.

Luba-Kasai : Kumbusha dibanda dia mubidi kapia ni diosha dia pa diminu, ndi bimpe ni makanda a kutumika kupitshila enternete.

English : I expect to return to all my duties on Monday,¨ Arias said in a statement.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Ngela menji kupingana ku mudimu mu dimue,¨ mu diakula dia Arias.


English : Felicia, once a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, weakened to a tropical depression before dissipating Tuesday.

Luba-Kasai : Felicia, Musangu kampanda nvunda wa kajuka nyi tshipepele tshikole mu tshipidi tshinayi wa échelle wa ba ouragans Saffir-Simpson, S´est affaiblie en dépression tropicale avant de se dissiper mu dituku ya dibidi.

English : Its remnants produced showers across most of the islands, though as of yet, no damage or flooding has been reported.

Luba-Kasai : Bishadila biende kulela biu mvula mu island monso, panyinyima pa bionso, kakuena bunyangi anyi diula dia mayi didi diambibwe mu luapolo.

English : The precipitation, reaching 6.34 inches at a gauge on Oahu, was described as ¨beneficial¨.

Luba-Kasai : Diloka, dia ka fika pa bule bua 6.34 pouce bule bua mayi mu Oahu, baleja ne iloka divua dia ¨mushinga¨.

English : Some of the rainfall was accompanied by thunderstorms and frequent lightning.

Luba-Kasai : Mvula mikuabu ivua ya mpepele ni nkuba ya diba dionso.

English : The Twin Otter had been trying to land at Kokoda yesterday as Airlines PNG Flight CG4684, but had aborted once already.

Luba-Kasai : Twin Otter avua mutete kutuluka mu Kokoda makelela bu Airlines PNG Flight CG4684, kadi yeye kupumbishibua tsha kabidi.

English : About ten minutes before it was due to land from its second approach it disapeared.

Luba-Kasai : Pabuipi ni minuta dikumi kumpala bivu bua kutuluka mu tususa tuvua tulonda kujimina kuende.

English : The crash site was located today and is so inaccessable that two policemen were dropped into the jungle in order to hike to the scene and seek survivors.

Luba-Kasai : Ditudika divua dienzeke lelu ni bikale bikole bua kufika pa mwaba wa ditudikila ki bobo kutulula mpulushi ibidi mwitu bua bobo kumuna tshivua tshienzeke ni kukeba bavua bapanduke.

English : The search had been hampered by the same bad weather that had caused the aborted landing.

Luba-Kasai : Dikebulula divua anu dienzeka mu climat mubi uvua muenzeje dfituluka dibi dia ndeke.

English : According to reports, an apartment on Macbeth Street exploded due to a gas leak.

Luba-Kasai : Kulondoshela luapolo, nzubu umwe mu njila wa Macbeth uvua mutudike bua dipatuka dia gaz.

English : An official with the gas company was reporting to the scene after a neighbor called about a gas leak.

Luba-Kasai : Mulombodi umwe wa kumpanyi wa gaz ewu uvua wakuila pa tshivua tshenzeke kunyima kua mwena mutumba kubikila bua gaz uvua upatuka.

English : When the official arrived, the apartment exploded.

Luba-Kasai : Pavua mulombodi ewu mufike, nzubu kukuata ye kapia.

English : No major injuries were reported, but at least five people on scene at the time of the explosion were treated for symptoms of shock.

Luba-Kasai : Kakuvua mputa ya mikole, kadi bantu batue ku batanu bavua diba dia ditudika bavua bondapibuw bua bualu bua tshipapu.

English : No one was inside the apartment.

Luba-Kasai : Kakuvua nansha umwe mu nzubu too.

English : At the time, nearly 100 residents were evacuated from the area.

Luba-Kasai : Mu diba adi, bantu batue ku 100 bavua bumbusha mu tshitupa atshi.

English : Both golf and rugby are set to return to the Olympic Games.

Luba-Kasai : Bionso golf ni rugby bivu bilongodibue bua kupingana mu mazaba a Olympic.

English : The International Olympic Committee voted to include the sports at its executive board meeting in Berlin today. Rugby, specifically rugby union, and golf were selected over five other sports to be considered to participate in the Olympics.

Luba-Kasai : Tshisumbu tsha mazaba a olympic tshivua tshisungule bua kukumbaja mazaba ku tshibasa tsaha mapetangana lelu mu Berlin. Rugby, nangananga bobumwe bua rugby, ni golf bivua bisungudibue pamutu pa mazaba makuabu atanu avua majadika bua kumueneka mu mazaba a Olympic.

English : Squash, karate and roller sports tried to get onto the Olympic program as well as baseball and softball, which were voted out of the Olympic Games in 2005.

Luba-Kasai : Squash, karate ni mazaba a kunyunguluka avua matete kubuela mu mazaba olempik bu baseball ni softball, bivua bisungula kumbusha Mazaba a Olempik mu 2005.

English : The vote must still be ratified by the full IOC at it´s October meeting in Copenhagen.

Luba-Kasai : Masungula adi majadikibwe kudi full IOC mu dipetangana diabu dia mu ngndo wa dikumi mu Copenhagen.

English : Not all were supportive of the inclusion of the women's ranks.

Luba-Kasai : Bionso kabivua bitue mpanda bua dibueja dia milongo ya bakaji.

English : 2004 Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan said, ¨Deep down I think women shouldn't fight. That's my opinion.¨

Luba-Kasai : Mwena mukaba wa makuta wa mazaba Olempik kwamba ye ne, ¨Mu kumuna kuanyi ngela menji ni ba bakaji kabena mua kuluangana.¨

English : Despite his comments he said he will be supporting the British competitors at the 2012 Olympics being held in London.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha pavua yi muakule wa kamba ne ni atue bazabi ba mu britanik mpanda mu olempik wa mu 2012 wenzekela mu Londre.

English : The trial took place at Birmingham Crown Court and concluded on August 3.

Luba-Kasai : Tshilumbuluidi tshivu tshienzekela ku kabadi ka Birmingham Crown ni tshiakajika mu 03 wa ngondo wa Muanda mukulu.

English : The presenter, who was arrested at the scene, denied the attack and claimed he used the pole to protect himself from bottles being thrown at him by up to thirty people.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu uvubu bakuate pa muaba awu, wakavila diluishangana, kuamba yi ne uvu mukuate dikunji bua kudisungila ku milangi ivubu bamuasa kudi bantu batue ku makumi asatu.

English : Blake was also convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Luba-Kasai : Blake uvu kabidi mupetshibwe mu tshilema tshia kuteta kuiba ku kabadi ka ba nzuji.

English : The judge told Blake it was ¨almost inevitable¨ he was going to be sent to jail.

Luba-Kasai : Nzuji wakambila Blake ni ¨kabivu bia kuepuka¨ bua yeya kuya mu buloko.


English : Dark energy is a completely invisible force that is constantly acting upon the universe.

Luba-Kasai : Bukola bufike kabutu bumweneka bukole butu butumika pamutu pa buloba.

English : Its existence is known only because of its effects on the expansion of the universe.

Luba-Kasai : Dikangangana dibu didi dimanyibwe anu bua ditantisha dia buloba.

English : Scientists have discovered landforms littered across the moon´s surface called lobate scarps that have apparently resulted from the moon´s shrinking very slowly.

Luba-Kasai : Bena mukanda bavua bajendule dibulunge pabuipi ni ngondo dibikidibua lobate scarps bimweneka diumbukile kuku kepela kua ngondo ku kakese kakese.

English : These scarps were found all over the moon and appear to be minimally weathered, indicating that the geologic events that created them were fairly recent.

Luba-Kasai : Bintu ebi bivua bipeta ku ngondo ni bimueneka bipetudibue, bimueneka ne malu a buloba avua ma bifuke adi a matuku aa.

English : This theory contradicts the claim that the moon is completely devoid of geologic activity.

Luba-Kasai : Bipeta ebi bikale bishilangana ni bia se ngondo mmushilangane ni kutumika kua buloba.

English : The man allegedly drove a three-wheeled vehicle armed with explosives into a crowd.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu uvua wendesha mashini a ndundu isatu mikale ni bingoma bia kutudika mu bantu.

English : The man suspected of detonating the bomb was detained, after sustaining injuries from the blast.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu uvua bu babande bua kuimanyika bomb uvua mukuatshibue, kunyima kua kupeta mputa ya ditudika.

English : His name is still unknown to authorities, although they do know he is a member of the Uighur ethnic group.

Luba-Kasai : Dina diende kadiena dimanyibue ku balombodi, kadi mbamanie ne mmwena kasumbu ka diku dia Uighur.

English : Nadia, born on September 17, 2007, by Cesarean section at a maternity clinic in Aleisk, Russia, weighed in at a massive 17 pounds 1 ounce.

Luba-Kasai : Nadia, mulela mu 17 wa Ngondo wa Tshitema tshidimu 2007, kupitshila dipanda mu clinik wa mu Aleisk, Russie, bujitu bua livre 17 ni once 1.

English : ¨We were all simply in shock,¨ the mother stated.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Tuvua bonso mu dibungama,¨ mu kuamba kua mamu.

English : When asked what the father said, she answered ¨He couldn´t say a thing - he just stood there blinking.¨

Luba-Kasai : Tuetu kuebeja tshivua tatu muambe, mamu kuamba ne ¨Kavua ni muaku - uvua anu mwimane upodia.¨

English : ¨It´s going to behave like water. It´s transparent just the way water is.

Luba-Kasai : Tshidi bu mayi. Tshidi tshitoke anu mutu mayi mikale.

English : So if you were standing by the shoreline, you would be able to see down to whatever pebbles or gunk that was on the bottom.

Luba-Kasai : Nimuni bu wewe ku luseke lua mayi, uvua ni tsha kumona too ni muinshi pa mabwe anyi manyanu a mwinshi.

English : As far as we know, there is only one planetary body that displays more dynamism than Titan, and its name is Earth,¨ added Stofan.

Luba-Kasai : Bu mutudi bamanie, kudi anu dibulunge dimwe didi dinyunga kupita Titan, ni dina dadiu mbuloba,¨ mu kukumbaja kua Stofan.

English : The issue started on January 1st when dozens of local residents started complaining to the Obanazawa Post Office that they hadn´t received their traditional and regular New Year cards.

Luba-Kasai : Bualu buvua bubange mu ngondo wa kumpala pavua bantu dikumi ni babidi babange kunungana ku biro bia post bia Obanazawa ne kabavua bapete bintu biabu ni karte yabu ya tshidimu tshipiatshipia.

English : Yesterday, the post office released their apology to citizens and the media after discovering that the boy had hidden more than 600 postal documents, including 429 New Year postcards, which weren´t delivered to their intended recipients.

Luba-Kasai : Makelela, post uvua mulombe luse ku bantu ni ku bisanji pavuabu bunve ne nsongalume uvua musokoke mikanda mipite pa 600, ni ma karte postale avua ka ayi mafikile bena yi.

English : The unmanned lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1 ejected its Moon Impact Probe (MIP), which hurtled across the surface of the Moon at 1.5 kilometres per second (3000 miles per hour), and successfully crash landed near the Moon´s south pole.

Luba-Kasai : Orbita lunaire Chandrayaan-1 uvua mutume bukole buende bua Moon Impact Probe (MIP), buvua bukulukile pabuipi ni ngondo pa kilometre 1.5 ku seconde (kilometre 3000 ku diba), ni bitayikile pabuipi ni kuinshi kua ngondo.

English : Besides carrying three important scientific instruments, the lunar probe also carried the image of the Indian national flag, painted on all sides.

Luba-Kasai : Kumbusha biamua bia dijinga bisatu bivua biangata, bakontolodi ba ku ngondo bavua baye ni tshimfanyi tsha dibendele dia Inde, dilaba mukubu nseke yonso.

English : ¨Thanks for those who supported a convict like me,¨ Siriporn was quoted as saying at a press conference.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Tuasakidila ku bavua bambuluishe muntu mukuata bu meme,¨ Siriporn uvua mutela mu coference wa presse.

English : ¨Some may not agree but I don´t care.

Luba-Kasai : Bakuabu kabena kuitaba kadi tshena mbatuka.

English : I am happy that there are people willing to support me.

Luba-Kasai : Ndi ni disanka bua bantu badi basue ku ngambuluisha.

English : Since Pakistani independence from British rule in 1947, the Pakistani President has appointed ¨Political Agents¨ to govern FATA, who exercise near-complete autonomous control over the areas.

Luba-Kasai : Katsha dipanda dia mu Pakistan ku bulombodi bua ba Britanique mu 1947, mulombodi wa Pakistan uvua musungule ¨Bantu ba kutumika mu Politik¨ bua kulombola FATA, uvua mutumike bua budikadidi bua musoko.

English : These agents are responsible for providing government and judicial services under Article 247 of the Pakistani Constitution.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu aba ni bikale ni mudimu wa wa kutumikila gouvernement ni ba nzuji kulondangana ni Article 247 wa mu constitution wa Pakistan.

English : A hostel collapsed in Mecca, the holy city of Islam at about 10 o´clock this morning local time.

Luba-Kasai : Pelerin umwe uvua mu buele mu Mec, mwaba munsantu wa ba Islam mu 10 heure wa mudinda.

English : The building housed a number of pilgrims who came to visit the holy city at the eve of hajj pilgrimage.

Luba-Kasai : Nzubu uvua mulame ba pelerin bavua balue kuendakana pa mwaba munsantu dituku dimue kumpala kua pelerinage kubanga.


English : The hostel´s guests were mostly citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

Luba-Kasai : Nzubu wa tshaka benyi uvua bantu ba mu United Arab Emirates.

English : The death toll is at least 15, a figure which is expected to rise.

Luba-Kasai : Taux wa lufu udi wa 15, bimueneka ni ni abande.

English : Leonov, also known as ¨cosmonaut No. 11¨, was part of the Soviet Union´s original team of cosmonauts.

Luba-Kasai : Leonov, mumania biende bu muyi wa ¨ku ngondo No. 11¨, Uvua mu kasumbu ka kumpala ka bayi ba ku ngondo ka mu Union Sovietique.

English : On March 18, 1965, he performed the first manned extravehicular activity (EVA), or ¨spacewalk¨, remaining alone outside the spacecraft for just over twelve minutes.

Luba-Kasai : ⁣Mu 18 wa ngondo mwisatu 1965, uvua mwenze extravehicular activity (EVA) wa kumpala ¨kadi mu lupepele¨, mwikale nkaya pambelu pa ka ndeke ku ngondo bua minute dikumi ni ibidi.

English : He received the ¨Hero of the Soviet Union¨, the Soviet Union´s highest honor, for his work.

Luba-Kasai : Wakapeta bu ¨Hero bua Union Sovietique¨, difutu dia kulu dia mu Union Sovietique, bua mudimu wende.

English : Ten years later, he led the Soviet part of the Apollo–Soyuz mission symbolizing that the Space Race was over.

Luba-Kasai : Kunyima kua bidimu dikumi, yeye kulombola kasumbu ka Apollo-Soyuz ka mu Soviet bua kuleja bua se lubilu lua mulu luvua kundekelu.

English : She said, ¨There is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is expected imminently.

Luba-Kasai : Yeye kuamba ne, ¨Kakuena lungenyi lua kufila ni kudi buluishi budi mua kufika too.

English : However, the reduction of the threat level to severe does not mean the overall threat has gone away.¨

Luba-Kasai : Dipuekesha dia bunyi bua buluishi ki mbileja ni buluishi bua buloba bujima buakujika too.¨

English : While authorities are unsure of the credibility of the threat, the Maryland Transportaion Authority made the closure with the urging of the FBI.

Luba-Kasai : Diba divua balobodi kabayi batuishibue bua diluisha, mulombodi wa Maryland Transportation uvua mubileke mu kulonda mibelu ya bena FBI.

English : Dump trucks were used to block tube entrances and assistance of 80 police were on hand to direct motorists to detours.

Luba-Kasai : Mashini manene avua matumikisha bua kukanga kubuela kua ma tube ni mpulushi 80 ivua ilombola banyemeshi ba mioto ku kunyunguluka.

English : There were no heavy traffic delays reported on the beltway, the city´s alternate route.

Luba-Kasai : Kakuvua dikangibua dia njile dile dileja mu njila munyunguluke, njila mukuabu wa mu musoko.

English : Nigeria previously announced it planned to join the AfCFTA in the week leading up to the summit.

Luba-Kasai : Nigeria uvua mwambe ne udi ulongolola dibuela di mu AfCFTA mu lubingu lua kulombola tshibilu.

English : AU trade and industry commissioner Albert Muchanga announced Benin was to join.

Luba-Kasai : Mutumibue ni mwena munvuangana wa UA Albert Muchanga uvua mwambe ne Benin ni abuele.

English : The commissioner said, ¨We haven´t yet agreed on rules of origin and tariff con[c]essions, but the framework we have is enough to start trading on July 1, 2020¨.

Luba-Kasai : Mutumibwe kuamba yi ne, ¨Katuena banji kunvuangana bua mikandu ni mishinga, kadi muaba utudi nawu udi ukumbana bua tuetu kubanga kuyikila mu 1 wa ngondo wa mwanda mutekete wa 2020¨.

English : The station maintained its attitude, despite the loss of a gyroscope earlier in the space station mission, until the end of the spacewalk.

Luba-Kasai : Station uvua mulame lutulu, nansha muvuabu bajimije gyroscope ku ntuadijilu kua mission ya station wa ku ngondo, to ni ku ndekelu kua kuya mulu.

English : Chiao and Sharipov reported being a safe distance from the attitude adjustment thrusters.

Luba-Kasai : Chiao ni Sharipov kuamba bu ne bavua pa bule bua kabuyi njuwu ku malongolodi avua bu benza.

English : Russian ground control activated the jets and normal attitude of the station was regained.

Luba-Kasai : Bokontolodi bua mu Russie buvua butemeshe ma jet ni lutulu lua mu station kupingana lu.

English : The case was prosecuted in Virginia because it is the home to the leading internet service provider AOL, the company who instigated the charges.

Luba-Kasai : Bualu ebu buvua bulondolola too ni mu Virginie bualu nzubu wa bulombodi bua diabania dia internet AOL, kumpanyi uvua muangate bujitu.

English : This is the first time a conviction has been gained using the legislation enacted in 2003 to curb bulk e-mail, aka spam, from unsolicited distribution into users mailboxes.

Luba-Kasai : Mmusangu wa kumpala udi condanation ulonda mikandu misungula mu 2003 bua kuitaba email mu spam, uvua mumbukile ku buabanyi buvua buitaba mu boite email.

English : 21-year-old Jesus joined Manchester City last year in January 2017 from Brazilian club Palmeiras for a reported fee of £27 million.

Luba-Kasai : Wa bidimu 21 Jesus uvua mubuele mu Manchester City tshidimu tshishale mu ngondo wa kumpala 2017 umbukila mu club Brezilien wa Palmeira bua makuta binunu bia £27.

English : Since then, the Brazilian has featured in 53 matches for the club in all competitions and has scored 24 goals.

Luba-Kasai : Katsha apu, Brezil uvua mutue ndundu 53 bua ma competition onso a club ni kuela bu ndundu 24.

English : Dr. Lee also expressed his concern about reports that children in Turkey have now become infected with the A(H5N1) avian influenza virus without becoming ill.

Luba-Kasai : Dr Lee uvua muakuile biende bua luapolo lua bana ba mu Turkey bavua bapete kishi ka A(H5N1) ka tshimpumpu kadi kabayi basama.

English : Some studies suggest that the disease must become less lethal before it can cause a global epidemic, he noted.

Luba-Kasai : Malonga makuabu avua mambe ni disama didi ni tsha kuikala ni bushipi bua panshi kumpala kua kutampakana buloba bujima.

English : There is concern that patients may continue to infect more people by going through their daily routines if the flu symptoms remain mild.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bualu bua se babedi badi mua kutungunuka ni kuambuluija bantu babunyi mu diya diabu dia midimu yabu ya pa tshibidilu pikala kumweneka kua bilejelu bia tshimpumpu bikale panshi.

English : Leslie Aun, a spokesperson for the Komen Foundation, said the organization adopted a new rule that does not allow grants or funding to be awarded to organizations that are under legal investigation.

Luba-Kasai : Leslie Aun, muakuidi wa Komen Foundation, uvua muambe ne bulongolodi buvua buitabe mikandu mipiamipia idi ka yiyi itaba bukuatshishi bua kupesha ma organization badi kabayi bapete bukontolodi.


English : Komen´s policy disqualified Planned Parenthood due to a pending investigation on how Planned Parenthood spends and reports its money that is being conducted by Representative Cliff Stearns.

Luba-Kasai : Politique wa bena Komen kavua muitabe bulongolodi bua buledi bua kuindila bukontolodi bua munyi mudi buledi butangalaja ni bumanisha makuta avu ni bafidi ba mpala ba Cliff Stearns.

English : Stearns is investigating whether taxes are used to fund abortions through Planned Parenthood in his role as chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, which is under the umbrella of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Luba-Kasai : Stearns udi ukontolola bua kumanya ni bitadi mbua kufuta makuta a kumbusha nawu mafu kupitshila planification familiale mu mudimu wende wa bu mfumu wa bumunyi ni bukontolodi bua matunga a kuinshi, udi mubuikila kudi The house Energy ni Commerce committee.

English : Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Florida Republican Party presidential primary election on Tuesday with over 46 percent of the vote.

Luba-Kasai : Gouverneur wa kale wa Massachusetts Mitt Romney uvua mutshimune mu Florida mu masungula a kumpala mu dibidi ni pourcentage 46 ya masungula.

English : Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich came in second with 32 percent.

Luba-Kasai : Muakuidi wa kale wa US House Newt Gingrich wa kalua pa lukasa ni pourcentage 32.

English : As a winner-takes-all state, Florida awarded all fifty of its delegates to Romney, pushing him ahead as the front-runner for the Republican Party nomination.

Luba-Kasai : Bu mutshimunyi wa ditunga dijima, Florida wakapesha Romney makumi atanu onso, bua kumufila ku mpala kua banyemi bua nomination ya ba republicain.

English : Organisers of the protest said about 100,000 people turned up in German cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Luba-Kasai : Bavua kabayi bitabe bavua bambe ne bantu 100,000 bavu bafila mu Allemagne, mu misoko bu Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, ni Hanover.

English : In Berlin, police estimated 6,500 protestors.

Luba-Kasai : Ku Berlin, Ba mpulushi mbatshinkidile bunyi bua ba manifestant mu bantu 6500.

English : Protests also took place in Paris, Sofia in Bulgaria, Vilnius in Lithuania, Valetta in Malta, Tallinn in Estonia, and Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland.

Luba-Kasai : Ma manifestations avu menzekibua awu mu Paris, Sofia wa mu Bulgarie, Vilnius wa mu Lituanie, La Valette wa mu Malte, Tallinn wa muvEstonie, ni mu Edimbourg ni Glasgow wa mu Ecosse.

English : In London, about 200 people protested outside some major copyright holders´ offices.

Luba-Kasai : Ku Londre, bantu batue ku 200 bavu bende kumpala kua ma biro a balami ba mikanda ya buanyishi bua buena tshitu.

English : Last month, there were major protests in Poland when that country signed ACTA, which has led to the Polish government deciding not to ratify the agreement, for now.

Luba-Kasai : Ngondo mushale, ma manifestations abungi avu menzeka mu Pologne pavu ditunga edi ditue tshiala pa ACTA, bivu bitume bulombodi bua Pologne bua kuangata mapangidika a kubenga mukanda wa djunvangana, bua mpindjewu.

English : Latvia and Slovakia have both delayed the process of joining ACTA.

Luba-Kasai : Lettonie ni Slovaquie bavu bimanyika dibuela dia mu l´ACTA.

English : Animal Liberation and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) are again calling for the mandatory installation of CCTV cameras in all Australian abattoirs.

Luba-Kasai : musangu wa tshiakabidi diteka dia ma kamera a videosurveillance mu miaba ya kushipela niama (abattoir) ya mu Australie.

English : RSPCA New South Wales chief inspector David O´Shannessy told the ABC that surveillance and inspections of abattoirs should be commonplace in Australia.

Luba-Kasai : Mukontolodi mwimanyinyi wa RSPCA wa mu Nouvelle-Galles wa ku Sud, David O´Shannessy, uvua mwambe ku ABC bua se bulami ni.

English : ¨The CCTV would certainly send a strong signal to those people working with animals that their welfare is of the highest priority.¨

Luba-Kasai : ¨CCTV ni atuma bulelela luapolo lua kuleja ku bantu badi batumika ni nyama bua se, bukole bua mubidi bua nyama budi bua mushinga mukole.¨

English : The United States Geological Survey international earthquake map showed no earthquakes in Iceland in the week prior.

Luba-Kasai : Karte Geologique ka nkonku ka buloba bujima ka kunyunga kua buloba ka États Unis kavu kaleje ni kakuena kunyunga kua buloba mu Iceland mu lumingu lushala.

English : The Icelandic Meteorological Office also reported no earthquake activity in the Hekla area in the past 48 hours.

Luba-Kasai : Bilo bia meteo bia mu Island kabivu biabi biakuile pa djinyunga dia buloba mu tshitupa tsha Hekla mu meba 48 adji mapita to.

English : The significant earthquake activity resulting in the phase change had took place on March 10 on the northeast side of the volcano´s summit caldera.

Luba-Kasai : Dinyunga dia menemene dia buloba divu dishintula tshitupa tshivu tshienzeka mu dia matuku 10 a ngondo Mwisatu ku luseke lua Nord-Est pa mukuna wa kapia wa caldera.

English : Dark clouds unrelated to any volcanic activity were reported at the base of the mountain.

Luba-Kasai : Lumu lua matutu mafika a kahayi ni njuwu ya kutudjika kua kapia luvu lufidjibwe kwinshi kwa mukuna.

English : The clouds presented the potential for confusion as to whether an actual eruption had taken place.

Luba-Kasai : Matutu avu mafile djibuejakana mu tshikondu bu ni kuvu djitudjika djivu djenzeke.

English : The Luno had 120–160 cubic metres of fuel aboard when it broke down and high winds and waves pushed it into the breakwater.

Luba-Kasai : Luno uvua ni bula bua 120 ku 160 metre mu bule, mu butshiama, mu ndondo ne mu butumbuke bua kasoloni ku luseka pavua yi mu pandike. Mpepela ya mikole ni mavuaala avua ma musakile ku brise-lames.

English : Helicopters rescued the twelve crewmembers and the only injury was a broken nose.

Luba-Kasai : Makapakapa avua mambuluisha bantu dikumi ni babidi ba mu equipage, umue tshianana uvua mutapike ku diulu.

English : The 100-metre ship was en route to pick up its usual fertiliser cargo and initially officials feared the vessel could spill a load.

Luba-Kasai : Buatu bua bule bua 100 metres buvua mu njila bua kuangata mabuki a ma angrais a pa tshibidilu, kadi balombodi bavua ni bowa bua se buatu kabuyi kuela bintu bionso mu mayi.

English : The proposed amendment already passed both houses in 2011.

Luba-Kasai : Dipangidika divua difila dikavua ditabibue mu tuzubu tonso tubidi mu 2011.

English : A change was made this legislative session when the second sentence was deleted first by the House of Representatives and then was passed in a similar form by the Senate Monday.

Luba-Kasai : Dishuntuluka divua difila mu tshisangilu tshia bafundi ba mikenji pavua meyi mibidi manji kumbushibwa mu kazubu ka bafidi ba mpala, pashishe mitabibwe mu njila umwe kudi ba mutshipangu mu Dimue.

English : The failure of the second sentence, which proposes to ban same-sex civil unions, could possibly open the door for civil unions in the future.

Luba-Kasai : Dikuluka dia muaku muibidi, uvua ubengesha kuselangana kua bantu ba mushindu umwe, divua mua kunzulula tshibi bua kuselangana kua nunku mu matuku a kumpala.


English : Following the process, HJR-3 will be reviewed again by the next elected legislature in either 2015 or 2016 to remain in process.

Luba-Kasai : Kundekelu kua bionso, mukandu HJR-3 ni atangidibue kabidi kudi basungudi ba mikenji bikala basungudibue mu 2015 anyi 2016, bua ikale ilondibua.

English : Vautier´s achievements outside of directing include a hunger strike in 1973 against what he viewed as political censorship.

Luba-Kasai : Mu midimu ya Vautier kumbusha manaya makumbaja, muvua muleja nzala ya mu 1973 mu matapulukangana avua yi umuna ni avua makandika a politik.

English : French law was changed. His activism went back to age 15 when he joined the French Resistance during World War II.

Luba-Kasai : Mukandu wa mu France uvua mushunlula. Tshikisu tshiende tshivua tshibange katsha bidimu 15, pavuayi mubuele mu bukole bua nvita bua mu France diba dia nvita ya buloba mibidi ya buloba bujima.

English : He documented himself in a 1998 book.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua mu bala mu mukanda kampanda mu 1998.

English : In the 1960s he headed back to newly-independent Algeria to teach film directing.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bidimu 1960, waka pingana mu Algerie uvua utshipetelaku dipanda bua kulongesha dienza dia ma films.

English : Japanese judoka Hitoshi Saito, winner of two Olympic gold medals, has died at the age of 54.

Luba-Kasai : Judoka wa mu Japon Hitoshi Saito, uvua mupete difutu dia medayi wa or wa manaya mashilangane, ni yeye kufua muikale ni bidimu 54.

English : The cause of death was announced as intrahepatic bile duct cancer.

Luba-Kasai : Bavua bambe ne lufu luvua lumbukile ku Cancer wa njila wa nyonga bululu.

English : He died in Osaka on Tuesday.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua mufua mu Dibidi mu Osaka.

English : As well as a former Olympic and World champion, Saito was the All Japan Judo Federation training committee chairman at the time of his death.

Luba-Kasai : Kumbusha bu champion buende bua kale bua mazaba, Saito uvua mulombodi wa kasumbu ka malongesha a mazaba mu kasumbu ka judo wa ba japonais diba dia lufu luende.

English : At least 100 people had attended the party, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of a couple whose wedding was held last year.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu batue ku 100 Bavua bafike ku tshibilu, bua kusankidila diledibua dia kumpala dia mukaji ni mulume bua diselangana divua dienzeke tshidimu tshishale.

English : A formal anniversary event was scheduled for a later date, officials said.

Luba-Kasai : Tshibilu tshia diledibua tshivua tshilongodibue mu matuku a kumpala, muvua balombodi banbe.

English : The couple had married in Texas one year ago and came to Buffalo to celebrate with friends and relatives.

Luba-Kasai : Bavua baselangane mu Texas kukadi tshidimu ni bobo kulua mu Bufalo bua kusankidila ni balunda ni baledi.

English : The 30-year-old husband, who was born in Buffalo, was one of the four killed in the shooting, but his wife was not hurt.

Luba-Kasai : Mulume uvua ni bidimu 30 ni muledibue mu Buffalo, muikale munkatshi mua banayi Bavua basa ntenda diba dia dikuma dia bingoma, kadi mukajiende kavua mutapike to.

English : Karno is a well-known but controversial English tutor who taught under Modern Education and King´s Glory who claimed to have 9,000 students at the peak of his career.

Luba-Kasai : Kamo udi muikale mulongeshi wa kuluseka wa Anglais mumania bimpa kadi mu kudi kanda uvua mulongeshe mu dina dia Modern Education ni King´s Glory ni kuleja yi ni uvua ni balongi 9000 ku ndekelu ku mudimu wende.

English : In his notes he used words which some parents considered coarse, and he reportedly used profanity in class.

Luba-Kasai : Mu mifundu yende, uvua wela mu miaku ivua baledi bakuabu bamuna bu bipendu, ni bileja ni wakapendangana mu kalasa.

English : Modern Education accused him of printing large advertisements on buses without authorisation and lying by saying that he was the chief English tutor.

Luba-Kasai : Modern education uvua mumu funde bua ditangalaja dia mabeji pa ma mashini kayi ni djitaba dia muntu ni kushima yi ne utu mulongeshi wa kulu wa Anglais.

English : He has also been accused previously of copyright infringement, but was not charged.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua muikale kabidi mufunda matuku a kumpala bua dipetula dia bukokeshi bua kufunda mikanda, kadi kaBavua bamu pete ne bualu.

English : A former student said that he ´used slang in class, taught dating skills in notes, and was just like the students´ friend.´

Luba-Kasai : Mulongi wa kale uvua mwambe ne uvua ´wakula miaku ya mikole mu kalasa, ulongesha mua kulonda bana babakaji ni uvua bu mulunda´ wa balongi.´

English : During the last three decades, despite officially remaining a communist state, China has developed a market economy.

Luba-Kasai : Bidimu dikumi bidi bipita, nansha muvua ditunga dikale anu dia kominisme, Chine uvua muyishe kumpala ditanta dia bisalu.

English : The first economic reforms were made under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping.

Luba-Kasai : Malongolodi a kumpala a bukubi avua menzeke diba dia bulombodi bua Deng Xiaoping.

English : Since then, China´s economic size has grown by 90 times.

Luba-Kasai : Kubangila apu, bunene bua bukubi bua mu Chine buvua bua misangu 90.

English : For the first time, last year China exported more cars than Germany and surpassed the United States as the biggest market for this industry.

Luba-Kasai : Bua musangu wa kumpala, tshidimu tshishale Chine uvua mupanyishe mashini mu matunga makuabu, kupita Allemagne, ni mupite Etats-Unis ku bunene mu dipana edi.

English : China´s GDP could be larger than the United States within two decades.

Luba-Kasai : GDP wa mu chine ni ikale wa mushinga mukola bipitshishile wa mu Etats-Unis mu bidimu makumi abidi.

English : Tropical Storm Danielle, fourth named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Luba-Kasai : Lupepele lukole lua Danielle, luinayi luinika lua tshidimu 2010 lua ma ouragan a mu Atlantique, luvua luenzeke ku luseke lutu munia ujukila lua mbuwa wa Atlantique.

English : The storm, located approximately 3,000 miles from Miami, Florida, has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph (64 kph).

Luba-Kasai : Lupepele ludi luikalangane pa bule bua meta 3,000 ni Miami, mu Floride, mpepele ya lubilu lua 40 mph (64 kph).


English : Scientists at the National Hurricane Center predict that Danielle will strengthen to a hurricane by Wednesday.

Luba-Kasai : Brena mukanda ba ba National Hurricane Center bamanisha ni Danielle ni adiunde bua kulua ouragan mu Disatu edi.

English : As the storm is far from landfall, it remains difficult to assess potential impact to the United States or Caribbean.

Luba-Kasai : Mudi lupepele kule ne kulenga buloba, bidi bikole bua kumania bukole bualu mu Etats-Unis anyi mu Caraibes.

English : Born in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, Bobek gained fame while playing for Partizan Belgrade.

Luba-Kasai : Muledibue mu Zagreb, tshimamuende a bukalenga tsha Croatie, Bobek uvua muende lumu pavua yi muzaba bua muena mu Belgrade.

English : He joined them in 1945 and stayed until 1958.

Luba-Kasai : Waka sangila nabu mu 1945 ni yeye kumusomba to ni mu 1958.

English : During his time with the team, he scored 403 goals in 468 appearances.

Luba-Kasai : Diba divuayi usonba mu kasumbu aka ka batu ba ndundu, yeye kuela ndundu 403 mu mazaba 468.

English : No one else has ever made more appearances or scored more goals for the club than Bobek.

Luba-Kasai : Kakuena muntu mukuabu ukatu muzabe misangu ya bunyi anyi muele ndundu ya bunyi mu club mupite Bobek.

English : In 1995 he was voted the best player in Partizan´s history.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bidimu 1995, wakasungudibua bu muzabi wa tshitembu mu nsumwinu ya bena diende.

English : The celebrations started with a special show by the world-renowned group Cirque du Soleil.

Luba-Kasai : Bibilu bivua bibange ni mazaba a pabuawu a Cirque du Soleil, tshisumbu tshimanyibue buloba bujima.

English : It was followed by the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, a Janissary band, and the singers Fatih Erkoç and Müslüm Gürses.

Luba-Kasai : Kulondabu kudi kasumbu ka misambu ya bisanji ka mu Istambul, kasumbu ka basalayi ni bimbi Fatih Erkoç and Müslüm Gürse.

English : Then Whirling Dervishes took to the stage.

Luba-Kasai : Pashishe, baji ba maja bobo kubanda muaba wa manaya.

English : Turkish diva Sezen Aksu performed with the Italian tenor Alessandro Safina and Greek singer Haris Alexiou.

Luba-Kasai : Diva wa mu Turquie Sezen Aksu uvua mubande pa muaba wa mazaba ni tshisumbu tsha Tenor Italien Alessandro Safina ni muimbi wa mu Grece Haris Alexiou.

English : To finish, Turkish dance group Fire of Anatolia performed the show ¨Troy¨.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kujikija, kasumbu ka maja a ba Turc ka Fire of Anatolia Bavua bazaba manaya a ¨Troy¨.

English : Peter Lenz, a 13-year-old motorcycle racer, has died after being involved in a crash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Luba-Kasai : Peter Lenz, songalume wa bidimu 13 muendeshi wa moto, uvua mufue mu njuwu ivuayi mupete mu njila wa Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

English : While on his warm-up lap, Lenz fell off his bike, and was then struck by fellow racer Xavier Zayat.

Luba-Kasai : Diba divua yi uteta kuendesha, Lenz kukuluka yi pa moto wende ni kumudiatabu kudi muendeshi nende wa moto Xavier Zayat.

English : He was immediately attended to by the on-track medical staff and transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Luba-Kasai : Minganga ya mu njila ya kabanga ku mondapa diakamu ni kumufila bu ku lipitadi muvua yi mufile.

English : Zayat was unhurt in the accident.

Luba-Kasai : Zayat kavua mutapike mu njuwu.

English : Regarding the global financial situation, Zapatero continued by saying that ¨the financial system is a part of the economy, a crucial part.

Luba-Kasai : Bua bidi bitangila malu a makuta mu buloba bujima, M. Zapatero uvua mutungunuke wamba ne ¨bulongolodi bua makuta ntshitupa tsha bukubi tshia mushinga mukole.

English : We have a year-long financial crisis, which has had its most acute moment in the past two months, and I think now the financial markets are beginning to recover.¨

Luba-Kasai : Tudi ni lutatu lua makuta lua tshidimu tshijima, luvua lubande bikole mu ngondo ibidi mishale, ni ngela menji bua se mpindiewu njila ya makuta ikadi yunzulukaku.¨

English : Last week, Naked News announced that it would dramatically increase its international language mandate to news reporting, with three new broadcasts.

Luba-Kasai : Lubingu lushale, Naked News uvua muambe ni ni abandishe bikole bukokeshi buende bua kufila ngumu mu miakulu ya buloba bujima, kupitshila emission isatu.

English : Already reporting in English and Japanese, the global organization is launching Spanish, Italian, and Korean-language programs, for television, the web, and mobile devices.

Luba-Kasai : Mu Anglais ni mu tshi Japonais, bulongolodi bua buloba bujima mbufila program ewu mu Espagnol mu Italien ni mu Coreen, bua television, enternete ni tuamua tua miyiki ya pa bule.

English : ¨Luckily nothing happened to me, but I saw a macabre scene, as people tried to break windows in order to get out.

Luba-Kasai : Diakalenga diani tshintu katshivua tshinfikile, kadi invu mumune bintu bia dikema, pavua bantu baluangana bua ku panda mmuenu ya ma fenetre bua kupatuka.

English : People were hitting the panes with chairs, but the windows were unbreakable.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu Bavua bakuma nkuasa ku muenu, kadi bivua bikole bua ku kosa ma fenetre.

English : One of the panes finally broke, and they started to get out by the window,¨ said survivor Franciszek Kowal.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Lumuenu lumue luvua lufikile kuku dilekelela, ni bobu kubanga kupatukila pa fenetre,¨ muvua uvua mupatuke mujima Franciszek Kowal muambe.

English : Stars give off light and heat because of the energy made when hydrogen atoms are merged (or fused) together to form heavier elements.

Luba-Kasai : Mitoto itu ituma bukenke ni luya, (énergie) bua udi umbukila ku atome wa hydrogene musambakaja bua kuenza tshintu bujitu.

English : Scientists are working to create a reactor that can make energy in the same way.

Luba-Kasai : Bena mukanda badi badienzeja bua kufuka tshoshelu tshia kulela luya mu mushindu umue.


English : This, however, is a very hard problem to solve and will take many years before we see useful fusion reactors built.

Luba-Kasai : Mbualu bukole bua kupeta bipeta ni nibijinge bidimu biabunyi bua kumona bioshelu bia nsongo bibakibue.

English : The steel needle floats on top of the water because of surface tension.

Luba-Kasai : Mulonda wa lukanu utu pamutu pa mayi bua tension wa pa mayi.

English : Surface tension happens because the water molecules at the surface of the water are strongly attracted to each other more than they are to the air molecules above them.

Luba-Kasai : Tension wa pamutu ni enzeke bualu mayi a pamutu pa mayi adi akokibua nkayawu, kupita lupepele ludi pa mutu pawu.

English : The water molecules make an invisible skin on the water's surface that allows things like the needle to float on top of the water.

Luba-Kasai : Mayi adi enza tshizubu tsha katshiyi tshimueneka pamutu pa mayi tshidi tshenza ne bintu bu lushingi lubande pamutu pa mayi.

English : The blade on a modern ice skate has a double edge with a concave hollow between them. The two edges allow for a better grasp of the ice, even when tilted.

Luba-Kasai : Tuamua tu bisabata bia mu neje bia mpidiewu, bidi ni nseka ibidi ni tshina munkatshi. Nseke ibidi eyi idi isombesha bimpe pa neje nasha mu kobame.

English : Because the bottom of the blade is slightly curved, as the blade tilts to one side or the other, the edge which is in contact with the ice also curves.

Luba-Kasai : Mudi muinshi mua kamua muikale mukobame, padi kamua kakobama ku luseke lumue, anyi lukuabu, luseka ludi lupetangana nineje lukobambialu.

English : This causes the skater to turn. If the skates tilt to the right, the skater turns right, if the skates tilt to the left, the skater turns left.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bikudimuna muendedi wa mu neje. Padi bisabata bia mu neje bilala ku diabalume, muntu uya biende ku diabalume, biobio bilale ku diabakaji, muntu uya biende ku diabakaji.

English : To return to their previous energy level, they must get rid of the extra energy they got from the light.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kupingana ku makanda abu a tuadijilu, badi ni tsha kumbusha makanda a pamutu mapeta ku bukenke.

English : They do this by emitting a tiny particle of light called a ¨photon¨.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bituma ka bukenke kakese kadi kabikidibua ¨photon¨.

English : Scientists call this process ¨stimulated emission of radiation¨ because the atoms are stimulated by the bright light, causing the emission of a photon of light, and light is a type of radiation.

Luba-Kasai : Bena mikanda badi babikila ngezelu ewu ¨dituma ditumbula dia tusesa¨ bualu ma atome badi ba atumbula kudi bukenke bua bukole, kibidi bifila dituma dia photon wa bukenke, ni bukenke budi mushindu mukuabu wa kuasa nsesa.

English : The next picture shows the atoms emitting photons. Of course, in reality photons are a lot smaller than those in the picture.

Luba-Kasai : Image ewu udiuleja ma atome atuma ma photon. Mu bulelela, ma photon adi makese bikole kupita idi pa image.

English : Photons are even smaller than the stuff that makes up atoms!

Luba-Kasai : Photon itu mikese kupita bintu bitu munda mua ma atomes.

English : After hundreds of hours of operation the filament in the bulb eventually burns out and the light bulb no longer works.

Luba-Kasai : Kunyima ku meba lukama a ditumika, tushinga tua mu muendu tudi tufikila ku dipia, ni muendu kayi utumika kabidi to.

English : The light bulb then needs replacing. It is necessary to be careful in replacing the light bulb.

Luba-Kasai : Muendu udi nitshakushuntudibua. Bidi bia dijinga bua kutalama diba dia dishuntula dia muendu.

English : First, the switch for the light fixture needs to be turned off or the cable disconnected.

Luba-Kasai : Tshakumpala, kujima kua kutemeshela muendu anyi kumbusha nshinga.

English : This is because electricity flowing into the socket where the metallic part of bulb sits can give you a severe electric shock if you touch the inside of the socket or the metal base of the bulb while it is still partly in the socket.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bulelela, nzembu idi yenda mu nkanu idi mu muendu idi mua kuku koka bikole wew mukuate ku tukanu tua munda anyi ku dilata dia kuntuadijilu kua muendu yeye mwikale utshidi ku nzembu.

English : The major organ of the circulatory system is the heart, which pumps the blood.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitupa tshinene tshia kuendesha natshi mu mubidi tshidi muoyo, udi usukuma mashi.

English : Blood goes away from the heart in tubes called arteries and comes back to the heart in tubes called veins. The smallest tubes are called capillaries.

Luba-Kasai : Mashi idi iumbuka mu moyi kupitila njila dina Artaires, ne kupinganayi ku moyo mu mijilu. Mijilu ya mikesa menemene badi babikila capillaire.

English : A triceratops´ teeth would have been able to crush not only leaves but even very tough branches and roots.

Luba-Kasai : Minu ya triceratops uvua ne makanda wa kukosa mabeji, nangananga kukosa mitshi minene ne miji ya mitshi.

English : Some scientists think Triceratops ate cycads, which are a type of plant that was common in the Cretaceous.

Luba-Kasai : Binga bantu ya sianse badi bela menji ne ba Triceratops bavua badia Cycades, idi mitshi ivua miaba onso mu Cretace.

English : These plants look like a small palm tree with a crown of sharp, spiky leaves.

Luba-Kasai : Mitshi eyi idi imueneka mikesa bu mitshi ya ngaji ne mutu was miba, mabeji matangalaka.

English : A Triceratops could have used its strong beak to strip off the leaves before eating the trunk.

Luba-Kasai : Triceratops uvua utumikisha luminu luende bua kuvula mabeji kumpala kua kuja tshi mutshi.

English : Other scientists argue that these plants are very poisonous so it is unlikely that any dinosaur ate them, even though today the sloth and other animals like the parrot (a descendant of the dinosaurs) can eat poisonous leaves or fruit.

Luba-Kasai : Banga bena sianse bavua bakokangana bua se mitshi ayi ivua ne lulengu, ke bankamba ne ba Dinosaurs ka bavua badia ye, bu muvua lelu nyama wa lulengu ne banyama bakuabu bu mudi nyunyi wa nkusu (ndelanganyi ya ba dinosaurs) uvua mua kudia mabeji ya lulengu anyi tshimuma.

English : How would Io´s gravity pull on me? If you stood on the surface of Io, you would weigh less than you do on Earth.

Luba-Kasai : Mushindu kayi Io´s gravite udi mua ku nkoka meme? Pa udi wimana pa Io, bujitu buebe ne bushala mekesa kupita budi pa buloba.

English : A person who weighs 200 pounds (90kg) on Earth would weigh about 36 pounds (16kg) on Io. So the gravity, of course, pulls less on you.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu udi ne bujitu 200 paunde (90kg) ba buloba, ne ulua ne bujitu 36 paunde (16kg) pa Io. Gravitite udi menzeja ne majitu makesa.


English : The Sun doesn´t have a crust like the Earth that you can stand on. The whole Sun is made out of gases, fire, and plasma.

Luba-Kasai : Munya kayi ne muaba waku imanyina bu mudi pa buloba. Munya mujima udi muenzeka ne gaz, moto, ne plasma.

English : The gas becomes thinner as you go farther from the center of the Sun.

Luba-Kasai : Gas ne ilue mukese paudi wenda kule ne kupita mukantshi mua munya.

English : The outer-part we see when we look at the Sun is called the photosphere, which means ¨ball of light¨.

Luba-Kasai : Tshidi tumona patudi tutangila pa munya idi ni dian photosphere mumua ni ¨ndundu wa moto¨.

English : About three thousand years later, in 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei used a telescope to observe that Venus has phases, just as the moon does.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bidimu binunu bisatu kupita, mu 1610, mumanyi wa malu ya mabulungu wa mu Italie Galileo Galilei uvua utumikisha teleskope bua kutangila ne Venus uvua ne bitup.

English : Phases happen because only the side of Venus (or of the Moon) facing the Sun is lighted. The phases of Venus supported the theory of Copernicus that the planets go around the Sun.

Luba-Kasai : Bitupa bidi bienzeka anu ku tshimenga tshia Venus, (anyi wa Ngondo) utangila munya wela moto. Bitupa bia Venus bakitaba muyuki wa Copernicus ne mabulunge udi inyunguluka ku munya.

English : Then, a few years later in 1639, an English astronomer named Jeremiah Horrocks observed a transit of Venus.

Luba-Kasai : Bidimu kupita mu 1639, Mumanyi wa malu a mabulungu anglais Jeremiah Horrocks waka mona kupita kua Venus.

English : England had experienced a long period of peace after the reconquest of the Danelaw.

Luba-Kasai : Angleterre wa kapita tshikondo tshile tshia ditalala panyima pa katshimuna yoyi Danelaw.

English : However in 991 Ethelred was faced with a Viking fleet larger than any since Guthrum´s a century earlier.

Luba-Kasai : Pananku mu 991 Ethelred wa katuilangana ne buatu bunena ne bulepa kudi maatu onsu katshia ku Guthrum nkama ya bidimu bia mbangishilu.

English : This fleet was led by Olaf Trygvasson, a Norwegian with ambitions to reclaim his country from Danish domination.

Luba-Kasai : Buatu ebu buvua bulombola kudi Olaf Trygvasson, muena ku Norvege ne majinga a kuangatulula ditunga diende ku bupika bua Danish.

English : After initial military setbacks, Ethelred was able to agree to terms with Olaf, who returned to Norway to try to gain his kingdom with mixed success.

Luba-Kasai : Panyima pa basalayi aba kutuija tshilonji, Ethelred uvua ni makokeshi a kusuika mikenji ni Olaf, uvua mu pingana ku ditunga dia Norvege bua kuteta bua kuangata bukalenga buenda ni makola masambakaja.

English : Hangeul is the only purposely invented alphabet in popular daily use. The alphabet was invented in 1444 during the reign of King Sejong (1418 – 1450).

Luba-Kasai : Hangeul udi nkaya mu kuenza kua lufuabeta bua kutumikija kua matuku onso. Lufuabeta bakaluenza mu 1444, pa tshikondu tshia mukaji wa mukalenga Sejong (1418-1450).

English : King Sejong was the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty and is one of the most highly regarded.

Luba-Kasai : Mfumu Sejong uvua mfumu munayi wa nzumbu wa bukalenga wa Joseon ne uvua umwe uvua bantu bananga.

English : He originally named the Hangeul alphabet Hunmin Jeongeum, which means ¨the correct sounds for the instruction of the people¨.

Luba-Kasai : Ku mfuminu, uvua mupesha lufuabeta hangeul dina dia Hunmin Jeongeum, diumvuija ¨tshimbidi tshololoke bua dikela dia bantu¨.

English : There are many theories to how Sanskrit came into existence. One of them is about an Aryan migration from the west into India who brought their language with them.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi ntodi mivule bua mushindu udi Sanskrit mumueneke. Umue wabu udi wakula bua dimwangala dia Aryenne wa ku mubuelelu ku Inde, bavua balua ne makulu ewu.

English : Sanskrit is an ancient language and is comparable to the Latin language spoken in Europe.

Luba-Kasai : Sanskrit ewu mwakulu wa kale mu fanangana ne wa Latin mwakula mu Europa.

English : The earliest known book in the world was written in Sanskrit. After the compilation of Upanishads, Sanskrit just faded due to hierarchy.

Luba-Kasai : Mukanda wa pamutu wa kale mu bukuabisamba uvua mufunda mu mwakulu wa Sanskrit. Pashishe disangisha dia Upanishads, Sanskrit uvua mu jimina bua lua bamfumu.

English : Sanskrit is a very complex and rich language, which has served to be the source for many modern Indian languages, just like Latin is the source for European languages like French and Spanish.

Luba-Kasai : Sankrit ewu mwakulu wa mushindu wa dikema bikole ne mubanji, uvua tshiledibua tshlidibua tshia miakulu ya bungi ya mipiamipia ya ba Indien, yonso bu mudi Latin ewu tshiiledibua tshia miakulu ya ba europeennes bu ba français ne ba espagnol.

English : With the battle for France over, Germany began to get ready to invade the island of Britain.

Luba-Kasai : Ne nvita wa France ivua mujika, Allemangne wakabanga ku songakaja bua kubwela mu tshidila tshia Grand Bretagne.

English : Germany code-named the attack "Operation Sealion". Most of the British Army´s heavy weapons and supplies had been lost when it evacuated from Dunkirk, so the army was fairly weak.

Luba-Kasai : Allemegne wa kapesha bulwilu ebu dina dia "Bukenji bua Sealion". Bingoma bineme bia basalayi ba britanique ne bintu bionso bia mvita bivua bijimine pavua banyema mu Dunkerque, basalayi bavua tshitekete.

English : But the Royal Navy was still much stronger than the German Navy ("Kriegsmarine") and could have destroyed any invasion fleet sent across the English Channel.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi tshiluilu tshia mayi a mukalenga tshivua ne bukole kupita tshiluilu tshia bena Allemange ("Kriegsmarine") ne tshivua mua kubutibue mayila ya nvita matuma kudi njila wa Anglais.

English : However, very few Royal Navy ships were based near the likely invasion routes as the admirals were afraid they would be sunk by German air attack.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, mazuwa makesa a Royal Navy uvua mateka tshitaku ku butengu kua njila ivua baluishi ba lwila, bua tampatampa ivua ne buowa bua ndeke ya ba Allemande ivua bua kupuekesha mu mayi.

English : Let´s start with an explanation about Italy´s plans. Italy was mainly the ¨little brother¨ of Germany and Japan.

Luba-Kasai : Tubangilayi ku tshiandamuna tshia malongoloji ya Italie. Italie uvua ntapu ¨mwâkunyi¨ wa Allemagne ne wa Japon.

English : It had a weaker army and a weaker navy, although they had just built four new ships right before the beginning of the war.

Luba-Kasai : Tshiotshi tshivua ne tshiluilu ne tshia mayi tshitekete, nansha bobu bakidila kuibaka mazuwa inayi kutshibangilu tshia mvita.

English : Italy´s main goals were African countries. To capture those countries, they would need to have a troop launching pad, so as troops could sail across the Mediterranean Sea and invade Africa.

Luba-Kasai : Tshipatshila tshia Italie tshivua matunga a mu Afrike, bua ku a kwata, bikengela apeta mwaba wa kutuma biluilu bia mvita, bua kusanbuka mu mbuwa ya mediterranee ne kubuela mu Afrike.

English : For that, they had to get rid of British bases and ships in Egypt. Besides those actions, Italy´s battleships were not supposed to do anything else.

Luba-Kasai : Bwaluabu, bavua mua kumbusha bitaku ne mazuwa a britannique mu Egypte. Pa kunsa ya dienza ma cuirasse ya ilatie ka ivua ne mudimu mukwabu.


English : Now for Japan. Japan was an island country, just like Britain.

Luba-Kasai : Mpindieu bua Japon, Japon uvua didiila ditunga, mumwe ni Grande Bretagne.

English : Submarines are ships designed to travel underwater, and remain there for an extended amount of time.

Luba-Kasai : Mazuwa a mwinshì mwa mayi avua mibaka bua kwenda muishi mwa mayi munda mwa dîba dile.

English : Submarines were used in World War I and World War II. Back then they were very slow and had a very limited shooting range.

Luba-Kasai : Mazuma a mwinshi mwa mayi avua menzesha mu tshikondo tshia mvita ya kumpala ne mibidi ya bukuamatunga. Mu tshikondo atshi avua ne lukojo mua kwenda ne kututa.

English : In the beginning of the war they mostly travelled on top of the sea, but as radar began developing and becoming more accurate the submarines were forced to go under water to avoid being seen.

Luba-Kasai : Kutshibagilu kwa mvita bavua benda pa mutu pa mbuu, kadi nasha pavua ma radara mibanga mitanda ne milwa ya mushinga mazuwa a mwishi mwa mayi owu kumbagiwu kuya mwishi ma mayi bua kabayimonyi.

English : German submarines were called U-Boats. The Germans were very good at navigating and operating their submarines.

Luba-Kasai : Mazuwa a mwishi mwamayi a Allemagne ne dina U Boats. Ba Allemande bavua ne meeji mavula mu diendesha mazuwa a mwishi mwa mayi.

English : Because of their success with submarines, after the war Germans aren´t trusted to have many of them.

Luba-Kasai : Bua mudimu muimpe ne mazuwa a mwishi mwa mayi, panyima pa mvita ba Allemande, kabena nayi ya bungi.

English : Yes! King Tutankhamun, sometimes referred to as ¨King Tut¨ or ¨The Boy King¨, is one of the most well known ancient Egyptian kings in modern times.

Luba-Kasai : Eyowa mfumu Tutankhamun, mikwabu misangu mubikila ¨Mfumu Tut¨ nanyi ¨Mfumu Mwana Muluma¨, uvua umwe wa bakalenga ba kale mu Egipitu ba mania mu Tshikondo etshi.

English : Interestingly, he was not considered to be very important in ancient times and was not recorded on most ancient king lists.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bimpa kujadika ke kabavua ne mushinga mu Tshikondu tshiakale kabavua nansha mu mikanda ya kale ya ba Mfumu.

English : However, the discovery of his tomb in 1922 made him a celebrity. While many tombs of the past were robbed, this tomb was left virtually undisturbed.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha nanku dipeta dia lukita luenda mu 1922 diaka muenza muntu wa mutumba. Nasha muvua nkita mivuala minianga luenda luvua lushala tumatuma.

English : Most of the items buried with Tutankhamun have been well preserved, including thousands of artefacts made from precious metals and rare stones.

Luba-Kasai : Bintu bia buni bakajika nabi Toukankhamon bivua bilamamibua bimpa, ne bimfuanyi binunu bia bienza ne biamua bia mushinga ne mabwa a mushinga.

English : The invention of spoke wheels made Assyrian chariots lighter, faster, and better prepared to outrun soldiers and other chariots.

Luba-Kasai : Difuka dia kasu dia kabulwisha matimpu a bena Assiriens bua bikala ba mpepela, ne lubilu, ne pa bwimpi bua kupita bakuabu basalayi ne abu matimpu.

English : Arrows from their deadly crossbows could penetrate the armor of rival soldiers. About 1000 B.C., the Assyrians introduced the first cavalry.

Luba-Kasai : Miketa ya arbaleta ivua ibwela armura wa basalayi ba bilwilu bikwabu pamwe ne 1000 kumpala kua J.C ba Assyrien ba kabweja basalayi ba kumpala.

English : A cavalry is an army that fights on horseback. The saddle had not yet been invented, so the Assyrian cavalry fought on the bare backs of their horses.

Luba-Kasai : Tshiluilu tshia cavalery tshidi tshilua ku pitshila ku kabalu. Tunvi, tua tshiamu katuvua tuanji kufukibua, bena tubalu ba ku Assyrie bavua baluisha babanda pa tubalu tuabu.

English : We know many Greek politicians, scientists, and artists. Possibly the most known person of this culture is Homer, the legendary blind poet, who composed two masterpieces of Greek literature: the poems Iliad and Odyssey.

Luba-Kasai : Tudi bamanya ba Grec bena tshididi, bena sianse, ne bazola. Pamuapa muntu wa tshibidilu etchi avua bamanya ku ba bunyi uvua Omer, mufundi mpofo wa kale, wakenza mafundi mabidi ya difundi dia ba Grec: difundi Iliad and Odyssey.

English : Sophocles and Aristophanes are still popular playwrights and their plays are considered to be among the greatest works of world literature.

Luba-Kasai : Sophocle ne Aristophane badi anu banji ba bikuminu ni bidimba biabu bikala bi bidimba bia malu manene a bungana.

English : Another famous Greek is a mathematician Pythagoras, mostly known for his famous theorem about relations of the sides of right triangles.

Luba-Kasai : Mukuabu muena Grec mpilu wa makumi ubikidibu ne pythagore, mene mu malanda mpakaci pa bipuapu bia nseke yisatu ne matuba asatu amulame.

English : There are varying estimates for how many people speak Hindi. It is estimated to be between the second and fourth most commonly spoken language in the world.

Luba-Kasai : Biela ngenyi bia bunyi bua bantu bakudi ba Hindi bibua bishintuluka. Tudi tuela menji bua muibidi ni muinayi muakulu, udi bantu bakula mu buloba.

English : The number of native speakers varies depending on whether or not very closely related dialects are counted.

Luba-Kasai : Bunyi bua babadi baledibue buvua bushintuluke bilondeshile bu mudibu ba bibala enyi kumbusha muakulu wa tshisamba wa pabuipi.

English : Estimates range from 340 million to 500 million speakers, and as many as 800 million people can understand the language.

Luba-Kasai : Biela menji biya ku 340 ne 500 miliona bia babadi, ne ku 800 miliona ya bantu badi mua kunvua muakulu.

English : Hindi and Urdu are similar in vocabulary but different in script; in everyday conversations, speakers of both languages can usually understand each other.

Luba-Kasai : Hindi ne Urdu bilambonyi mu miaku ya tshijimijilu kadi bishilanga ku miaku ya difunda; mu miyiki ya diba dionso, babadi ba miakulu yibidi bua mu kabujima mua kunvua.

English : Around the 15th century, northern Estonia was under great cultural influence of Germany.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 15 eme ciecle, Estona wa ku nore uvua muinshi uvua nutangalaje bibidilu bia Allemagne.

English : Some German monks wanted to bring God closer to the native people, so they invented the Estonian literal language.

Luba-Kasai : Babanji bakuabu ba mu Allemagne bavua basua kuteka Nzambi hehi bantu basanganyi ne nanku benza muakulu wa kasala wa mu Estonian.

English : It was based on the German alphabet and one character ¨Õ/õ¨ was added.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua utangila pa sangilu wa maleta et ngikadilu ¨Õ/õ¨ uvuaa mukumbajija.

English : As time passed, many words that were borrowed from German coalesced. This was the beginning of enlightenment.

Luba-Kasai : Pa nyima pa diba, meyi ya bunyi miangata ku tshiena allemand mipatuka. Tshivua bangilu wa bitokeshi.

English : Traditionally, the heir to the throne would go straight into the military after finishing school.

Luba-Kasai : Pa tshibidilu, mu mpianyi wa nkuasa wa bukalenga uvua ubuela musagu umuepele mu busalayi kunyima kua dijikija kalasa.


English : However, Charles went to university at Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied Anthropology and Archaeology, and later History, earning a 2:2 (a lower second class degree).

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, Charles wa kaya ku université ku Trinity College, ku Cambrigde; kuvuaye mulongele tulasa tua malu a sombelu ne malu a kale pashi dilonga dia malu a kale; mupeta mikanda yi bidi yi njikijilu.

English : Charles was the first member of the British Royal Family to be awarded a degree.

Luba-Kasai : Charles uvua wa ku mpala wa tshisa tshia bu nfumu mu Allemagne bua kupeta mukanda wa njikijilu kalasa.

English : European Turkey (eastern Thrace or Rumelia in the Balkan peninsula) includes 3% of the country.

Luba-Kasai : Turquies wa Europa (Thrace oriental ani Roumelie mu peninsula wa Balkans) uvua bienda ne 3% wa ditunga.

English : The territory of Turkey is more than 1,600 kilometres (1,000 mi) long and 800 km (500 mi) wide, with a roughly rectangular shape.

Luba-Kasai : Tshipapu tshia Turquie tahidi tshia 1,600 kilometa kare (1000 B) mubula ne 800 kmta (500 B) mu butshiamba ne tshifuani rectangula.

English : Turkey´s area, including lakes, occupies 783,562 square kilometres (300,948 sq mi), of which 755,688 square kilometres (291,773 sq mi) are in south west Asia and 23,764 square kilometres (9,174 sq mi) in Europe.

Luba-Kasai : Tshipapu tshia turquie, nansha dijiba, kilometa 783,562 karre (300,948 binunu), binga kilometa kale 755,688 (291,773 Binunu ne kale) mu Asie wa kulu ne wa kwishi ne 23,764 ilometa (9,174 binunu kare) mu Europa.

English : Turkey´s area makes it the world´s 37th-largest country, and is about the size of Metropolitan France and the United Kingdom combined.

Luba-Kasai : Bunena bua Turquie budi mu buloba bujima udi ditunga dia 37 ku bunena, ne bunena bu bua France ne Royaume unis.

English : Turkey is encircled by seas on three sides: the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Luba-Kasai : Turquie munyunguluila kudi tuabukonyi pa nseke yisatu: kabukonyi Aegean ku luseke lua kudi diba dibuela, kabukonyi ka mayi Black ku node ne kabukonyi ka ku méditerranée ku side.

English : Luxembourg has a long history but its independence dates from 1839.

Luba-Kasai : Luxembourg udi ne nsumuinu mila kadi wakapeta budikadidi mu tshidimu tshia 1839.

English : Present-day parts of Belgium were part of Luxembourg in the past but became Belgian after the 1830s Belgian Revolution.

Luba-Kasai : Dituku diva dimanyika dia mufikilu wa bena Belegi diva dituku dia mufikilu bena Luxembourg kadi lelu dikadi dilua dituku dia mufiklu wa mulamukilu mubidimu 1830.

English : Luxembourg has always tried to remain a neutral country but it was occupied in both World War I and World War II by Germany.

Luba-Kasai : Luxembourg utuamu upima kulama ngikadilu wabu wa patshiena kale kadi wakamayibua pa nviata ya kumpala ya buloba bujima ne nvita mibidi mu ditunga dia Germany.

English : In 1957 Luxembourg became a founding member of the organization which is today known as the European Union.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshidimu tshia 1957 Luxembourg wakalua muibaki ne muimanyinyi wa tshisumbu tshidi tshimanyika lelu mudina dia tshisumbu tshia nsangilu wa matunga a muana wa muena Europa.

English : The Drukgyal Dzong is a ruined fortress and Buddhist monastery in the upper part of the Paro District (in Phondey Village).

Luba-Kasai : Bena Drukgya Dzong badi bamayonka mu tshitendelelu tshiabu tshia bena Buddhis tshikukuilu tshipiluka mu musoko wabena Paro ku musoko (Wabena in Phondey).

English : It is said that in 1649, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel created the fortress to commemorate his victory against the Tibetan-Mongol forces.

Luba-Kasai : Biakudibua bua se mu tshidimu tshia 1649 Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel bakafuka tshitendelelu mu menji a tshivulukilu tshia butshimunyi buabo kumpala kua bena Tibetan-Mongol forces.

English : In 1951, a fire caused for only some of the relics of the Drukgyal Dzong to remain, such as the image of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshidimu tshia 1951 muakaja anu bua tshisumbu tshia bena Drukgyal Dzongo naku bashala anu bumudi bindidimbi bia tshisumbu tshia bena Zhabdrug Ngawang Namgyal.

English : After the fire, the fortress was preserved and protected, remaining to be one of Bhutan´s most sensational attractions.

Luba-Kasai : Kunyima ka mudilu muina tshitendelelu tshiva thikubimbua na tshilama bimpa neku kitshhiva buamua kushala tshitendelelu tshinene ne tshikukului tshia bena Bhutan.

English : During the 18th century Cambodia found itself squeezed between two powerful neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshinkondo tshia matuku dikumi ne muanda mukulu ya bukalenge bua Cambodia bakadisangina bobo nkayabu basakilabu pankantshi pa makalenge abidi a bwena mutumba, bukalenga bua ba Thailand ne Vietnam.

English : The Thais invaded Cambodia several times in the 18th century and in 1772 they destroyed Phnom Phen.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Thai badi babikidisha Cambodia bua se abambuluisha mu tshikondo tshia matuku 18th ni mu tshidimu tshia 1772 bakakosabo tshienzelu etshi.

English : In the last years of the 18th century the Vietnamese also invaded Cambodia.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bidimu bia kushala panyima mu tshipilu tshia bidimu dikumi ne muanda mukulu abukalenge bua ba Vietnamien bobo pabu ba kabikidisha Combodia.

English : Eighteen percent of Venezuelans are unemployed, and most of those who are employed work in the informal economy.

Luba-Kasai : Pa bipeta dikumi ne muanda mukulu biabena Venezuela badi kabayi ne midimu ya kuenza, ni babunyi badiena benza yoyi midimu ayi badi benza midimu pa bidi bitangila malanda a budikadidi buamalu a mpetu.

English : Two thirds of Venezuelans who work do so in the service sector, nearly a quarter work in industry and a fifth work in agriculture.

Luba-Kasai : Tshia bibidi ne bisatu baku venezuela badi benza mudimu batu ya ma misesu, ne pabuipi ne tshia binayi bia pa mudimu ewu mu biapu ne bivi badipabu ne muakwenza midimu mu madimi.

English : An important industry for Venezuelans is oil, where the country is a net exporter, even though only one percent work in the oil industry.

Luba-Kasai : Tshapu tshia mushinga mukole mu venezuela ni tshiapu tshia mafuta, kimuaba utudi tusangina ditunga dikala anu diodi nkayadi didi dienza mushinga wa disumbisha mafuta, nansha momu muikale makasa makepela enzayi anu mudimu wa mafuta.

English : Early in the nation´s independence, Singapore Botanic Gardens´ expertise helped to transform the island into a tropical Garden City.

Luba-Kasai : Ku ntuadijilu wa muanda menemen wa dipanda ben madimi a mitshi baku Singapore bakadi banane lungenyi bua se bashintulua eku kalaba kapankatshi pa mayi mu tshi beba tshia Tropical tshia madimi.

English : In 1981, Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid hybrid, was chosen as the nation´s national flower.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshidimu tshia 1981, Vanda Miss Joaquim, bakasungula tshibambalu tshidibu babikila ne orchid Hybrid bu tshimbambalu tshia buena ditunga bulenga.

English : Every year around October nearly 1.5 million herbivores travel towards the southern plains, crossing the Mara River, from the northern hills for the rains.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshidimu tshionso mu ngondo wa dikumi bilongo bia kudima bikala ne miji bitua ku 1.5 milioni bitua biya ku towards mu tshipalu tshia muishi mua buloba, biobiebi bitu biya kukanga musulu udibu babikila ne Mara River, kubumkila kuluseka luakulu lua Hills bua nvula.

English : And then back to the north through the west, once again crossing the Mara river, after the rains in around April.

Luba-Kasai : Tupingana kunyima kabidi mu lusaka lua kulu lua kupitshila ku West, tuya kabidi kukanga ne kuela nkila ku Mara River kunyima ku nvula ya mu ngondo muinayi.


English : The Serengeti region contains the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Luba-Kasai : Mu Serengeti mudi muaba kukubila Nyama baubikila ne Serengeti, muaba wakulamina nyama baubikila ne ngorongoro ne muaba wakula nyunyi ne nyama baubikila ne Maswa wowo biau ni muaba wakulamina nyama ne nyunyi muditunga dia Tanzanie ne Maasai Mara muaba udibu bakubila nyama muditunga dia kenya.

English : Learning to create interactive media requires conventional and traditional skills, as well as tools mastered in interactive classes (storyboarding, audio and video editing, story telling, etc.)

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bijinga kulonga mishindu mishila shiangana yamua kukebulila ngenyi edi yende pamue ne malongesha nasha yetu ya pakala, bumudi biamua bia mudimu bienda anu bifukibua, (Mukaba wa nsumuinu, muyiki ne bikuabu.)

English : Interactive design requires that you re-assess your assumptions about media production and learn to think in a non-linear ways.

Luba-Kasai : Ntema yenu ne bididmbi bienu bii bileja bua se tshisuminu katshienaku to ne kakuena mushindu wutudi ne mua kulonga mudibi bijinga to.

English : Interactive design requires that components of a project connect to each other, but also make sense as a separate entity.

Luba-Kasai : Kufila kua ntema kudi kuleja ne mudimu udi mupeshabu kudi umue yonso, kadi udi ileja kudi umue yonso base udi mudimu udi mutapulula mu bitupa.

English : The disadvantage of zoom lenses is that the focal complexity and number of lens elements required to achieve a range of focal lengths is much greater than for prime lenses.

Luba-Kasai : Dishadila dia lumuenu lua pabuipi ludi luleja ne ntema yonso ne ma numbala udi milombuibua bua kujikija mudimu kadi bidikabi bitamba buipa pamutu pa kuntuadijilu.

English : This is becoming less of an issue as lens manufacturers achieve higher standards in lens production.

Luba-Kasai : Ebi bidi bilua mpidiewu dishadila ku bualu bua lumuenu luakusemeja pabuipi ne mikanda yabu mikulukulu, mumushindu waku patula bipeta biakane.

English : This has allowed zoom lenses to produce pictures of a quality comparable to that achieved by lenses with fixed focal length.

Luba-Kasai : Ne midimu eyi kiyakuleja bena muenu eyi ya pabuipi bua se ikale ipatula bindidimbi bia mushinga mukola mushindu umua ne bindidimbi bikulukulu bivua bifunda.

English : Another disadvantage of zoom lenses is that the maximum aperture (the speed) of the lens is usually lower.

Luba-Kasai : Dishadila dikuabu kuluseka lua lumuenu luapabuipi pa lukama bidi bileja (ne lubilu) lua lumuenu bu pamatuku onso.

English : This makes inexpensive zoom lenses hard to use in low-light conditions without a flash.

Luba-Kasai : Ebi bidi bibandisha mushinga wa lumuenu elu ludi lukoka bindidimbi pabuipi ne ludi luikala ne lutatu pa kumuna paudi kuyi ne bukenka bukola to.

English : One of the most common problems when trying to convert a movie to DVD format is the overscan.

Luba-Kasai : Bumua bua ku maalu atu afika pa diteta dia kukudimuna tshimdidimbi kutshienza mmumushindu wa DVD budi nditentula.

English : Most televisions are made in a way to please the general public.

Luba-Kasai : Television yabungi mienza mu mushindu wa kusankisha babandidi.

English : For that reason, everything you see on the TV had the borders cut, top, bottom and sides.

Luba-Kasai : Bua bualu abu, bionso biudi umona ku bindidimbi bivua ne ndekelu yabi mikosolola mu tshitupa tshia kulu, tshia kuinshi ne bia kumpenga.

English : This is made to ensure that the image covers the whole screen. That is called overscan.

Luba-Kasai : Tshienza nunku bua se bindidimbi bikala bitua ku mibangubangu ya lumuenu lujima. Tshidi tshibikidibua se ditentula.

English : Unfortunately, when you make a DVD, it´s borders will most likely be cut too, and if the video had subtitles too close to the bottom, they won´t be fully shown.

Luba-Kasai : Kabiyi nangu, Paudi ukuata bimdidimbi bia DVD, ndekelu yabi neyikala ne buakuikala mikosa kabidi, ni bimdidimbi biobi bikala ne mifundu pabuipi ne mibangubangu ya kuinshi, mifundu eyi ki ya kumueneka mu bujima buayi nansha.

English : The traditional medieval castle has long inspired the imagination, conjuring up images of jousts, banquets and Arthurian chivalry.

Luba-Kasai : Castle wa kabukulu wa bikondo bia kala mukoka ntangidilu, muzola bimfuanyi bia nvita, biadidi ni Arthurian chivalry.

English : Even standing amidst thousand year-old ruins it is easy to bring to mind the sounds and smells of battles long gone, to almost hear the clatter of hooves on the cobbles and to smell the fear rising from the dungeon pits.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha bimana mungatshi mua bidimu tshinunu bia tshinyangu, bidi bipepele bua kuteka mu meji mitoyi ni mipuya ya nvita mipita kala, bafuanyika kunvua ne mitoyi ya bikonu pa bibumba ni kunvua mupuya wa powa ifumina mu kazubu ka lupepela ka kundekelu wa etage.

English : But is our imagination based on reality? Why were castles built in the first place? How were they designed and built?

Luba-Kasai : Kadi diela meji dietu ndifumina ku maalu apanu anyi? Bua tshinyi nzubu mialabala ivua mibaka mu miaba ya kumpala? Mushindu kayi uvu bayizola ni bayibaka?

English : Typical for the period, Kirby Muxloe Castle is more of a fortified house than a true castle.

Luba-Kasai : Bua tshikondo, Kirby Muxloe Castle udi nzubu mukole mupita Castle.

English : Its large glazed windows and thin walls would not have been able to resist a determined attack for long.

Luba-Kasai : Madidishi ende a madilekela ne tubimanu tukesa atu kavua ukumbana mua kukandamena bihuhu bikole ntanta mule.

English : In the 1480s, when its construction was begun by Lord Hastings, the country was relatively peaceful and defense was only required against small bands of roving marauders.

Luba-Kasai : Avua Mukelenge Hastings mubanga ku muibaka, mu tshidimu tshi 1480, ditunga divua ne ditalala ne bavua baluangana anu ne kasumbu kakese ka bimvi bavua ba banda baweka.

English : The balance of power was a system in which European nations sought to maintain the national sovereignty of all European states.

Luba-Kasai : Tshipimu tshia bukola bua tshiapu tshiva bulongolodi bua matunga aba katenda mutoka mutshiadi neku kulepeja lungenyi buakukuba biakana ne kulama bukalenga bua bena Sovereignty bua bena europa mukabujima.

English : The concept was that all European nations had to seek to prevent one nation from becoming powerful, and thus national governments often changed their alliances in order to maintain the balance.

Luba-Kasai : Tshiena bualu tshiva buase europa mujima uva usama ne baleja bua se tudi ditunga didi diluila kubukole butamba bunene ne bukalenga ebu butu bushintulula misangu yonso malanda abu mubulongame bua kukuba biakane manema abu.

English : The War of Spanish Succession marked the first war whose central issue was the balance of power.

Luba-Kasai : Nvita ya bena Spanish yakalondela nvita yakumpala tshinabualu menemene tshiva anu bukalenga buva bushala.

English : This marked an important change, as European powers would no longer have the pretext of being religious wars. Thus, the Thirty Years´ War would be the last war to be labeled a religious war.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi tshia kaleja nshidimukilu munene, bumudi matunga a Europa kabena kabidi mua kuikala ne bukole bua kulonda tshienzelu tshia bitendelelu bia nvita. Etshi ntshidimu thia makumi asatu tshidi tshia ndekelu bua malu abitendelelu bia nvita.

English : The temple of Artemis at Ephesus was destroyed on July 21, 356 BCE in an act of arson committed by Herostratus.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitendelelu tshia Artemis ku Ephesus wupudi nzubu mu ngondo wa muandamutekete mu matuku makumi abidi ne dimue, 356 BCE mu tshibadi tshia tshipalu tshia ndeka.


English : According to the story, his motivation was fame at any cost. The Ephesians, outraged, announced that Herostratus´ name never be recorded.

Luba-Kasai : Bilondeshela lusuuinu, makanda enda onso adi anu adima kumushinga yonso. Bena Ephesians, nekanyinganyinga kamanyika ne Herostratus mudina dia kubenga kufiatulula mukaba.

English : The Greek historian Strabo later noted the name, which is how we know today. The temple was destroyed on the same night that Alexander the Great was born.

Luba-Kasai : Muedi wa nsumuinu Greek Strabo muikala mudina edi, mumushindu wutudi bamanya leluewu. Tshitendelelu etshi tshiva tshiupulabu anu mubutuku bumuebumue abu buakalelabu Alexander muakane.

English : Alexander, as king, offered to pay to rebuild the temple, but his offer was denied. Later, after Alexander died, the temple was rebuilt in 323 BCE.

Luba-Kasai : Alexander, udi bunfumu mufila bua kufuta ne kuibakulula bitanda, kadi midimu yende yonso iva mipetula. Kunyima kua lufu lua Alexander tshitabda tshiva tshibakulula mu 323 BCE.

English : Make sure your hand is as relaxed as possible while still hitting all the notes correctly - also try not to make much extraneous motion with your fingers.

Luba-Kasai : Umanya bimpa bua se diboko dieba didi diteketa ne dimpa mudiba diwudi ukuata mifundu bimpa, ne utetaku kukuata minu yeba bimpa.

English : This way, you will tire yourself out as little as possible. Remember there´s no need to hit the keys with a lot of force for extra volume like on the piano.

Luba-Kasai : Mu mushindu ewu newupima wewa nkayeba mushindu wakuepuka tumua tua tuana tua malu. Uvuluka bua ne kabiena anu bilomba kukuata anu nsampi ne lonji luabunyi bumudi tshiamua tshia buimbi tshia mbote.

English : On the accordion, to get extra volume, you use the bellows with more pressure or speed.

Luba-Kasai : Mudiba dia buimbi mushindu buakupeta diyi dia kulu, udi muakuenzela mbote ya panshi kuyi kuma ne makanda ne lukasa lukasa.

English : Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God.

Luba-Kasai : Majimbu adi alonda nsangilu ne mena ne batuishibua ne bimua bilejelu bilelela bia mpepela ya nyuma ya Nzambi mulelela.

English : The believer seeks a direct experience, intuition, or insight into divine reality/the deity or dieties.

Luba-Kasai : Bitabi badi basama kumanya mianda ne malu malelela, anyi mukubuelabu mu bipidi biakulu bilelela anyi bia mafi.

English : Followers pursue certain ways of living, or practices that are intended to nurture those experiences.

Luba-Kasai : Balondi badi balonda ne bakeba njila yakupatukila, biabi kuenzela ebi bidi bindila buakuleja dimanya kudi bakuabu.

English : Mysticism can be distinguished from other forms of religious belief and worship by its emphasis on the direct personal experience of a unique state of consciousness, particularly those of a peaceful, insightful, blissful, or even ecstatic character.

Luba-Kasai : Buena nyuma mbushilangana ne mishindu mikuabu ya ntendelelu ne masambila bualu idi itangila bikola malu adi muntu mudi muene ne mesu ende ngaya a mukondu kende ka moyo, nanga nanga bia ditalala, meji, disanga, eshi tshienzedi tshia disanga menemene.

English : Sikhism is a religion from the Indian sub-continent. It originated in the Punjab region during the 15th century from a sectarian split within the Hindu tradition.

Luba-Kasai : Sikhism ntendelelu udi mu mbukila ku luseka lua Asiewa ku butshika. Utu mubangila mu Punjab mu lukonga lua 15 ku mukila matahuluki mungatshi mua kabukulu ka bena Hindu.

English : Sikhs consider their faith to be a separate religion from Hinduism though they acknowledge its Hindu roots and traditions.

Luba-Kasai : Batendelediba ba Sikh badi badi mona ne mbashiangana ne ndeleledi wa bena Hindu nansha mudibu bitabuja se bienzedi ne miji yabo miumukila kudi bena Hindu.

English : Sikhs call their religion Gurmat, which is Punjabi for ¨way of the guru¨. The guru is a fundamental aspect of all Indian religions but in Sikhism has taken on an importance that forms the core of Sikh beliefs.

Luba-Kasai : Ba tendeledi ba Sikhs batu ba bikila ntendeledi wabu ne Gurmat, muena kuamba mu muakulu wa bena Punjab ne ¨nyila wa bu nzambi¨. Bu nzambi mushindi wa menemenewa ntendeledi yonso ya bena India kadi ba tendndeledi ba Sikh ba bianganta bia mushinga mukole too ne bikadi bilua ditabuja diabu dia menemene.

English : The religion was founded in the 15th century by Guru Nanak (1469–1539). There followed in succession a further nine gurus.

Luba-Kasai : Ntendelelu wak kafukibua mu lukonga lua 15 kudi mulongeshi wa malu a nyuma ba mubikila ne Nanak (1469- 1539). Ne kulondela ba longeshi ba nyuma bakuabu tshitema.

English : However, in June 1956, Krushchev´s promises were put to the test when riots in Poland, where workers were protesting against food shortages and wage cuts, turned into a general protest against Communism.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ngondo muisambombo tshidimu tshia 1956 milayi ya Krushchev´s ivua mi tetshibua avua bimvundu bijuka mu ditunga dia Poland, avua benji ba midimu bajuka bua diakudia tshikesa ne dikosa dia makuta mu difutu, bia kalua bimvudu bivua bibenga mushindu wa communisme.

English : Although in the end, Krushchev sent in tanks to restore order, he did give way to some economic demands and agreed to appoint the popular Wladyslaw Gomulka as the new prime minister.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha muvu Krushchev wa katuma bingoma mua kualuja bulongama, kadi kundekelu wa kitaba ku malombi a bantu ne kuteka munangibua kudi bantu Wladyslaw Gomulka bu minister wa kumpala.

English : The Indus Valley Civilization was a Bronze Age civilisation in the northwest Indian subcontinent encompassing most of modern-day Pakistan and some regions in northwest India and northeast Afghanistan.

Luba-Kasai : Dishidimuka dia Indus Valley divua dishidimuka dia tshikondo tshia biamu ku tshiha tshia kulu dia kudi diba dibuelela ku luseka lua India bikala mu buena lelu ehu muaba munene waa ditunga dia Pakistan ne miaba ya ku luseka lua kulu kudi diba dibuelela mu ditunga dia India ne kulu dia kudi diba dibueela mu ditunga dia Afghanistan.

English : The civilisation flourished in the basins of the Indus River wherefore it derives its name.

Luba-Kasai : Dishidimuka divua dibanda bikola mu miaba ya musula wa Indus ke kudi dina diadi difumina.

English : Although some scholars speculate that since the civilisation also existed in the basins of the now dried up Sarasvati River, it should be aptly called the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization, while some call it the Harappan Civilization after Harappa, the first of its sites to be excavated in the 1920s.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha mudi balongi ba mukanda bakuabu bamba se bu muvua dimanya edi dibangila pamuaba wa musulu ukadi muma mu manya mu dina dia musulu wa Sarasvati, Udi ukengela kubikidibua ne dishidimuka dia Indu-Sarasvati, bakuabu badi ba mubikila ne dishidimuka dia Harappan kumukila ku Harappan, umua wa pa miaba yayo ya kumpala ku diumbudibua mu bidimu bia 1920.

English : The militaristic nature of the Roman empire aided in the development of medical advances.

Luba-Kasai : Masalayi a midima abena Roman bakambuluisha mumushindu wa kuya kumpala ne londapu.

English : Doctors began to be recruited by Emperor Augustus and even formed the first Roman Medical Corps for use in the aftermath of battles.

Luba-Kasai : Baminganga kutuadijabu midimu kubulombodi bua mukalenge munene Augustus ne kuenzayi tshisumbu tshinene tshia bondapi ne bua bakuata mudimu mu tshikondo tshia mulongo wa baluanganyi.

English : Surgeons had knowledge of various sedatives including morphine from extracts of poppy seeds and scopolamine from herbane seeds.

Luba-Kasai : Surgeons wakapeta lungenyi ne kubandayi lonji pamue ne morphine bilondeshela kutuadija dia poppy seeds ne scopolamine kumbukila kudi herbaneseeds.

English : They became proficient at amputation to save patients from gangrene as well as tourniquets and arterial clamps to stem blood flow.

Luba-Kasai : bakaluabu ne thibidilu tshia kulamabu babedi bilondeshela Gangreen momumue ne Tournique ne rterial clamps bua kusambuka mashi akadi apueka panshi.

English : Over multiple centuries, the Roman empire led to great gains in the field of medicine and formed much of the knowledge we know today.

Luba-Kasai : Kumpala kua biluilui bia siècle babena Roma, bukalenge bua kalombola mumushindu wa manga abukole bua mubidi ne kuasabu ngenyi ya bungi ne itudi bashala bamanya too ne lelu.

English : Pureland origami is origami with the restriction that only one fold may be done at a time, more complex folds like reverse folds are not allowed, and all folds have straightforward locations.

Luba-Kasai : Buloba bulelela bua bena origami ne manema abu ne mikanda yabu adimuakujikijibua mu diba dimue, mikanda yabungi idi ipingana kabidi kunyima bualu bua se imue mikanda kayena mitabujibua to, mivula idi mikale ne makanda abungi nemanema makole mu bibidi biabu.


English : It was developed by John Smith in the 1970s to help inexperienced folders or those with limited motor skills.

Luba-Kasai : Biakadi bishidimuna kudi Jhon smith mu tshidimu tshia 1970 mumushindu wa kuambuluisha bamue bakadi ne amue mapanga a ngenyi mu biamua biabu biajaja.

English : Children develop an awareness of race and racial stereotypes quite young and these racial stereotypes affect behavior.

Luba-Kasai : Bana bakashidimuka ngenyi ya mamanya ne kushituluka kua meyi abu nsonga ne ebi bintu bishintula bikadilu.

English : For instance, children who identify with a racial minority that is stereotyped as not doing well in school tend to not do well in school once they learn about the stereotype associated with their race.

Luba-Kasai : Bua mu tshipidi emu bana badi bajingulula manema makese adi mikala a mushindu mukumbana badi kabayi balonga anyi badikabayi balonga bimpe badimbu babambila malu abisumbu bia stereotype ne makoba amibidi yabu.

English : MySpace is the third most popular website used in the United States and has 54 million profiles currently.

Luba-Kasai : MySpace udi muisata ku ma website adi bantu babunyi benzela mu United statesne ne pindiewu udi ni ngumu ya bantu 54 milio.

English : These websites have gotten a lot of attention, especially in the education setting.

Luba-Kasai : Websites eyi mipeta ditabelela dia bunyi, nanga nanga mu dilongolola dia malongesha.

English : There are positive aspects to these websites, which include, being able to easily setup a class page which can include blogs, videos, photos, and other features.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bilegelu bimpa bua websites eyi, idi isangisha, kuikala ne bukokeshi bua kulongolola dibeji dia mu internet dia kalasa bipepele idi mua kusangisha kabidi website ya miyuki, bimdidimbi, bimfuanyi, ne bikuabu bintu.

English : This page can easily be accessed by providing just one web address, which makes it easy to remember and easy to type in for students who may have trouble using the keyboard or with spelling.

Luba-Kasai : Dibeji dia mu internet edi didi dikumbana kubuela momu bipepele mu difila dia web address, kitshidi tshimuenza bipepele bua kuvuluka ne bipepele bua kufunda bua balongi badi mua kuikala ni lutatu bua kuenzela mbota anyi kutela maleta.

English : It can be customized to make it easy to read and also with as much or little color as desired.

Luba-Kasai : Udi ukumbana kuikala kushintulula bua ku muenza mupepele bua dibala ne makala a disua dietu kabidi.

English : Attention Deficit Disorder ¨is a neurological syndrome whose classic defining triad of symptoms including impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity or excess energy¨.

Luba-Kasai : Ntema idi yumbusha dilekelela ¨udi muikalangane tshimue tshimanyinu tshia kupanga kukumbaja majinga ne uleja butekete, kuikala dibuutu anyi kukuikala ne butekete anyi kujimija makanda¨.

English : It is not a learning disability, it is a learning disorder; it ¨affects 3 to 5 percent of all children, perhaps as many as 2 million American children¨.

Luba-Kasai : Kinkulonga buteketa to, kadi nkulonga dilekelela mu kupanga bukalanga, bidi ¨ne tshipumbisha kudi tunungu 3 anyi 5 tua bana mu bulaba bujima anyi pa millio 2 ya bana ba mu ditunga dia Amerika¨.

English : Children with ADD have a hard time focusing on things like school work, but they can concentrate on things they enjoy doing like playing games or watching their favorite cartoons or writing sentences without punctuation.

Luba-Kasai : Baa badi ne ADD badi ne lutatu ne kupanga kua diba dia kukuata tulasa tua midimu ya bianza, badi bikala basaka ne kumuna bididimbi bia tuana tunaya anyi bazaba manaya amu biamua anyi bafunta biambilu bufundavi kabiyi banemeka tutoba ne tukosolu to.

English : These children tend to get into a lot of trouble, because they ¨engage in risky behaviors, get into fights, and challenge authority¨ in order to stimulate their brain, since their brain can not be stimulated by normal methods.

Luba-Kasai : Bana aba badi panjuwu yabungi buakumuna ¨bikadilu biabu bidi bikala balunganyisha ban nfumu banene¨ ne kubela mitshi mu njila, buakubapangiha mushindu wabobo kukuata yabu midimu ne kakuena kabidi mushindu waku baluija mu njila muakane to.

English : ADD affects relationships with other peers because other children can not understand why they act the way that they do or why they spell they way they do or that their maturity level is different.

Luba-Kasai : ADD udi ukuata miimu pa malunda amananga adi mubana lelu ne bana kabena ne lunvu to ne kabena bunva pabidibu benza ne kabena bamuna mushindu udibu bikala ne nansha ngelelu wabu wa menji.

English : As the ability to obtain knowledge and to learn changed in such a way as mentioned above the base rate at which knowledge was obtained changed.

Luba-Kasai : Bumudi tshiena bualu tshia kukuata dimanya ne kulonga kushintuluka bumudibi biamba kumuntu ekune ngenyi ya bena banshi anyi bena lutatu yakashituluka mu tshipidi kayi.

English : The approach to obtaining information was different. No longer did pressure reside within individual recall, but the ability to recall text became more of a focus.

Luba-Kasai : Pa kujindula ngumu kuakadi dishilangana. Kakuyi kabidi nansha kuvuluija ngana to pankayetu kadi tshikadilu tshia mua kuvuluija ngana kukadi kuikala kutuma ntema.

English : In essence, the Renaissance made a significant change in the approach to learning and the dissemination of knowledge.

Luba-Kasai : Mu essence, bena mutshikondu tshia bena lelu tshidi tshiunvuija kushidimuka kua ndngamu ne kuakaja lungenyi.

English : Unlike other primates, hominids no longer use their hands in locomotion or bearing weight or swinging through the trees.

Luba-Kasai : Buvakabiyi nansha binanga binga bijikila ne matuku, ba hominidé wakadi katshiyi kabidi wenzela bianza biende to mu biapatshibidilu ne ukepesha bujitu anyi kulembelela ku mitshi.

English : The chimpanzee´s hand and foot are similar in size and length, reflecting the hand´s use for bearing weight in knuckle walking.

Luba-Kasai : Tshima biende bianza anyi makasa adi afanangana kubunene ne bule, ne aleja tshifanyi shia mudimu wa bianza waku tshibula nawu bujitu mu kuenda kua kutewula.

English : The human hand is shorter than the foot, with straighter phalanges.

Luba-Kasai : Bianza bia bantu bidi bipi pakuidikija ne makasa nansaha ne minu yabu ya tshiala milola.

English : Fossil hand bones two million to three million years old reveal this shift in specialization of the hand from locomotion to manipulation.

Luba-Kasai : Midimu ya bianza mikole mu bidimu mbombu ne mbombu biakashidimuna midimu pa dimanya dipiluka dia mashinyi manene akutua minunu ne akuata mudimu.

English : Some people believe that experiencing many artificially induced lucid dreams often enough can be very exhausting.

Luba-Kasai : Bkuabu bantu badi bamane kudimanya ne bamanya mushindu wakukudimuka nayi mushindu wakulota ne ka tshilota kakese kadi muakuikala kamuvuluija.

English : The main reason for this phenomenon is the result of the lucid dreams expanding the length of time between REM states.

Luba-Kasai : Kabingila kanene ka tshiena bualu etshi tshidi tshipetu tshia tshilota tshia patoka kumesu tshileja bule bua diba pankatshi pa katupa ka bulaba ka REM.

English : With fewer REMs per night, this state in which you experience actual sleep and your body recovers becomes infrequent enough to become a problem.

Luba-Kasai : Ne REM mukese pa butuku bonso, mu muaba anyi ditunga diwudi ulala ne unva bua se mubidi weba udi kauyi mutuwu to kakese bidi bilua bualu.

English : This is just as exhausting as if you were to wake up every twenty or thirty minutes and watch TV.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi tshidi tshikala mumue ne mushindu uwutu ujuka ulonda bindidimbi ku TV mu tususa makumi baidi nayi makumi asatu.

English : The effect is dependent on how often your brain attempts to lucidly dream per night.

Luba-Kasai : Bimanyinu ebi bidi bilondeshela muwudi wibidija mutu weba ne kibidi bileja bilota bitoke munda mua butuku.


English : Things did not go well for the Italians in North Africa almost from the start. Within a week of Italy´s declaration of war on June 10, 1940, the British 11th Hussars had seized Fort Capuzzo in Libya.

Luba-Kasai : Malu ki menda bimpa to bua bena ku Italie mu Africa wa Kumutu pamuepela ne kumbangidi. Munkatshi mua lumingu lua dîyi dikole dia mvita dia ditunga dia Italie mu matuku 10 a gondo Muisambombo, 1940, muena mu ditunga dia Britannique wa 11 Hussars wa kangata bukokeshi mu Fort Capuzzo ku Libye.

English : In an ambush east of Bardia, the British captured the Italian Tenth Army´s Engineer-in-Chief, General Lastucci.

Luba-Kasai : Mu dibutshikila dia ku Est wa Bardia, Bena Britannique bakakuata mulombodi mutumbuke wa dimanya ditue Lastucci uvua muikala ulombola tshisumbu tshia Dikumi tshia biluilu bia mvita tshia ku Italie.

English : On June 28, Marshal Italo Balbo, the Governor-General of Libya and apparent heir to Mussolini, was killed by friendly fire while landing in Tobruk.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 28 wa ngodo Muisambombo, Marshal Italo Balbo, mulombodi mutumbuke wa mu ditunga dia Libye ni mumpianyi uvua ku Mussolini, uvua mushebeya kudi midilu mikese pavuaye wikila mu Tobruk.

English : The modern sport of fencing is played at many levels, from students learning at a university to professional and Olympic competition.

Luba-Kasai : Manayi a buena lelu adibu ba bikila ne fencing adi anayibua mu bihidi bishilangana, kubangila ku balonyi ba tulasa tu tumbuka to ne ku benzi ba mudimu ne manayi a Olympic.

English : The sport is primarily played in a duel format, one fencer dueling another.

Luba-Kasai : Manayi aha tshia kumpala mpala adi anayibua kudi bantu ba bidi, umua ukuatangana ne mu kuabu.

English : Golf is a game in which players use clubs to hit balls into holes.

Luba-Kasai : Golf ndi nayi didi ba nayi benzela mitshi mua kututa ndundu abuela mu mena.

English : Eighteen holes are played during a regular round, with players usually starting on the first hole on the course and finishing on the eighteenth.

Luba-Kasai : Masosu dikumi ne muanda mukulu adi anayibua mu dinayi dia kumpala, ne banayi batu nangananga ba banga ku disosu dia kumpala ne bajikijila mu dia dikuumi ne muanda mukulu.

English : The player who takes the fewest strokes, or swings of the club, to complete the course wins.

Luba-Kasai : Munayi udi wangata to ndundu tukesa, eshi dikoha dia mutshi, mua kujikija ke udi utshumuna.

English : The game is played on grass, and the grass around the hole is mown shorter and called the green.

Luba-Kasai : Dinayi didi di nayibua mu mashinda, ne mashinda adi abuipi ne disosu makosa mashiya a tshituha ne abikidibua se the green.

English : Perhaps the most common type of tourism is what most people associate with traveling: Recreation tourism.

Luba-Kasai : Amuaha mushindu udi mumanyika bikola wa luendu lua ku tangila udi tshidi bantu ba sambakaja ne luendu: Luendulua ku di sulakaja.

English : This is when people go to a place that is very different from their regular day-to-day life to relax and have fun.

Luba-Kasai : Ebi mpadi bantu baya pa muaba udi mushilangana ne miaba yabo ya tshibidilu mua kuikisha ne ku naya.

English : Beaches, theme parks and camp grounds are often the most common places frequented by recreational tourists.

Luba-Kasai : Miaba ya kumpenga kua mayi, ne miaba ya manayi ke miaba ya yitu bantu ba bunyi baya mua kanaya.

English : If the objective of one's visit to a particular place is to get to know its history and culture then this type of tourism is known as cultural tourism.

Luba-Kasai : Ikala shiena bualu tshia muntu kuya pa muaba kampanda mbbua ku manya malu akala au ne bienzedi nengu ewu mushindu wa luendu ewu badi ba wubikila ne luendu lua ku longa bienzedi.

English : Tourists may visit different landmarks of a particular country or they may simply opt to focus on just one area.

Luba-Kasai : Bendakanyi badi mua kuya pa miaba mishilangana ya tshishiki mu ditunga ka mpanda eshi badi mua ku sungula mua kutangila anu muaba umue tshianana.

English : The Colonists, seeing this activity, had also called for reinforcements.

Luba-Kasai : Bakuatshianganyi ba ku buhika, bamona mudimu eu, ne ba ku bikila dia mbuluisha.

English : Troops reinforcing the forward positions included the 1st and 3rd New Hampshire regiments of 200 men, under Colonels John Stark and James Reed (both later became generals).

Luba-Kasai : Bisumbu bia masalyi bivua bikolesha muaba wa kumpala ne tshisumbu tsia kumpala ne tshisatu tshia masalayi a New Hampshire a bantu 200 muinshi mua ba kolonela ba masalayi John Stark ne James Reed (bonso bakala ba general ba masalayi).

English : Stark´s men took positions along the fence on the north end of the Colonist´s position.

Luba-Kasai : Masalayi a Stark avua ku mikalu dia kulu lua kundekelu kua muaba wa kuatshianganyi ba ku buhika.

English : When low tide opened a gap along the Mystic River along the northeast of the peninsula, they quickly extended the fence with a short stone wall to the north ending at the water´s edge on a small beach.

Luba-Kasai : Adi divuala dia kuishi dikangula ohamua musulu wa Mystic ohamua dia kulu dia kulu luseka lua kudi diba di atukila ku kahesa ka bulaba, pa lukasa ba ku lehesha lupangu ne ¨short stone wall¨ lu kuya ku dia kulu lua ku muntu kua mayi mu muaba udibu ba bikila ne small beach.

English : Gridley or Stark placed a stake about 100 feet (30 m) in front of the fence and ordered that no one fire until the regulars passed it.

Luba-Kasai : Gridley ne Stark bavua bateka tshituwa dia mutshi pa ntanta wa (30m) kumpala kua luhangu ne ne bela mukandu wa se musalayi nansha umue kashi to tii ne adi ba regulars ba tshipita.

English : The American plan relied on launching coordinated attacks from three different directions.

Luba-Kasai : Bulongolodi bua Amelika mvita ku nseka isatu mishila shilangana.

English : General John Cadwalder would launch a diversionary attack against the British garrison at Bordentown, in order to block off any reinforcements.

Luba-Kasai : General munenewa masalayi John Cadwalder uvua ukeba kuela mvita kudi masalyi a Britanique mu musoko wa Bordentown, mu lungenyi lua kuhangi diaambuluisha dionso.

English : General James Ewing would take 700 militia across the river at Trenton Ferry, seize the bridge over the Assunpink Creek and prevent any enemy troops from escaping.

Luba-Kasai : General James Ewing uvua wangata masalayi 700 wu kosa musulu mu musoko wa Trenton Ferry, wukuata tshilamba pa kamusulu ka Assunplink ne wuhangisha masalayi a muene lukuna mua kunyema.

English : The main assault force of 2,400 men would cross the river nine miles north of Trenton, and then split into two groups, one under Greene and one under Sullivan, in order to launch a pre-dawn attack.

Luba-Kasai : Tshisumbu dinene dia masalayi 2,400 tshivua tshisabuka musulu wa nine miles ku mutu mu musoko wa Trenton, ne pashisha tshitahuluka mu bisumbu bibidi, tshisumbu tshimua tshilombola kudi Greene netshikuabu kudi Suillivan, mua kuela mvita atshiatshia.

English : With the change from the quarter to the half mile run, speed becomes of much less importance and endurance becomes an absolute necessity.

Luba-Kasai : Ne dishintuluka dia ku tshimua tshia binayi kuya ku ngatshingatshi wa ntanta wa luendu, lubilu ke ndua mujinga kabidi to ne dinanukila dikadi dia mushinga.

English : Of course a first-class half-miler, a man who can beat two minutes, must be possessed of a fair amount of speed, but endurance must be cultivated at all hazards.

Luba-Kasai : Bulelela munyemi wa ntanta wa ngatshingatshi wa kumpala, muntu udi ututa tusunsa tubidi, bikengela ikala ne lubilu lukumbana, kadi mbimpa ikala ne dikandamana muu njiwu yonso.


English : Some cross country running during the winter, combined with gymnasium work for the upper part of the body, is the best preparation for the running season.

Luba-Kasai : Disambuluka dia mu ma tunga mu tshikondo tshia mashika, ohamue ne kunayisha mubidi kudi kua mbuluisha bituha bia kulu, kemusindu muimpa wa kudilongolola bua tshikondo tshia lubilu.

English : Proper nutritional practices alone cannot generate elite performances, but they can significantly affect young athletes´ overall wellness.

Luba-Kasai : Mishinduu mimpe ya tshia kudia ngayayi keyena mua kufuka makanda adi akengedibua to, kadiidi mua kuambuluisha ba atelete ba bana mu mishindu yonso.

English : Maintaining a healthy energy balance, practicing effective hydration habits, and understanding the various aspects of supplementation practices can help athletes improve their performance and increase their enjoyment of the sport.

Luba-Kasai : Mua kulama makanda adi akumbana, tshienzedi tshimpa kudiboleshane mayi, ne kumanya mishindu mikuabu ya kudi kumbajisha idi mu kuambuluisha ateleta ne kubandisha ngazedi wenda wa manayi.

English : Middle distance running is a relatively inexpensive sport; however, there are many misconceptions regarding the few pieces of equipment required to participate.

Luba-Kasai : Kunyema kua ngatshi ngatshi kua ndinayi diamushinga muteketa; kadi, kudi nguvuilu mibi ya bunyi ku tshiidi tshitangila bintu bikesa biidi bilombibua mua ku kunaya.

English : Products can be purchased as needed, but most will have little or no real impact on performance.

Luba-Kasai : Bintu bidi mua kusumbibua mudi bilombibua, kadi bia bunyi ne bikala ne kakesa etshi kabiyi ne dikuatshisha pa ngenzedi.

English : Athletes may feel that they prefer a product even when it provides no real benefits.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Athlète badi mua kujinga tshintu nansha tshiotshi katshiyi ne dikuatshisha dia nsongu.

English : The atom can be considered to be one of the fundamental building blocks of all matter.

Luba-Kasai : Atoma utu muenza bunyi ke madiotu adi mibaka tshintu tshionsu.

English : Its a very complex entity which consists, according to a simplified Bohr model, of a central nucleus orbited by electrons, somewhat similar to planets orbiting the sun - see Figure 1.1.

Luba-Kasai : Ntshintu tshinene bikola tshidi ne, bilondeshela mushindu wa Bohr, musa mungatshi munyunguluka kudi electrons, bifuanangana ne mudi ma planeta anyunguluka ku diba - tangila tshimfuanyi 1.1.

English : The nucleus consists of two particles - neutrons and protons.

Luba-Kasai : Musa udi ne bintu bibidi - neutrons ne protons.

English : Protons have a positive electric charge while neutrons have no charge. The electrons have a negative electric charge.

Luba-Kasai : Protons idi ne nzembu ya positif ne neutrons kayena ne nzembu to. Electron idi ne nzembu ya negatif.

English : To Check the victim, you must first survey the scene to ensure your safety.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kutangila badi batahika, bidi bikengela utangila muaba udi bualu buenzekela bua kudi lama.

English : You need to notice the victim´s position as you approach him or her and any automatic red flags.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bikengela utangila pamuaba udi mutahika pa udi wenda uya kudiyi ne njuwu yonso idi mua kuhatukila.

English : If you get hurt trying to help, you may only serve to make matters worse.

Luba-Kasai : Wewa mupetakana ne njiwu mudiabuluisha bakuabu, udi panu muenza bua kukolesha malu.

English : The study found that depression, fear and catastrophising mediated the relationship between pain and disability in lower back pain sufferers.

Luba-Kasai : Malonga avua mapeta se diela dia meji, bowa ne kunyanga kudi akatshi a bululu ne bulema kudi bantu badi basama nyima.

English : Only the effects of catastrophizing, not depression and fear was conditional of regular weekly structured PA sessions.

Luba-Kasai : Anu bilejelu bia catastrophe, ku musha depression ne bowa ke uvua mukenji wa structure wa lumingu kudi nsangilu wa PA.

English : Those participating in regular activity required more support in terms of negative perception of pain distinguishing the differences of chronic pain and discomfort feel from normal physical movement.

Luba-Kasai : Badi mu bienzedi bia matuku onsu badi ba lomba dikuatshisha dia bunyi ku bidi bitangila muenedi mubi wa bu lulu mua ku sungulula bululu bua ntanta mula ne diumvua bibi bia kumbukila midimu ya mubidi.

English : Vision, or the ability to see depends on visual system sensory organs or eyes.

Luba-Kasai : Dimona, eshi bukokeshi bua ku mona bidi bilondeshela mushindu wa mijilu ya mesu.

English : There are many different constructions of eyes, ranging in complexity depending on the requirements of the organism.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi mishiindu ya bunyi ya mesu, bilondeshela mishindu ya mubidi.

English : The different constructions have different capabilities, are sensitive to different wave-lengths and have differing degrees of acuity, also they require different processing to make sense of the input and different numbers to work optimally.

Luba-Kasai : Mishindu mishilashilangana idi ne bukokeshi bushilangana, bidi ne mavuala ne buimpa bushilangana, kabidi bidi bilombibua njila mishishilangana mua ku tshintshika dibuela ne bunyi bua midimu mishilashilangana.

English : A population is the collection of organisms of a particular species within a given geographic area.

Luba-Kasai : Bungana ntshisumbu tshia bantu tshidi tshiswika diyi, pa muaba kampanda.

English : When all individuals in a population are identical with regard to a particular phenotypic trait they are known as monomorphic.

Luba-Kasai : Tshikondo tshikala muntu yonso munda mua tshisumbu anyi mu kabunganyi ne bua kutangilayi bualu bonso ne mesu abobumue ku tshiena bualu kampanda anyi kasanga, bi ne bimanyinka bune Monomorhic.

English : When the individuals show several variants of a particular trait they are polymorphic.

Luba-Kasai : Padi tshisumbu tshia bantu tshilenja kubandisha kua lonji, bilondeshela mushindu udibu babalombola ebi badi babikila ne Polymorphic.

English : Army ant colonies march and nest in different phases as well.

Luba-Kasai : Tshisumbu tshia masalayi ne bena dishidimuna dia bena ditunga mumushindu wa dishilangana dia bibadi bu patshibidilu.

English : In the nomadic phase, army ants march at night and stop to camp during the day.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshipidi tshia nomadic, tshisumbu thia bena nvita tshitu tshikuata midimu butuku ne mukambi tshimanyika midimuyabu munda munya.

English : The colony begins a nomadic phase when available food has decreased. During this phase, the colony makes temporary nests that are changed everyday.

Luba-Kasai : Bena ditunga ne dishidimuka dia ditunga bakatuadija ne bena nomadic ne munda mua tshikondo etshi bashidimukiji ba ditunga bakatuadija dishintuluka dituku dionso.


English : Each of these nomadic rampages or marches lasts for approximately 17 days.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu yonso wabena nomade utu uluangana nvita ya panshi anyi yakuenda bidibu popamue ne matuku 17.

English : What is a cell? The word cell comes from the Latin word ¨cella¨, meaning ¨small room¨, and it was first coined by a microscopist observing the structure of cork.

Luba-Kasai : Cell ntshinyi? Muaku Cell udi uluila ku muakulu wabena latin udibu babikila ne ¨cella¨, tshimanyisha kuamba nee ¨kazubu kakese¨, ne kakadi ajandula kudi batangidi banene ba bibambalu bia bena cork.

English : The cell is the basic unit of all living things, and all organisms are composed of one or more cells.

Luba-Kasai : Tshiambilu etshi Cell tshidi tshimanyisha ndongamu wa bukua bintu ne bungana buabi popamue ne bisumbu bia bungi bua ma cellule.

English : Cells are so basic and critical to the study of life, in fact, that they are often referred to as ¨the building blocks of life¨.

Luba-Kasai : Ma cellule udi munene ne manema abungi ne udi mushikamina pa kulonga nsombelu, ne udibu muakuikala batupinganyina ne kuebeja mushindu kayi uudi ¨muakuibaka manema a ngikadilu¨.

English : The Nervous System maintains homeostasis by sending nerve impulses through out the body to keep the flow of blood going as well as undisturbed.

Luba-Kasai : Mijilu ya mutu idi ilama himeostasis kudituma dia dilama lubilu lua mashi bu patshibidilu.

English : These nerve impulses can be sent so quickly throughout the body which helps keep the body safe from any potential threat.

Luba-Kasai : Mijilu eyi idi ituma ne londapu lu ludi lulama mubidi ne ne luambuluisha kudikuba dia mubidi ku makanda onso adikuba.

English : Tornadoes strike a small area compared to other violent storms, but they can destroy everything in their path.

Luba-Kasai : Tornadoes ka tshibeba kakese kad kinkla ne thipepela tshia bungi ne nkuba mikola, kadi kabayi mua kubumbula mabanji abu to.

English : Tornadoes uproot trees, rip boards from buildings, and fling cars up into the sky. The most violent two percent of tornadoes last more than three hours.

Luba-Kasai : Tardoes wakulu pa bisatu udi ne ubukula bibambalu ne ubukisha mashinyi ne mitoto. Tshipepela tshikola tshiva ne tutupa tubidi pa lukama kadi tshikala ne meba asatu.

English : These monster storms have winds up to 480 km/h (133 m/s; 300 mph).

Luba-Kasai : Nkuba ne mpepela ya dialu ibanda too ne 480km/h (133 m/s; 300mph).

English : Humans have been making and using lenses for magnification for thousands and thousands of years.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu bakenze ngendu ya kumanyisha malu aaa ne kufunda mikanda misangu mivulu pa tshinunu tshia bidimu.

English : However, the first true telescopes were made in Europe in the late 16th century.

Luba-Kasai : Bushuwa, tshiamua tshilelela tshia telescope tshia kumpala tshiakadi tshienza mu ditunga dia Europa mu matuku 16th a century.

English : These telescopes used a combination of two lenses to make distant objects appear both nearer and larger.

Luba-Kasai : Tshiamua etshi tshi telescope tshiakadi tshienza kudi biapua bibidi mu ngelelu wa menji wa kuleja dishilangane dia bintu kubunene ne bule.

English : Greed and selfishness will always be with us and it is the nature of cooperation that when the majority benefit there will always be more to gain in the short term by acting selfishly

Luba-Kasai : Dialakana ne didisua ne bikala nau netu mu tshikondo tshionsu, ne netuikala anu mu malunda ne bapetshi ba diambuluisha ne bikala ba bungi ne ni basanka mu tshikondo tshipi ne nibikala badisuila.

English : Hopefully, most people will realise that their long term best option is to work together with others.

Luba-Kasai : Batuishibua ne bantu ba bungi ne bamanya bua se tshikondo tshiotshi tshilepa ne kuikala badi muakuitabuja kukuata midimu ne bakuabu.

English : Many people dream of the day when humans can travel to another star and explore other worlds, some people wonder what´s out there some belive that aliens or other life may live on another plant.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu babunyi batu balota dituku diaya bantu ku mutoto mukuabu ni dia jendula maloba makuabu, bantu bakuabu badiebeja bidi kuaka bakuabu bamba ni kudi ba extraterrestre anyi bifukibue bikuabu pa dibulunge dikuabu.

English : But, if this ever does happen probably won´t happen for a very long time. The stars are so spread out that there are trillions of miles between stars that are ¨neighbors¨.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, nansha biobio bienzeke kabiena kuenzeka kumpala kua tshikondo tshile kupita. Mitoto mmitangalake ni kudi kilometre mbombu ni mbombu munkatshi mua mitoto idi ¨pabuipi¨.

English : Maybe one day, your great grandchildren will be standing atop an alien world wondering about their ancient ancestors?

Luba-Kasai : Pakuabu dinga dituku, ba nkanunuina bebe ni bimane pa buloba bua ba extraterrestre bavuluka ba nkambu babu?

English : Animals are made of many cells. They eat things and digest them inside. Most animals can move.

Luba-Kasai : Nyama idi ni ma cellule abunyi, badi badia bintu ni babimina munda. Nyama ya bunyi idi mua kumbuka pa muaba ni kuya pa mukuabu.

English : Only animals have brains (though not even all animals do; jellyfish, for example, do not have brains).

Luba-Kasai : Anu nyama ki itu ni bongo (nansha kabiyi yonso; ma medize, pa tshilejelu, kayitu ni bongo).

English : Animals are found all over the earth. They dig in the ground, swim in the oceans, and fly in the sky.

Luba-Kasai : Nyama itu pa buloba bujima. Itu yumbula mu buloba, yowela mu mbuwa, ni ibuka mulu.

English : A cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of a living (things) organism.

Luba-Kasai : Celile nkatupa kakese ni ka katumikisha ka bujima ka (tshintu) muntu wa moyo.

English : Cell comes from the Latin word cella which means small room.

Luba-Kasai : Celile ndina diluile ku Latin cella nimuni kuamba ni nkazubu kakese.

English : If you look at living things under a microscope, you will see that they are made of small squares or balls.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe mutangile tshifukibua tsha moyo mu microscope, ni umune ni tshidi tshenza ni tuzubu tukese anyi tu ndundu.

English : Robert Hooke, a biologist from England, saw small squares in cork with a microscope.

Luba-Kasai : Robert Hook, biolojiste wa mu Angleterre, kumuna yi tuzubu tukese mu tshizubu ni microscope.

English : They looked like rooms. He was the first person to observe dead cells

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bu tuzubu. Uvua wa kumpala kumuna ma celile mafue.


English : Elements and compounds can move from one state to another and not change.

Luba-Kasai : Ma eleman ni ma bintu bisanga bidi mua kudi kudimuna kadi kabiyi bishuntuluka to.

English : Nitrogen as a gas still has the same properties as liquid nitrogen. The liquid state is denser but the molecules are still the same.

Luba-Kasai : Azote bu gaz udi mufuanangane ni Azote wa mayi. Eta likide udi mushitakane kadi ma molekule kaena ashuntuluka.

English : Water is another example. The compound water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Luba-Kasai : Mayi ntshilejelu tshikuabu. Mayi adi menza ni idrojene ibidi ni atome umue wa oxijene.

English : It has the same molecular structure whether it is a gas, liquid, or solid.

Luba-Kasai : Udi ni molecule wa mo mumuenansha biobio bikale lupepela, mayi, anyi bia bikole.

English : Although its physical state may change, its chemical state remains the same.

Luba-Kasai : Eta wende fizike udi mua kushuntuluka, kadi eta wende chimike udi wa mo mumue.

English : Time is something that is all around us, and affects everything we do, yet is difficult to understand.

Luba-Kasai : Diba ntshintu tshidi tshitu nyunguluka, ni tshikuata bionso bitudi tuenza, kadi bidi bikole bua tuetu kumvua.

English : Time has been studied by religious, philosophical, and scientific scholars for thousands of years.

Luba-Kasai : Diba divua dilonga kudi bena nzambi, bena menji, bena mukanda kukadi bidimu biabunyi.

English : We experience time as a series of events passing from the future through the present to the past.

Luba-Kasai : Tudi tumuna diba bu mulongo wa bintu bia malaba biya mu makelela bipitshila mu lelu.

English : Time is also how we compare the duration (length) of events.

Luba-Kasai : Diba didi kabidi mutudi tumuna bunyi (bule) bua malu.

English : You can mark the passing of time yourself by observing the repetition of a cyclical event. A cyclical event is something that happens again and again regularly.

Luba-Kasai : Udi mua kufunda diba didi dipita nkayebe mu kutangila malu adi anyunguluka mu tshijengu. Malu adi anyunguluka ntshintu tshidi tshenzeka kabidi ni kabidi ni misangu yonso.

English : Computers today are used to manipulate pictures and videos.

Luba-Kasai : Ordinatere lelu idi yambuluisha ku zaba ni bindidimbi bia ma foto ni bia ma video.

English : Sophisticated animations can be constructed on computers, and this kind of animation is increasingly being used in television and films.

Luba-Kasai : Animasion ya pabuayi idi mua kuenzekela pa ordinatere, ni animasion ya nunku badi ba yela mu televizion ni ma film.

English : Music is often recorded using sophisticated computers to process and mix sounds together.

Luba-Kasai : Misambu batu bayi kuata ni ordinatere ya pabuayi bua kuenza ni kuteka meyi pamue.

English : For a long time during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it was believed the first inhabitants of New Zealand were the Maori people, who hunted giant birds called moas.

Luba-Kasai : Kale mu XIXe ni XXe siecle, bavua bele menji ni bantu ba kumpala mu nouvelle-Zelande bavua ba Moari, bavua bakuate nyunyi munene uvua ubikidibua moas.

English : The theory then established the idea that the Maori people migrated from Polynesia in a Great Fleet and took New Zealand from the Moriori, establishing an agricultural society.

Luba-Kasai : Malonga wowo kuleja ni ba Moari bavua bumbuke mu Polynesie mu tshibunyi ni bobo kuangata Nouvelle-Zelande mu Moriori, ni bobu kuibaka kasumbu ka badimi.

English : However, new evidence suggests that the Moriori were a group of mainland Maori who migrated from New Zealand to the Chatham Islands, developing their own distinctive, peaceful culture.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, bujadiki bupiabupia buleja ni ba Moriori bavua tshisumbu tsha ba Moari bavua bumbuke mu Nouvelle-Zelande kuya ku Chatham Island, bobo kutantshisha madimi abu apabuawu, a mu lutulu.

English : There was also another tribe on the Chatham islands these were Maori who migrated away from New Zealand.

Luba-Kasai : Kuvua kabidi tshisamba tshikuabu mu Chatham island ba Maori bavua bunbukile mu Nouvelle-Zelande.

English : They called themselves the Moriori there were a few skirmishes and in the end, the Moriori were wiped out

Luba-Kasai : Kudibikila bu ba Moriori kuvua tu nvita tua tukese ni ku ndekelu, ba Moriori kutshimunyibua bu.

English : Individuals who had been involved for several decades helped us appreciate our strengths and passions while candidly assessing difficulties and even failures.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu bavua batela kukadi bidimu biabunyi bipite bavua batuambuluishe kuanyisha bu makanda etu ni dinanga diba dituvua mu dikenga ni bakuluke mene.

English : While listening to individuals share their individual, family, and organizational stories, we gained valuable insight into the past and some of the personalities who influenced for good or ill the culture of the organization.

Luba-Kasai : Mu kunvua bantu bela tusumuinu tuabu nkayabu, tua diku, ni tua malongolola, tuvua bapete dimona dia bivua bipite ni bantu banene bavua benze bua bibi ni bimpe bifike mu culture wa dilongolola.

English : While understanding one's history does not assume understanding of culture, it does at least help people gain a sense of where they fall within the history of the organization.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha ni kunvua lusumuinu nki kunvua kulture, bivua biambuluishe bantu bapete lunvu lua muaba wabu mu lusumuinu lua bulongolodi.

English : While assessing the successes and becoming aware of failures, individuals and the whole of the participating persons discover more deeply the values, mission, and driving forces of the organization.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ku tata ditanta ni mu kudimuka pa kudi shinda, bantu ni bonso bavua bapitshile mu bajendula mu ndondo bujitu, tshena bualu ni makole a bulongolodi.

English : In this instance, recalling previous instances of entrepreneurial behavior and resulting successes helped people to be open to new changes and new direction for the local church.

Luba-Kasai : Nunku, kuvuluja kua bintu bia buenji bua mudimu bia kale ni ditanta divua diluile ku bivua biambuluishe bantu bua kudiunzulula ku nshuntulukilu mipiamipia bu eklezia wa mu ditunga.

English : Such success stories lessened the fears of change, while creating positive inclinations toward change in the future.

Luba-Kasai : Nsumuinu ya nunku ya ditanta ivua miumbushe bowa bua kushuntuluka, mifile bumonyi buimpe bua dishuntuluka mu matuku a kumpala.

English : Convergent thinking patterns are problem solving techniques that unite different ideas or fields to find a solution.

Luba-Kasai : Diela dia meji edi didi mushindu wa kusangisha ngenyi mishilashilangana bua kupeta bipeta ku malu adibu basangidibue.


English : The focus of this mindset is speed, logic and accuracy, also identification of facts, reapplying existing techniques, gathering information.

Luba-Kasai : Tshidi batekela meji muaba umua mbua lubilu, didinemeka ne ndudi, bua dijandula dia bulelela, kuenzulula technique ikadi mikalangana koku, sangilu ya ngumu.

English : The most important factor of this mindset is: there is only one correct answer. You only think of two answers, namely right or wrong.

Luba-Kasai : Bualu bua mushinga mukola mu diteka meji kaba kamua: kudi anu diandamuna dimue dilelela. Udi wela meji bua mandamuna abidi, abikidibua se dimanya anyi dipanga.

English : This type of thinking is associated with certain science or standard procedures.

Luba-Kasai : Mushindu ewu wa diela meji udi musangisha ni malongesha eshi mishindu mikuabu mialabala.

English : People with this type of thinking have logical thinking, are able to memorize patterns, solve problems and work on scientific tests.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu badi ne mushindu ewu wa diela meji badi ni diela dia meji dijalama, badi ne bukokeshi bua kukuata ku moyi miaku, kufila bipeta ku malu ne kuenza mudimu mu mateta a malongesha.

English : Humans are by far the most talented species in reading the minds of others.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu mbifukibua bia lungenyi lule bua kubala mu mitu ya bakuabu.

English : That means we are able to successfully predict what other humans perceive, intend, believe, know or desire.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi tshunvuija ne tudi bakunbane bua kuamba tshidi bakuabu bamuna, bela menji, bitaba, bamanye anyi bajinge.

English : Among these abilities, understanding the intention of others is crucial. It allows us to resolve possible ambiguities of physical actions.

Luba-Kasai : Mu nkatshi bukole ebu, kunvua tshidi bakuabu basua kuenza kudi ku dijinga. Kudi kutuambuluisha kunvua malu a mubidi.

English : For example, if you were to see someone breaking a car window, you would probably assume he was trying to steal a stranger's car.

Luba-Kasai : Tshilejelu, wewe mumune muntu upanda lumuenu lua mashini, ni wele menji ni pakuabu uvua ukeba kuiba mashini abende.

English : He would need to be judged differently if he had lost his car keys and it was his own car that he was trying to break into.

Luba-Kasai : Ni bishountuluke ni uvua mujimije nsapi yende ni bivua mu mashini ende muvua yi utete kubuela mu kupanda.

English : MRI is based on a physics phenomenon called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which was discovered in the 1930s by Felix Bloch (working at Stanford University) and Edward Purcell (from Harvard University).

Luba-Kasai : IRM utu umbukila ku tshidi bu babikila Rezonance manyetik nukleyere (RMN), uvua mupeta mu 1930 kudi Felix Bloch (utumika ku Stanford University) ni Edward Purcell (umbukila ku Harvard University).

English : In this resonance, magnetic field and radio waves cause atoms to give off tiny radio signals.

Luba-Kasai : Mu rezonance ewu, champ manyetik ni ma onde radio bifila atome ku dipatula tu meyi tukese tua radio.

English : In the year 1970, Raymond Damadian, a medical doctor and research scientist, discovered the basis for using magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for medical diagnosis.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 1970, Raymond Damadian, munganga ni mukebi muena mukanda, kupeta yi mua kutumikija imagerie kupitshila rezonance manyetik bu tsha kuteta natshi mu bondapi.

English : Four years later a patent was granted, which was the world´s first patent issued in the field of MRI.

Luba-Kasai : Bidimu binayi pashishe bobo kufila mukanda, divua dia kumpala pa buloba mu bidi bitangila IRM.

English : In 1977, Dr. Damadian completed the construction of the first "whole-body" MRI scanner, which he called the "Indomitable".

Luba-Kasai : Mu 1977, Dr. Damadian kujikija yi dienza dia "skanere" wa mubidi mujima wa kumpala, uvua ye mubikile "Katshiyi kutshimuna".

English : Asynchronous communication encourages time for reflection and reaction to others.

Luba-Kasai : Miyiki ya asenkrone idi ifila diba dia kuela menji ni diandamuna ku bakuabu.

English : It allows students the ability to work at their own pace and control the pace of instructional information.

Luba-Kasai : Idi ipesha balongi bukole bua kuenza mudimu mudibu basue ni kutangila luendu lua bidi bitangila malongesha.

English : In addition, there are fewer time restrictions with the possibility of flexible working hours. (Bremer, 1998)

Luba-Kasai : Bikuabu, kudi dikosa dia meba dikese ni mushindu wa kushuntula meba a mudimu. (Bremer, 1998).

English : The use of the Internet and the World Wide Web allows learners to have access to information at all times.

Luba-Kasai : Ditumikija dia internet ni dia World Wide Web didi dituma balongi ku kupeta ngumu diba dionso.

English : Students can also submit questions to instructors at any time of day and expect reasonably quick responses, rather than waiting until the next face-to-face meeting.

Luba-Kasai : Balongi badi kabidi mua kutuma nkonko ku balongeshi diba dionso ni bindila mandamuna a pa lukasa, pamutu pa kuindila too ni ku reunion mukuabu wa mpala ku mpala.

English : The postmodern approach to learning offers the freedom from absolutes. There is no one good way to learn.

Luba-Kasai : Mushindu mupia mupia wa dilonga udi ufila dipanda dia kadiyi ni ndekelu. Kakuena mushindu muimpe bua kulonga.

English : In fact, there is not one good thing to learn.Learning takes place in the experience between the learner and the knowledge presented.

Luba-Kasai : Bulelela, kakuena tshintu tshimpe tsha kulonga. kulonga kudi kuenzeka mu bidi bienzeka pankatshi pa mulongi ni dimanya didibu bamupesha.

English : Our current experience with all the do-it-yourself and information presenting, learning-based television shows illustrates this point.

Luba-Kasai : Bipeta bietu bia mpidiewu ni ma emission onso a televizion adi akuila pa dilonga ni bia kudienzela bidi bileja bintu ebi.

English : So many of us find ourselves watching a television show that informs us of a process or experience in which we will never participate or apply that knowledge.

Luba-Kasai : Babunyi mu nkatshi muetu batu batangila ma emmission a television adi afila ngumu ya kuenza anyi bintu bitudi katuyi mua kuenza anyi kumanya.

English : We will never overhaul a car, build a fountain in our backyard, travel to Peru to examine ancient ruins, or remodel our neighbour´s house.

Luba-Kasai : Katuena mua kubangulula mashinyi, anyi kuibaka tsha kupatula mayi mu budimi, kuya kuendakana mu Peru bua kulonga bishadila bia kale, anyi kushuntula nzubu wa mwena mutumba.

English : Thanks to undersea fiber optic cable links to Europe and broadband satellite, Greenland is well connected with 93% of the population having internet access.

Luba-Kasai : Kupitshila bulungi bua nshinga ya mu mayi ku Europe ni kupitshila ma satelite, Groenland udi mulunga bimpe ni bantu %93 badi batumikija enternete.


English : Your hotel or hosts (if staying in a guesthouse or private home) will likely have wifi or an internet connected PC, and all settlements have an internet cafe or some location with public wifi.

Luba-Kasai : Hotel webe anyi muakididi (padiyi usombela mu tshaka benyi any nzubu wa nkayende) ni ikale ni wifi anyi ordinatere muasa ku enternete, ni miaba yonso idi ni cyber kafe anyi miaba mikale ni wifi wa bantu bonso.

English : As mentioned above, though the word ¨Eskimo¨ remains acceptable in the United States, it is considered pejorative by many non-U.S. Arctic peoples, especially in Canada.

Luba-Kasai : Bumudibi biambibwe kumutu, nansha mudi dina ¨Eskimau¨ dishala ditabibue mu Etats-Unis, dika dipetudibwe kudi babungi badi kabayi ba mu Etats-Unis ba mu Arctique, nangananga mu Canada.

English : While you may hear the word used by Greenlandic Natives, its use should be avoided by foreigners.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha wewe munvua ba mu Greenlandic batumikisha edji djina, ba mu matunga menyi badji ni tcha kuepuka.

English : The native inhabitants of Greenland call themselves Inuit in Canada and Kalaalleq (plural Kalaallit), a Greenlander, in Greenland.

Luba-Kasai : Badji baledjibue mu djitunga djia Groenland batubadjibikila Inuit mu Canada ni mu Kalaalleq (kutshibunyi Kalaallit), muena mu Groenland, mu Groenland.

English : Crime, and ill-will toward foreigners in general, is virtually unknown in Greenland. Even in the towns, there are no ¨rough areas.¨

Luba-Kasai : Bushipiangani ni dilama dibi dia benyi, kabiena mu Groenland to. Nansha mu bimenga, kamuena ¨miaba ya mikole to.¨

English : Cold weather is perhaps the only real danger the unprepared will face.

Luba-Kasai : Mashika ki pakuabu njuwu imue idi udi kayi mu dilongolole mua kupeta.

English : If you visit Greenland during cold seasons (considering that the further north you go, the colder it will be), it is essential to bring warm enough clothing.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe muye mu Greenland diba dia mashika (mu wikale uya ku nord, ni kuikale anu mashika), bidi biadijinga kuya ni nkotshi ya mashika.

English : The very long days in the summer can lead to problems getting sufficient sleep and associated health issues.

Luba-Kasai : Bule bua dituku mu ete didi mua kukeba malu a kupanga kua tulu ni bukole bua mubidi.

English : During the summer, also watch out for the Nordic mosquitoes. Although they do not transmit any diseases, they can be irritating.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ete, kabidi ikala ni budimu bua tumue tua ku Nord. Nansha katuyi tufila disama nansha dimwe, tudi mua kuku fikisha tshinji.

English : While San Francisco´s economy is linked to it being a world-class tourist attraction, its economy is diversified.

Luba-Kasai : Economie wa San Fransico udi umbukila ku dikala diende dia kulu mu dikoka dia benyi batangidi ba musoko, economie wende mmushilangane.

English : The largest employment sectors are professional services, government, finance, trade, and tourism.

Luba-Kasai : Miaba ya mudimu ya dijinga kudi midimu ya bianza, bulombodi bua ditunga, malu a makuta, mushiga, ni kuendakana kua mu musoko.

English : Its frequent portrayal in music, films, literature and popular culture has helped make the city and its landmarks known throughout the world.

Luba-Kasai : Udi utamba kumueneka mu misambu, ma films, malu a mikanda, ni malu a bibidilu mbienze bua se musoko ni ma bimfuanyi biende bimanyike buloba bujima.

English : San Francisco has developed a large tourist infrastructure with numerous hotels, restaurants, and top-notch convention facilities.

Luba-Kasai : San Fransisco mmuyishe malu a kuendakana kua mu musoko ni nzubu biaka benyi biabunyi, ma restaurant, ninzubu ya mapetangana ya mushinga mukole.

English : San Francisco is also one of the best places in the nation for other Asian cuisine: Korean, Thai, Indian, and Japanese.

Luba-Kasai : San Fransico udi kabidi umwe wa miaba mimpe ya mu musoko bua bikuku bikuabu bia mu Asie: mu kore, Thailand, Inde, ni Japon.

English : Traveling to Walt Disney World represents a major pilgrimage for many American families.

Luba-Kasai : Kuendana ku Walt Disney World bidi bikale pelerinage munene bua meku abunyi a ba American.

English : The ¨typical¨ visit involves flying into Orlando International Airport, busing to an on-site Disney hotel, spending about a week without leaving Disney property, and returning home.

Luba-Kasai : ¨Luendu¨ ludi lulomba kuya ku Aeroport wa ditunga dia Orlando, kubanda mu mashini adi aya ku nzubu wa tshaka benyi wa Disney, kupitisha nansha lubingu lujima kakuyi kumbuka mu lupangu lua Disney, ni kupingana ku nzubu.

English : There are infinite variations possible, but this remains what most people mean when they talk of ¨going to Disney World¨.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bintu biabunyi bishilangane, kadi kudi tshimue tshidi bantu bunvija padibu bakuila bua ¨Kuya ku Disney World¨.

English : Many tickets sold online through auction websites such as eBay or Craigslist are partially used multi-day park-hopper tickets.

Luba-Kasai : Mikanda ya luendu ya bunyi idi isumbisha pa enternete bu pa eBay any Craiglist idi ya park ya matuku a bunyi itumikishibua mu tshitupa.

English : While this is a very common activity, it is prohibited by Disney: the tickets are non-transferable.

Luba-Kasai : Malu aa atu enzeka bikole, Disney uka mukandike: ma ticets kaena mua kutumibua.

English : Any camping below the rim in Grand Canyon requires a backcountry permit.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kulala pambelu mwinshi mua ma jante mu Grand Canyon bikengela djibeji dja kusomba mu djitunga.

English : Permits are limited to protect the canyon, and become available on the 1st day of the month, four months prior to the start month.

Luba-Kasai : Permis idiku bua kukuba mpongu, idiku mu dituku dia kumpala dia ngondo, ngondo inayi kumpala kua ngondo wa ntuadijilu.

English : Thus, a backcountry permit for any start date in May becomes available on 1 Jan.

Luba-Kasai : Nunku, kupeta djibeji dia kusomba kua mudjitunga kubanga mu ngondo mwitanu bua kumweneka mu le 1er wa ngondo wa kumpala.

English : Space for the most popular areas, such as the Bright Angel Campground adjacent to Phantom Ranch, generally fill up by the requests received on first date they are opened to reservations.

Luba-Kasai : Mwaba bu ma quartier a bantu ba bungi, bu mudi tshiladilu tshia Bright Angel pabwipi ni Phantom Ranch, utu uwula ni malombi mapeta mu date wakumpala munzulula bua kukuatshila miaba.

English : There are a limited number permits reserved for walk-in requests available on a first come, first served basis.

Luba-Kasai : Kudji bunyi bubala bua mabeji a kuendakana nawu, kulomba kunzulula mu djifika, djibanga dja kusakibua kumpala.

English : Entering Southern Africa by car is an amazing way to see all the region´s beauty as well as to get to places off the normal tourist routes.

Luba-Kasai : Kubuela mu Afrique wa ku Sud ni mashini ki njila mwimpe wa kumona buimpe bonso bua musoko bipitshile kubuelela ku njila wa batangidi ba musoko.


English : This can be done in a normal car with careful planning but a 4x4 is highly advised and many locations are only accessible with a high wheel base 4x4.

Luba-Kasai : Udi mua kudilongolola bua kuya ni mashini onso kadi 4x4 ki adi malombibue bikole bualu miaba ya bunyi ilomba 4x4 wa kulu bua kuyifika.

English : Keep in mind while planning that although Southern Africa is stable not all neighboring countries are.

Luba-Kasai : Bijinga kuvuluka ne pakudilongolola bua se mudi Afrique du Sud mwikale ni ditalala mbishilangane ni misoko idi mimunyunguluke.

English : Visa requirements and costs vary from nation to nation and are affected by the country you come from.

Luba-Kasai : Malu akupeta Visa ni mushinga wende bidi bishilangana bilondeshela ni ditunga ni umupetela mu ditunga didi uluila.

English : Each country also has unique laws requiring what emergency items need to be in the car.

Luba-Kasai : Ditunga dionso didi ni mikandu yadi bua bintu bia mitalu bidi ni tsha kuikala mu mashini.

English : Victoria Falls is a town in the western portion of Zimbabwe, across the border from Livingstone, Zambia, and near Botswana.

Luba-Kasai : Victoria Falls mmusoko wa ku est kumwelelu kua Zimbabwe, pabuipi ni mikalu ya Livingstone, Zambie, ni pabuipi ni Botshana.

English : The town lies immediately next to the falls, and they are the major attraction, but this popular tourist destination offers both adventure seekers and sightseers plenty of opportunities for a longer stay.

Luba-Kasai : Musoko udi pabuipi ni ma chutes, ni muikale ni kukokibua kua kumpala, kadi muaba ewu wa buendedi bua buenyi udi upesha bakebi mazaba ni bua ba tourist mushindu wa basombe matuku abunyi.

English : In the rainy season (November to March), the water volume will be higher and the Falls will be more dramatic.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshikondo tsha mvula (ngondo wa Dikumi ni Umwe too ni ku ngondo Mwisatu), bunyi bua mayi ni bubande ni ma Chutes ni ikale a njuwu.

English : You are guaranteed to get wet if you cross the bridge or walk along the trails winding near the Falls.

Luba-Kasai : Udi ni tsha kutalala wewe usambuka tshilamba anyi wewe wendela mu tu njila tua bisonsa pabuipi ni ma Chutes.

English : On the other hand, it is precisely because the volume of water is so high that your viewing of the actual Falls will be obscured—by all the water!

Luba-Kasai : Luseka lukuabu, mbua bunyi bupite bua mayi ki pikala kumuna kuebe kua Chute ni kuikale kukangibue—ni bunyi bua mayi!

English : Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62). KV62 may be the most famous of the tombs in the Valley, the scene of Howard Carter´s 1922 discovery of the almost intact royal burial of the young king.

Luba-Kasai : Lukita lua Tutankhamun (KV62). KV62 nlukita lumania ku ma nkita a mu Lupongo, dizaba dia kujendula dia Howard Carter dia lukita luvua kaluyi lunyungishibue lua mfumu nsonga mu 1922.

English : Compared to most of the other royal tombs, however, the tomb of Tutankhamun is barely worth visiting, being much smaller and with limited decoration.

Luba-Kasai : Kufanyikija ni nkita mikuabu ya ba mfumu, ki nunkuewu, lukita lua Tutankhamun ludi lufila luya lua kuluendakanina, luikale lukese menemene ni dilaba mukubu mukumbane.

English : Anyone interested in seeing evidence of the damage to the mummy done during attempts to remove it from the coffin will be disappointed as only the head and shoulders are visible.

Luba-Kasai : Muntu yonso udi musue kumuna bivua bifikile tshitalu tshitua manga pa kuteta ku tshipatula mu mushete ni anyingalale bualu anu mutu ni makaya ki bidi bimueneka.

English : The fabulous riches of the tomb are no longer in it, but have been removed to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Luba-Kasai : Bubanji bua nsongo buvua mu lukita kabutshenamu, baka babufile ku Musee wa mu Egypte mu Caire.

English : Visitors with limited time would be best to spend their time elsewhere.

Luba-Kasai : Bena luendu badi ni meba mabala ni benze bimpe bua kupitisha meba abu miaba mikuabu.

English : Phnom Krom, 12 km southwest of Siem Reap. This hilltop temple was built at the end of the 9th century, during the reign of King Yasovarman.

Luba-Kasai : Phnom Krom, muikale mu km 12 ku sud-est kua Siem Reap. Tempelu wa musonga ewu uvua muibaka ku ndekelu ku siecle wa 9, mu bukalenga bua Mfumu Yasovarman.

English : The gloomy atmosphere of the temple and the view over the Tonle Sap lake make the climb to the hill worthwhile.

Luba-Kasai : Kumweneka kua kukese kua ntempelu ni kua dijiba dia Tonle Sap bifila dijinga dia kubanda ku mukuna.

English : A visit to the site can be conveniently combined with a boat trip to the lake.

Luba-Kasai : Kuendakana kua pa muaba ewu kudi mua kuenzeka ni buatu pa dijiba.

English : The Angkor Pass is needed to enter the temple so do not forget to bring your passport along when heading to Tonle Sap.

Luba-Kasai : Dipita dia pa Angkor didi dilombibue bua kubuela mu ntempelu nunku kuyi kupa moyo passeport webe paudi uya ku Tonle Sap.

English : Jerusalem is the capital and largest city of Israel, though most other countries and the United Nations do not recognize it as Israel´s capital.

Luba-Kasai : Jerusalem ki tshimamuende a bukalenga tsha musoko munene wa Isalele, nansha mudi matunga makuabu ni Nations Unis kabayi bitaba ni ntshimamuende a bukalenga tsha Isalele.

English : The ancient city in the Judean Hills has a fascinating history spanning thousands of years.

Luba-Kasai : Musoko wa kale wa mu mikuna ya Judee udi ni lusumuinu luimpe lua kale bikole.

English : The city is holy to the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and serves as a spiritual, religious, and cultural center.

Luba-Kasai : Musoko udi munsantu bua bitendelelu bisatu bia nzambi umwe - Judaisme, Christianisme ni Islam, ni muikale muaba musantu, wa bitendelelu, ni wa mazaba.

English : Due to the religious significance of the city, and in particular the many sites of the Old City area, Jerusalem is one of the main tourist destinations in Israel.

Luba-Kasai : Bua mushinga wa bitendelelu bia mu musoko, ni bua bitupa bia miaba ya bunyi ya Musoko wa Kale, Jerusalem mmuaba udi ba touriste baya bikole bua mu Isalele.

English : Jerusalem has many historic, archeological and cultural sites, along with vibrant and crowded shopping centers, cafés, and restaurants.

Luba-Kasai : Jerusalem udi miaba ya bunyi ya nsumuinu, mifuba ya kale ni ya mazaba, muikale ni bisalu, miaba ya kunuina ni ya kudila miuwule ni bantu.

English : Ecuador requires that Cuban citizens receive an invitation letter prior to entering Ecuador through international airports or frontier admission points.

Luba-Kasai : Equateur udi ulomba ba mu Cuba bua kupeta mukanda wa dibikidibua kumpala kua kubuela mu Equateur kupitshila tshipalu anyi miaba ya kupitshila ya mu mikalu.

English : This letter must be legalized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and comply with certain requirements.

Luba-Kasai : Mukanda ewu udi ni tsha kutuibua tshitampi tsha Kavula Mbedi wa mianda ya benyi wa mu Equateur, ni kunemeka bidi bilombibue.


English : These requirements are designed to provide an organized migratory flow between both countries.

Luba-Kasai : Mikandu eyi idi miteka bua kupitisha bantu ba nseke yonso mu bulongame budi bukengela.

English : Cuban citizens who are US green card holders should visit an Ecuadorian Consulate to obtain an exemption to this requirement.

Luba-Kasai : Ba mu Cuba badi ni tuarte tua manyi a matamba tua mu US badi ni tsha kuya ku Consulat wa mu Equateur bua kupeta ditaba dia pabuadi.

English : Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates. A round/onward trip ticket is needed to prove the length of your stay.

Luba-Kasai : Passeport weba udi ni tsha kuikala mwimpe ngondo isambombo kunyima kua matuku a ngendu. Mukanda wa luendu wa kuya/ni kupingana udi wa dijinga bua kumanya bunyi bua matuku awenza.

English : Tours are cheaper for larger groups, so if you´re by yourself or with just one friend, try to meet other people and form a group of four to six for a better per-person rate.

Luba-Kasai : Visites idi ya mushinga muimpe nuenu bikale babunyi, wewe nkaya anyi ni mulunda webe umwe, kebayi bantu bakuabu bua nuikale banayi anyi basambobo bua kupeta mushinga muimpe pa muntu.

English : However, this shouldn´t really be off your concern, because often tourists are shuffled around to fill the cars.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, kabiena bia mushinga menemene to, bualu tourist yabunyi itu pabuipi bua kuwuja mashini.

English : It seems actually to be more a way of tricking people into believing they have to pay more.

Luba-Kasai : Bikadi bimueneka mpidiewu ni mmushindu wa kuleja ku bantu ni mbijinga kufuta biabunyi.

English : Towering above the north end of Machu Picchu is this steep mountain, often the backdrop to many photos of the ruins.

Luba-Kasai : Ku luseke lua kumutu kua mayi kua Macchu Picchu kudi mukuna mutumbuke, meba abunyi ufanangana ni bindimbi bia bintu bishadile binyanguke.

English : It looks a bit daunting from below, and it is a steep and difficult ascent, but most reasonably fit persons should be able to make it in about 45 minutes.

Luba-Kasai : Wenza bowa lua muinshi, ni diwubanda didi dikole, kadi bantu badi ni bukole bua mubidi badi mua kuwubanda mu minutes 45.

English : Stone steps are laid along most of the path, and in the steeper sections steel cables provide a supporting handrail.

Luba-Kasai : Mabwe mmateka pa miaba ya bunyi ya kuendela, ni pa miaba ya mikuna nshinga ya milonda idi yambuluisha bua kubanda.

English : That said, expect to be out of breath, and take care in the steeper portions, especially when wet, as it can become dangerous quickly.

Luba-Kasai : Ebi bileja ne, dilongololayi bua kupanga mieyelu, ni ikalayi ni budimu mu miaba ya mikuna, nangananga padimu mutalale, idi ilua ya njuwu.

English : There´s a tiny cave near the top that must be passed through, it is quite low and a rather tight squeeze.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi ka muaba ka muinshi mua buloba mu nudi ni tsha kupitshila, kadi muinshi menemene ni kakese.

English : Seeing the sites and wildlife of the Galapagos is best done by boat, just as Charles Darwin did it in 1835.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bimpe kuendakana mu tshitupa etshi ni bukua nnyama bua mu Galapagos mu buatu, muvua Charle Drawin mwenze mu 1835.

English : Over 60 cruise ships ply the Galapagos waters - ranging in size from 8 to 100 passengers.

Luba-Kasai : Matu matue ku 60 atu endakana pa mayi a Galapagos - angata bantu batue ku 8 too ni ku 100.

English : Most people book their place well in advance (as the boats are usually full during the high season).

Luba-Kasai : Bantu babunyi bakuatshila miaba kumpala (muntu matu atu uwula pa tshibidilu mu tshikondo tsha kulu).

English : Be sure the agent through whom you book is a Galapagos specialist with a good knowledge of a wide variety of ships.

Luba-Kasai : Ikala mujadike ni kunudi nu kuatshila miaba nkua muntu mupiluke wa mu Galapagos muikale ni dimanya dia matu abunyi.

English : This will ensure that your particular interests and/or constraints are matched with the ship most suitable to them.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi ni tshibaleje ni dijinga diebe/anyi buenzeji budi bupetangana ni buatu bua buimpe menemene buabu.

English : Before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, northern Chile was under Inca rule while the indigenous Araucanians (Mapuche) inhabited central and southern Chile.

Luba-Kasai : Kumpala kua ba Espagnol kufika mu 16th siecle, Chili wa ku nord uvua mu bukokeshi bua ba Inca pavua bena tshisuku ba mu Araucanie (Mapuche) basomba mu nkatshi mua Chili wa ku sud.

English : The Mapuche were also one of the last independent American indigenous groups, that were not fully absorbed into Spanish-speaking rule until after Chile´s independence.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Mapuche bavu kabidi bamue ba ba Americain badisombele ba mu tshisuku, bavua kabayi bapite mu kabujima mu bukokeshi bua muakulu wa ba Espagnol too ni ku dipanda dia Chili.

English : Although Chile declared independence in 1810 (amid the Napoleonic wars that left Spain without a functioning central government for a couple of years), decisive victory over the Spanish was not achieved until 1818.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha pavua Chili mu lombe dipanda mu 1810 (munkatshi mua mvita ya Napoleon ivua mishiye Espagne kayi ni bulombodi bua ditunga mu bidimu bibidi), dipangidika dia kutshimuna ba Espagnol divua diye too ni mu 1818.

English : The Dominican Republic (Spanish: República Dominicana) is a Caribbean country that occupies the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti

Luba-Kasai : Republique Dominicaine (mu Espagnole: Republica Dominicana) nditunga dia ba Caribbean divu diangate tshitupa tshia Est tshia luseka lua munkatshi mua mâyi lua Hispaniola, tshidi diabanyangana ni Haiti.

English : Besides white sand beaches and mountain landscapes, the country is home to the oldest European city in the Americas, now part of Santo Domingo.

Luba-Kasai : Luseka lua lusenga lutoke lua kuluseka lua mâyi ni bimfuanyi bua mikuna, ditunga didi ni misoko yakale ya ba Europeens mu Amerique, pindiewu mu tshitupa tshia Santo Domingo.

English : The island was first inhabited by the Taínos and Caribes. The Caribes were an Arawakan-speaking people who had arrived around 10,000 BCE.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Tainos ni ba Caraibes ki bakunpala muku somba mu Island. Ba Caraibes bavu bakula muakulu wa Arawakan bavu bafike bidimu bitue ku 10.000 kumpala kuetu.

English : Within a few short years following the arrival of European explorers, the population of Tainos had significantly been reduced by the Spanish conquerors

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshitupa tshia tshidjimu kulondeshela kufika kua batoke bajendudji ba mu Europe, bena djitunga dja Tainos bavu bakokeshibua kudji bukokeshi bua ba Espagnole.

English : Based on Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (Tratado de las Indias) between 1492 and 1498 the Spanish conquerors killed around 100,000 Taínos.

Luba-Kasai : Kupitshila Fray Bartolome de las casas (Tratado de las Indias) munkatshi mua 1492 ni 1498, bakokeshi ba mu Espagne bakashipa ba Tainos batue ku 100.000.

English : Jardín de la Unión. This space was built as the atrium for a 17th-century convent, of which the Templo de San Diego is the sole surviving building.

Luba-Kasai : Jardin de la Union. Muaba ewu uvua muibaka bu atrium bua couvent wa 17th siecle, ku bionso Templo de San Diego ki nzubu umwe udi mushale.


English : It now functions as the central plaza, and always has a lot of things going on, day and night.

Luba-Kasai : Udi muikale lelu bu muaba wa midimu, ni diba dionso kudi anu bintu biabunyi bia kuenza, munya ni butuku.

English : There are a number of restaurants surrounding the garden, and in the afternoons and evening there free concerts are often given from the central gazebo.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bunyi bukumbane bua ma restaurant ku luseke lua budimi, ni mu ma dilolo kudi ma concert a tshanana adi enzeka mu nkatshi mua muaba wa kulu.

English : Callejon del Beso (Alley of the Kiss). Two balconies separated by only 69 centimeters is home of an old love legend.

Luba-Kasai : Callejon del Beso (Alley of the Kiss). Balcon ibidi mishilangane anu ku 69 centimetre mmuaba wa lusumuinu lua kale lua dinanga.

English : For a few pennies some children will tell you the story.

Luba-Kasai : Bua makuta makese bana kampanda ni ba kuelele lusumuinu.

English : Bowen Island is a popular day trip or weekend excursion offering kayaking, hiking, shops, restaurants, and more.

Luba-Kasai : Buloba bua pa mayi bua Bowen nluendu lua bantu babunyi anyi luendu lua kundekelu kua lubingu muikale ma kayak, ma randonee, bisalu, ma restaurant, ni bikuabu.

English : This authentic community is located in Howe Sound just off Vancouver, and is easily accessed via scheduled water taxis departing Granville Island in downtown Vancouver.

Luba-Kasai : Communaute wa kale ewu udi mu Howe Sound ku muelelu kua Vancouver, ni dimubuela didi dipupale kupitshila matu taxi adi umbuka mu Granville Island to ni munkatshi mua tshimenga tsha Vancouver.

English : For those who enjoy outdoor activities, a trek up the Sea to Sky corridor is essential.

Luba-Kasai : Badi banange mazaba a pmbelu, randonee wa mu couloir Sea to Sky udi wa dijinga.

English : Whistler (1.5 hour drive from Vancouver) is expensive but well-known because of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Luba-Kasai : Muedi wa kashiba (diba 1.5 kuendesha mashinyi kubangishila mu Vancouver) tshidi nushinga mukole bualu bua manaya a olympique a mu muvu wa mashika wa mu 2010.

English : In the winter, enjoy some of the best skiing in North America, and in the summer try some authentic mountain biking.

Luba-Kasai : Mu muvu wa mashika, upeta disanka dia manaya ya Skii mu Amerike wa ku Nord, kadi mu muvu wa été kuteta bujalame bua kubanda ku mikuna.

English : Permits must be reserved in advance. You must have a permit to stay overnight at Sirena.

Luba-Kasai : Bikengela kulama mushindu wa ku buela nau kumpala kua dîba. Bikengela kulua ne mushindu wa ku lala nau ku Sirena.

English : Sirena is the only ranger station that offers dormitory lodging and hot meals in addition to camping. La Leona, San Pedrillo, and Los Patos offer only camping with no food service.

Luba-Kasai : Sirena udi muaba umue nkaya udi ne basalayi badi mua ku kupesha nzubu wa kulala ne biakuja bia kadilu kumbusha tshitudilu.

English : It is possible to secure park permits directly from the Ranger Station in Puerto Jiménez, but they do not accept credit cards

Luba-Kasai : Udi mua kupeta mushindu wa ku buela nau mu tshipalu kudi pa Biro bia Basalayi mu Puerto Jiménez, kadi kabena bitaba ma tuarte tua makuta.

English : The Park Service (MINAE) does not issue park permits more than one month in advance of anticipated arrival.

Luba-Kasai : Diambuluisha dia nu tshipalu (MINAE) kadiena dipesha mushindu wa ku buela nau kumpala kua diba dipita ngondo umua, bua bavua balua kumpala.

English : CafeNet El Sol offers a reservation service for a fee of US$30, or $10 for one-day passes; details on their Corcovado page.

Luba-Kasai : CafeNet El Sol udi upesha mudimu wa dielakana ulombela mfranga US$30, anyi $10 bua kupita kumua; katoba ne mu katoba kupitshila dibeji Corcovado wabu.

English : The Cook Islands are an island country in free association with New Zealand, located in Polynesia, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

Luba-Kasai : Bidiila bia Cook bidi ditunga mu bulongolodi budikadidi ne Nouvelle-Zélande, mu Polynésie, mu nkatshi mua Mbuu wa Pasifike wa ku Sud.

English : It is an archipelago with 15 islands spread out over 2.2 million km2 of ocean.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi bidiila tshidibu ne 15 bidiila mmuolole pa 2.2 milio km2 wa mbuu.

English : With the same time zone as Hawaii, the islands are sometimes thought of as ¨Hawaii down under¨.

Luba-Kasai : Ni diba dimue ne tshimenga tshia Hawaii, bidiila ebi ba bielela meji ne ¨Hawaii wa muinshi¨.

English : Though smaller, it reminds some elderly visitors of Hawaii before statehood without all the large tourist hotels and other development.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha mukese, idi ivuluija benyi bakulakaje ba Hawaii panyipa pa tshimenga, kakuvua bilala benyi bia bena ngendu and malongoloji makuabu.

English : The Cook Islands do not have any cities but are composed of 15 different islands. The main ones are Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Luba-Kasai : Bidiila bia Cook kabiena ne bisamba kadi bidi ne 15 bidiila bishilangana. Bia binene bidi Rarotonga ne Aitutaki.

English : In developed countries today, providing deluxe bed and breakfasts has been raised to a sort of art-form.

Luba-Kasai : Lelu mu matunga mabanji, kupesha bulalu buimpe ne biakudia ivua ma bandishe bua kwenza tshilengejilu.

English : At the top end, B&Bs obviously compete mainly on two main things: bedding and breakfast.

Luba-Kasai : Ndekelu ya ku mutu, B&B bulele ukumbaja nangananga bitnu bibidi: bulalu ne biakudia.

English : Accordingly, at the finest such establishments one is apt to find the most luxurious bedding, maybe a handmade quilt or an antique bed.

Luba-Kasai : Bua bualu ebu, kutambe buimpe bisumbu bia nanku muntu udi ne mua kupeta bulalu bua buimpa kupita, pamuapu bulalu buenza ne bianza anyi bulalu buakale.

English : Breakfast may include seasonal delights of the region or the host´s speciality dish.

Luba-Kasai : Biakuja bidi ne kuya ne mvula ya disanka mu tshimenga etshi anyi biakuja bia muenyi.

English : The setting might be an historic old building with antique furnishings, manicured grounds and a swimming pool.

Luba-Kasai : Muaba eu udi mua kuikala nzubu udi ne udi ne bintu bia kale bia mu miyiki, miaba ya kulongolola makasa ne dijiba dia kowela.

English : Getting into your own car and heading off on a long road trip has an intrinsic appeal in its simplicity.

Luba-Kasai : Kubuela mu mashinyi a we nkayeba ne kuenda mu njila udi ne dimueneka dinene mu mushindu mupepele.


English : Unlike larger vehicles, you are probably already familiar with driving your car and know its limitations.

Luba-Kasai : Bishilangane ne mashinyi manena, udi mumanye mua kuendesha mashinyi yeba ne kumanya mikalu yenda.

English : Setting up a tent on private property or in a town of any size can easily attract unwanted attention.

Luba-Kasai : Kulongolola ntenta mu muaba ya muntu nkayende anyi mu tshimenga tshia bunena bua mushindu budi bukoka ntema ya bantu ba bungi.

English : In short, using your car is a great way to take a road trip but seldom in itself a way to ¨camp¨.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshikuma, kutumikisha mashinyi idi mushindu munene wa kuendakana mu njila ya ku ¨tshitudilu¨.

English : Car camping is possible if you have a large minivan, SUV, Sedan or Station Wagon with seats that lay down.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitudilu tshia mashinyi tshia mua kuikala koku anu wewa ne minivan, SUV, Sedan or Station Wagon ne nkuasa ya kuladila.

English : Some hotels have a heritage from the golden age of steam railways and ocean liners; before the Second World War, in the 19th or early 20th centuries.

Luba-Kasai : Bilala benyi bikuabu bitu ni bubanji bua tshikondo tsha or tsha njila ya kaulu ka lupepela ni matu, kumpala kua Mvita Mibidi ya buloba bujima, mu siecle wa 19 anyi ku ntuadijilu ku siecle wa 20.

English : These hotels were where the rich and the famous of the day would stay, and often had fine dining and nightlife.

Luba-Kasai : Bilala benyi ebi bivua biakidila babanji ni bantu bamanike ba mu tshikondo atshi ni bavua benza ma restoran a bukalanga ni malu a butuku.

English : The old fashioned fittings, the lack of the latest amenities, and a certain graceful agedness are also part of their character.

Luba-Kasai : Dienza dia malu bu pa kale, kupangila tudiendelandela tua matuku aa ni bintu bikuabu bia mpindiewu bidi kabidi mu nsombelu wabu.

English : While they are usually privately owned, they sometimes accommodate visiting heads of state and other dignitaries.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha kabiyi bia mbula matadi, bitu biakidila meba makuabu balombodi ba Matunga ni bantu ba tshitembu bakuabu.

English : A traveller with piles of money might consider a round the world flight, broken up with stays in many of these hotels.

Luba-Kasai : Muena luendu udi ni makuta abunyi udi mua kuniunguluka buloba bujima, ni mu kuimana kuende upitisha matuku mu bilala benyi ebi.

English : A hospitality exchange network is the organization that connects travelers with locals in the cities they are going to visit.

Luba-Kasai : Kasumbu ka malu a kuakidila bantu ki katu kalunga bena ngendu bantu ba mu bimenga bidibu baya kuendela buenyi.

English : Joining such a network usually just requires filling out an online form; although some networks offer or require additional verification.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kubuela mu kasumbu ka nunku, udi ni tsha ku funda pa dibeji dimue pa enternete, nansha mutu tusumbu tukuabu tukontolola kabidi.

English : A listing of available hosts is then provided either in print and/or online, sometimes with references and reviews by other travelers.

Luba-Kasai : Badi bafunda mena a bakididi ba bantu pa dibeji anyi/pa enternete, misangu mikuabu mikale ni bimanyishilu ni miaku ya bena ngedu bakuabu.

English : Couchsurfing was founded in January 2004 after computer programmer Casey Fenton found a cheap flight to Iceland but did not have a place to stay.

Luba-Kasai : Couchsurfing uvua mufuka mu ngondo wa kumpala wa 2004 kunyima kua muteki wa ma program a informatique Casey Fenton kupeta ndeke wa mushinga mutekete wa Island, kadi kavua ni muaba wa kutudila.

English : He emailed students at the local university and received an overwhelming number of offers for free accommodation.

Luba-Kasai : Uvua mutume mukanda ku balongi ba tulasa tua kulu tua mu ditunga ni yeye kupeta mandamuna mapite a kupeta miaba ya kulala ya tshanana.

English : Hostels cater primarily to young people – a typical guest is in their twenties – but you can often find older travellers there too.

Luba-Kasai : Biaka benyi bitu biakuila nangananga ba nsonga - bantu ba bidimu makumi abidi - kadi mutu ni bantu bakole.

English : Families with children are a rare sight, but some hostels do allow them in private rooms.

Luba-Kasai : Meku ni bana batekete kabatuku pa tshibidilu, kadi biaka benyi bikuabu bitu bibateka mu nzubu ya nkayabu.

English : The city of Beijing in China will be the host city of the Olympic Winter Games in 2022, which will make it the first city to have hosted both the summer and winter Olympics.

Luba-Kasai : Tshimenga tsha Pekin, mu Chine, ni tshakidile ma Jeux olympique a mu hiver mu 2022, ni bienze ni tshikale tshimenga tsha kumpala tshidi tshakidile mazaba Olympique a mu ete ni mu hiver.

English : Beijing will host the opening and closing ceremonies and the indoor ice events.

Luba-Kasai : Pekin ni enzeshe manaya a diunzulula ni a dikanga ni mateta a pa dibue ditalale di mu nzubu wa mazaba.

English : Other skiing events will be at the Taizicheng ski area in Zhangjiakou, about 220 km (140 miles) from Beijing.

Luba-Kasai : Mateta makuabu a ski ni enzekele mu tshipalu tsha ski tsha Taizicheng mu Zhangjiaku, pa bule bua km 220 (140 miles) ni pekin.

English : Most of the temples do have an Annual festival starting from November end to Mid of May, which varies according to each temple´s annual calendar.

Luba-Kasai : Ntempelu ya bunyi itu ni tshibilu tsha ku tshidimu tshitu tshibanga nikundekelu kua ngodo wa dikumi ni umwe ni tshijika munkatshi mua ngondo muitanu, ni tshikudimuka kulondangana ni calendrier wa ku tshidimu wa ntempelu yonso.

English : Most of the temple festivals is celebrated as part of temple´s anniversary or presiding deity´s birthday or any other major event associated with the temple.

Luba-Kasai : Bibilu abunyi a ma ntempelo atu enzeka diba dia anniversaire wa ntempelo, anniversaire wa ba nzambi batu balombola ntempelu anyi diba dia tshibilu tshonso tshinene tsha ntempelu.

English : Kerala´s temple festivals are very interesting to see, with regular procession of decorated elephants, temple orchestra and other festivities.

Luba-Kasai : Bibilu a ntempelu wa Kerala atu mimpe ku amuna, bua milongo ya tupumbu tulaba mukubu, kasumbu ka bimbi ba ku ntempelu ni bibilu bikuabu.

English : A World´s Fair (commonly called World Exposition, or simply Expo) is large international festival of arts and sciences.

Luba-Kasai : Dileja dia bintu dia buloba bujima (badibikila nunku pa tshibidilu, anyi Expo) ndifesto dinene dia bukua bisamba dia kuleja bintu bilengeja ni bia mikanda.

English : Participating countries present artistic and educational displays in national pavilions to showcase world issues or their country´s culture and history.

Luba-Kasai : Matunga atu munda atu aleja bintu bilengeja ni bia malongesha mu ma pavillon a mu musoko bua kupesha malu a buloba bujima anyi mushindu wabu wa kuenza malu ni lusumuinu lua ditunga diabu bujitu.

English : International Horticultural Expositions are specialised events which showcase floral displays, botanical gardens and anything else to do with plants.

Luba-Kasai : Dileja dia mushindu wa kudima dia bukuabisamba mbibilu bia pabuabi bidi bileja bilongo, miaba ya tu madimi ni bionso bidi bitangile mitshi.


English : Although in theory they can take place annually (so long as they are in different countries), in practice they are not.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha mudibi ni tsha kuenzeka bidimu bionso (bidi ni tsha kuenzekela mu matunga mashilangane), bitu kabiyi bienzeka.

English : These events normally last anywhere between three and six months, and are held on sites no smaller than 50 hectares.

Luba-Kasai : Bibilu ebi bitu biangata ngondo kubangila pa isatu ni ku isambombo ni bienzekela pa bipalu bia hectares 50.

English : There are many different film formats that have been used over the years. Standard 35 mm film (36 by 24 mm negative) is much the commonest.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bunene bushilangane bua ma film ivubu batangila kukadi bidimu biabunyi. Ma film standard a mm 35 (negatif wa mm 36 pa 24) ki ya pa tshibidilu.

English : It can usually be replenished fairly easily if you run out, and gives resolution roughly comparable to a current DSLR.

Luba-Kasai : Batu mua kumubangulula bipupale pa tshibidilu wewe mumu pangile, ni bindidimbi bikale pabuipi ni kufanangana ni bindidimbi bia nimerik bia lelu.

English : Some medium-format film cameras use a 6 by 6 cm format, more precisely a 56 by 56 mm negative.

Luba-Kasai : Biamua bikuabu bia bindidimbi bia ma film bia bunene bukumbanyine bitu bitumika ni bunene bua cm 6 pa 6, ni ndudi negatif wa mm 56 pa 56.

English : This gives resolution almost four times that of a 35 mm negative (3136 mm2 versus 864).

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bienza bunene misangu inayi bipitshile pa negatif wa mm 35 (mm2 3136 pa 864).

English : Wildlife is among the most challenging motifs for a photographer, and needs a combination of good luck, patience, experience and good equipment.

Luba-Kasai : Bukuanyama bua muitu ntshimfanyi tshikole bua mukuatshi wa bindidimbi, ni bilomba diakalenga, lutulu, dimanya ni biakuluata bia nsongo.

English : Wildlife photography is often taken for granted, but like photography in general, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Luba-Kasai : Dikuata dia bindidimbi muitu bitu bu bipupale, kadi bu bua bukuatshi bua bindidimbi bionso, tshindidimbi tshimue mmiaku tshinunu.

English : Wildlife photography often requires a long telephoto lens, though things like a flock of birds or a tiny creature need other lenses.

Luba-Kasai : Dikuata dia bindidimbi ku niama ya muitu ditu dilomba teleobjectif wa mule, nansha mutu bintu bikuabu bu dibuka dia nyunyi anyi ka tshifukilu kakakese bitu bilomba ma objectif makuabu.

English : Many exotic animals are hard to find, and parks sometimes have rules about taking photographs for commercial purposes.

Luba-Kasai : Nyama yabunyi ya pambelu pa ditunga itu mikole bua kuyipeta, ni ma park atu ni mikandu bua dikuata dia bindidimbi bia kupana.

English : Wild animals might either be shy or aggressive. The environment might be cold, hot, or otherwise hostile.

Luba-Kasai : Nyama ya muitu idi mua kuikala ni lutulu anyi ya lonji. Muaba udi mua kuikala mutalale, wa luya anyi mubi.

English : The world has over 5,000 different languages, including more than twenty with 50 million or more speakers.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi miakulu 5000 mishilangane pa buloba bujima, ni makumi abidi mikale ni bayakudi millions 50 any bapite.

English : Written words are often easier to understand than spoken words, also. This is especially true of addresses, which are often difficult to pronounce intelligibly.

Luba-Kasai : Miaku mifunda itu yumvuika bipitshile miakula. Bu ma discours atu makole bua ku akula mu mushindu wa bantu bumvue.

English : Many entire nations are completely fluent in English, and in even more you can expect a limited knowledge - especially among younger people.

Luba-Kasai : Matunga abunyi atu mamanye Anglais bimpe, ni mu bunyi bukumbane, tudi mua kufika ku dimanya dia nshikidilu - nangananga ku ba nsonga.

English : Imagine, if you will, a Mancunian, Bostonian, Jamaican and Sydneysider sitting around a table having dinner at a restaurant in Toronto.

Luba-Kasai : Elayi menji, nuenu basue, Manucunien, Bostonien, Jamaicain ni Sydneysider basombe ku mensa bua kudia mu restoran wa mu Toronto.

English : They´re regaling each other with stories from their hometowns, told in their distinct accents and local argot.

Luba-Kasai : Bazaba mu bulunda bua nsumuinu ya matunga abu, miakula mu tsha kuabu ni mu mushindu wa kuakula kuabu.

English : Buying food in supermarkets is usually the cheapest way to get fed. Without cooking opportunities, choices are however limited to ready-made food.

Luba-Kasai : Kusumba biakudia mu ma supermarche pa tshibidilu mmushindu wa kudia ku mushinga wa panshi. Kakuyi mushindu wa kulamba, masungula adi imanyina pa biakudia bilamba.

English : Increasingly supermarkets are getting a more varied section of ready-made food. Some even provide a microwave oven or other means to heat food.

Luba-Kasai : Ku misangu yonso, ma supermarche adi enza muaba wa biakudia bilamba. Bakuabu badi too ni ma micro-ondes anyi mishindu mikuabu ya kubabaja biakudia.

English : In some countries or types of stores there is at least one on-site restaurant, often a rather informal one with affordable prices.

Luba-Kasai : Mu matunga makuabu anyi magazin a nunku, mutu nansha restoran, misangu ya bunyi kayiyi bu mikuabu ni bela mushinga muimpe.

English : Make and carry copies of your policy and your insurer´s contact details with you.

Luba-Kasai : Vudija mabeji ebe a ba mpulushi ni bintu bia mukubi webe ni wikale nabiu.

English : They need to show the insurer´s e-mail address and international phone numbers for advice/authorizations and making claims.

Luba-Kasai : Adi ni tsha kuikala ne adresse wa enternete wa mukubi ni nimero ya telefone ya bukuabisamba bua mibelu/kuitaba ni kulomba mafutu.

English : Have another copy in your luggage and online (e-mail to yourself with attachment, or stored in the ¨cloud¨).

Luba-Kasai : Ikala ni dibeji dikuabu mu mabuki ebe anyi pa enternete (e-mail webe ni tsha kulamika, anyi tshilama mu ¨cloud¨).

English : If traveling with a laptop or tablet, store a copy in its memory or disc (accessible without the internet).

Luba-Kasai : Wewe uya mu luendu ni ordinatere wa ku bianza anyi telephone munene, lama dibeji dimue mu memuar anyi pa disk (mua kubuela kakuyi enternete).

English : Also give policy/contact copies to traveling companions and relatives or friends back home willing to help.

Luba-Kasai : Pesha kabidi mabeji a politik/ma contakte ku baudi wenza nabu luenduni ku baledi anyi balunda bavua bashale mu ditunga badi mua kukuambuluisha.

English : Moose (also known as elk) aren´t inherently aggressive, but will defend themselves if they perceive a threat.

Luba-Kasai : Nyama ya elans (mimanya kabidi mu dina dia wapitis) ka itu ni bukitu bua kuluisha, kadi idi mua kuluisha bua kudikuba bobo ba iluishe.


English : When people don´t see moose as potentially dangerous, they may approach too closely and put themselves at risk.

Luba-Kasai : Padi bantu kabayi bamanye ni itu ya lonji pa tshibidilu, badi mua kusemena pabuipi ni kudi teka mu njuwu.

English : Drink alcoholic drinks with moderation. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and knowing your limit is very important.

Luba-Kasai : Kunua mala a ndengu nyi ditshintshika. Mala adi akuata muntu yonsu mu mushindu mushilangana, ne kumanya mikalu yeba bimpa bikola.

English : Possible long term health events from excessive drinking can include liver damage and even blindness and death. The potential danger is increased when consuming illegally produced alcohol.

Luba-Kasai : Evenement ya sante ya milepa idi yenzeka kupitshila ku dipitshisha dia dinua dia maluvu idi bua kunianga mutshima ne nansha bu mpofu ne lufu. Difika dia njuwu didi divula ku dinua dia maluvu a ndengu adi kahayi menza mu bulongolodi buimpa nansha.

English : Illegal spirits can contain various dangerous impurities including methanol, which can cause blindness or death even in small doses.

Luba-Kasai : Anyima mubi udi bua kuikala ne njiwu mibi mishilashilangana kukumbaja ne methanol, udi mua kufikisha ku bu mpofu eshi lufu nansha mu ditshintshika.

English : Eyeglasses can be cheaper in a foreign country, especially in low-income countries where labour costs are lower.

Luba-Kasai : Maneta a mesu adi muakuikala mushinga mukesa mu matunga makuabu, nangananga mu matunga a benefice mikesa ne mushinga wa dienzelangana mudimu mukesa.

English : Consider getting an eye exam at home, especially if insurance covers it, and bringing the prescription along to be filed elsewhere.

Luba-Kasai : Itabuja kuenza mateta a disu kuenu, nangananga owu munda mua asurance, ne kulua ne bipeta bua kujikijila muaba mukuabu.

English : High-end brand-name frames available in such areas may have two problems; some may be knock-offs, and the real imported ones may be more expensive than at home.

Luba-Kasai : Dina dia tshienzelu dia mushiunga wa kulu udi koku mu miaba eyi did ne malu abidi; mikuabu idi buakuikala mitentula, ne bilelela bidi bifuma pambelu bidi buakuikala mushinga mukola ke kumbelu.

English : Coffee is one of the world´s most traded commodities, and you can probably find many types in your home region.

Luba-Kasai : cafe kadi kamua ka ku bintu bitubu bahana bikola mu bulaba bujima, ne udi bua kupeta mishindu ya bungi mu tshijengu dia kumbelu kueba.

English : Nevertheless, there are many distinctive ways of drinking coffee around the world that are worth experiencing.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi nanku, kudi mishindu ya bungi ya dinua cafe mu bulaba bujima idi experience mimpa.

English : Canyoning (or: canyoneering) is about going in a bottom of a canyon, which is either dry or full of water.

Luba-Kasai : Canyoning (eshi: canyoneering) mbua kuya kuinshi kua canyon, kadi bua kuikala kuma eshi kula tenta na mayi.

English : Canyoning combines elements from swimming, climbing and jumping--but requires relatively little training or physical shape to get started (compared to rock climbing, scuba diving or alpine skiing, for example).

Luba-Kasai : Canyoning udi usangisha bintu bia ku diowela, dibanda ne ditumpika‑‑kadi bidi bilomba didibidija kampanda dikesa eshi mubidi wa makanda bua kubangisha (mu dishilangana ne dibanda dia mabua, diela dia mutiki anyi ski wa alpin, bu tshilejelu).

English : Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails.

Luba-Kasai : Luendu lua makasa ludi activite wa pambelu udi ne tshiena bualu tshia kuenda mu miaba naturel, nangananga mu sentier randonnee.

English : Day hiking involves distances of less than a mile up to longer distances that can be covered in a single day.

Luba-Kasai : Dituku dia luendu didi ne tanta muihi ku meta amua to ne ku tanata muleha udibu mua kujikija mu dituku dimuehela.

English : For a day hike along an easy trail little preparations are needed, and any moderately fit person can enjoy them.

Luba-Kasai : Bua dituku dia luendu mu sentier wa mu hehela didilongolola dikesa ndilombibua, ne muntu yonsu udi moyennement mu forme udi bua kusanka nayi.

English : Families with small children may need more preparations, but a day outdoors is easily possible even with babies and pre-school children.

Luba-Kasai : Meku adi ne bana bateketa adi bua kukeba didilongolola diabungi, kadi dituku dia pambelu didi dihehela bua kuenzeka nansha ne bana batoka ne bana ba mu maternelle.

English : Internationally, there are nearly 200 running tour organizations. Most of them operate independently.

Luba-Kasai : Internationallement, kudi toure ya mbilu pabuipi ne 200. Yabungi itu yenzeka ngaya.

English : The Global Running Tours successor, Go Running Tours networks dozens of sightrunning providers on four continents.

Luba-Kasai : Toure ya mbilu ya bulaba idi ilonda, ndaku toure ya mbilu ya reseau ya dizaines ya banyemi ba sightrunning mu matumba anayi a bulaba.

English : With roots in Barcelona´s Running Tours Barcelona and Copenhagen´s Running Copenhagen, it was quickly joined by Running Tours Prague based in Prague and others.

Luba-Kasai : Nyi mija mu Dinyema dia Barcelona mu Toure ya mbilu ya mu Barcelona ne Dinyema dia Copenhague mu Mbilu ya Copenhague, bivu bipeta lukasa kudi Toure ya Mbilu ya Prague mishindamena mu Prague ne miaba mikuabu.

English : There are many things you have to take into consideration before and when you travel somewhere.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bintu bia bungi bi udi ne tshiabua kuangata ne mushinga kumpala ne padi wenza luendu muaba kampanda.

English : When you travel, expect things not to be like they are ¨back home¨. Manners, laws, food, traffic, lodging, standards, language and so on will to some extent differ from where you live.

Luba-Kasai : Padi wenza luendu, teka mu menji se bintu kibiakala mudibi ¨kumbelu¨ to. Manieres, mikenji, biadidia, diendakana, dimuangala, normes, muakulu ne mishindu mikuabu ya muaba udi usomba ne ishilangana.

English : This is something you always need to keep in mind, to avoid disappointment or perhaps even distaste over local ways to do things.

Luba-Kasai : Etshi tshidi tshintu tshi udi ne bua kulama mu menji misangu yonsu, bua kuehuka difika dia munda eshi nansha ditonda dia mushindu wa kuenza malu wa bena muabau.

English : Travel agencies have been around since the 19th century. A travel agent is usually a good option for a journey which extends beyond a traveller´s previous experience of nature, culture, language or low-income countries.

Luba-Kasai : Agence ya luemdu ikavu koku katshia 19em siecle. Agent wa luendu utu pa tshibidilu lungenyi luimpa bua luendu ludi luya kumpala kua experience mushala wa muenji wa luendu lua kubandila bufuki, kabukulu, muakulu eshi matunga a revenu mikesa.

English : Although most agencies are willing to take on most regular bookings, many agents specialise in particular types of travel, budget ranges or destinations.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha nanku agences yonsu idi ijinga bua kuangata dikuatshila, agent yabungi idi specialise mu ngendu kampanda ya mushindu ewu, ku controle intervale anyi destination.

English : It can be better to use an agent who frequently books similar trips to yours.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi buakala bimpa bua kuenza ne agent utu ukuatshila misangu mivula ngendu ya diatshimua ne yeba.

English : Take a look at what trips the agent is promoting, whether on a website or in a shop window.

Luba-Kasai : Ela mesu ku ngendu kayi idi agent ufila, nyi mu site eshi mu victrine.


English : If you want to see the world on the cheap, for necessity, lifestyle or challenge, there are some ways to do that.

Luba-Kasai : Wewa ukeba kumona bulaba pa udi mu buatu, bua necessite, mode wa vie eshi defi, kudi mishindu ya kubienza.

English : Basically, they fall into two categories: Either work while you travel or try and limit your expenses. This article is focused on the latter.

Luba-Kasai : Bangabanga, bidi bimata mu categories ibidi: nyi dienza mudimu padi wenza luendu eshi kuela mikalu pa ditula dieba. Article ewu udi mushindamena pa ndekelu.

English : For those willing to sacrifice comfort, time and predictability to push expenses down close to zero, see minimum budget travel.

Luba-Kasai : Bua badi bajinga ku sacrifier confort, diba ne lumuanu bua ku pusa ditula panshi pabuipi ne tshijengu, tangila controle mukesa wa luendu.

English : The advice assumes that travellers do not steal, trespass, participate in the illegal market, beg, or otherwise exploit other people for their own gain.

Luba-Kasai : Mubelu udi uleja se bena ngedu kabena biba, ba divuinga, babuela mu tshisalu tshia malu makandikibua, balomba, eshi mikuabu misangu ku utilise bantu bakuabu bua interet yabu nkayabu.

English : An immigration checkpoint is usually the first stop when disembarking from a plane, a ship, or another vehicle.

Luba-Kasai : Muaba wa ku controler bamuangadi udi nangananga muaba wa kumpala udi wimana padi utuluka mu ndeka, mu mazuwa, eshi mashinyi makuabu.

English : In some cross-border trains inspections are done on the running train and you should have valid ID with you when boarding one of those trains.

Luba-Kasai : Mu disambuka mikalu mikuabu ba controle wa mu tuwulu udi wenzeka adi kawulu mu lubilu ne udi ne tshia bua kuikala nyi Identite muimpa padi usambuka nyi kamua ka ku tuwulu atu.

English : On night sleeper trains, passports may be collected by the conductor so that you do not have your sleep interrupted.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tuwulu tua butuku, passeports idi bua kuangatshibua kudi muendeshi bua se ki ba kunyangidi tulu to.

English : Registration is an additional requirement for the visa process. In some countries, you must register your presence and address where you are staying with the local authorities.

Luba-Kasai : Difunda didi dikumbaja dia bidibikengedibua bua processus wa visa. Mu matunga makuabu, udi ne tshia bua kufunda dikalangana dieba ne muaba udi usomba kudi officier ya muabau.

English : This might require filling out a form with the local police or a visit to the immigration offices.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bua kulomba kuja mukanda ne officier ya tshitupa atshi etshi diela mesu ku bureau bia bamuangadi.

English : In many countries with such a law, local hotels will handle the registration (make sure to ask).

Luba-Kasai : Mu matunga abungi nyi mukenji wa nunku, bilala benyi bia muabau ne bijikija bualu bua difunda (tuishibue se udi mukonka).

English : In other cases, only those staying outside of tourist accommodations need to register. However, this makes the law much more obscure, so find out beforehand.

Luba-Kasai : Mu malu makuabu, anu batu basomba pambelu pa nzubu ya ben ngendu kibadi ne tshia bua ku difundisha. Pananku, tshidi tshienza mukenji kawuyi wumvuika bimpa to, nanku manya kumpala.

English : Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings. The architecture of a place is often a tourist attraction in its own right.

Luba-Kasai : Architecture udi bua kuzola ne kuibaka bibambalu. Architecture wa muaba ngayenda utu ubikila bena luendu.

English : Many buildings are quite beautiful to look at and the view from a tall building or from a cleverly-positioned window can be a beauty to behold.

Luba-Kasai : Bibambalu bia bungi bitu bimpa kumona ne dimuenena dia ku musongu wa tshibambalu tshia tshileha eshi kumuenena pa fenetre kudi bua kuikala kuimpa bua kumona.

English : Architecture overlaps considerably with other fields including urban planning, civil engineering, decorative arts, interior design and landscape design.

Luba-Kasai : Architecture mulehesha cosiderablement nyi bialu bikuabu ku kumbaja ne dilongolola dia urbain, engenieur civil, muenji wa buimpa kumona, muzodi wa munzubu ne dizola di bindidimbi.

English : Given how remote many of the pueblos are, you won´t be able to find a significant amount of nightlife without traveling to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

Luba-Kasai : Ba peshibua tshihidi kayi tshidi pueblos yabungi mikala, kua ku kumbana bua kupeta bungi bukumbana bua vie nocturne kakuyi dienza luendu ku Albuquerque eshi Santa Fe.

English : However, nearly all of the casinos listed above serve drinks, and several of them bring in name-brand entertainment (primarily the large ones immediately surrounding Albuquerque and Santa Fe).

Luba-Kasai : Pananku, casino yonsu idi mitela kumutu idi ifila bia kunua, ne mikuabu ya mu yoyi itu ilua ne muyuki wa mena a bintu (bangabanga ne wa mupeha awu udi mujinga Albuquerque ne Santa Fe musangu umua).

English : Beware: small-town bars here are not always good places for the out-of-state visitor to hang out.

Luba-Kasai : Manya se: bars ya mu cite ya mikesa aha kayitu muaba muimpa bua benyi kupitshisha diba to.

English : For one thing, northern New Mexico has significant problems with drunk driving, and the concentration of intoxicated drivers is high close to small-town bars.

Luba-Kasai : Bua tshintu tshimua, nord wa me Mexique Mupiamupia udi ne malu mahita nyi diendesha dia mukuatshika, ne sangilu wa bendeji ba ndengu udi wabungi pabuipi ne bars ya cite mukesa.

English : Unwanted murals or scribble is known as graffiti.

Luba-Kasai : Mazodi adi kabayi bananga eshi griffonner mumanyika bu graffiti.

English : While it´s far from a modern phenomenon, most people probably associate it with youth vandalizing public and private property using spray paint.

Luba-Kasai : Padibi kuleha kumbukila ku phenomene modrne, bantu ba bungi batu ba bisangisha ne bansonga ba vandaliser bantu ne tshibambalu tshia muntu wenzela mukubu wa di pompe.

English : However, nowadays there are established graffiti artists, graffiti events and ¨legal¨ walls. Graffiti paintings in this context often resemble artworks rather than illegible tags.

Luba-Kasai : Pananku, matukuaha kudi ba graffeur bajadikibua, evenement ya graffiti ne bimanu ¨bitabuijibua¨. Mikubu ya graffiti mu diakula edi itu isanga midimu ya buimpa kumona pamutu pa balise illisibles.

English : Boomerang throwing is a popular skill that many tourists want to acquire.

Luba-Kasai : Dikuha dia boomerang didi competence munangibua udi bendakanyi babungi bakeba kupeta.

English : If you want to learn throwing a boomerang that comes back to your hand, make sure you have a suitable boomerang for returning.

Luba-Kasai : Wewa ukeba bua kumanya dikuha dia boomerang idi ipingana ku bianza kueba, jadikibua se udi ne boomerang mimpa bua dipingana.

English : Most boomerangs available in Australia are in fact non-returning. It is best for beginners to not try throwing in windy

Luba-Kasai : Boomerangs yabungi idi koku mu Australie idi ya kayiyi ipingana to. Bidi bimpa bua babangi kibatetshi kukuwa mu lupepa to.

English : A Hangi Meal is cooked in a hot pit in the ground.

Luba-Kasai : Biakudia bia Hangi bidi bilambibua mu disoso dia mudilu mu bulaba.


English : The pit is either heated with hot stones from a fire, or in some places geothermal heat makes areas of ground naturally hot.

Luba-Kasai : Disosu didi buakala difila mudilu umbukila ku nkunyi, eshi mu miaba mikuabu ya luya lua geothermique idi yenza mudilu naturel pa tshitupa tshia bulaba.

English : The hangi is often used to cook a traditional roast style dinner.

Luba-Kasai : Hangi itu mienzela pa tshibidilu bua kulamba roti ya kabukulu mu mushindu wa biakudia bia dilolo.

English : Several places in Rotorua offer geothermal hangi, while other hangi can be sampled in Christchurch, Wellington and elsewhere.

Luba-Kasai : Miaba yabungi mu Rotorua idi ifila hangi geothermique, padi hangi mikuabu idi buakala echantillonne mu ekelezia wa kilisto, Wellington ne miaba mikuabu.

English : MetroRail has two classes on commuter trains in and around Cape Town: MetroPlus (also called First Class) and Metro (called Third Class).

Luba-Kasai : MetroRail udi ne miaba ibidi munda mua tuwulu tua banlieue ne ku Cape Town: MetroPlus (ubikidibua kabidi se First Class) ne Metro (abikidibua se Third Class).

English : MetroPlus is more comfortable and less crowded but slightly more expensive, though still cheaper than normal metro tickets in Europe.

Luba-Kasai : MetroPlus udi muimpa bikola ne katu ne bantu babungi to kadi udi mushinga mukola, bimpa mudiyi mushala mushinga mukesa ke billet bia metro normal mu Europe.

English : Every train has both MetroPlus and Metro coaches; the MetroPlus coaches are always on the end of the train nearest Cape Town.

Luba-Kasai : Kawulu konso kadi ne bionsu MetroPlus ne Metro coaches; MetroPlus coaches idi pa dibidilu kundekelu kua kawulu pabuipi ne Cape Town.

English : Carrying for others - Never let your bags out of your sight, especially when you are crossing international borders.

Luba-Kasai : Kuambuila bakuabu ‑ Kulekedi tshibiuta tshieba tanta neba to, nangananga padi usambuka mikalu ya ditunga.

English : You could find yourself being used as a drug carrier without your knowledge, which will land you in a great deal of trouble.

Luba-Kasai : Udi bua kudisangana mu buenzeji bua drogue kakuyi dimanya dieba, bidi mua ku kufikisha mu bilumbu.

English : This includes waiting in line, as drug-sniffing dogs could be used at any time without notice.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bikumbaja ne dindila mu mulongu, bua se badi bua kuenzela kabua katu kakepa drogue kakuyi dimanyisha.

English : Some countries have exceedingly draconian punishments even for first time offenses; these can include prison sentences of over 10 years or death.

Luba-Kasai : Matunga makuabu adi ne dinyioka excessivement draconienne nansha bua musangu wa kumpala wa dituwakana; bidi bisangisha nyi diela mu lukana bua bidimu 10 eshi lufu.

English : Unattended bags are a target for theft and can also attract attention from authorities wary of bomb threats.

Luba-Kasai : Bibuta bidi kabayi batangila bidi bibadila bua kuiba ne bidi bua ku tirer attention wa balombodi badi batangila menace a bombe.

English : At home, due to this constant exposure to the local germs, odds are very high that you´re already immune to them.

Luba-Kasai : Kumbelu, kupitshila ku exposition constant ku germes ya muabau, chance idi yabungi se ukadi immunise kudibu.

English : But in other parts of the world, where the bacteriological fauna are new to you, you´re far more likely to run into problems.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi mu tshituha tshikuabu tshia buloba, kudi faune bacteriologique mihiamihia kudi, udi kuleha bikola bua kututakena ne bilumbu.

English : Also, in warmer climates bacteria both grow more quickly and survive longer outside the body.

Luba-Kasai : Kabidi, mu climat ya luya bacteries idi yonsu idi ikola lukasa bikola ne yi vivre bikola pambelu pa mubidi.

English : Thus the scourges of Delhi Belly, the Pharaoh´s Curse, Montezuma´s Revenge, and their many friends.

Luba-Kasai : Nanku fleau wa Delhi Belly, dinyiokibua dia Pharaoh, vengeance wa Montezuma, ne balunda babu babungi.

English : As with respiratory problems in colder climates, intestinal problems in hot climates are fairly common and in most cases are distinctly annoying but not really dangerous.

Luba-Kasai : Nyi bualu bua mupuyakenu mu climat wa mashika, bualu bua mala mu climat ya luya bidi bimpa diatshimua ne mu malu abungi bidi bimueneka bitonda kadi kaniena nangananga njiwu to.

English : If traveling in a developing country for the first time – or in a new part of the world – don´t underestimate the potential culture shock.

Luba-Kasai : Wewa muenza luendu mu ditunga ditantshishibua bua musangu wa kumpala – eshi mu tshituha tshipiamupia tshia bulaba – ku keki potentiel wa choc wa kabukulu nansha.

English : Many a stable, capable traveler has been overcome by the newness of developing world travel, where many little cultural adjustments can add up quickly.

Luba-Kasai : Bikumbi bia bungi, muenda ngendu wa bukokeshe bamukokesha kudi dilongoloshia dia dipiadipia dia luendu kua pa buloba, kudi ba bungi badi bidilangana ne bibidilu bikese bikese.

English : Especially in your initial days, consider splurging on Western-style and -quality hotels, food, and services to help acclimatize.

Luba-Kasai : Nangananga mu matuku a kumpala, ela menji bua ku kangula nzubu ya bilala benyi, ne biakudia, ne mudimu wa dinanga bu mudi mu matunga menyi.

English : Do not sleep on a mattress or pad on the ground in areas where you do not know the local fauna.

Luba-Kasai : Kuladi pa matelat anyi kulala pa biata pa buloba mu miaba udi wewe kuena mu manye ne nyama idi momu.

English : If you are going to camp out, bring a camp cot or hammock to keep you away from snakes, scorpions and such.

Luba-Kasai : Nuenu nuya kulala mu tshipela, angata bulalalu anyi hamac bua kuikala kule ni nyoka, tuminyiminyi ni bikuabu.

English : Fill your home with a rich coffee in the morning and some relaxing chamomile tea at night.

Luba-Kasai : Uwujayi ni kafe mu nzubu wenu mudinda ni tshayi tshela camomille tsha kusanguluja mubidi dilolo.

English : When you´re on a staycation, you have the time to treat yourself and take a few extra minutes to brew up something special.

Luba-Kasai : Panudi mu dikisha, nudi ni diba dia kuzaba ni minutes mikese ya pamutu bua kulongolola tshintu tsha pabuatshi.

English : If you´re feeling more adventurous, take the opportunity to juice or blend up some smoothies:

Luba-Kasai : Wewe ukeba kuteta, longolola jus wa bimuma anyi bia kunua bia bimuma bitalale.

English : maybe you´ll discover a simple beverage that you can make for breakfast when you´re back to your daily routine.

Luba-Kasai : Ni upete pakuabu tsha kunua tshipupale tshi udi mua kuenza bua tshakudia tsha mudinda pa wa bangulula tshilele tshebe tsha matuku onso.


English : If you live in a city with a varied drinking culture, go to bars or pubs in neighborhoods you don´t frequent.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe usombela mu tshimenga mudi maluvu mashilangane, yaku mu miaba ya kunuina maluvu anyi mu ma pubs a mu quartier mu utu kuyi uya.

English : For those unfamiliar with medical jargon, the words infectious and contagious have distinct meanings.

Luba-Kasai : Badi kabayi bamanye miakulu ya londapi, miaku kutampakana ni tshambu mmiaku mishilangane.

English : An infectious disease is one that is caused by a pathogen, such as a virus, bacterium, fungus or other parasites.

Luba-Kasai : Disama dia ditampakana ditu diluila ku tshishi tsha disama, bu virus, bacterie, champignon anyi bishi bikuabu.

English : A contagious disease is a disease which is easily transmitted by being in the vicinity of an infected person.

Luba-Kasai : Disama dia tshambu ditu diya kudi muntu mukuabu udi pabuipi ni muntu udi mukuatshike ni disama.

English : Many governments require visitors entering, or residents leaving, their countries to be vaccinated for a range of diseases.

Luba-Kasai : Matunga abunyi atu alomba ku benyi badi baya mu ditunga diabu, anyi ba mu ditunga badi bamu patuka, bapete bisalu bia masama mashilangane.

English : These requirements may often depend on what countries a traveller has visited or intends to visit.

Luba-Kasai : Mikenji eyi itu pa tshibidilu ilonda matunga adi muena luendu muendele, anyi mudi yi usua kuya.

English : One of strong points of Charlotte, North Carolina, is that it has an abundance of high-quality options for families.

Luba-Kasai : Bukole bumue bua Charlotte, mu Caroline wa ku Nord, mbualu utu ni bintu bia bunyi bia bimpe bua meku.

English : Residents from other areas often cite family-friendliness as a primary reason for moving there, and visitors often find the city easy to enjoy with children around.

Luba-Kasai : Ba mu bimenga bikuabu batu batela dipetangana dia meku bu tshintu tsha kumpala tsha ku sombela mu, ni benyi batu ba muna tshimenga tshikale tshipupale bua ku tshendela ni bana ku luseke.

English : In the past 20 years, the amount of child-friendly options in Uptown Charlotte has grown exponentially.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bidimu 20 bishale, bunyi bua bintu bilongolola bua bana mu Uptown Charlotte buvua bubande mu mushindu wa dikema.

English : Taxis are not generally used by families in Charlotte, though they can be of some use in certain circumstances.

Luba-Kasai : Meku ka atu abanda pa tshibidilu mu ma taxi mu Charlotte, nansha mutu yu ya dijinga meba makuabu.

English : There is a surcharge for having more than 2 passengers, so this option might be more expensive than necessary.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi bia kukumbaja bua bantu babidi, nimuni option ewu udi mua kuikala mushinga mupite.

English : Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, and surrounds the South Pole.

Luba-Kasai : Antarctica muaba udi ni mashika makola bua buloba bujima, ni tshigengu tshia pole wa kubutshika.

English : Tourist visits are costly, demand physical fitness, can only take place in summer Nov-Feb, and are largely limited to the Peninsula, Islands and Ross Sea.

Luba-Kasai : Diela dia mesu dia bendakanyi didi mushinga mukola, dilomba makanda a mubidi, ditu dienzekibua anu mu tshikondo tshia munya Ngondo wa Dikumi ne Umue ne Ngondo Muibidi, ne malepa makashikila ku Penisula, Islands ne mâyi a Ross.

English : A couple of thousand staff live here in summer in some four dozen bases mostly in those areas; a small number stay over winter.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu batua ku tshinunu badi basomba muaba eu mu cikondo cia munya mikuabu miaba makumi anayi ne muanda mukulu itubu basomba nangananga bigengu biebia; bantu bakesa ki batu basomba mu cikondo cia mashika.

English : Inland Antarctica is a desolate plateau covered by 2-3 km of ice.

Luba-Kasai : Plateau wa munda mua Antartique udi mushala nkayenda mubuikila kudi 2-3 kilometa wa mâyi a mabua.

English : Occasional specialist air tours go inland, for mountaineering or to reach the Pole, which has a large base.

Luba-Kasai : Bena dimanya dia kuendela mu lupepela ba ku misangu mbaya munda, bua kubanda mikuna eshi bua kufika ku Pole, udi ne bangilu munena.

English : The South Pole Traverse (or Highway) is a 1600 km trail from McMurdo Station on the Ross Sea to the Pole.

Luba-Kasai : South Pole Traverse (anyi Highway) ntshitupa tsha km 1600 tshumbukila ku station McMurdo, pa mbuwa wa Ross, ku pole.

English : It´s compacted snow with crevasses filled in and marked by flags. It can only be traveled by specialized tractors, hauling sleds with fuel and supplies.

Luba-Kasai : Nneje mukuatakane ni ma crevasse muule ni mimanyika ni dibendele. Idi mua kupitshibua kudi tutumba tua paluatu, tukoka ma nkalu mikale ni kasoloni ni bia kudia.

English : These aren´t very nimble so the trail has to take a long swerve around the Transantarctic Mountains to come onto the plateau.

Luba-Kasai : Katutu ni lubilu lukole, ni tshipapu tshinyunguluka kudi Mikuna ya pabuipi ni Antarctique bua kufika mu mpata.

English : The most common cause for accidents in winter is slippery roads, pavements (sidewalks) and especially steps.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitu tshienzesja njuwu meba onso mu hiver mbuselu mu njila, miaba ya bantu (trotoirs) ni nangananga pa miaba ya ku diatshila.

English : At a minimum, you need footwear with suitable soles. Summer shoes are usually very slippery on ice and snow, even some winter boots are deficient.

Luba-Kasai : Bijinga wikale ni bisabata bia bidiatshilu bimpe. Bisabata bia mu ete bitu pa tshibidilu bia buselu pa dibue dia mashika ni pa neje, nansha bikumba bikuabu bia mu hiver kabitu bifanyine.

English : The pattern should be deep enough, 5 mm (1/5 inch) or more, and the material soft enough in cold temperatures.

Luba-Kasai : Motif udi ni tsha kuikala ni ndondo, mm 5 (pouce 1/5) anyi mipite, ni bintu bipupale bikole bua diba dia mashika.

English : Some boots have studs and there is studded add-on equipment for slippery conditions, suitable for most shoes and boots, for the heels or heels and sole.

Luba-Kasai : Bikumba bikuabu bitu ni misonso ni kudi bintu bidi ni misonso bua meba a buselu, bienza ku bisabata biabunyi ni bikumba, bua bidiatshilu anyi bidiatshilu ni mwinshi mua bisabata.

English : Heels should be low and wide. Sand, gravel or salt (calcium chloride) is often scattered on roads or paths to improve traction.

Luba-Kasai : Bidiatshilu bidi ni tsha kuikala bia panshi ni bile mu bule. Lusenga, mabue anyi luepu (chlorure wa sodium) batu ba biela mu njila anyi njila minene bua kubandisha bukole.

English : Avalanches are not an abnormality; steep slopes can hold only so much slow, and the excess volumes will come down as avalanches.

Luba-Kasai : Mabue a mashika ka atu mabi; mikuna mikole idi mua kukuata neje mukese tshanana bitekete, ni bunene bukuabu bua pamutu bu mabue a mashika.


English : The problem is that snow is sticky, so it needs some triggering to come down, and some snow coming down can be the triggering event for the rest.

Luba-Kasai : Lutatu, mbualu neje utu ukuata ni muikale dijinga ni tshintu tshidi mua kuenza bua akuluke, tshitupa tsha neje tshidi tshikuluka tshidi mua kukulula mikuabu.

English : Sometimes the original trigging event is the sun warming the snow, sometimes some more snowfall, sometimes other natural events, often a human.

Luba-Kasai : Pakuabu, neje udi mua kukuluka munia yeye mu kume pu, anyi dikuluka dikuabu dia neje, anyi bintu bikuabu bia pa buloba, meba abunyi muntu.

English : A tornado is a spinning column of very low-pressure air, which sucks the surrounding air inward and upward.

Luba-Kasai : Vunda mmulongo wa lupepele lua dinyunguluka dikese, udi ukoka mpepele ya kumuelelu munda ni mulu.

English : They generate high winds (often 100-200 miles/hour) and can lift heavy objects into the air, carrying them as the tornado moves.

Luba-Kasai : Utu ukeba bipepele bikole (pa tshibidilu miles/heure 100 ku 200) ni bidi mua kubukisha bintu bia bujitu, ni bisemena nabiu padi vunda usemena.

English : They begin as funnels descending from storm clouds, and become ¨tornadoes¨ when they touch the ground.

Luba-Kasai : Itu ibanga bu milongeji ya yumbukila mu matutu mafike ni bilu ¨mvunda¨ padibiu bilenga buloba.

English : Personal VPN (virtual private network) providers are an excellent way of circumventing both political censorship and commercial IP-geofiltering.

Luba-Kasai : Batu bafila ma VPN (reseau prive virtuel) a muntu bitu mushindu muimpe wa kusambuka manyoka a ditunga ni ma filtrage a mushinga.

English : They are superior to web proxies for several reasons: They re-route all Internet traffic, not only http.

Luba-Kasai : Itu mipite ma proxies web bua bia bunyi: Itu ifila bionso bidi bipita pa enternete, ka biyi http nkayende to.

English : They normally offer higher bandwidth and better quality of service. They are encrypted and thus harder to spy on.

Luba-Kasai : Bitu bipitisha ngumu ya pa mukaba wa kuinshi mile ni diambuluisha dimpe. Itu mikanga, nimuni bikole bua ku iba.

English : The media companies routinely lie about the purpose of this, claiming that it is to ¨prevent piracy¨.

Luba-Kasai : Kumpanyi ya ma media itu iteka pa tshibidilu pa objectif wa code, bamba ne mbua ¨kuepuka buivi¨.

English : In fact, region codes have absolutely no effect on illegal copying; a bit-for-bit copy of a disk will play just fine on any device where the original will.

Luba-Kasai : Bulelela, codes ya matunga ka itu ni bukokeshi pa copie ya mafi; copie bit a bit wa disque udi ubadibua kakuyi bualu pa biamua bionso pikala wa bulelela muikale.

English : The actual purpose is to give those companies more control over their markets; it´s all about money spinning.

Luba-Kasai : Tshipatshila tshilelela mbua kupesha kumpanyi eyi bukontolodi bukole mu kusumbisha kuabu; mmalu a kunyunguluja makuta.

English : Because calls are routed over the Internet, you do not need to use a phone company located where you live or where you travel.

Luba-Kasai : Mudi miyiki ipitshila pa enternete, kuena ni dijinga dia kubikila kumpanyi wa telefone udi mu nzubu muebe anyi diba dia kuya mu luendu.

English : There is also no requirement that you obtain a local number from the community in which you live; you can obtain a satellite Internet connection in the wilds of Chicken, Alaska and select a number which claims you´re in sunny Arizona.

Luba-Kasai : Kakuena dijinga dia kupeta numero wa mu ditunga mu udi usombela; udi mua kupeta enternete ku pitshila satelite mu miaba ya tshisuku ya Chicken, mu Alaska, ni kusungula numero udi uleja ni udi mu munya wa Arizona.

English : Often, you have to buy a global number separately that allows PSTN phones to call you. Where the number is from makes a difference for people calling you.

Luba-Kasai : Pa tshibidilu, udi ni tsha kusumba numero wa buloba bujima udi wambuluisha ma telefone RTPC bua kuku bikila. Kudi numero umbukila kudi kuleja dishilangana kudi badi baku bikila.

English : Real-time text translator apps – applications that are capable of automatically translating whole segments of text from one language into another.

Luba-Kasai : Tshishuntuludi tsha miaku pa lukasa - application udi mua kushuntula miaku musangu umue bitupa bijima bia mifundu ya muaku ku mukuabu.

English : Some of the applications in this category can even translate texts in foreign languages on signs or other objects in the real world when the user points the smartphone towards those objects.

Luba-Kasai : Application mikuabu ya nunku idi nansha mua kushuntula mifundu ya miakulu ya mu matunga menyi pa ma panneaux anyi bintu bikuabu bia pa buloba bulelela padi muntu utangija smartphone wende ku tshintu atshi.

English : The translation engines have improved dramatically, and now often give more or less correct translations (and more seldom gibberish), but some care is due, as they still may have gotten it all wrong.

Luba-Kasai : Bishuntuludi bia miaku mbiye kumpala menemene ni bishuntula mpidiewu bimpe kakese (ni bia bibi kabiyi pa tshibidilu), kadi bijinga kudimuka, bualu bidi mua kudishima.

English : One of the most prominent apps in this category is Google Translate, which allows offline translation after downloading the desired language data.

Luba-Kasai : Google Translate ki application muimpe bua bia nunku, utuushuntula miakulu nansha ka kuyi enternete wewe mumane ku telecharge bintu bionso bia miakulu bidi musue.

English : Using GPS navigation apps on your smartphone can be the easiest and most convenient way to navigate when out of your home country.

Luba-Kasai : Ditumikija dia ma application a GPS pa kamua kebe bidi mua kuikala mushindu mupupale ni muimpe wa kuya pa enternete paudi mu matunga makuabu.

English : It can save money over buying new maps for a GPS, or a standalone GPS device or renting one from a car rental company.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi biambuluisha kulama makuta pamutu pa kusumba tuarte tukuabu tua GPS, ka tshamua tsha GPS anyi kufutshila tshamua ku kumpanyi wa kufutshila mashinyi.

English : If you don´t have a data connection for your phone, or when it is out of range, their performance can be limited or unavailable.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe kuyi ni mushindu wa kutumikija enternete mu telephone webe, anyi yeye kule, buimpe buayi butu bulua bukese anyi kabuyi ku.

English : Every corner store is filled with a confusing array of pre-paid phone cards that can be used from pay phones or ordinary telephones.

Luba-Kasai : Magasin onso a pa miaba idi ni tuarte prepaye tuabunyi tua tuamua tudi mua kutumikishibua mu tuamua tua bantu bonso anyi ka tshanana.

English : While most cards are good for calling anywhere, some specialise in providing favourable call rates to specific groups of countries.

Luba-Kasai : Tuarte tukuabu toto tuambuluisha kubikila miaba yonso, tukuabu tudi tuenza bua kupeta mishinga mimpe bua bisumbu bia matunga mamanya.

English : Access to these services is often through a toll-free telephone number that can be called from most phones without charge.

Luba-Kasai : Bua kupeta mambuluisha aa bidi bikengela numero wa kamua wa bitupu udi mua kubikidibua kudi tuamua tukuabu kakuyi kufuta.

English : Rules regarding regular photography also apply to video recording, possibly even more so.

Luba-Kasai : Mikandu idi itangila kukuata kua bindidimbi bia shanana idi yenzeka kabidi pa ku dikuata dia ma video, ni pakuabu mene bipitshile.


English : If just taking a photo of something isn´t allowed, then you shouldn´t even think of recording a video of it.

Luba-Kasai : Kukuata tshindidimbi tsha tshintu tshanana koko kukandikibue, kuedi nansha menji bua kukuata video.

English : If using a drone, check well in advance as to what you are allowed to film and what permits or additional licensing are required.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe utumikija kamera wa mulupepele, tangila kumpala tshidi muitabibue bua kukuata ni permis anyi mukanda kayi idi ya dijinga.

English : Flying a drone near an airport or over a crowd is almost always a bad idea, even if it´s not illegal in your area.

Luba-Kasai : Kubukisha kamera pabuipi ni tshipalu tsha ndeke anyi pamutu pa tshisumbu tsha bantu bidi anu lungenyi lubi, nansha biobio kabiyi bibi mu tshimenga tshenu.

English : Nowadays air travel is only rarely booked directly through the airline without first searching and comparing prices.

Luba-Kasai : Matuku aa, bidi bikole ku kuatshila mukanda wa ndeke musangu umue ku kumpanyi wa wa ngendu ya mulupepele kuyi muaji ku kontolola mishinga.

English : Sometimes the same flight can have vastly differing prices at various agregators and it pays to compare search results and to also look at the website of the airline itself before booking.

Luba-Kasai : Meba makuabu, muaba umue wa luendu udi mua kuikala ni mishinga mishilangane bikole kulondeshela ni ma agence, ni bidi bimpe kutangila bipeta bia bukebi ni kukeba pa site web wa kumpanyi nkayende bua kukuatshila muaba.

English : While you may not need a visa for short visits to certain countries as a tourist or for business, going there as an international student generally requires a longer stay than going there just as a casual tourist.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe kuyi dijinga ni visa, bua ngendu ya matuku makese mu matunga makuabu bu muena ngedu kabukabu anyi bua mudimu, kusomba mu ditunga bu mulongi wa bukuabisamba bidi bikengela pa tshibidilu lusombi lule bipite lusombi lua bu muena ngendu kabukabu.

English : In general, staying in any foreign country for an extended period of time will require you to obtain a visa in advance.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshibunyi, bua kusomba mu ditunga dikuabu matuku abunyi, udi ni tsha kupeta visa kumpala.

English : Student visas generally have different requirements and application procedures from normal tourist or business visas.

Luba-Kasai : Visa ya balongi itu ilomba bintu ni mushindu mushilangane ni visa ya bena ngendu kabukabu anyi ya malu a mushinga.

English : For most countries, you will need an offer letter from the institution you wish to study at, and also evidence of funds to support yourself for at least the first year of your course.

Luba-Kasai : Mu matunga abunyi, ni nuikale dijinga ni mukanda wa dikeba wa tulasa mu udi musue kulonga, ni mukanda wa makuta makumbane bua ku kuambuluisha mu majinga eb mu tshidimu nansha tsha kumpala tsha malonga ebe.

English : Check with the institution, as well as the immigration department for the country you wish to study in for detailed requirements.

Luba-Kasai : Ebeja mu tulasa ni ku mudimu wa disambuka dia matunga wa mu ditunga mu udi musue kulonga bua kumanya bia kuenza kamue pa kamue.

English : Unless you are a diplomat, working overseas generally means that you will have to file income tax in the country you are based in.

Luba-Kasai : Anu wewe muikale muena mpala, kutumika mu matunga menyi mbuena kuamba ne udi ni tsha kuamba bi utu upeta mu ditunga mu udi musombele.

English : Income tax is structured differently in different countries, and the tax rates and brackets vary widely from one country to another.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitadi tsha bi udi upeta tshitu tshenza mu mishindu mishilangane kulondangana ni matunga, ni bunyi bua dilomba butu bushuntuluka kulondeshela ditunga ku dikuabu.

English : In some federal countries, such as the United States and Canada, income tax is levied both at the federal level and at the local level, so the rates and brackets can vary from region to region.

Luba-Kasai : Mu matunga makuabu, bu mu Etat-Unis ni Canada, tshitadi tsha pa difutu diebe batu ba tshangata musangu umue kudi balombodi ba kulu ni ba kuinshi, mu mushindu wa se bunyi ni bitupa bilomba bishilangane kulonda tshimenga ku tshikuabu.

English : While immigration check is usually absent or a formality when you arrive in your homeland, customs control can be a hassle.

Luba-Kasai : Bukontolodi bua mudimu wa disambuka matunga kabuyi ku anyi buikale anu bua nanku paudi ufika mu ditunga diebe, bukontolodi bua duane budi mua kuku kengesha.

English : Make sure you know what you can and cannot bring in and declare anything over the legal limits.

Luba-Kasai : Ikala mumanye tshidi mua ku bueja anyi to ni kufutshila bionso bidi pamutu pa bujitu bulomba.

English : The easiest way to get started in the business of travel writing is to hone your skills on an established travel blog website.

Luba-Kasai : Mushindu mupupale wa kufunda malu a ngendu ni akulongolola mamanya ebe pa ma site Web wa ma blog a ngedu mafunda bimpe.

English : After you become comfortable with formatting and editing on the web, then later, you might create your own website.

Luba-Kasai : Pa wamanya kukupula ni kufunda pa Web, udi mua kuenza site Web webe nkayebe.

English : Volunteering while travelling is a great way to make a difference but it´s not just about giving.

Luba-Kasai : Kutumika bia tshanana mu luendu bidi mushindu muimpe wa kuenza dishilangana, kadi ki mbilomba anu kufila to.

English : Living and volunteering in a foreign country is a great way to get to know a different culture, meet new people, learn about yourself, get a sense of perspective and even gain new skills.

Luba-Kasai : Kusomba ni kutumika bia tshanana mu ditunga dienyi mmushindu wa kujendula mushindu mukuabu wakuenza malu, kumona bantu bakuabu, kupingana kunyima ni kupeta nansha mamanya makuabu.

English : It can also be a good way to stretch a budget to allow a longer stay somewhere since many volunteer jobs provide room and board and a few pay a small salary.

Luba-Kasai : Mmushindu mukuabu wa kupeta lupetu ludi mua kukuambuluisha usombe matuku abunyi pa muaba, bualu midimu yabunyi ya badi badisuile itu ifila miaba ya kulala ni bia kudibuikila ni mikuabu itu ifila ka difutu.

English : Vikings used the Russian waterways to get to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Parts of these routes can still be used. Check possible need for special permits, which may be difficult to get.

Luba-Kasai : Ba Vikings bavua bapitshila pa miaba ya kupitshila matu ya ba russes bua kuya ku mbuwa mufike ni ku mbua Caspienne. Miaba mikuabu ya njila idi mua ku ipitshila. Tangila dijinga dia kupeta mabeji a kuitaba apaluawu, adi mua kuikala makole bua kupeta.

English : The White Sea–Baltic Canal connects the Arctic Ocean to the Baltic Sea, via Lake Onega, Lake Ladoga and Saint Petersburg, mostly by rivers and lakes.

Luba-Kasai : Dijiba dia mbua Blanche-Baltique ditu dilunga ocean Arctique ku mua Baltique, kupitshila mu musulu wa Ladoga ni Saint-Petersburg, nangananga kupitshila misulu ni majiba.

English : Lake Onega is also connected to Volga, so coming from the Caspian Sea through Russia is still possible.

Luba-Kasai : Musulu wa Onega utu udilunga biende ku Volga, bua se kupita pa mbua Caspienne lua mu Russie kuikale ku.

English : Be assured that once you hit the marinas everything will be pretty obvious. You will meet other boat hitchhikers and they will share their information with you.

Luba-Kasai : Ikalayi bamanye ni pa nuafika mu marinas, bionso ni bimueneke. Ni nupete matu makuabu mimanuiki ni anupeshe ngumu yayi.

English : Basically you´ll be putting up notices offering your help, pacing the docks, approaching people cleaning their yachts, trying to make contact with sailors in the bar, etc.

Luba-Kasai : Mu tshikoso, udi ni tsha kuteka mamanyisha adi aleja diambuluisha diebe, kuendakana ku mpenga kua mayi, kusemena pabuipi ni badi basukula ma yachts yabu, kuteta kupetangana ni bendeshi ba mazuwa mu muaba wa kunuina maluvu, ni bikuabu.


English : Try to talk to as many people as possible. After a while everyone will know you and will give you hints as to which boat is looking for someone.

Luba-Kasai : Teta kuakula ni bantu babunyi bukumbana. Tshitupa tshikese, bantu bonso ni bakumanye ni ni baku ludike ku buatu budi dijinga ni muntu.

English : You should choose your Frequent Flyer airline in an alliance carefully.

Luba-Kasai : Udi ni tsha kusungula ni ndudi kumpanyi wa ndeke uwikala wangata misangu yonso mu tshipungidi.

English : Although you may think it is intuitive to join the airline you fly most, you should be aware that privileges offered are often different and frequent flyer points may be more generous under a different airline in the same alliance.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha wela menji ni bidi bimpe kuangata kumpanyi wa ndeke wa pa tshibidilu, udi ni tsha kumanya ne mushindu wa kuenza bintu mmushilangane kabidi ni kufutshibua kua lulamatu kudi mua kuikala kunene mu kumpanyi mukuabu wa mo mumue.

English : Airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways & Turkish Airlines have greatly expanded their services to Africa, and offer connections to many major African cities at competitive rates than other European airlines.

Luba-Kasai : Kumpanyi ya mulupepele bu Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways ni Turkie Airlines mbatantishe midimu yabu mu Afrique, ni baya mu bimenga binene bia mu Afrique ku mushinga mimpe bikole kupita kumpanyi mikuabu ya mu Europe.

English : Turkish Airlines flies to 39 destinations in 30 African countries as of 2014.

Luba-Kasai : Turkie Airlines utu uya mu miaba 39 ya mu matunga 30 ya mu Afrique katsha 2014.

English : If you have additional travel time, check to see how your total fare quote to Africa compares with a round-the-world fare.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe ni meba makuabu a kuenza ngendu, kontolola mushinga webe wa kuya mu Afrique mudiyi ufuanangana ni mushinga wa kunyunguluka buloba bujima.

English : Don´t forget to add in the extra costs of additional visas, departure taxes, ground transportation, etc. for all those places outside of Africa.

Luba-Kasai : Kupi moyo kukumbaja mushinga wa ma visa, bitadi bia diya, ngendu ya panshi, ni bikuabu. Bua miaba yonso eyi pambelu pa Afrique.

English : If you want to fly around the world completely in the Southern Hemisphere, the choice of flights and destinations is limited due to the lack of transoceanic routes.

Luba-Kasai : Wewe musue kunyunguluka buloba bujima ku Hemisphere Sud, disungula dia ndeke anyi dia muaba wa kuya didi dikese bua kupanga kua njila ya transoceanique.

English : No airline alliance covers all three ocean crossings in the Southern Hemisphere (and SkyTeam covers none of the crossings).

Luba-Kasai : Kakuena ndeke wa tshipungidi udi mua kusambuka ku Hemisphere Sud (ni SkyTeam kena uya mu tshisambuki nasha tshimue).

English : However, Star Alliance covers everything except the eastern South Pacific from Santiago de Chile to Tahiti, which is a LATAM Oneworld flight.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, Star Alliance udi uya konso kumbusha anu est wa Pacifique du Sud kumbukila mu Santiago wa Chili too ni ku Taiti, tshikale ndeke wa LATAM Oneworld.

English : This flight is not the only option if you want to skip the South Pacific and the west coast of South America. (see below)

Luba-Kasai : Ndeke ewu kena nkayende bua wewe musue kuepuka Pacifique wa ku Sud ni cote est wa Amerique du Sud. (tangila kuinshi)

English : In 1994, the ethnically Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan waged war against the Azeris.

Luba-Kasai : Mu 1994, tshisamba tsha bena Armanien wa mu Haut-Karabakh mu Azerbaijan tshivua tshiluishe bena Azeris.

English : With Armenian backing, a new republic was created. However, no established nation - not even Armenia - officially recognizes it.

Luba-Kasai : Ni bukuatshishi bua Armenie, Ditunga dipiadipia divua dienza. Kadi kakuena ditunga - nansha Armenie nki mu dimanie mu bulelela.

English : Diplomatic arguments over the region continue to mar relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Luba-Kasai : Ndululu ya bena mbulamatadi mu tshimenga bitshidi bikuate bulanda bua Armenie ni Azerbaidjan.

English : The Canal District (Dutch: Grachtengordel) is the famous 17th-century district surrounding the Binnenstad of Amsterdam.

Luba-Kasai : Canal District (mu tshi neerlandais: Grachtengordel) ntshimenga tshimanyike tsha mu XVIIe siecle tshinyunguluka Binnenstad wa mu Amsterdam.

English : The whole district is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique cultural and historical value, and its property values are among the highest of the country.

Luba-Kasai : Tshimenga tshijima ntshiteka bu Muaba wa bubanji bua buloba bujima bua UNESCO bua bujitu buende bua mazaba ni nsumuinu, ni bua bintu bia mushinga bikale mu nkatshi mua bia kulu bia mu musoko.

English : Cinque Terre, which means Five Lands, comprises the five small coastal villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso located in the Italian region of Liguria.

Luba-Kasai : Cinque Terre, biunvuija ne maloba atanu, adi ni tu misoko tutanu tua kumuelelu ku Riomaggiore, Manarola, Cornigila, Vernazza ni Montessoro udi mu tshiimenga bia Italie mu Liguria.

English : They are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi bifunda pa mukanda wa mabanji a mu Buloba a UNESCO.

English : Over the centuries, people have carefully built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea.

Luba-Kasai : Kunyima kua ma siecle, bantu bavua bibake mu lutulu ma terraces pa muaba mudifuke ni musokome too ni pa muaba mubandile wa mbuwa.

English : Part of its charm is the lack of visible corporate development. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach them from the outside.

Luba-Kasai : Tshitupa tsha buimpe buende nkupanga diya dia kumpala dia kumpanyi. Njila, Kaulu ni matu bitu bilunga misoko, ni mashinyi a kule ka ena mua kuba fikila.

English : The varieties of French which are spoken in Belgium and Switzerland differ slightly from the French spoken in France, though they are similar enough to be mutually intelligible.

Luba-Kasai : Francais udi wakudibua mu Belgique ni mu Suisse mbishilangane kakese ni Francais muakula mu France, nansha yoyo mikale pamue bikole bua yoyu kunvuika.

English : In particular, the numbering system in French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland has some slight peculiarities that are different from the French spoken in France, and the pronunciation of some words is slightly different.

Luba-Kasai : Mu busunguluke, mushindu wa kubala mu Francais wa mu Belgique ni mu Suisse kudi ni bushidianganyi bukese ni mushindu wa kubala wa mu France, ni diakula dia miaku kampanda ndishilangane kakese.

English : Nevertheless, all French-speaking Belgians and Swiss would have learned standard French in school, so they would be able to understand you even if you used the standard French numbering system.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, ba Belge ne bena mu Suisse batu bakula Frncais bavua ba ilonge ku tulasa, nunku badi mua ku kumvua nansha wewe ubala mu Francais wa bantu bonso.

English : In many parts of the world, waving is a friendly gesture, indicating ¨hello.¨

Luba-Kasai : Mu miaba ya bunyi ya pa buloba, kunyungisha diboko mmushindu wa bulunda, bua kuamba ¨wetuawu.¨

English : However, in Malaysia, at least among the Malays in rural areas, it means ¨come over,¨ similar to the index finger bent toward the body, a gesture which is used in certain Western countries, and should be used only for that purpose.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, mu Malaisie, mu bena Malaisie ba mu bitupa bia misoko, bileja ¨luaku pamutu,¨ pamue ni munu mukudimuna ku mubidi, mushindu wa mu misoko mikuabu ya ku Ouest, ni ba utumikisha bua kipatshila kamue.


English : Similarly, a British traveller in Spain may mistake a wave goodbye involving the palm facing the waver (rather than the person being waved at) as a gesture to come back.

Luba-Kasai : Bia mo mumue, muena luendu wa mu Britanique mu Espagne udi mu kudi shima bua mushindu wa kulaya tshanza tshitangile bantu (kabiyi bu muntu udibu baleja diboko) bu kuleja dipingana.

English : Auxiliary languages are artificial or constructed languages created with the intent of facilitating communication between peoples who would otherwise have difficulty communicating.

Luba-Kasai : Miakulu mikuabu itu ya bantu bafuke any benze mu mushindu wa kuambuluisha dipetangana mu miyiki ya bantu badi mua kuikala ni mapumbisha a kuakula.

English : They are separate from lingua francas, which are natural or organic languages that become dominant for one reason or another as means of communication between speakers of other languages.

Luba-Kasai : Mbishilangane ni lingua franca, mmiakulu naturel anyi organik idi itumba bua bualu bumue anyi bukuabu bu mushindu wa kuakula mu nkatshi mua bakudi ba miakulu mikuabu.

English : In the heat of the day, travelers can experience mirages that give the illusion of water (or other things).

Luba-Kasai : Mu luya lua mu munya, bena ngendu badi mua kusangila ni ma mirage mikale bu mayi (anyi bintu bikuabu).

English : These can be dangerous if the traveler pursue the mirage, wasting precious energy and remaining water.

Luba-Kasai : Bidi mua kuikala ni njuwu bua bena luendu bobo bamune mirage, bajimija bukole bua nsongo ni bishala mayi.

English : Even the hottest of deserts can become extremely cold at night. Hypothermia is a real risk without warm clothing.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha luya lua mu tshipela lutu lulua mashika bikole butuku. Dipueka dia luya njuwu wewe kuyi ni bilamba bia mashika.

English : In summer, especially, you´ll need to watch out for mosquitoes if you decide to hike through the rainforest.

Luba-Kasai : Mu ete nangananga, ikala ni budimu bua tumue wewe mujinge kuendakana mu ditu dia mvula.

English : Even if you´re driving through the subtropical rainforest, a few seconds with the doors open while you get inside the vehicle is enough time for mosquitoes to get in the vehicle with you.

Luba-Kasai : Nansha wewe wendeshela mashinyi ku luseke lua sud lua ditu dinene dia mvula, bua tususa tukese ni bibi bikangula mu dibuela dia mu mashinyi tumue tudi tubuelela pamue nebe mu mashinyi.

English : Bird flu, or more formally avian influenza, can infect both birds and mammals.

Luba-Kasai : Tshimpumpu tsha nyunyi, any mu bulelela grippe aviane, udi mua kukuata nyunyi ni nyama.

English : Fewer than a thousand cases have ever been reported in humans, but some of them have been fatal.

Luba-Kasai : Bantu bapite tshinunu kabatu banji kutshipeta, kadi bamue bavua batshipete tsha lufu.

English : Most have involved people who work with poultry, but there is also some risk to birdwatchers.

Luba-Kasai : Batu batumika mu miaba ya nzolo bavua baleja minu, kadi kudi kabidi njuwu bua bena malu a nyunyi.

English : Typical for Norway are steep fjords and valleys that suddenly give way to a high, more or less even plateau.

Luba-Kasai : Ba fjord bavua banyeme ni tshibandabanda bishiya muaba diakamua bua mukuna mule muikale mulandale, mbia mu Norvege.

English : These plateaus are often referred to as ¨vidde¨ meaning a wide, open treeless space, a boundless expanse.

Luba-Kasai : Mikuna eyi itu ibikidibua pa tshibidilu ¨vidde¨, biunvuija ne mmuaba mule, mudilekelele kauyi ni mitshi, tshipapu tsha katshiyi ni nshikidilu.

English : In Rogaland and Agder they are usually called ¨hei¨ meaning a treeless moorland often covered in heather.

Luba-Kasai : Mu Rogaland ni mu Agder batu ba ibikila ¨hei¨ nimuni buloba bua kabuyi ni mitshi buikale pa tshibidilu ni mabungi.

English : The glaciers are not stable, but flow down the mountain. This will cause cracks, crevasses, which may be obscured by snow bridges.

Luba-Kasai : Mabue a mashika ka atu muaba umue, atu akuluka ku mukuna. Ni bi kose mintanta, bina, bibuikila kudi bilamba bia neje.

English : The walls and roofs of ice caves can collapse and cracks can get closed.

Luba-Kasai : Bibumba ni malata bia dibue dia mashika bidi mua kupueka ni mintanta idi mua kudi kanga.

English : At the edge of glaciers huge blocks break loose, fall down and perhaps jump or roll farther from the edge.

Luba-Kasai : Ku nseke kua dibue dia mashika mabue a mashika manene atu atuka ku, akuluka ni pakuabu a bunguluka kule ni dibue dia mashika.

English : The tourist season for the hill stations generally peaks during the Indian summer.

Luba-Kasai : Diba dia ba touriste bua dimana dia pa mikuna bintu pa tshibidilu diba dia ete wa ba Indien.

English : However, they have a different kind of beauty and charm during winter, with many hill stations receiving healthy amounts of snow and offering activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Luba-Kasai : Kadi, bitu ni buimpe ni bulenga bua pabuawu mu hiver, ni kuimana kua pa mikuna mu kupeta bunyi bukumbane bua neje ni bifila mazaba a ski ni kuendela pa neje.

English : Only a few airlines still offer bereavement fares, which slightly discount the cost of last-minute funeral travel.

Luba-Kasai : Kudi anu kumpanyi mikese idi mishale yambuluisha ngendu ku mushinga muimpe diba dia madilu, bipuekesha mushinga bua luendu lua meba a ndekelu a kujika.

English : Airlines that offer these include Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa for flights originating from the U.S. or Canada, and WestJet.

Luba-Kasai : Kumpanyi idi yenza nunku kudi Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa bua ndeke idi yumbukila mu Etats-Unis anyi mu Canada, ni WestJet.

English : In all cases, you must book by phone directly with the airline.

Luba-Kasai : Mu bionso, udi ni tsha ku kuatshila muaba ku kumpanyi musangu umue ni kamua ka miyiki.


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