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In this session, we will learn a conversation in English and Limburgs languages using the 'Flores200' data provided by 'MetaAI.' This data consists of a total of 997 sentences, so if you read 25 sentences per day, you can see your language skills improve within 40 days.

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English : On Monday, scientists from the Stanford University School of Medicine announced the invention of a new diagnostic tool that can sort cells by type: a tiny printable chip that can be manufactured using standard inkjet printers for possibly about one U.S. cent each.

Limburgish : Op maondag kóndegde weitensjappers vaan de Stanford University School of Medicine de oetvinding vaan 'n nui diagnostisch middel aon, dat celle kin sortere op type: 'ne hiele kleine printbare chip dee gefabriceerd kin weure door standaard inkjetprinters veur meugelek circa eine Amerikaonse cent per stök.

English : Lead researchers say this may bring early detection of cancer, tuberculosis, HIV and malaria to patients in low-income countries, where the survival rates for illnesses such as breast cancer can be half those of richer countries.

Limburgish : Hoofdoonderzeukers zègke dat dit tot vreuge oontdèkkinge kin leide vaan kaanker, tuberculose, HIV en malaria bij patiënte in lande met lieg inkoumes, boe de euverlevenskanse veur krenkdes wie boorskaanker de helf kinne zien vaan die in riekere lande.

English : The JAS 39C Gripen crashed onto a runway at around 9:30 am local time (0230 UTC) and exploded, closing the airport to commercial flights.

Limburgish : De JAS 39C Gripen crashde op 'n landingsbaon roond 9:30 lokale tied (0230 UTC) en explodeerde, boedoor 't vleegveld woort aofgeslote veur commerciële vlöchte.

English : The pilot was identified as Squadron Leader Dilokrit Pattavee.

Limburgish : De piloot woort geïdentificeerd es Squadron Leider Dilokrit Pattavee.

English : Local media reports an airport fire vehicle rolled over while responding.

Limburgish : Lokale media rapporteert dat 'n vleegveldbrandweerwage euver de kop sloog tijdens 't reagere.

English : 28-year-old Vidal had joined Barça three seasons ago, from Sevilla.

Limburgish : De 28-jaorege Vidal kaom drei sezoene geleie euver vaan Barça nao Sevilla.

English : Since moving to the Catalan-capital, Vidal had played 49 games for the club.

Limburgish : Sinds de verhuis nao de Cattalaonse hoofstad had Vidal 49 wedstrijde gespäöld veur de club.

English : The protest started around 11:00 local time (UTC+1) on Whitehall opposite the police-guarded entrance to Downing Street, the Prime Minister´s official residence.

Limburgish : 't prottes begós roond 11:00 lokale tied (UTC+1) in Whitehall, tegeneuver de door pelitie bewaakde ingaank vaan Downing Street, de ambswoening vaan de premier.

English : Just after 11:00, protesters blocked traffic on the northbound carriage in Whitehall.

Limburgish : Eve nao 11:00 blokkièrde demonstrante 't verkier op de rijbaon in noèrdeleke riechting in Whitehall.

English : At 11:20, the police asked the protesters to move back on to the pavement, stating that they needed to balance the right to protest with the traffic building up.

Limburgish : Um 11:20 vroog de pelitie de demonstrante um trök nao de stóp te goon, umtot ze nao eige zègke 't rech um te prottestere in ballans móste bringe mèt 't touwnummende verkier.

English : Around 11:29, the protest moved up Whitehall, past Trafalgar Square, along the Strand, passing by Aldwych and up Kingsway towards Holborn where the Conservative Party were holding their Spring Forum in the Grand Connaught Rooms hotel.

Limburgish : Roond 11:29 trok 't prottes Whitehall op, veurbij Trafalgar Square, langs de Strand, Aldwych passerend en de Kingsway aof riechting Holborn boe de Conservative Party hun Spring Forum had in 't Grand Connaught Rooms hotel.

English : Nadal´s head to head record against the Canadian is 7–2.

Limburgish : Nadal's oonderlinge record tege de Canadees is 7-2.

English : He recently lost against Raonic in the Brisbane Open.

Limburgish : Heer verloor lèts tege Raonic op de Brisbane Open.

English : Nadal bagged 88% net points in the match winning 76 points in the first serve.

Limburgish : Nadal wón vaan z'n punte aon 't nèt 88% en wón 76 punte mèt z'nen ierste opslaag.

English : After the match, King of Clay said, ¨I am just excited about being back in the final rounds of the most important events. I am here to try to win this.¨

Limburgish : Nao de wedstrijd zag de Keuning vaan 't Gravel, "Iech bin gewoen blij um trök te zien in de lèste rundes vaan de belaankriekste eveneminte. Iech bin hei um te perbere dit te winne."

English : ¨Panama Papers¨ is an umbrella term for roughly ten million documents from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, leaked to the press in spring 2016.

Limburgish : "Panama Papers" is 'n euverkoepelende term veur groofeweg 10 mieljoen documinte vaan 't Panamese advocaotekentoer Mossack Fonseca, die op 't veurjaor vaan 2016 geleek zien nao de pers.

English : The documents showed fourteen banks helped wealthy clients hide billions of US dollars of wealth to avoid taxes and other regulations.

Limburgish : De documinte lete veertien baanke zièn die rieke klante holpe bij 't verberge vaan mieljare aon Amerikaonse dollars in vermoge um belastinge en aander wette te oontwieke.

English : British newspaper The Guardian suggested Deutsche Bank controlled roughly a third of the 1200 shell companies used to accomplish this.

Limburgish : De Britse gezèt The Guardian hit gehìnt dà Deutsche Bank groofeweg 'n derde vaan de 1200 lege vennootsjappe behierde die heiveur gebruuk woorte.

English : There were protests worldwide, several criminal prosecutions, and the leaders of the governments of Iceland and Pakistan both resigned.

Limburgish : D'r waore wereldwije protteste, versjèllende strafrechteleke vervolginge en de leiers vaan de regeringe vaan Iesland en Pakistan naome alletwiè oontslaag.

English : Born in Hong Kong, Ma studied at New York University and Harvard Law School and once held an American permanent resident ¨green card¨.

Limburgish : Gebore in Hong Kong, Ma studièrde aon de universiteit vaan New York en Harvard Law School en had oets 'n Amerikaonse "green card" veur permanente inwoeners.

English : Hsieh implied during the election that Ma might flee the country during a time of crisis.

Limburgish : Hsieh suggereerde tijdens de verkezinge dat Ma 't land zouw kinne oontvlöchte in tije vaan crisis.

English : Hsieh also argued that the photogenic Ma was more style than substance.

Limburgish : Hsieh beweerde ouch dat de fotogenieke Ma mie stijl es inhoud waor.

English : Despite these accusations, Ma won handily on a platform advocating closer ties with the Chinese mainland.

Limburgish : Oondaanks dees besjöldeginge wón Ma gewiks deùr 'n oetgaankspunt veur nejjere ben mèt 't Chineìse lànd.

English : Today´s Player of the Day is Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals.

Limburgish : De speuler vaan de daag is vendaog Alex Ovechkin vaan de Washington Capitals.

English : He had 2 goals and 2 assists in Washington´s 5-3 win over the Atlanta Thrashers.

Limburgish : Heer had 2 gole en 2 assists in de 5-3 euverwinning vaan Washington tege de Atlanta Trashers.


English : Ovechkin´s first assist of the night was on the game-winning goal by rookie Nicklas Backstrom;

Limburgish : Ovechkin zien ierste assist vaan de aovend waor veur de winnende gool vaan nuijeling Nicklas Backstrom;

English : his second goal of the night was his 60th of the season, becoming the first player to score 60 or more goals in a season since 1995-96, when Jaromir Jagr and Mario Lemieux each reached that milestone.

Limburgish : zien twiede gool vaan de aovend waor z'n 60ste vaan 't sezoen en woort zoe de ierste speuler dee 60 of mie gools maakde sìnts 1995-96, toèn Jaromir Jagr en Mario Lemieux eder dieje mijlpaol haolde.

English : Batten was ranked 190th on the 2008 400 Richest Americans list with an estimated fortune of $2.3 billion.

Limburgish : Batten stoont in 2008 op de 190ste plaots op de lies vaan de 400 riekste Amerikane met 'n gesjat vermoge vaan $2.3 mieljaar.

English : He graduated from the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Virginia in 1950 and was a significant donor to that institution.

Limburgish : Heer studeerde in 1950 aof vaan 't College of Arts & Sciences vaan de universiteit vaan Virginia en waor 'ne belaankrieke gever aon die instèlling.

English : Iraq´s Abu Ghraib prison has been set alight during a riot.

Limburgish : De Abu Ghraib gevaangenis in Irak is beì 'n rèl in brand gestoke.

English : The jail became notorious after prisoner abuse was discovered there after US forces took over.

Limburgish : De gevaangenis woort beröch toen 't misbruuk vaan gevaangene dao woort oontdèk naodat Amerikaonse tróppe 't hadde euvergenome.

English : Piquet Jr. crashed in the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix just after an early pit stop for Fernando Alonso, bringing out the safety car.

Limburgish : Piquet Jr. crashde zjus nao 'n vreuge pitstop in de Grand Prix vaan Singapore in 2008 veur Fernando Alonso, boedoor de safety car nao boete kaom.

English : As the cars ahead of Alonso went in for fuel under the safety car, he moved up the pack to take victory.

Limburgish : Oonderwijl de oto's veur Alonso nao binne ginge veur brandstof tijdens de safety car, sjuifde heer op nao väöre um de euverwinning te pakke.

English : Piquet Jr. was sacked after the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Limburgish : Piquet Jr. woort oontslage nao de Hongaarse Grand Prix vaan 2009.

English : At exactly 8:46 a.m. a hush fell across the city, marking the exact moment the first jet struck its target.

Limburgish : Um perceis 8:46 a.m. veel d'r 'n stèlte euver de stad wà 't exakte momint aonduide boe-op 't ierste vleegmachien zei doèl roàkte.

English : Two beams of light have been rigged up to point skywards overnight.

Limburgish : Twie leechstraole zien opgetuug um 's nachs nao de hiemel te wieze.

English : Construction is ongoing for five new skyscrapers at the site, with a transportation center and memorial park in the middle.

Limburgish : D'r weurt gebouwd aon vief nui wolkekretsers op 't terrein, mèt in 't midde 'n transportcentrum en herdinkingspark.

English : The PBS show has more than two-dozen Emmy awards, and its run is shorter only than Sesame Street and Mister Rogers´ Neighborhood.

Limburgish : PBS heet mie es twinteg Emmy-awards gewonne en kotter gedoert es Sesamsjtraot en Mister Rogers´ Neighborhood.

English : Each episode of the show would focus on a theme in a specific book and then explore that theme through multiple stories.

Limburgish : Eedere aaflevering vaan de serie ging euver 'n thema in ne zeìkere boèk, welke aon de hand vaan versjillende verhaole woord vertèld.

English : Each show would also provide recommendations for books that children should look for when they went to their library.

Limburgish : Eedere serie gaof daan aonbevelinge veur beuk die kinger in de bieb koste leze.

English : John Grant, from WNED Buffalo (Reading Rainbow´s home station) said ¨Reading Rainbow taught kids why to read,... the love of reading — [the show] encouraged kids to pick up a book and to read.¨

Limburgish : John Grant, vaan WNED Buffalo (thoesstation vaan Reading Rainbow) zag ¨Reading Rainbow lierde kinger leze,... leefde veur leze— [de serie] zorgde d'rveur dét kinger ginge leze.¨

English : It is believed by some, including John Grant, that both the funding crunch and a shift in the philosophy of educational television programming contributed to ending the series.

Limburgish : Sommige geluive, boeoonder John Grant, dèt zoewel de kredietkrisis es de verandering in filosofie vaan edukatieve programma's höbbe biegedrage aan 't eind vaan de séries.

English : The storm, situated about 645 miles (1040 km) west of the Cape Verde islands, is likely to dissipate before threatening any land areas, forecasters say.

Limburgish : De störm, dee ziech oongeveer 645 mijl (1040 km) ten weste vaan de Kaapverdische Eilande bevint, zal volges veurspellers woersjijnelek vervlege veurtot 'r landoppervlak in gevaar kin bringe.

English : Fred currently has winds of 105 miles per hour (165 km/h) and is moving towards the northwest.

Limburgish : Fred haolt op dit momint windsnelhede vaan 105 mijl per oor (165 km/h) en beweug z'ch nao 't noordweste.

English : Fred is the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded so far south and east in the Atlantic since the advent of satellite imagery, and only the third major hurricane on record east of 35°W.

Limburgish : Fred is de kràgtigste troèpiese steùrm dee oets is waorgenome zoe wied nao 't zuie en ooste in de Atlantische Oceaon sinds de koms vaan satellietbeelde, en pas de deìrde groete troèpiese steùrm ten ooste van 35°W gerezjistreerd.

English : On September 24, 1759, Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease for the St James´ Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland.

Limburgish : Op 24 september 1759 oonderteikende Arthur Guinness 'n pach vaan 9000 jaor veur de St James' Gate Brouwerij in Dublin, Ierland.

English : 250 years later, Guinness has grown to a global business that turns over 10 billion euros (US$14.7 billion) every year.

Limburgish : 250 jaor later is Guinness oetgegreujd tot 'n wereldwied bedrief met 'n umzat vaan 10 mieljaar euro (14.7 mieljaar Amerikaonse Dollar) eeder jaor.

English : Jonny Reid, co-driver for the A1GP New Zealand team, today made history by driving the fastest over the 48-year-old Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand, legally.

Limburgish : Jonny Reid, bijrijer vaan 't Nui-Zielandse A1GP team, sjreef vendaog gesjiedenis deùr legaal es gawste euver de 48-jaorege Auckland Harbour Bridge in Nui-Zieland te rije.

English : Mr Reid managed to drive the New Zealand´s A1GP car, Black Beauty at speeds over 160km/h seven times over the bridge.

Limburgish : Menier Reid slaagde drin mèt de Nui-Zielandse A1GP oto Black Beauty zeve kier op snelhede bove de 160km/h euver de brögk te rije.

English : The New Zealand police had trouble using their speed radar guns to see how fast Mr Reid was going because of how low Black Beauty is, and the only time the police managed to clock Mr Reid was when he slowed down to 160km/h.

Limburgish : De Nui-Zielandse pelitie had meujte um hun laserguns te gebruuke um te zien wie gaw menier Reid ging door wie lieg Black Beauty is, de einege kier dat de pelitie dit wel lökde waor toen menier Reid aofremde tot 160km/h.


English : In the last 3 months, over 80 arrestees were released from the Central Booking facility without being formally charged.

Limburgish : In de aofgeloupe 3 maond zien mie es 80 arrèstante vrijgelaote oet de Central Booking instèlling zoonder officieel te zien aongeklaog.

English : In April this year, a temporary restaining order was issued by Judge Glynn against the facility to enforce the release of those held more than 24 hours after their intake who did not receive a hearing by a court commissioner.

Limburgish : In aprèl vaan dit jaor heet rechter Glynn 'n tijdelek dwaankbevel oetgeveerdeg tege de instèlling um de vrijlaoting aof te dwinge vaan degene die nao hun intake mie es 24 oor woorte vasgehawwe en gein huurzitting gehad hadde vaan 'ne rechter-commissaris.

English : The commissioner sets bail, if granted, and formalizes the charges filed by the arresting officer. The charges are then entered into the state´s computer system where the case is tracked.

Limburgish : De rechter-commissaris lègk de börgstèlling vas, es dee weurt touwgekind, en zèt de door de agent vaan deens ingedeende besjöldegine op pepier. De aonklach weurt daan ingeveurd in 't computersysteem vaan de staat boe de zaak weurt opgevolg.

English : The hearing also marks the date for the suspect's right to a speedy trial.

Limburgish : Bij de huurzitting weurt ouch de daotum vasgelag veur 'n perces binne aofzeenbare tied boe de verdachde rech op heet.

English : Peter Costello, Australian treasurer and the man most likely to succeed Prime Minister John Howard as Liberal party leader has thrown his support behind a nuclear power industry in Australia.

Limburgish : Peter Costello, minister van Financieje en de maan dee de verwachte opvolger vaan premier John Howard is es leier vaan de Liberale Partij, heet zien steun betuig aon e kernenergie industrie in Australië.

English : Mr Costello said that when nuclear power generation becomes economically viable, Australia should pursue its use.

Limburgish : Menier Costello zag dat es de oproop vaan kernenergie economisch levesvatbaar weurt, Australië 't gebruuk devaan moot naostreve.

English : ¨If it becomes commercial, we should have it. That is, there´s no in-principle objection to nuclear energy¨ Mr Costello said.

Limburgish : "Es 't verhandelbaar weurt, mote veer 't höbbe. Op veurwaarde dat d'r gein principieel bezwoer is tege kernenergie" zag menier Costello.

English : According to Ansa, ¨police were concerned by a couple of top-level hits they feared might spark a full-blown war of succession.

Limburgish : Volges Ansa "waor de pelitie oongerös euver 'n poàr aonsleeg op 't hoegste niveau boevaan ze vreisde da deì 'n hiele afscheìdinks oèrloch zouwe oetlokke.

English : Police said Lo Piccolo had the upper hand because he had been Provenzano´s right-hand man in Palermo and his greater experience won him the respect of the older generation of bosses as they pursued Provenzano´s policy of keeping as low as possible while strengthening their power network.

Limburgish : De pelitie zag dat Lo Piccolo de euverhand had umtot heer de rechterhand vaan Provenzano in Palermo waor gewees en zien mierendeil aon ervaring wón häöm 't respek vaan de awwer ginneratie baze oonderwijl ze 't beleid vaan Provenzano naostreefde um zoe oongezeen meugelek te blieve en hun invloedssfeer te vergroete.

English : These bosses had been reined in by Provenzano when he put an end to the Riina-driven war against the state that claimed the lives of Mafia crusaders Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992.¨

Limburgish : Deze baze woorte in toom gehawwe door Provenzano toen heer 'n ind maakde aon de door Riina oetgezatte oorlog tege de staat dee 't leve kosde vaan maffia-kruusvaarders Giovanni Falcone en Paolo Borsellino in 1992."

English : Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the device by walking onto the stage and taking the iPhone out of his jeans pocket.

Limburgish : De CEO vaan Apple, Steve Jobs, oonthölde 't apparaat door de buun op te laope en de iPhone oet de tes vaan z'n spijkerbrook te hole.

English : During his 2 hour speech he stated that ¨Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, We are going to make history today¨.

Limburgish : Tijdens z'n 2 oor dorende touwspraok beweerde heer "Vendaog geit Apple de tèllefoon heroetvinde, veer goon gesjiedenis sjrieve vendaog".

English : Brazil is the largest Roman Catholic country on Earth, and the Roman Catholic Church has consistently opposed the legalization of same-sex marriage in the country.

Limburgish : Brazilië is 't groetste Rooms-Kathelieke land op eerd en de Rooms-Kathelieke Kèrk heet zich cónsequent verzat tege de legaolisering vaan 't homohuwelek in 't land.

English : The National Congress of Brazil has debated legalization for 10 years, and such civil marriages are currently only legal in Rio Grande do Sul.

Limburgish : 't Nationale Congres vaan Brazilië debatteert al 10 jaor euver legaolisering en zoe'n burgerleke houweleke weure mominteel allein touwgestande in Rio Grande do Sul.

English : The original bill was drafted by former mayor of São Paulo, Marta Suplicy. The proposed legislation, after being amended, is now in the hands of Roberto Jefferson.

Limburgish : De oorsprunkeleke wèt woort opgestèld door veurmaoleg börgemeister vaan São Paulo, Marta Suplicy. 't wètveurstèl ligk, nao aongepas te weure, noe in de han vaan Roberto Jefferson.

English : Protesters hope to collect a petition of 1.2 million signatures to present to the National Congress in November.

Limburgish : Demonstrante hope 1.2 mieljoen handteikeninge bij ein te sjare met 'n petitie um in november aon 't Nationaal Congres aon te beeje.

English : After it became apparent that many families were seeking legal help to fight the evictions, a meeting was held on March 20 at the East Bay Community Law Center for the victims of the housing scam.

Limburgish : Naodat duudelek woort dat väöl femilies rechteleke hölp zeukde um de oethoesplaotsinge te bestrije, woort op 20 miert 'n bijeinkoms georganiseerd in 't East Bay Community Law Center veur de slachoffers vaan de hoezerzwendel.

English : When the tenants started sharing what had occurred to them, most of the families involved suddenly realized that Carolyn Wilson of the OHA had stolen their security deposits, and skipped out of town.

Limburgish : Es de heurders begóste te deile wat hun waor euverkoume, realiseerde de mieste femilies ziech dat Carolyn Wilson vaan de OHA hun waorbörge had geklawd en de stad had verlaote.

English : Tenants at Lockwood Gardens believe that there may be another 40 families or more to face eviction, since they learned that OHA police are also investigating other public housing properties in Oakland that may be caught up in the housing scam.

Limburgish : Heurders oet Lockwood Gardens deenke dat d'r nog zoeväöl es 40 of mie aander femilies oethoesplaotsing riskere, sinds ze vernome höbbe dat de pelitie vaan de OHA ouch aandere sociale heurwoeninge in Oakland oonderzeuk die meugelek verströp zien geraak in de hoezerzwendel.

English : The band canceled the show at Maui´s War Memorial Stadium, which was set to be attended by 9,000 people, and apologized to fans.

Limburgish : De band annuleerde 't optrejje in 't Maui's War Memorial Stadium, dat zou weure bijgewoend door 9000 lui, en veroontsjöldegde ziech bij hun fans.

English : The band´s management company, HK Management Inc., gave no initial reason when they canceled on September 20, but blamed logistical reasons by the next day.

Limburgish : 't managementbureau vaan de band, HK Management Inc., gaof aanvankelek gein reie toen ze annuleerde op 20 september, mer verweet de volgende daag logistieke probleme.

English : The famous Greek lawyers, Sakis Kechagioglou and George Nikolakopoulos have been imprisoned in the Athens´ jail of Korydallus, as they were found guilty of graft and corruption.

Limburgish : De bereumpde Griekse advecaote, Sakis Kechagioglou en George Nikolakopoulos, zien opgeslote in de gevaangenis van Korydallus in Athene umtot ze sjöldeg zien bevoonte aon opliechterij en corruptie.

English : As a result of this, a big scandal within the Greek legal community has been raised through the exposure of illegal actions that judges, lawyers, solicitors and attorneys have done during the previous years.

Limburgish : Es gevolg heivaan is d'r 'n groet sjendaol binne de Griekse gerechteleke gemeinsjap oontstande door de oonthölling vaan illegale activiteite die rechters, advecaote, juridische adviseurs en procureurs de aofgeloupe jaore höbbe oondernome.

English : A few weeks ago, after the information published by the journalist Makis Triantafylopoulos in his popular Television show ¨Zoungla¨ in Alpha TV, the member of Parliament and lawyer, Petros Mantouvalos was abdicated as members of his office had been involved in illegal graft and corruption.

Limburgish : 'n paar weke geleie is parlemintslid en advecaot Petros Mantouvalos aofgezat umtot leie vaan z'n kentoer betrokke waore gewees bij 't misbruuk vaan euverheidsmiddele en corruptie, naodat door journalis Makis Triantafylopoulos in zien populaire tèllevisieprogram "Zoungla" op Alpha TV informatie hei-euver gepubliceerd waor.

English : Moreover, top judge Evangelos Kalousis is imprisoned as he found guilty of corruption and degenerate behaviour.

Limburgish : Daoneve zit toprechter Evangelos Kalousis vas umdat heer sjöldeg is bevoonte aon corruptie en oongepas gedrag.


English : Roberts flatly refused to say about when he believes life begins, an important question when considering the ethics of abortion, saying that it would be unethical to comment on the specifics of likely cases.

Limburgish : Roberts boteweg wiegerde get te vertèlle euver wienie heer vint dat 'n leve begint, 'n belaankrieke vraog gezeen de ethische vraogstökke roond abortus en zag dat 't onethisch zou zien commentaar te geve op de details vaan meugeleke zake.

English : He did, however, reiterate his earlier statement that Roe v. Wade was the ¨settled law of the land¨, emphasizing the importance of consistent Supreme Court rulings.

Limburgish : Heer herhaolde evels wel z'n iedere verklaoring dat Roe vs. Wade de "jurispredentie veur 't land" vörmp, boemèt 't belaank vaan consistentie in de oetsprake vaan 't Hoeggerechshof woort benaodrök.

English : He also confirmed that he believed in the implied right to privacy which the Roe decision depended upon.

Limburgish : Heer bevestegde ouch dat heer euvertuig is vaan 't veroonderstèlde rech op privacy boe de Roe oetspraak vaan aofhing.

English : Maroochydore had finished on top of the ladder, six points clear of Noosa in second.

Limburgish : Maroochydore waor bovenaon de ranglies geëindeg, zès punte veur Noosa op de twiede plaots.

English : The two sides would meet in the major semi final where Noosa ran out winners by 11 points.

Limburgish : De twie teams zouwe ziech in de groete halve-finaal opnui treffe boe Noosa mèt 11 punte versjèl de winnaar waor.

English : Maroochydore then defeated Caboolture in the Preliminary Final.

Limburgish : Maroochydore versloog daonao Caboolture in de veuraofgoonde finaal.

English : Hesperonychus elizabethae is a species of the family Dromaeosauridae and is a cousin of Velociraptor .

Limburgish : Hesperonychus elizabethae is 'n soort oet de Dromaeosauridaefemilie en is 'ne neef vaan de Velociraptor.

English : This fully feathered, warm blooded bird of prey was believed to have walked upright on two legs with claws like the Velociraptor.

Limburgish : Deze volledeg beveerde, wermbleudege roufvogel woort veroonderstèld rechop op twie bein te höbbe geloupe met klawwe wie de Velociraptor.

English : Its second claw was larger, giving rise to the name Hesperonychus which means ¨western claw.¨

Limburgish : Zien twiede klaw waor groeter, wat de aonleiing is veur de naom Hesperonychus dat "westeleke klaw" beteikent.

English : In addition to the crushing ice, extreme weather conditions have been hampering rescue efforts.

Limburgish : Neve 't iesbreke höbbe ouch extreme weersumstandeghede de reddingspoginge gehinderd.

English : Pittman suggested that conditions wouldn´t improve until sometime next week.

Limburgish : Pittman beweerde dat de umstandeghede neet zouwe verbetere tot örges volgende week.

English : The amount and thickness of the pack ice, according to Pittman, is the worst it has been for sealers in the past 15 years.

Limburgish : De wieväölheid en dikte vaan 't pakies is in de lèste 15 jaor volges Pitman noets zoe slech gewees.

English : News spread in the Red Lake community today as funerals for Jeff Weise and three of the nine victims were held that another student was arrested in connection with the school shootings of March 21.

Limburgish : T neùs´ in de Red Lake-gemeinsjap bie de begraofenisse vaan Jeff Weise en drei vaan nege angere sjlachtoffers is dét d'r nog unne sjtuudent is gearresteerd veur de sjeetpartei op sjaol vaan 21 maart.

English : Authorities said little officially beyond confirming today´s arrest.

Limburgish : De autoriteite höbbe wienig gezag, en allein de arrestatie bevestig.

English : However, a source with knowledge of the investigation told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that it was Louis Jourdain, 16-year old son of Red Lake Tribal Chairman Floyd Jourdain.

Limburgish : Unne bron mit kennis vaan ´t onderzeuk heet tege de Minneapolis Star-Tribune gezag dét ´t Louis Jordan waor, 16 jaor ouwe zoon vaan Red Lake Tribal-veurzitter Floyd Jourdain.

English : It is not known at this time what charges will be laid or what led authorities to the boy but juvenile proceedings have begun in federal court.

Limburgish : ´T Is nog neet bekind welke aonklachte d´r weure ingedeend of wie de politie bie de jong is gekaome, maar de rechszaak is begos.

English : Lodin also said officials decided to cancel the runoff in order to save Afghans the expense and security risk of another election.

Limburgish : Lodin zag ouch dat functionarisse beslote höbbe um de twiede runde te sjrappe um de Afghaone de koste en 't veilegheidsrisico vaan nog 'n verkezing te bespaore.

English : Diplomats said that they had found enough ambiguity in the Afghan constitution to determine the runoff as unnecessary.

Limburgish : Diplomate zagte dat ze genóg dobbelzinneghede in de Afghaonse groondwèt gevoonde hadde um de twiede runde es euverbodeg te bestempele.

English : This contradicts earlier reports, which said that cancelling the runoff would have been against the constitution.

Limburgish : Dit is in tegespraok met iedere rapporte, die zagte dat 't sjrappe vaan de twiede runde in stried mèt de groondwèt zou zien gwees.

English : The aircraft had been headed to Irkutsk and was being operated by interior troops.

Limburgish : 't vleegmachien waor op weeg nao Irkoetsk en woort bestuurd door binnelandse tróppe.

English : An inquiry was established to investigate.

Limburgish : 'n analyse woort opgestart um 't te oonderzeuke.

English : The Il-76 has been a major component of both the Russian and Soviet military since the 1970s, and had already seen a serious accident in Russia last month.

Limburgish : De II-76 is sinds de jaore 70 'n belaankriek oonderdeil vaan zoewel 't Rössische es 't Sovjetleger en had verleie maond ouch al 'n zwoer oongelök gehad.

English : On October 7 an engine separated on takeoff, without injuries. Russia briefly grounded Il-76s after that accident.

Limburgish : Op 7 oktober veel d'r bij 't opstijge 'ne motor aof, zoonder gewónde. Rusland heel de II-76's kort aon de groond nao dat veurval.

English : 800 miles of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System were closed down following a spill of thousands of barrels of crude oil south of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Limburgish : 800 mijl vaan de Trans-Alaskapiepleiing woorte aofgeslote nao 'n lekkaasj vaan doezende vaate eerdolie ten zuide vaan Fairbanks in Alaska.

English : A power failure following a routine fire-command system test caused relief valves to open and crude oil overflowed near the Fort Greely pump station 9.

Limburgish : n routienmaotege tes vaan 't brandbeveilegingssysteem gevolg door 'n stroumsturing, zörgde deveur dat veilegheidskleppe oèpende en d'r eerdolie leekde naobei tankstation 9 in Fort Greely.


English : The valves opening allowed a pressure release for the system and oil flowed on a pad to a tank that can hold 55,000 barrels (2.3 million gallons).

Limburgish : De eupenink vaan de kleppe zörgde veur 'n drukverlees vaan 't systeem en olie vleujde op 'n paad nao 'ne tank dee 55.000 vate (2.3 mieljoen gallon) kin bevatte.

English : As of Wednesday afternoon, the tank vents were still leaking probably from thermal expansion inside the tank.

Limburgish : Goonsdagmiddag leekde de tankopeninge nog altied, woersjijnlek door thermische oetzetting binne de tank.

English : Another secondary containment area below the tanks capable of holding 104,500 barrels was not yet filled to capacity.

Limburgish : 'n twiede aander opvangruimte oonder de tanks dat 104.500 vate kin bevatte waor nog neet gans tot aon de capaciteit gevöld.

English : The comments, live on television, were the first time that senior Iranian sources have admitted that the sanctions are having any effect.

Limburgish : De oetsprake, live op tèllevisie, vörmde de ierste kier dat hoeggeplaotsde Iraanse bronne touwgegeve höbbe dat de sancties eineg effek höbbe.

English : They include financial restrictions and a ban by the European Union on the export of crude oil, from which the Iranian economy receives 80% of its foreign income.

Limburgish : Doè zoètte oek beperkinge op gèld eìn en 'n verbod vaan de Europese Unie op de export vaan eerdolie, boe de Iraanse economie 80% vaan z'n boetelandse inkomste oet haolt.

English : In its most recent monthly report, OPEC said exports of crude had fallen to their lowest level for two decades at 2.8 million barrels per day.

Limburgish : In häör jungste maondelekse rapport zag OPEC dat exporte vaan eerdolie nao 't liegste niveau in twie decennia waor gezak mèt 2.8 mieljoen vate per daag.

English : The country´s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has described the dependency on oil as ¨a trap¨ dating from before Iran´s Islamic revolution in 1979 and from which the country should free itself.

Limburgish : De hoegste leier vaan 't land, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, heet de aofhenkelekheid vaan olie umsjreve es ''n valstrik' nog daterend vaan veur de Iraanse Revolutie in 1979 en boe 't land z'ch vaan zou mote bevrije.

English : When the capsule gets to Earth and enters the atmosphere, at about 5am (eastern time), it is expected to put on quite a light show for folks in Northern California, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah.

Limburgish : Es de capsule de eerd bereik en de atmosfeer betrejt roond 5:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) weurt verwach dat 't 'n behuurleke liechshow zal geve veur lui in Noord-Californië, Oregon, Nevada en Utah.

English : The capsule will look much like a shooting star going across the sky.

Limburgish : De capsule zal väöl lieke op 'n vallende staar dee door de loch geit.

English : The capsule will be traveling at about 12.8 km or 8 miles per second, fast enough to go from San Francisco to Los Angeles in one minute.

Limburgish : De capsule zal z'ch mèt oongeveer 12.8 km of 8 mijl per secónd verplaotse, snel genog um vaan San Francisco nao Los Angeles te goon in ein menuut.

English : Stardust will set a new all-time record for being the fastest spacecraft to return to Earth, breaking the previous record set in May of 1969 during the return of the Apollo X command module.

Limburgish : Stardust zal 'n nui record vestege door 't gawste ruimtevaartuig oets te zien dat trökkiert nao eerd en verbrik zoe 't veurege record gezat in mei 1969 tijdens de trökkier vaan de Apollo 10 commandomodule.

English : "It will move over the west coast of northern California and will light the sky from California through central Oregon and on through Nevada and Idaho and into Utah," Tom Duxbury, Stardust´s project manager said.

Limburgish : "'r zal ziech euver de weskös vaan Noord-Californië bewege en zal vaanoet Californië de loch in midde-Oregon en wijer nao Nevada, Idaho en in Utah verliechte," zag Tom Duxbury, de projekleier vaan Stardust.

English : Mr. Rudd´s decision to sign the Kyoto climate accord isolates the United States, which will now be the only developed nation not to ratify the agreement.

Limburgish : De beslissing vaan menier Rudd um 't Kyoto-klimaatakkoord te oonderteikene zundert de Vereinegde Staote aof, dat noe 't einegste oontwikkelde land zal zien zonder de euvereinkoms te rattificere.

English : Australia´s former conservative government refused to ratify Kyoto, saying it would damage the economy with its heavy reliance on coal exports, while countries like India and China were not bound by emissions targets.

Limburgish : De veurmaolege conservatieve regering vaan Australië weigerde Kyoto te teikene en zag dat 't de economie zou besjaodege door z'n groete aofhenkelekheid vaan steinkaolexporte, wijl lande wie India en China neet geboonde zien aon emissiedoelstellinge.

English : It is the biggest acquisition in eBay´s history.

Limburgish : 't is de groetste euvernaome in de gesjiedenis vaan eBay.

English : The company hopes to diversify its profit sources and gain popularity in areas where Skype holds a strong position, such as China, Eastern Europe, and Brazil.

Limburgish : 't bedrief hoop zien inkomstebronne oet te breie en aon populariteit te winne in gebede boe Skype 'n sterke positie heet, zoe-es China, Oos-Europa en Brazilië.

English : Scientists have suspected Enceladus as geologically active and a possible source of Saturn´s icy E ring.

Limburgish : Weitensjappers vermoede dat Enceladus geologisch actief is en 'n meugeleke bron vaan de iezege E-reenk vaan Saturnus.

English : Enceladus is the most reflective object in the solar system, reflecting about 90 percent of the sunlight that hits it.

Limburgish : Enceladus is 't mies reflektierende objèk in 't zonnestèlsel en weersjijnt circa 90 percent vaan 't zonleech dat d'rop vèlt.

English : The game publisher Konami stated today in a Japanese newspaper that they will not be releasing the game Six Days in Fallujah.

Limburgish : Game-oetgever Konami verklaorde vendaog in 'n Japanse gezèt dat 't speul Six Days neet oetgebrach zal weure in Falluja.

English : The game is based on the Second Battle of Fallujah, a vicious battle between American and Iraqi forces.

Limburgish : 't speul is gebasiert op de twiede slaag bij Falluja, 'ne vrede stried tösse Amerikaonse en Irakese tróppe.

English : The ACMA also found that despite the video being streamed on the Internet, Big Brother had not breached online content censorship laws as the media had not been stored on Big Brother´s website.

Limburgish : De ACMA voont ouch dat Big Brother, oondaanks dat de video woort oetgesjik op internet, neet de censuurwètte veur online content had euvertrejje aongezeen de video neet op de website vaan Big Brother opgeslage waor.

English : The Broadcasting Services Act provides for the regulation of Internet content, however to be considered Internet content, it must physically reside on a server.

Limburgish : De Broadcasting Services Act zörg veur de regulering vaan digitale content, mer um es digitale content te weure besjouwt moot 't daodwerkelek op 'ne server stoon.

English : The United States embassy located in Nairobi, Kenya has issued a warning that ¨extremists from Somalia¨ are planning to launch suicide bomb attacks in Kenya and Ethiopia.

Limburgish : De Amerikaonse ambassade in Nairobi, Kenia heet 'n waarsjouwing aofgegeve dat "extremiste oet Somalië" van plan zien zelfmoordaonsleeg te plege in Kenia en Ethiopië.

English : The U.S. says it has received information from an undisclosed source that specifically mentions the use of suicide bombers to will blow up ¨prominent landmarks¨ in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Limburgish : De VS zeet vaan 'n neet nader geneumpde bron informatie te höbbe oontvaange boe-in specifiek 't gebruuk vaan zelfmoordterroriste um "väöraonstaonde bouwwèrke" op te bloze in Ethiopië en Kenia weurt vermeld.

English : Long before The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, Heck and Johnson envisioned a publication that would parody the news—and news reporting—when they were students at UW in 1988.

Limburgish : Al lang veur The Daily Show en The Colbert Report hadde Heck en Johnson, toen ze studente waore aon de UW in 1988, 'n oetgave veur ouge dee 't nuits - en nuitsberiechgeving - zou persiflere.


English : Since its inception, The Onion has become a veritable news parody empire, with a print edition, a website that drew 5,000,000 unique visitors in the month of October, personal ads, a 24 hour news network, podcasts, and a recently launched world atlas called Our Dumb World.

Limburgish : Sinds z'n opriechting is The Onion 'n riechteg nuitsparodie-imperium gewore mèt 'n pepiere editie, 'n website die in de maond oktober 5.000.000 unieke bezeukers trók, persoenleke advertenties, 'n 24-oors nuitszender, podcasts en 'n recentelek oetgebrachte wereldatlas Our Dumb World geneump.

English : Al Gore and General Tommy Franks casually rattle off their favorite headlines (Gore´s was when The Onion reported he and Tipper were having the best sex of their lives after his 2000 Electoral College defeat).

Limburgish : Al Gore en ginneraol Tommy Franks ratele einvojdeg hun favoriete köp op (vaan Gore waor dat toen The Onion melde dat heer en Tipper de bèste seks vaan hun leves aon 't höbbe waore nao zien Keescollege verlees in 2000).

English : Many of their writers have gone on to wield great influence on Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert´s news parody shows.

Limburgish : Väöl vaan hun sjrievers zien zier invloodriek gewore op de satirische nuitsprograms vaan Jon Stewart en Stephen Colbert.

English : The artistic event is also part of a campaign by the Bucharest City Hall that seeks to relaunch the image of the Romanian capital as a creative and colourful metropolis.

Limburgish : 't kunstzinnige evenemint is ouch onderdeil vaan 'n campagne vaan 't stadhoes vaan Boekares um 't imago vaan de Roemeense hoofstad es 'n creatieve en kleurrieke metropool te herlancere.

English : The city will be the first in southeastern Europe to host CowParade, the world´s largest public art event, between June and August this year.

Limburgish : Tösse juni en augustus vaan dit jaor zal de stad de ierste in Zuidoos-Europa zien dee Cowparade, 't groetste openbare kuns-evenemint ter wereld, zal organisere.

English : Today´s announcement also extended the government´s commitment made in March of this year to fund extra carriages.

Limburgish : Mèt de aonkóndeging vaan vendaog woort ouch de in miert vaan dit jaor gedoonde touwzègking vaan de regering um extra wagons te financere verlengk.

English : An additional 300 brings the total to 1,300 carriages to be acquired to relieve overcrowding.

Limburgish : De extra 300 bringk 't totale aontal wagons dat aongekoch weurt um de drökde te vermindere nao 1300.

English : Christopher Garcia, a spokesperson of the Los Angeles Police Department, said the suspected male offender is being investigated for trespassing rather than vandalism.

Limburgish : Christopher Garcia, 'ne woordveurder bij de pelitie vaan Los Angeles, zag dat de vermoedeleke manneleke daoder weurt oonderzeuk veur 't betrejje vaan verbooje terrein in plaots vaan vandalisme.

English : The sign was not physically damaged; the modification was done using black tarpaulins decorated with signs of peace and heart to alter the ¨O¨ to read lowercase ¨e¨.

Limburgish : 't bord waor neet daodwerkelek besjaodeg; de aonpassing woort gedoon mèt zwarte dèkzeile, verseerd mèt vreiteikes en hertsjes, um de "O" te verandere in 'ne kleine lètter "e".

English : Red tide is caused by a higher than normal concentration of Karenia brevis, a naturally-occurring single-celled marine organism.

Limburgish : Roeje algebleuj weurt veroorzaak door 'n hoegere concentratie karenia brevis, e natuurlek veurkoumend eincelleg zieorganisme.

English : Natural factors can intersect to produce ideal conditions, allowing this algae to increase in number dramatically.

Limburgish : Natuurleke eleminte kinne ziech kruse um ideale umstandeghede te creejere, boedoor dees alge enorm in aontalle kinne touwnumme.

English : The algae produces a neurotoxin that can disable nerves in both humans and fish.

Limburgish : De alge producere 'n neurotoxine dat zenuwe kin oetsjakele in zoewel lui es vèsse.

English : Fish often die because of the high concentrations of the toxin in the waters.

Limburgish : Vèsse goon dèks doed door de hoege concentraties vaan 't toxine in 't water.

English : Humans can be affected by breathing affected water taken into the air by wind and waves.

Limburgish : Lui kinne ouch getroffe weure door aongetas water in te aodeme, dat via de wind en golve in de loch kump.

English : At its peak, Tropical Cyclone Gonu, named for a bag of palm leaves in the language of the Maldives, reached sustained winds of 240 kilometers an hour (149 miles per hour) .

Limburgish : De tropische cycloon Gonu, geneump nao 'n tas gemaak vaan palmblaajer in de taol vaan de Maledive, bereikde op zien hoegtepunt aonhawwende windsnelhede vaan 240 kilometer per oor (149 mijl per oor).

English : By early today, winds were around 83 km/h, and it was expect to keep weakening.

Limburgish : Aon 't begin vaan de daag waore de windsnelhede roond de 83 km/h en d'r woort verwach dat ze wijer aof zouwe numme.

English : On Wednesday, the United States´ National Basketball Association (NBA) suspended its professional basketball season due to concerns regarding COVID-19.

Limburgish : Goonsdag heet de National Basketball Association (NBA) vaan de Vereinegde Staote zien professionele basketbalsezoen stopgezat weges bezörgheid euver COVID-19.

English : The NBA´s decision followed a Utah Jazz player testing positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Limburgish : De beslissing vaan de NBA volgde nao 't positief tèste vaan 'ne Utah Jazz speuler.

English : ¨Based on this fossil, that means the split is much earlier than has been anticipated by the molecular evidence.

Limburgish : Op basis vaan dit fossiel beteikent dit dat de splitsing väöl ieder waor daan door 't moleculaire bewies woort gedach.

English : That means everything has to be put back,¨ said researcher at the Rift Valley Research Service in Ethiopia and a co-author of the study, Berhane Asfaw.

Limburgish : "Dat beteikent dat alles wijer trök geplaots moot weure," zag oonderzeuker vaan de Rift Valley Research Service in Ethiopië en 'ne co-auteur vaan de studie, Berhane Asfaw.

English : Until now, AOL has been able to move and develop the IM market at its own pace, due to its widespread use within the United States.

Limburgish : Tot noe touw heet AOL de IM-merret op hun eigen tempo kinne versjuive en oontwikkele, daankzij 't wiedverbreide gebruuk devaan in de Vereinegde Staote.

English : With this arrangement in place, this freedom might end.

Limburgish : Mèt dees euvereinkoms aonstaonde kin dees vrijheid aon z'n ind kaome.

English : The number of users of the Yahoo! and Microsoft services combined will rival the number of AOL´s customers.

Limburgish : 't aontal gebruukers vaan de Yahoo!- en Microsoftdeenste same zal 't aontal AOL-klante beconcurrere.

English : The Northern Rock bank had been nationalised in 2008 following the revelation that the company had received emergency support from the UK Government.

Limburgish : De Northern Rock baank waor in 2008 genationaliseerd gewore nao de oonthölling dat 't bedrief noedsteun had oontvaange vaan de Britse euverheid.

English : Northern Rock had required support due to its exposure during the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007.

Limburgish : Northern Rock had steun nudeg vaanwege de publiciteit roond de rommelhypotheek kredietcrisis in 2007.


English : Sir Richard Branson´s Virgin Group had a bid for the bank rejected prior to the bank's nationalisation.

Limburgish : De Virgin Group vaan Sir Richard Branson had 'n bod op de baank aofgeweze zien gewore veurtot de baank genationaliseerd woort.

English : In 2010, while nationalised, the current high street bank Northern Rock plc was split from the 'bad bank', Northern Rock (Asset Management).

Limburgish : In 2010, oonderwijl genationaliseerd te zien, woort 't naomloeze vennootsjap vaan de huidige universele Northern Rock baank gesplits vaan de 'slechte baank', Northern Rock (Asset Management).

English : Virgin have only purchased the 'good bank' of Northern Rock, not the asset management company.

Limburgish : Virgin heet allein de 'gooj baank' vaan Northern Rock gekoch, neet 't vermogesbehier gedeilte.

English : This is believed to be the fifth time in history that people have observed what turned out to be chemically confirmed martian material falling to Earth.

Limburgish : D'r weurt veroonderstèlt dat dit de vijfde kier in de gesjiedenis is dat lui höbbe waorgenome dat, wat nao chemische observatie materiaol vaan mars bleek te zien, op eerd vèlt.

English : Out of the approximately 24,000 known meteorites to have fallen to Earth, only about 34 have been verified to be martian in origin.

Limburgish : Vaan de ongevièr 24.000 meteoriete boevaan bekind is dat ze op eerd gevalle zien, is d'r mer vaan 34 geverifieerd dat ze vaan Mars aofkomsteg zien.

English : Fifteen of these rocks are attributed to the meteorite shower last July.

Limburgish : Vieftien vaan dees stein weure touwgesjreeve aon de meteorieterege vaan aofgeloupe juli.

English : Some of the rocks, which are very rare on Earth, are being sold from US$11,000 to $22,500 per ounce, which is about ten times more than the cost of gold.

Limburgish : Sommege vaan de stein, die op eerd zier zeldzaom zien, weure verkoch veur $11.000 tot $22.500 per ounce wat oongeveer tien kier mie is es de pries vaan goud.

English : Following the race, Keselowski remains the Drivers´ Championship leader with 2,250 points.

Limburgish : Nao de race bleef Keselowski de leier vaan 't coureurskampioensjap mèt 2250 punte.

English : Seven points behind, Johnson is second with 2,243.

Limburgish : Johnson is twiede mèt zeve punte achterstand op 2243.

English : In third, Hamlin is twenty points behind, but five ahead of Bowyer. Kahne and Truex, Jr. are fifth and sixth respectively with 2,220 and 2,207 points.

Limburgish : Op de derde plaots steit Hamlin, mèt twinteg punte achterstand, mer vief punte veursprong op Bowyer. Kahne en Truex Jr. zien respectievelek vijfde en zèsde mèt 2220 en 2207 punte.

English : Stewart, Gordon, Kenseth, and Harvick round out the top-ten positions for the Drivers´ Championship with four races remaining in the season.

Limburgish : Stewart, Gordon, Kenseth en Harvick completere de top tien in 't coureurskampioensjap mèt nog veer races te goon dit sezoen.

English : The US Navy also said they were investigating the incident.

Limburgish : De Amerikaonse marine zag ouch dat ze 't veurval aon 't oonderzeuke zien.

English : They also said in a statement, ¨The crew is currently working to determine the best method of safely extracting the ship¨.

Limburgish : Ze zagte ouch in 'n verklaoring: "De bemanning is mominteel aon 't wèrk um de beste meneer te bepaole veur 't sjeep op 'n veilege wijze los te kriege".

English : An Avenger class mine countermeasures ship, the ship was on its way to Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

Limburgish : 't sjeep oet de Avengerklasse waor op weeg nao Puerto Princesa in Palawan.

English : It is assigned to the U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet and based in Sasebo, Nagasaki in Japan.

Limburgish : 't is touwgeweze aon de zevende vloot vaan de Amerikaonse marine en is gestationeerd in Sasebo, Nagasaki in Japan.

English : The Mumbai attackers arrived via boat on Novemeber 26, 2008, bringing with them grenades, automatic weapons and hit multiple targets including the crowded Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station and the famous Taj Mahal Hotel.

Limburgish : De Mumbai daoders arriveerde op 26 november 2008 per boot mèt granate en otomatische waopes en troffe mierdere doelwitte, inclusief de drukke Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus statie en 't beroemde Taj Mahal Hotel.

English : David Headley´s scouting and information gathering had helped to enable the operation by the 10 gunmen from the Pakistani militant group Laskhar-e-Taiba.

Limburgish : David Headley's verkinning en informatievergaring had geholpe de operatie vaan de 10 sjötters vaan de Pakistaanse militantegróp Lashkar-e-Taiba meugelek te make.

English : The attack put a huge strain on relations between India and Pakistan.

Limburgish : De aonslaag zat de relatie tösse India en Pakistan oonder enorme drök.

English : Accompanied by those officials, he assured Texas citizens that steps were being taken to protect the public´s safety.

Limburgish : Bijgestande deùr die ambtenere, heet heer bewoeners oet Texas verzekerd dat stappe weure genome um de gezoondheid vaan t volk te beveilige.

English : Perry specifically said, ¨There are few places in the world better equipped to meet the challenge that is posed in this case.¨

Limburgish : Perry zag nej, "dao zien wienig plaotse in de wereld beter oetgerös um de oetdaging die in dit geval weurt gestèld aon te goon."

English : The governor also stated, ¨Today, we learned that some school aged children have been identified as having had contact with the patient.¨

Limburgish : De gouverneur zag aog, "Vandaog, höbbe ver gelierd dat sommege kinder kontak höbbe gehad mèt de patient."

English : He went on to say, ¨This case is serious. Rest assured that our system is working as well as it should.¨

Limburgish : Heer ging weijer mèt te zègke: "Deze zaak is serieus, geer kint 'r zeker vaan zien dat us systeem werk nao behure."

English : If confirmed, the find completes Allen´s eight-year search for the Musashi.

Limburgish : Es t bevesteg weurt, voltoejd de voonds Allen zien ach jaorege zeuktoch naor de Musashi.

English : Following seabed mapping the wreck was found using an ROV.

Limburgish : Nao 't in kaart bringe vaan de boojem vaan de zie, woort t wrak gevoonde mèt n ROV.

English : One of the world´s richest people, Allen has reportedly invested much of his wealth in marine exploration and began his quest to find the Musashi out of a lifelong interest in the war.

Limburgish : Allen, Ein vaan de riekste lui vaan de wereld, heet naor verluit väöl vaan zien riekdom geïnvesteerd in 't verkinne vaan de zie en begós zien zeuktoch naor de Musashi oet 'n levenslange intresse in de oorlog.


English : She gained critical acclaim during her time in Atlanta and was recognized for innovative urban education.

Limburgish : Zie kreeg gooje kritieke tijens häöre tied in Atlanta en woort erkint veur innovatief en stedelek oonderwies.

English : In 2009 she was awarded the title of National Superintendent of the Year.

Limburgish : In 2009 woort zie beloend mèt de titel Nationaol Hoofdinspecteur vaan t jaor.

English : At the time of the award, Atlanta schools had seen a large improvement on test scores.

Limburgish : Op t momint vaan de touwkinning hadde sjaole in Atlanta n groete verbetering gezeen vaan toetsrizzeltaote.

English : Shortly after, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published a report showing problems with test results.

Limburgish : Kort daonao, heet 't Atlanta Journal-Constitution un bulletin gepubliceerd boe in probleme mèt toetsrizzeltaote.

English : The report showed test scores had increased implausibly fast, and alleged the school internally detected problems but didn´t act on the findings.

Limburgish : 't Bulletin leet zien dat toetsrizzeltaote ongeluifweerdeg snel waore gestege, en beweerde dat de sjaol interne probleme had ontdèk mer neet handelde naor die bevindinge.

English : Evidence thereafter indicated test papers were tampered with Hall, along with 34 other education officials, was indicted in 2013.

Limburgish : Bewies daonao gaof aon dat mèt toets pepèrre geknuddeld waor, en Hall woort mèt 34 aander oonderwies ambtenere aongeklaog in 2013.

English : The Irish government is stressing the urgency of parliamentary legislation to rectify the situation.

Limburgish : De Ierse regering benaodrök 't belaank vaan parlemintaire wètgeving um de situatie rech te zètte.

English : ¨It is now important from both a public health and criminal justice perspective that the legislation be enacted as soon as possible¨, said a government spokesperson.

Limburgish : " 't Is noe belaankriek veur zoewel 'n volksgezoondheid es n straofrechtelek perspectief dat de wètgeving zoe snel meugelek weurt vas gestèld", zag n woorvoorder vaan de regering.

English : The Health Minister expressed concern both for the welfare of individuals taking advantage of the temporary legality of the substances involved, and for drug-related convictions handed down since the now-unconstitutional changes came into effect.

Limburgish : De gezoondheidsminister spraok zien zörg oet euver zoewel 't welzien vaan individue die gebruuk make vaan de tijdeleke legaoliteit vaan de betrokke stoffe, en veur aon drugs gerelateerde veroordeilinge oetgesproke sinds de noe-ongroondwetteleke veranderinge vaan krach woorte.

English : Jarque was practicing during pre-season training at Coverciano in Italy earlier in the day. He was staying in the team hotel ahead of a match planned for Sunday against Bolonia.

Limburgish : Jarque waor aon 't oefene tijdens de veursezoen training bij Coverciano in Italie ieder op de daag. Heer verbleef in 't team hotel veur de wedstrijd gepland veur zoondag tege Bolonia.

English : He was staying in the team hotel ahead of a match planned for Sunday against Bolonia.

Limburgish : Heer verbleef in 't team hotel veur de wedstrijd gepland veur zoondag tege Bolonia.

English : The bus was headed to Six Flags St. Louis in Missouri for the band to play to a sold-out crowd.

Limburgish : De bus góng naor Six Flax St. Louis in Missouri boe de band zouw speule veur n oetverkochte zaol.

English : At 1:15 a.m. Saturday, according to witnesses, the bus was going through a green light when the car made a turn in front of it.

Limburgish : Um 01.15 in de mörge op zaoterdag, rijde de bus volgens n getuige door 'n greun leech toen de oto veur häöm 'ne boch maakte.

English : As of the night of August 9, the eye of Morakot was about seventy kilometres away from the Chinese province of Fujian.

Limburgish : In de nach vaan 9 augustus waor 't oug vaan Morakot umtrint zeve kilometer weg vaan de Chinese provincie Fujian.

English : The typhoon is estimated to be moving toward China at eleven kph.

Limburgish : De gesjette snelheid vaan de tyfoon in de riechting vaan China is elf kilometer per oor.

English : Passengers were given water as they waited in 90(F)-degree heat.

Limburgish : Aon passageers woort water gegeve oonderwijl zie wachte in 90 graode Fahrenheit.

English : Fire captain Scott Kouns said, ¨It was a hot day in the Santa Clara with temperatures in the 90s.

Limburgish : Brandwièr kaptein Scott Kouns zag, "'t waor 'ne werme daag in Santa Clara mèt temeperature in de 90 graode.

English : Any length of time trapped on a roller coaster would be uncomfortable, to say the least, and it took at least an hour to get the first person off the ride.¨

Limburgish : Eder lengde vaan tied opgeslote in 'ne achbaon zouw oncomfortabel zien, um mer 't minste te zègke, en 't kosde ten minste 'n oor um de ierste persoen oet de achbaon te kriege."

English : Schumacher who retired in 2006 after winning the Formula 1 championship seven times, was due to replace the injured Felipe Massa.

Limburgish : Schumacher, dee in 2006 mèt pensioen góng nao dat heer 't formule 1 kampioensjap zeve kier had gewonne, zouw de geblesseerde Felipe Massa vervaange.

English : The Brazilian suffered a serious head injury after a crash during the 2009 Hungarian Grand Prix.

Limburgish : De Braziliaan leep 'n serieus blèssure op aon ziene kop nao 'n oongelök oonderwijl de Hongaarse Grand Prix vaan 2009.

English : Massa is due to be out for at least the rest of the 2009 season.

Limburgish : Massa zal in eeder geval de res vaan 't sezoen vaan 2009 oetgesjakeld zien.

English : Arias tested positive for a mild case of the virus, Presidential Minister Rodrigo Arias said.

Limburgish : Arias tesde positief veur 'n liech geval vaan 't virus, zag presidentieel minister Rodrigo Arias.

English : The president´s condition is stable, though he will be isolated at home for several days.

Limburgish : De conditie vaan de president is stabiel, allewel heer thoes zal weure geïsoleerd veur 'n paar daog.

English : ¨Apart from the fever and a sore throat, I feel well and in good shape to carry out my work by telecommuting.

Limburgish : Los vaan de koorts en de görgelpijn, veul iech miech good en bin iech in gooie vörm um mien werk te doen oet hoes.

English : I expect to return to all my duties on Monday,¨ Arias said in a statement.

Limburgish : "Iech verwach al mien werk weer op te pakke op Maondag," zag Arias in 'n verklaoring.


English : Felicia, once a Category 4 storm on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, weakened to a tropical depression before dissipating Tuesday.

Limburgish : Felicia, oets 'ne störm vaan de 4e cattegorie op de Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale, verzwaakde tot 'n tropisch depressie veuralier heer vriedag verdween.

English : Its remnants produced showers across most of the islands, though as of yet, no damage or flooding has been reported.

Limburgish : De euverbliefsele veroerzaakde buie op de mieste eilande, al zien der tot noe touw gein sjaoj of euverstuiminge gemelt.

English : The precipitation, reaching 6.34 inches at a gauge on Oahu, was described as ¨beneficial¨.

Limburgish : De neerslaag, dee 6,34 inch bereikde op 'n miejeter op Oahu, woort besjreve es veurdeileg.

English : Some of the rainfall was accompanied by thunderstorms and frequent lightning.

Limburgish : 'e Deil vaan de buie gónge same mèt dondersjoor en frequente bliksem.

English : The Twin Otter had been trying to land at Kokoda yesterday as Airlines PNG Flight CG4684, but had aborted once already.

Limburgish : De Twin Otter had gister geperbeerd neer te koume op Kodoka es Airlines PNG-vlöch CG4684, mer had al 'ne kier aofgebroke.

English : About ten minutes before it was due to land from its second approach it disapeared.

Limburgish : Umtrint tien menute veurdat 't veur de twiede kier mos neerkoume, verdween 't.

English : The crash site was located today and is so inaccessable that two policemen were dropped into the jungle in order to hike to the scene and seek survivors.

Limburgish : De lokatie vaan t oongelök is vendaog gevoonde en is zoe onberiekboàr dat twie deenders in de jungle zien gedrop um naor de plaots vaan 't oongelök te laope en naor euverlevenden te zeuke.

English : The search had been hampered by the same bad weather that had caused the aborted landing.

Limburgish : De zeuktoch weurt gehinderd door 'tzelfde slechte weer dat ouch 't aofgebroke neerkoume heet veroerzaak.

English : According to reports, an apartment on Macbeth Street exploded due to a gas leak.

Limburgish : Volgens de beriechte, oontplófde 'n appartemint op Macbeth Street door 'n gaasleek.

English : An official with the gas company was reporting to the scene after a neighbor called about a gas leak.

Limburgish : 'n medewèrker vaan 't gaasbedrief melde ziech ter plaotse nao dat 'ne naober had gebeld euver 'n gaasleek.

English : When the official arrived, the apartment exploded.

Limburgish : Toen de medewèrker arriveerde, is 't appartemint oontplóf.

English : No major injuries were reported, but at least five people on scene at the time of the explosion were treated for symptoms of shock.

Limburgish : Gein groete verwoondinge woorte gemeld, mer teminste vijf lui die ter plaotse waore op t momint vaan de explosie woorte behandeld veur symptome vaan sjók.

English : No one was inside the apartment.

Limburgish : Geine waor in 't appartemint.

English : At the time, nearly 100 residents were evacuated from the area.

Limburgish : Destieds woorte ongeveer 100 bewoeners geëvacueerd vaan 't gebeed.

English : Both golf and rugby are set to return to the Olympic Games.

Limburgish : Zoewel golf es rugby kiere trök naor de Olympische Speule.

English : The International Olympic Committee voted to include the sports at its executive board meeting in Berlin today. Rugby, specifically rugby union, and golf were selected over five other sports to be considered to participate in the Olympics.

Limburgish : 't Internationale Olympisch Commité heet vendaog op de vergadering vaan de raod vaan bestuur in Berlien gestump um de sporte op te numme. Rugby, in t bezunder Rugby Union, en golf woorte geselècteerd bove vijf aander sporte um in aonmerking te kaome um deil te numme aon de Olympische Speule.

English : Squash, karate and roller sports tried to get onto the Olympic program as well as baseball and softball, which were voted out of the Olympic Games in 2005.

Limburgish : Squash, Karate en rolsporte perbeerde op 't Olympisch program te kaome zjus wie basketbal en softbarr, die in 2005 oet de Olympische Speule woorte gestump.

English : The vote must still be ratified by the full IOC at it´s October meeting in Copenhagen.

Limburgish : De stumming mot nog weure bekrechteg door de ganse IOC oonderwijl de vergadering in oktober in Copenhagen.

English : Not all were supportive of the inclusion of the women's ranks.

Limburgish : Neet eederein waor veurstäönder vaan 't opnumme vaan range veur vruilui.

English : 2004 Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan said, ¨Deep down I think women shouldn't fight. That's my opinion.¨

Limburgish : Winner vaan de zilvere medaaje op de Olympische Speule vaan 2004 Amir Khan zag, "Deep vaan binne deenk iech dat vruilui neet zouwe motte vechte. Dat is mien meining."

English : Despite his comments he said he will be supporting the British competitors at the 2012 Olympics being held in London.

Limburgish : Oondaanks zien commentare zag heer dat heer de Britse deilnummers geit supporte oonderwijl de Olympische Speule vaan 2012 in London.

English : The trial took place at Birmingham Crown Court and concluded on August 3.

Limburgish : De rechzaok vong plaots in Birmingham Crown Court en woort op 3 augustus aafgerondj.

English : The presenter, who was arrested at the scene, denied the attack and claimed he used the pole to protect himself from bottles being thrown at him by up to thirty people.

Limburgish : De presentator, deej op lokatie woort gearresteerd, ontkinde de aonval en zag dèt heer de paol gebruukte um zich te besjerme tege flesse die zoe 'n derteg luuj nao häöm goeide.

English : Blake was also convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Limburgish : Blake woort auch veroordeild veur rechsobstruktie.

English : The judge told Blake it was ¨almost inevitable¨ he was going to be sent to jail.

Limburgish : De rèchter zeì teige Blake dèt 't hos onvermijdelik waor dat heer nao de gevangenis ging.


English : Dark energy is a completely invisible force that is constantly acting upon the universe.

Limburgish : Duustere energie is e compleet oonziechbaar force die constant op 't hielal werk.

English : Its existence is known only because of its effects on the expansion of the universe.

Limburgish : Zien bestoon is allein bekind door de effekte op de oetbreiing op t hielal.

English : Scientists have discovered landforms littered across the moon´s surface called lobate scarps that have apparently resulted from the moon´s shrinking very slowly.

Limburgish : Oonderzeukers höbbe landvörme ontdèk die euver 't oppervlak vaan de maon zien verspreit, lobate scarp gehètde.

English : These scarps were found all over the moon and appear to be minimally weathered, indicating that the geologic events that created them were fairly recent.

Limburgish : Dees scarps woorte gans euver de maon gevonde en ze lieke minimaal verweerd te zien, wat aongief dat de geologische gebäörtenisse die ze höbbe veroorzaak vriij recent gebäörd zien.

English : This theory contradicts the claim that the moon is completely devoid of geologic activity.

Limburgish : Deed theorie is in tegespraak mèt de bewering dat de maon compleet vrij is vaan geologische.

English : The man allegedly drove a three-wheeled vehicle armed with explosives into a crowd.

Limburgish : De maan rijde 'ne wage mèt drei wiele mèt explosieve 'n meinegte in.

English : The man suspected of detonating the bomb was detained, after sustaining injuries from the blast.

Limburgish : De maan dee verdach weurt vaan 't laote aofgoon vaan de bom woort opgepak, naodat heer verwondinge had opgelaope door de oontplóffing.

English : His name is still unknown to authorities, although they do know he is a member of the Uighur ethnic group.

Limburgish : Ziene naom is nog neet bekènd bij de authoriteite, al wete ze wel dat heer e lid is vaan de Oeigoerse etnische gróp.

English : Nadia, born on September 17, 2007, by Cesarean section at a maternity clinic in Aleisk, Russia, weighed in at a massive 17 pounds 1 ounce.

Limburgish : Nadia, gebore op 17 september, 2007, deùr 'n keizersnee in 'n kraomkliniek in Aleisk, Rusland, woog bei de gebeùte 17 pond en 1 oons.

English : ¨We were all simply in shock,¨ the mother stated.

Limburgish : "Ver waore allemaol gewoen in shock," zag d moojer.

English : When asked what the father said, she answered ¨He couldn´t say a thing - he just stood there blinking.¨

Limburgish : Toen gevraog woort wat de pa zag, antwoorde zie "Heer kos niks zègke - heer stoont daor mer te knippere."

English : ¨It´s going to behave like water. It´s transparent just the way water is.

Limburgish : 't Geit ziech gedrage es water. 't Is doorziechteg zjus zoe es water is.

English : So if you were standing by the shoreline, you would be able to see down to whatever pebbles or gunk that was on the bottom.

Limburgish : Dus es diech bij de kös steis, zouws diech de kiezelstein en de braatasj op de boojem kinne zien.

English : As far as we know, there is only one planetary body that displays more dynamism than Titan, and its name is Earth,¨ added Stofan.

Limburgish : Zoe wiet es veer wete, vertoent mer ein planeet mie dynamiek es Titan, en zien naom is Eerde, voegde Stofan touw.

English : The issue started on January 1st when dozens of local residents started complaining to the Obanazawa Post Office that they hadn´t received their traditional and regular New Year cards.

Limburgish : 't Probleem begós op 1 jannewarie toen dozijne lokale bewoeners begósde te klaoge bij t Obanazawa poskentoer dat ze hun tradizionele en riggelere nuijaorskaarte neet hadde gekrege.

English : Yesterday, the post office released their apology to citizens and the media after discovering that the boy had hidden more than 600 postal documents, including 429 New Year postcards, which weren´t delivered to their intended recipients.

Limburgish : Gister heet 't poskentoer ziech geëxcuseerd aon de börgers en de media naodat zie hadde oontdèk dat de jong mie es 600 posdocuminte, incluis 429 nuijaors kaare, had verborge, die neet waore bezörg aon de beougde oontvengers.

English : The unmanned lunar orbiter Chandrayaan-1 ejected its Moon Impact Probe (MIP), which hurtled across the surface of the Moon at 1.5 kilometres per second (3000 miles per hour), and successfully crash landed near the Moon´s south pole.

Limburgish : De oonbemaande maonorbiter Chandrayaan-1 goejde zien Moon Impact Probe (MIP), dee mèt 1,5 kilometer per secónd (3000 mijl per oor), en mèt succes neerkoum kortbij de zuidpool vaan de maon.

English : Besides carrying three important scientific instruments, the lunar probe also carried the image of the Indian national flag, painted on all sides.

Limburgish : Neve drei belaankrieke documinte droog de maonsonde ouch de foto vaan de Indische veendel, gesjèlderd op alle kante.

English : ¨Thanks for those who supported a convict like me,¨ Siriporn was quoted as saying at a press conference.

Limburgish : "Bedaank veur diegene die 'n veroordeilde zoe es iech höbbe gesteund," woort Sitiporn geciteerd oonderwijl de peersconferentie.

English : ¨Some may not agree but I don´t care.

Limburgish : Sommege zölle 't dao neet mèt eins zien mer dat maak miech neet oet.

English : I am happy that there are people willing to support me.

Limburgish : Iech bin blij dat lui miech wèlle supporte.

English : Since Pakistani independence from British rule in 1947, the Pakistani President has appointed ¨Political Agents¨ to govern FATA, who exercise near-complete autonomous control over the areas.

Limburgish : Sinds de Pakistaanse oonaofhenkelekheid vaan de Britse euverheersing in 1947, heet de Pakistaanse president "poletieke agente aongesteld um de FATA te besture, die bijnao 'n volledeg aotonoom control euver de gebede höbbe.

English : These agents are responsible for providing government and judicial services under Article 247 of the Pakistani Constitution.

Limburgish : Dees agente zien verantwoordelek veur 't verleine vaan euverheids- en zjustitieel deenste vaan de Pakistaanse groondwet.

English : A hostel collapsed in Mecca, the holy city of Islam at about 10 o´clock this morning local time.

Limburgish : 'n Hostel is eìngevalle in Mecca, the heilege stad vaan de Islaam um umtrint 10 oor likale tied.

English : The building housed a number of pilgrims who came to visit the holy city at the eve of hajj pilgrimage.

Limburgish : 't Gebouw hoesvestde 'n aontal pilgrims die de heilege stad kaome bezeuke aon de veuraovend vaan de hadj-bedevaart.


English : The hostel´s guests were mostly citizens of the United Arab Emirates.

Limburgish : De gaste vaan 't hostel waore veurnaomelek börgers oet de Vereinegde Arabische Emirate.

English : The death toll is at least 15, a figure which is expected to rise.

Limburgish : Teminste 15 lui zien gestorve, e ciefer dat nao verwachting geit stijge.

English : Leonov, also known as ¨cosmonaut No. 11¨, was part of the Soviet Union´s original team of cosmonauts.

Limburgish : Leonov, ouch bekènd es "cosmonout nr. 11," waor deil vaan 't originele team vaan cosmonaute vaan de Sovjet Unie.

English : On March 18, 1965, he performed the first manned extravehicular activity (EVA), or ¨spacewalk¨, remaining alone outside the spacecraft for just over twelve minutes.

Limburgish : Op 18 maart 1965, veurde heer de ierste bemande extravehiculaire activiteit oet, boebij heer get mie es twelf menute allein boete 't ruimtevaartuig bleef.

English : He received the ¨Hero of the Soviet Union¨, the Soviet Union´s highest honor, for his work.

Limburgish : Heer oontvóng de "Held vaan de Sovjet-Unie", de hoegste oondersjeiing vaan de Sovjet-Unie, veur zien werk.

English : Ten years later, he led the Soviet part of the Apollo–Soyuz mission symbolizing that the Space Race was over.

Limburgish : Tien jaor later, leide heer 't Sovjet-deil vaan de Apollo-Suyez missie, ter symbolisatie dat de Space Race veurbij waor.

English : She said, ¨There is no intelligence to suggest that an attack is expected imminently.

Limburgish : Ze zag, "gein informatie is disponsibel die suggereert dat op korte termien 'n aonval weurt verwach.

English : However, the reduction of the threat level to severe does not mean the overall threat has gone away.¨

Limburgish : De verlieging vaan 't dreigingsniveau beteikent evels neet dat de algehiele dreiging is verdwene."

English : While authorities are unsure of the credibility of the threat, the Maryland Transportaion Authority made the closure with the urging of the FBI.

Limburgish : Allewel de authoriteite neet zeker zien vaan de geluifweeregheid vaan de dreiging, heet de Maryland Transportation Authority de sleting gemaak op aondringe vaan de FBI.

English : Dump trucks were used to block tube entrances and assistance of 80 police were on hand to direct motorists to detours.

Limburgish : Dump trucks woorte gebruuk um de ingaange vaan de buis te blokkere en de hölp vaan 80 deenders waor aonwezeg um otomobiliste naor umleidinge te leie.

English : There were no heavy traffic delays reported on the beltway, the city´s alternate route.

Limburgish : Gein verkiersvertraginge woorte gemeld op de ringbaon, de alternatieve rót vaan de stad.

English : Nigeria previously announced it planned to join the AfCFTA in the week leading up to the summit.

Limburgish : Nigeria annonceerde ieder vaan plan te zien um ziech in de week veuraofgoond aon de top aon te sleete bij de AfCFTA.

English : AU trade and industry commissioner Albert Muchanga announced Benin was to join.

Limburgish : DE AU-commesaris veur handel en industrie, Albert Muchanga, annonceerde dat Benin zouw touwtrejje.

English : The commissioner said, ¨We haven´t yet agreed on rules of origin and tariff con[c]essions, but the framework we have is enough to start trading on July 1, 2020¨.

Limburgish : De commsearis zag, "ver zien 't nog neet eins gewore euver de oersprunkregels en tariefaofsprake, mer 't kader dat veer höbbe is genog um op 1 juli 2020 te goon handele".

English : The station maintained its attitude, despite the loss of a gyroscope earlier in the space station mission, until the end of the spacewalk.

Limburgish : De stàze verànderde nie van gedàchte, ondànks t verlìez van ne gyroscoop ijòder in ruimte stàze missie, tot àn t eìnd van de wàndelink in de ruìmte.

English : Chiao and Sharipov reported being a safe distance from the attitude adjustment thrusters.

Limburgish : Chiao en Sharipovmelde dat zie ziech op veilige aofstand vaan de stuwrakètte bevoonte veur 't aonpasse vaan de hajding.

English : Russian ground control activated the jets and normal attitude of the station was regained.

Limburgish : De Russische groondcontrol activeerde de jets en de normaal hajding vaan 't station woort hersteld.

English : The case was prosecuted in Virginia because it is the home to the leading internet service provider AOL, the company who instigated the charges.

Limburgish : De zaak woort vervolg in Virginia umdat 't de thoesbasis is vaan de toenaongevende internetrovider AOL, 't bedrief dat de aonklach heet ingedeend.

English : This is the first time a conviction has been gained using the legislation enacted in 2003 to curb bulk e-mail, aka spam, from unsolicited distribution into users mailboxes.

Limburgish : Dit is de ierste kier dat 'n veroordeiling is verkrege mèt behölp vaan de in 2003 oetgeveerdegde wètgeving um bulk e-mail, ouch wel spam genump, te beteugele vaan ongevraogde verspreiing naor de mailboxe vaan gebruukers.

English : 21-year-old Jesus joined Manchester City last year in January 2017 from Brazilian club Palmeiras for a reported fee of £27 million.

Limburgish : De 21-jaorige Jesus kwaom veurig jaor in jannewarie 2017 euver vaan de Braziliaanse ploog Palmeiras naor Machester City veur bedraag vaan 27 mieljoen poond.

English : Since then, the Brazilian has featured in 53 matches for the club in all competitions and has scored 24 goals.

Limburgish : Sinds toen, heet de Braziliaan gespeuld in 53 wedstrijde veur de cluib in alle competities en heet heer 24 kier gescoord.

English : Dr. Lee also expressed his concern about reports that children in Turkey have now become infected with the A(H5N1) avian influenza virus without becoming ill.

Limburgish : Dr. Lee spraok ouch zien zörg oet euver beriechte dat kinder in Turkije noe besmet zien geraak mèt 't A(h5N1) vogelgriepvirus zoonder kraank te weure.

English : Some studies suggest that the disease must become less lethal before it can cause a global epidemic, he noted.

Limburgish : Sommege studies suggerere dat de kraankegheid minder duujelek mós weure veurdat 't 'n wereldwije epedimie kin veroorzake, mèrkde heer op.

English : There is concern that patients may continue to infect more people by going through their daily routines if the flu symptoms remain mild.

Limburgish : Dao zien zörg dat patiënte mie lui kinne blieve besmette deùr hun daogeleks routine te doorloupe es de griepsymptome mild blieve.

English : Leslie Aun, a spokesperson for the Komen Foundation, said the organization adopted a new rule that does not allow grants or funding to be awarded to organizations that are under legal investigation.

Limburgish : Leslie Aun, 'n woordvoerder vaan de Komen Foundation, zag dat de organisatie 'n nui regel heet aongenaome die 't neet touwsteit um subsidies of financiering touw te kinne aon organisaties boe 'n gerechtelek oonderzeuk naor lup.


English : Komen´s policy disqualified Planned Parenthood due to a pending investigation on how Planned Parenthood spends and reports its money that is being conducted by Representative Cliff Stearns.

Limburgish : 't Beleid vaan Komen heet Planned Parenthood gediskwalifeceerd vaanwege 'n loupend oonderzeuk naor wie Planned Parenthood zien geld oetgief en rapporteert dat weurt oetgevoerd door vertegeweurdeger Cliff Stearns.

English : Stearns is investigating whether taxes are used to fund abortions through Planned Parenthood in his role as chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, which is under the umbrella of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Limburgish : Stears oonderzeuk of belastinge weure gebruuk um abortusse te financiere via Planned Parenthood in zien rol es veurzitter vaan de Oversight and Inverstigations Subcommittee, die oonder de perepli steit vaan de House Energy and Commerce Committee.

English : Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the Florida Republican Party presidential primary election on Tuesday with over 46 percent of the vote.

Limburgish : Veureug gouverneur vaan Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, won dinsdag de presidentsverkeezinge vaan de Rippublikeinse partij in Florida mit mie es 46 percent vaan de stumme.

English : Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich came in second with 32 percent.

Limburgish : Veurig U.S Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich woort twiede mèt 32 percent.

English : As a winner-takes-all state, Florida awarded all fifty of its delegates to Romney, pushing him ahead as the front-runner for the Republican Party nomination.

Limburgish : Es 'n winner-takes-all staot, kènde Florida alle vieftig aofgeveerdegde touw aon Romney, boedoor heer veurop leep es kopläöper veur de nominatie vaan de Rippublikeinse Partij.

English : Organisers of the protest said about 100,000 people turned up in German cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, and Hanover.

Limburgish : Volges de organisatore vaan 't prottes koume umtrint 100000 lui opdage in Duitse stei es Berlien, Keule, Hamburg en Hannover.

English : In Berlin, police estimated 6,500 protestors.

Limburgish : In Berlien sjat de politie det d´r 6500 protestante waore.

English : Protests also took place in Paris, Sofia in Bulgaria, Vilnius in Lithuania, Valetta in Malta, Tallinn in Estonia, and Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland.

Limburgish : D´r waore such proteste in Paries, Sofia in Bulgarije, Vilnius in Litouwe, Valetta in Malta, Tallinn in Estland en Edinburgh en Glasgow in Sjotland.

English : In London, about 200 people protested outside some major copyright holders´ offices.

Limburgish : In Londe höbbe ongevièr200 luuj geprotesteerd buite de kantoere vaan belangrieke auteursrecht houwers.

English : Last month, there were major protests in Poland when that country signed ACTA, which has led to the Polish government deciding not to ratify the agreement, for now.

Limburgish : Aafgeloupe maonde waore d´r groete proteste in Pole, toen dét landj ACTA houw geteikend. Dit heet detouw geleid dét de Poolse euverheid heet besjlaote de euvereinkoms veurluipeg neet te onderteikene.

English : Latvia and Slovakia have both delayed the process of joining ACTA.

Limburgish : Letland en Sjlowakije höbbe ´t proces vaan lid weure vaan ACTA uitgesjteld.

English : Animal Liberation and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) are again calling for the mandatory installation of CCTV cameras in all Australian abattoirs.

Limburgish : Animal Liberation en de Rotal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) roop obbenuits op tot de verpliechte installatie vaan CCTV camera's in alle Australische slachterije.

English : RSPCA New South Wales chief inspector David O´Shannessy told the ABC that surveillance and inspections of abattoirs should be commonplace in Australia.

Limburgish : De inspecteur vaan RSPCA New South Wales , David O'Shannessy, vertèlde 't ABC dat bewaking en inspecties vaan slachterije gemeingood zouw mote zien in Australië.

English : ¨The CCTV would certainly send a strong signal to those people working with animals that their welfare is of the highest priority.¨

Limburgish : "De CCTV zouw zeìker 'n kràchtig signoàl aofgeve aon de lui die mèt diere wèrke dat hun welzien de hoegste veurrank hit."

English : The United States Geological Survey international earthquake map showed no earthquakes in Iceland in the week prior.

Limburgish : De wièk daoveur waore d'r gein aordbevinge in Iesland. Da bliek oet de internationale aordbevingekaart van de United States Geological Survey.

English : The Icelandic Meteorological Office also reported no earthquake activity in the Hekla area in the past 48 hours.

Limburgish : Aug had 't Ieslandse meteorologisch instituut de aafgelaope 48 oer gein aordbevinge in 't gebeed rondom de Hekla gemeld.

English : The significant earthquake activity resulting in the phase change had took place on March 10 on the northeast side of the volcano´s summit caldera.

Limburgish : De aordbeving die de faseverandering had veroorzaak, voont plaats op 10 maart, ten noordoosten vaan de caldera op de top vaan de vulkaon.

English : Dark clouds unrelated to any volcanic activity were reported at the base of the mountain.

Limburgish : De wolke moàkte 't lesteg om te bepaole of d'r ech 'n aordbeving waor gewaes.

English : The clouds presented the potential for confusion as to whether an actual eruption had taken place.

Limburgish : De wolke moàkte 't lesteg om te bepaole of d'r ech 'n aordbeving waor gewaes.

English : The Luno had 120–160 cubic metres of fuel aboard when it broke down and high winds and waves pushed it into the breakwater.

Limburgish : De Luno had 120-160 kubieke meter brandstof aon boord toen heer kepot gón en helle wind en golve häöm in de golfbreker duide.

English : Helicopters rescued the twelve crewmembers and the only injury was a broken nose.

Limburgish : Helikopters redde de twelf bemanningsleie en 't einege letsel waor 'n gebroke kókkel.

English : The 100-metre ship was en route to pick up its usual fertiliser cargo and initially officials feared the vessel could spill a load.

Limburgish : 't 100 Meter lange sjeep waor oonderweeg um zien gebruukeleke kunsmèslaojing op te haole en aonvaankelek vreisde functionarèsse dat 't sjeep 'n laojing zouw kinne verlere.

English : The proposed amendment already passed both houses in 2011.

Limburgish : De veurgestèlde wijzegink is in 2011 al deùr de twiè huìz gegoàn.

English : A change was made this legislative session when the second sentence was deleted first by the House of Representatives and then was passed in a similar form by the Senate Monday.

Limburgish : Oonderwijl dees wètgevende assemblee woort 'n wijzeging aongebrach toen de twiede zin iers deùr 't hoes vaan Aofgevaardegde woort gesjrap en vervolges maondag in 'n vergeliekbaar vörm door de Senaat woort aongenaome.

English : The failure of the second sentence, which proposes to ban same-sex civil unions, could possibly open the door for civil unions in the future.

Limburgish : 't Mislökke vaan de twiede zin, boe-in weurt veurgesteld um börgerlijk vakboonde vaan hetzelfde geslach te verbeeje, zouw in de touwkoms meugelijk de deur kinne opene veur börgerlijk vakboonde.


English : Following the process, HJR-3 will be reviewed again by the next elected legislature in either 2015 or 2016 to remain in process.

Limburgish : Nao 't perces zouw HJR-3 obbenuits weure beoordeild door de volgende gekoze wètgevende mach in 2015 of 2016 um in perces te blieve.

English : Vautier´s achievements outside of directing include a hunger strike in 1973 against what he viewed as political censorship.

Limburgish : Vautier's prestaties boete 't rezjisere zien oonder mie 'n hoongerstaking in 1973 tege wat heer es polletieke censuur besjouwde.

English : French law was changed. His activism went back to age 15 when he joined the French Resistance during World War II.

Limburgish : De France wèt woord gewijzeg. Zien activisme góng trök tot de leeftied vaan 15 toen heer ziech aonsloot bij 't Franse verzèt oonderwijl de Twiede Wereldoorlog.

English : He documented himself in a 1998 book.

Limburgish : heer documinteerde ziechzelf in 'n book oet 1998.

English : In the 1960s he headed back to newly-independent Algeria to teach film directing.

Limburgish : In de jaore '60 kierde heer trök nao 't nuie oonaofhaankeleke Algerije um lès te geve in fèlmrezjie.

English : Japanese judoka Hitoshi Saito, winner of two Olympic gold medals, has died at the age of 54.

Limburgish : De Japanse judoka Hitoshi Saito, winnaar vaan twie Olympisch gouwe medaajes, is op 54-jaorege leeftied gestorve.

English : The cause of death was announced as intrahepatic bile duct cancer.

Limburgish : De doedsoerzaaj woort aongekondeg es intrahepatische galwegkaanker.

English : He died in Osaka on Tuesday.

Limburgish : Heer is op deìesdaag gestorve in Osaka.

English : As well as a former Olympic and World champion, Saito was the All Japan Judo Federation training committee chairman at the time of his death.

Limburgish : Neve veurmaleg Olympisch- en wereldkampioen waor Saito op 't momint vaan zien sterve veurzitter vaan 't trainingscommité vaan de All Japan Judo Federation.

English : At least 100 people had attended the party, in order to celebrate the first anniversary of a couple whose wedding was held last year.

Limburgish : Minstens 100 lui hadde 't fees bijgewoend um de ierste verjaordaag te viere vaan e koppel dat verleie jaor getrouwd waor.

English : A formal anniversary event was scheduled for a later date, officials said.

Limburgish : 'n Formeel zjubilei waor gepland veur 'n later datum, zagte functionarisse.

English : The couple had married in Texas one year ago and came to Buffalo to celebrate with friends and relatives.

Limburgish : 't Kopper waor 'n jaor geleie in Texas getrouwd en kaom naor Buffalo um 't te viere mèt vrun en femilie.

English : The 30-year-old husband, who was born in Buffalo, was one of the four killed in the shooting, but his wife was not hurt.

Limburgish : De 30-jaorige maan, dee waor gebore in Buffalo, waor ein vaan de veer lui die storve in de sjeetpartij, mer zien vrow raaktde neet gewond.

English : Karno is a well-known but controversial English tutor who taught under Modern Education and King´s Glory who claimed to have 9,000 students at the peak of his career.

Limburgish : Karno is 'n bekènde mer controversiële Eengelse lieraar dee lèsgaof oonder Education en King's Glory, die beweerde 9000 studente te höbbe op t huugdepunt vaan zien carrière.

English : In his notes he used words which some parents considered coarse, and he reportedly used profanity in class.

Limburgish : In zien aonteik eninge gebruukde heer wäörd die sommege awwers grof voonte, en nao verluidt gebruukde heer godslastering in de klas.

English : Modern Education accused him of printing large advertisements on buses without authorisation and lying by saying that he was the chief English tutor.

Limburgish : Modern Education besjöldegde häom daovaan zoonder touwstumming groete advertenties op bösse te printe en te lege door te zègke dat heer de belaankriekste lieraar Eengels waor.

English : He has also been accused previously of copyright infringement, but was not charged.

Limburgish : Heer weurt ouch besjöldeg vaan inbreuk op 't auteursrech, mer woort neet aongeklaog.

English : A former student said that he ´used slang in class, taught dating skills in notes, and was just like the students´ friend.´

Limburgish : 'n Veurmalegstudent zag dat heer 'zjargon gebruukde in de klas, datingsveerdeghede lierde in aonteikeninge, en zjus wie de vrund vaan de studente waor.'

English : During the last three decades, despite officially remaining a communist state, China has developed a market economy.

Limburgish : In de aofgeloupe drei decennia heet China , oondaanks dat 't officeel e communistisch land is, 'n merreteconomie ontwikkeld.

English : The first economic reforms were made under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping.

Limburgish : De ierste economische hervörminge woorte doorgevoerd oonder leiing vaan Deng Xiaoping.

English : Since then, China´s economic size has grown by 90 times.

Limburgish : Sinds toen is China's economische umvaank 90 kier groeter gewore.

English : For the first time, last year China exported more cars than Germany and surpassed the United States as the biggest market for this industry.

Limburgish : Verleie jaor exporteerde China veur 't iers mie oto's daan Duitsland en euvertrof zie de Vereinegde State es groetste merret veur dees industrie.

English : China´s GDP could be larger than the United States within two decades.

Limburgish : China's BBP zouw binne twie decennia groeter kinne zien daan dat vaan de Vereinegde Staote.

English : Tropical Storm Danielle, fourth named storm of the 2010 Atlantic hurricane season, has formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Limburgish : Tropische störm Danielle, de veerde störm vaan 't Atlantische orkaansezoen 2010, heet ziech gevörmp in de oostelijke Atlanitsche Oceaan.

English : The storm, located approximately 3,000 miles from Miami, Florida, has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph (64 kph).

Limburgish : De störm, gelege op umtrint 3000 mijl vaan Miami, Florida, heet 'n maximaal aonhawwende wind vaan 40mph (64km/o).


English : Scientists at the National Hurricane Center predict that Danielle will strengthen to a hurricane by Wednesday.

Limburgish : Oonderzeukers vaan 't National Hurricane Centre veurspelle dat Danielle tege goonsdag zal versterke tot 'n orkaan.

English : As the storm is far from landfall, it remains difficult to assess potential impact to the United States or Caribbean.

Limburgish : Umdat de störm nog lang neet aon land is, blijf 't meujelek um de potentieel impact op de Vereinegde Staote.

English : Born in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, Bobek gained fame while playing for Partizan Belgrade.

Limburgish : Bobek, gebore in de Kroatische hoofdstad Zagreb, verwerfde bekèndheid deùr te speule veur Partizan Belgrado.

English : He joined them in 1945 and stayed until 1958.

Limburgish : Heer voogde ziech bij hun in 1945 en bleef tot 1958.

English : During his time with the team, he scored 403 goals in 468 appearances.

Limburgish : Tijdens zien tied mèt 't team scoorde heer 403 goals in 468 optrejjes.

English : No one else has ever made more appearances or scored more goals for the club than Bobek.

Limburgish : Niemand aanders heet oets mie optrejjes gedoon of mie goals gemaak veur de club daan Bobek.

English : In 1995 he was voted the best player in Partizan´s history.

Limburgish : In 1995 woort heer verkoze tot de bèste speuler in de gesjiedenis vaan Partizan.

English : The celebrations started with a special show by the world-renowned group Cirque du Soleil.

Limburgish : De vieringe begóste mèt 'n speciaol show door de eerdbereumpde gróp Cirque du soleil.

English : It was followed by the Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, a Janissary band, and the singers Fatih Erkoç and Müslüm Gürses.

Limburgish : 't Woort gevolg deùr 't Istanbul State Symphony Orkès, 'n Janissary-band en de zengers Fatih Erkoc en Müslüm Gürses.

English : Then Whirling Dervishes took to the stage.

Limburgish : Toen kaome Whirling Derwisjen op de buun.

English : Turkish diva Sezen Aksu performed with the Italian tenor Alessandro Safina and Greek singer Haris Alexiou.

Limburgish : De Turkse diva Sezen Aksu trejde op mèt de Italiaanse tenor Allessandro Safina en de Griekse zangeres Haris Alexiou.

English : To finish, Turkish dance group Fire of Anatolia performed the show ¨Troy¨.

Limburgish : Es aofsleting trejde de Turkse dansgróp Fire of Anatolia de show "Troy" oet.

English : Peter Lenz, a 13-year-old motorcycle racer, has died after being involved in a crash at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Limburgish : Peter Lenz, 'n 13-jaorege motorcoureur. is gestorve nao 'n crash op de Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

English : While on his warm-up lap, Lenz fell off his bike, and was then struck by fellow racer Xavier Zayat.

Limburgish : Tijdens zien opwermrönde veel Lenz vaan ziene fiets en woort vervolges geraak door collega-racer Xavier Zayat.

English : He was immediately attended to by the on-track medical staff and transported to a local hospital where he later died.

Limburgish : Heer woort sebiet verzörg door de medische staf op de baon en vervoerd nao 'n plaotselek ziekenhoes boe heer later is gestorve.

English : Zayat was unhurt in the accident.

Limburgish : Zayat raakde neet geblèsseerd tijdens 't oongelök.

English : Regarding the global financial situation, Zapatero continued by saying that ¨the financial system is a part of the economy, a crucial part.

Limburgish : mèt betrèkking tot de eerdwije financiële situatie vervolgde Zapatero door te zègke dat "'t financieel systeem e oonderdeil vaan de economie is, e cruciaal oonderdeil.

English : We have a year-long financial crisis, which has had its most acute moment in the past two months, and I think now the financial markets are beginning to recover.¨

Limburgish : Veer höbbe 'n financieel crisis vaan 'n jaor, die de aofgelaope twie maond 't mies acute momint heet gehad, en iech deenk dat de financiële merrete ziech noe beginne te herstèlle."

English : Last week, Naked News announced that it would dramatically increase its international language mandate to news reporting, with three new broadcasts.

Limburgish : Verleie week kóndegde Naked News aon dat 't internationale taolmandaat drastisch zouw verhuge tot nuitsverslaaggeving. mèt drei nui oetsjikkinge.

English : Already reporting in English and Japanese, the global organization is launching Spanish, Italian, and Korean-language programs, for television, the web, and mobile devices.

Limburgish : De eerdwije organisatie rapporteert al in 't Eengels en Japans en lanceert programs in 't Spaons, Italiaons, Koreaons veur tèllevisie, internèt en mobiel apparate.

English : ¨Luckily nothing happened to me, but I saw a macabre scene, as people tried to break windows in order to get out.

Limburgish : gelökkeg gebäörde miech niks, mer iech zaog e macaber tafereel, toen lui perbeerde roete in te breke um dao-oet te kaome.

English : People were hitting the panes with chairs, but the windows were unbreakable.

Limburgish : Lui sloge mèt steul tege de roete, mer de roete waore oonbreekbaar.

English : One of the panes finally broke, and they started to get out by the window,¨ said survivor Franciszek Kowal.

Limburgish : "Ein vaan de roete braog oeteindelek en ze begóste bij de roet naor boete te kaome", zag euverlevende Franciszek Kowal.

English : Stars give off light and heat because of the energy made when hydrogen atoms are merged (or fused) together to form heavier elements.

Limburgish : Stare geve leech en wermde aof vaanwege de energie die oontsteit wienie waterstofatome weure samegevoog (of versmolte) um zowerder eleminte te vörme.

English : Scientists are working to create a reactor that can make energy in the same way.

Limburgish : Wetesjappers wèrke aon 'n reactor die op dezelfde meneer enerzjie kin make.


English : This, however, is a very hard problem to solve and will take many years before we see useful fusion reactors built.

Limburgish : Dit is evels 'n zier meujelek op te losse perbleem en 't zal väöle jaore dore veurdat ver bruukbaar fusiereactore goon bouwe.

English : The steel needle floats on top of the water because of surface tension.

Limburgish : De staole naoje drief op 't water door oppervlakspanning.

English : Surface tension happens because the water molecules at the surface of the water are strongly attracted to each other more than they are to the air molecules above them.

Limburgish : Oppervlakspanning trejt op umdat de watermolecule aon 't oppervlak vaan 't water sterker door ein weure aongetrokke daan door de lochmolecule daobove.

English : The water molecules make an invisible skin on the water's surface that allows things like the needle to float on top of the water.

Limburgish : De watermolecule vörme 'n oonziechbaar hoed op 't wateroppervlak boedoor dinger es de naoje op 't water kinne drieve.

English : The blade on a modern ice skate has a double edge with a concave hollow between them. The two edges allow for a better grasp of the ice, even when tilted.

Limburgish : 't Blaad vaan 'n modern sjaars heet 'n dobbele rand mèt 'n hol ruimte daotusse. De twie ren zörge veur 'n beter grip op 't ies, zelfs es 't gekanteld is.

English : Because the bottom of the blade is slightly curved, as the blade tilts to one side or the other, the edge which is in contact with the ice also curves.

Limburgish : Umdat de oonderkant vaan 't blaad liech geboge is, umdat 't blaad nao de eine of de aandere kant kantelt, buig ouch de rand dee in contac steit mèt 't ies.

English : This causes the skater to turn. If the skates tilt to the right, the skater turns right, if the skates tilt to the left, the skater turns left.

Limburgish : Heidoor drejt de sjaarser, es de sjaarse nao rechs kantele, drejt de sjaarses nao rechs, es de sjaarse nao links kantele drejt de sjaarser nao links.

English : To return to their previous energy level, they must get rid of the extra energy they got from the light.

Limburgish : Um trök te kiere nao hun veurige energienivo, motte ze de extra enerzjie die ze vaan 't leech kriege kwietrake.

English : They do this by emitting a tiny particle of light called a ¨photon¨.

Limburgish : Ze doen dit door e klein deilke leech oet te zede dat 'n foton weurt geneump.

English : Scientists call this process ¨stimulated emission of radiation¨ because the atoms are stimulated by the bright light, causing the emission of a photon of light, and light is a type of radiation.

Limburgish : Oonderzeukers numme dit perces, "gestimuleerde emissie vaan straoling" umdat de atome weure gestimuleerd door t heldere leech, boevaan 'n foton vaan leech weurt oetgezoonde, en het leech is 'n soort straoling.

English : The next picture shows the atoms emitting photons. Of course, in reality photons are a lot smaller than those in the picture.

Limburgish : De aander aofbeelding toent de atome die fotone oetzende. Natuurlek zien fotone in werkelekheid e stuk kleiner es die op de foto.

English : Photons are even smaller than the stuff that makes up atoms!

Limburgish : Fotone zien zelfs kleiner es 't materiaol boe-oet atome bestoon!

English : After hundreds of hours of operation the filament in the bulb eventually burns out and the light bulb no longer works.

Limburgish : Nao hoonderde bedriefsore brant oeteindelek de gleujdraod in de lamp deùr en wèrk de lamp neet mie.

English : The light bulb then needs replacing. It is necessary to be careful in replacing the light bulb.

Limburgish : De geleujjamp is daan aon vervaanging touw. 't Is noedzakelek um veurziechteg te zien bij t vervaange vaan de gleujlamp.

English : First, the switch for the light fixture needs to be turned off or the cable disconnected.

Limburgish : Iers mot de sjakeleer veur de verliechtingsarmatuur weure oetgesjakeld of de kabel weure losgekoppeld.

English : This is because electricity flowing into the socket where the metallic part of bulb sits can give you a severe electric shock if you touch the inside of the socket or the metal base of the bulb while it is still partly in the socket.

Limburgish : Dit keump umdat èllentriek die in de fitting stroump boe 't metale deil vaan de lamp zit uuch 'ne èllentrische shock kin geve es geer de binnekant vaan de fitting of de metaole poet vaan de lamp aonraak wijl dees nog degeiltelek in de fitting zit.

English : The major organ of the circulatory system is the heart, which pumps the blood.

Limburgish : 't Belaankriekste orgaon vaan de bloodsumumloup is 't hart, dat 't blookd pomp.

English : Blood goes away from the heart in tubes called arteries and comes back to the heart in tubes called veins. The smallest tubes are called capillaries.

Limburgish : Blood geit weg vaan 't hart in buize die slaagaojers weure geneump en 't keump trök nao 't hard in buize die aojers weure geneump. De kleinste buiskes heite cappilairen.

English : A triceratops´ teeth would have been able to crush not only leaves but even very tough branches and roots.

Limburgish : De tan vaan 'n triceratops zouwe neet allein blaajes höbbe kinne verplettere, mer zelfs zier tej takke en wortele.

English : Some scientists think Triceratops ate cycads, which are a type of plant that was common in the Cretaceous.

Limburgish : Sommège wetensjappers deenke dat e Triceratops cycade aot, 'n soort plant die dèks veurkaom in 't Kriet.

English : These plants look like a small palm tree with a crown of sharp, spiky leaves.

Limburgish : Dees plante liekene op 'n klein palmbaom mèt 'n kroen vaan sjerp, steketeg blaajer.

English : A Triceratops could have used its strong beak to strip off the leaves before eating the trunk.

Limburgish : 'n Triceratops had zien sterk snavel kinne gebruke um de blaajer te verwijere veurdat heer de stam op aot.

English : Other scientists argue that these plants are very poisonous so it is unlikely that any dinosaur ate them, even though today the sloth and other animals like the parrot (a descendant of the dinosaurs) can eat poisonous leaves or fruit.

Limburgish : Aander wetensjappers bewere dat dees plante erg gifteg zien, dus is 't oonwaarsjijnlek dat 'n dinosaurus ze heet op gegete, al tegewoordeg de luiaard en aander dieere zoe es de pappegej ('n aofstammeling vaan de dinosauriërs) gifteg blaajer of vröchte kin ete.

English : How would Io´s gravity pull on me? If you stood on the surface of Io, you would weigh less than you do on Earth.

Limburgish : Wie zouw de zwuurtekrach vaan Io aon miech trèkke? Es te op t oppervlak vaan IO zouws stoon, zouws te minder wege es op eerd.

English : A person who weighs 200 pounds (90kg) on Earth would weigh about 36 pounds (16kg) on Io. So the gravity, of course, pulls less on you.

Limburgish : 'ne persoen dee 200 pond (90 kg) weeg op eerd, zou op Io umtrint 36 pond (16kg) wege. Dus de zwuurtekrach trèk netuurlek minder aon diech.


English : The Sun doesn´t have a crust like the Earth that you can stand on. The whole Sun is made out of gases, fire, and plasma.

Limburgish : De zon heet gein koors zoe es de eerd boe-op diech kins stoon, de ganse zon besteit oet gaas, vuur en plasma.

English : The gas becomes thinner as you go farther from the center of the Sun.

Limburgish : 't Gaas weurt dunner naomate datste wijer vaan 't centrum vaan de zon kums.

English : The outer-part we see when we look at the Sun is called the photosphere, which means ¨ball of light¨.

Limburgish : 't boetenste deil dat veer zien es veer nao de zon loere, weurt de fotosfeer geneump, wat "bal vaan leech" beteikent.

English : About three thousand years later, in 1610, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei used a telescope to observe that Venus has phases, just as the moon does.

Limburgish : Umtrint dreidoezend jaor later, in 1610, gebrukde de Italiaonse astronoom Galileo Galilei 'n telescoop um te observere dat Venus fases heet, zjus wie de maon.

English : Phases happen because only the side of Venus (or of the Moon) facing the Sun is lighted. The phases of Venus supported the theory of Copernicus that the planets go around the Sun.

Limburgish : Fases vinde plaots umdat allein de zij vaan Venus (of vaan de maon) die nao de zon is geriech, weurt verleech. De fases vaan Venus oondersteunde theorie vaan Copernicus dat de planete um de zon dreije.

English : Then, a few years later in 1639, an English astronomer named Jeremiah Horrocks observed a transit of Venus.

Limburgish : 'n Paar jaor later, in 1639, zoàg 'n Eengelse astonoom, genaomp Jeremiah Horrocks, 'n Venuseuvergaang.

English : England had experienced a long period of peace after the reconquest of the Danelaw.

Limburgish : Engeland had ne lange tied van vreie gekand noà de heròvering van de Danelaw.

English : However in 991 Ethelred was faced with a Viking fleet larger than any since Guthrum´s a century earlier.

Limburgish : Moa in 991 krèg Ethelred te moake bij ne Vikingvloot groeder dan wa ein oek van Guthrum honderd joar doa voèrre.

English : This fleet was led by Olaf Trygvasson, a Norwegian with ambitions to reclaim his country from Danish domination.

Limburgish : Dèie boate wàrre aengevoèrd door Olaf Trygvasson, iene uìt Noorweìge diè zij land woù herpakke op de Dène hunne bezetting.

English : After initial military setbacks, Ethelred was able to agree to terms with Olaf, who returned to Norway to try to gain his kingdom with mixed success.

Limburgish : Noà ijoste militère tègenslieg was t Ethelred gelùkt vrieie te sloàte bei Olaf, diè noà Noorwége terugkoèm om sei reìk te heroèvere, ma da lukte nie helegans.

English : Hangeul is the only purposely invented alphabet in popular daily use. The alphabet was invented in 1444 during the reign of King Sejong (1418 – 1450).

Limburgish : Hangul is 't einegste doelbewus oetgevoonde alfabet in populair daogeleks gebruuk. 't Alfabet woort oetgevonde in 1444 tijens 't bewind vaan keuning Sejong (1418-1450).

English : King Sejong was the fourth king of the Joseon Dynasty and is one of the most highly regarded.

Limburgish : Keuning Sejong waor de veerde keuning vaan de Joseon-dynastie en is ein vaan de mies gewaardeerde.

English : He originally named the Hangeul alphabet Hunmin Jeongeum, which means ¨the correct sounds for the instruction of the people¨.

Limburgish : Heer neumde 't Hangeul-alfabet Oorspreunkelek Hunmin Jeongeum, wat "de riechtege geluide veur de instructie vaan de lui" beteikent.

English : There are many theories to how Sanskrit came into existence. One of them is about an Aryan migration from the west into India who brought their language with them.

Limburgish : Dao zien väöl theorieën euver wie 't Sanskriet is oontstoon. Eine daorvaan geit euver 'n Arische migratie oet 't weste nao India die hun taol mèt ziech mètbrach.

English : Sanskrit is an ancient language and is comparable to the Latin language spoken in Europe.

Limburgish : Sanskriet is 'n aw taol en is vergeliekbaar mèt de Latiense taol die in Europa weurt gesproke.

English : The earliest known book in the world was written in Sanskrit. After the compilation of Upanishads, Sanskrit just faded due to hierarchy.

Limburgish : 't Vreugste bekènde book ter eerd is in 't Sanskriet gesjreve. Nao de compilatie vaan Upanishads goenk 't Sanskriet voèt deùr boàze.

English : Sanskrit is a very complex and rich language, which has served to be the source for many modern Indian languages, just like Latin is the source for European languages like French and Spanish.

Limburgish : Sanskriet is n zier complexe en rieke taol, die de bron is gewees veur väöl modern Indiase taole, sjus zoe wie 't Latien de bron is veur Europese taole zoe wie Frans en Spaons.

English : With the battle for France over, Germany began to get ready to invade the island of Britain.

Limburgish : Toen de strijd um Fraankriek veurbij waor, begós Duitsland ziech klaor te mae um 't eiland Groet-Brittanië binne te valle.

English : Germany code-named the attack "Operation Sealion". Most of the British Army´s heavy weapons and supplies had been lost when it evacuated from Dunkirk, so the army was fairly weak.

Limburgish : Duitsland gaof de aonval de codenaom "Operatie Zieliew". De mieste zwoere waopes en veuurapde vaan 't Britse leger waore verlore gegaange toen 't oet Duinkerke geëvacueerd woort, dus waor 't leger vrij zwaak.

English : But the Royal Navy was still much stronger than the German Navy ("Kriegsmarine") and could have destroyed any invasion fleet sent across the English Channel.

Limburgish : Mer de Koninkleke Marine waor nog steeds väöl sterker daan de Duitse Marine ("Kriegsmarine") en had eder invasievloot die euver 't Eengelse Kanaal waor gesjik, kinne vernetige.

English : However, very few Royal Navy ships were based near the likely invasion routes as the admirals were afraid they would be sunk by German air attack.

Limburgish : Dao woorte evels mer hiel wienig Royal Navy-sjepe gestationeerd in de buurt vaan de waarsjijnleke invasieroutes, umdat de admiraols bang waore dat ze door 'n Duitse lochaonval tot zinke zouwe weure gebrach.

English : Let´s start with an explanation about Italy´s plans. Italy was mainly the ¨little brother¨ of Germany and Japan.

Limburgish : Laot ever beginne mèt 'n oetlègk euver de planne vaan Italië, Italië waor veural 't "kleine breurke" vaan Duitsland en Japan.

English : It had a weaker army and a weaker navy, although they had just built four new ships right before the beginning of the war.

Limburgish : 't Had 'n zwaaker leger en n zwaaker marine, allewijl ze zjus veur 't begin vaan de oorlog veer nuie sjepe hadde gebouwd.

English : Italy´s main goals were African countries. To capture those countries, they would need to have a troop launching pad, so as troops could sail across the Mediterranean Sea and invade Africa.

Limburgish : De belaankriekste doele vaan Italië waore Afrikaanse lande. Um die lande te verovere zouwe ze 'n lanceerplatform veur troepe nudeg höbbe, zoedat troepe euver de Middelandse Zie kinne zeile en Afrika kinne binnevalle.

English : For that, they had to get rid of British bases and ships in Egypt. Besides those actions, Italy´s battleships were not supposed to do anything else.

Limburgish : Daoveur móste zie ziech oontdoen vaan Britse basis en sjepe in Egypte. Neve deze acties mochte de Italiaonse slaagsjepe niks aanders doen.


English : Now for Japan. Japan was an island country, just like Britain.

Limburgish : Noe veur Japan. Japan waor 'n eiland, zjus wie Groet-Brittanië.

English : Submarines are ships designed to travel underwater, and remain there for an extended amount of time.

Limburgish : Oonderziejers zien sjepe die zien oontworpe um onder water te reize en daor veur 'n langere tied te blieve.

English : Submarines were used in World War I and World War II. Back then they were very slow and had a very limited shooting range.

Limburgish : Oonderziejers woorte gebruuk in de Ierste en Twiede Wereldoorlog. Destiets waore ze erg traag en hadde ze 'n zier beperk sjeetbereik.

English : In the beginning of the war they mostly travelled on top of the sea, but as radar began developing and becoming more accurate the submarines were forced to go under water to avoid being seen.

Limburgish : In 't begin vaan de oorlog reisde ze miestal p d etop vaan de zie, mer toen de radar ziech begós te ontwikkele en nauwkeureger woort, woorte de oonderziejers gedwonge onder water te goon um neet gezeen te weure.

English : German submarines were called U-Boats. The Germans were very good at navigating and operating their submarines.

Limburgish : Duitse oonderziejers woorte U-boten geneump. De Duitsers waore erg good in 't navigere en bedeene vaan hun oonderziejers.

English : Because of their success with submarines, after the war Germans aren´t trusted to have many of them.

Limburgish : Vaanwege hun succes mèt oonderziejers, weurt nao de oorlog neet dao op vertreùt da de Preùsse dao väöl vaan höbbe.

English : Yes! King Tutankhamun, sometimes referred to as ¨King Tut¨ or ¨The Boy King¨, is one of the most well known ancient Egyptian kings in modern times.

Limburgish : Jao! Keuning Toetanchamon, ouch wel "King Tut" of "The Boy King" geneump is ein vaan de mies bekènde awwe Egyptische keuninge in de moderne tied.

English : Interestingly, he was not considered to be very important in ancient times and was not recorded on most ancient king lists.

Limburgish : Interessant is dat heer in de aajdheid neet es erg belaankriek woort besjouwd en neet op de mieste awwe keuningslieste stoont.

English : However, the discovery of his tomb in 1922 made him a celebrity. While many tombs of the past were robbed, this tomb was left virtually undisturbed.

Limburgish : De oontdèkking vaan zien graaf in 1922 maakte häöm eder 'n bereumpheid, Allerwijl väöl grave oet 't verleie woorte beroof, woort dit graaf vrijwel oongesteurd gelaote.

English : Most of the items buried with Tutankhamun have been well preserved, including thousands of artefacts made from precious metals and rare stones.

Limburgish : De mieste veurwerpe die mèt Toatanchamon zien begraove, zien good bewaord gebleve, boe-onder doezende veurwerpe gemaak vaan edel metaole en zeldzaam stein.

English : The invention of spoke wheels made Assyrian chariots lighter, faster, and better prepared to outrun soldiers and other chariots.

Limburgish : De oetvinding vaan spaakwiele maaktde Assyrische strijdwages liechter, sneller en beter veurbereid um soldaote en aander strijdwages te oontlaoupe.

English : Arrows from their deadly crossbows could penetrate the armor of rival soldiers. About 1000 B.C., the Assyrians introduced the first cavalry.

Limburgish : Pijle vana hun duujelek kruusbaoge kóste 't pantser vaan rivaliserende soldaote binnedringe. Roond 1000 veur Christus introduceerde de Assysriërs de ierste cavalerie.

English : A cavalry is an army that fights on horseback. The saddle had not yet been invented, so the Assyrian cavalry fought on the bare backs of their horses.

Limburgish : 'n cavalarie is 'n lièger da te peerde böttelt. 't Zadel waor nog neet oetgevonde, dus böttelde de Assyrische cavalarie op de bloete rögk vaan hun peerd.

English : We know many Greek politicians, scientists, and artists. Possibly the most known person of this culture is Homer, the legendary blind poet, who composed two masterpieces of Greek literature: the poems Iliad and Odyssey.

Limburgish : Veer kinnd väöl Griekse politici, wetensjappers en kunsteneers. Missjien wel de mies bekènde persoen vaan dees cultuur is Homerus, de legendarische blinne diechter, dee twie meisterwerke oet de Griekste literatuur componeerde: de gediechte Ilias en Odyssee.

English : Sophocles and Aristophanes are still popular playwrights and their plays are considered to be among the greatest works of world literature.

Limburgish : Sophocles en Aristophanes zien nog ummertouw populaire toneelsjrievers en hun toneelstökke woorte besjouwd es ein vaan de groetste werke vaan de wereldliteratuur.

English : Another famous Greek is a mathematician Pythagoras, mostly known for his famous theorem about relations of the sides of right triangles.

Limburgish : 'n Aander bereumpde Griek is de wiskundige Pythagoras, veural bekènd um zien bereumpde stèlling euver de relaties vaan de kante vaan rechhokege dreihook.

English : There are varying estimates for how many people speak Hindi. It is estimated to be between the second and fourth most commonly spoken language in the world.

Limburgish : Dao zien versjèllende sjatiinge veur wieväöl lui Hindi spreke. 't Weurt gesjat op de twiede tot de veerde mies gesproke taol ter wièrelt.

English : The number of native speakers varies depending on whether or not very closely related dialects are counted.

Limburgish : 't Aontal moojerstaolsprekers hingk aof vaan 't al dan neet telle vaa nzier nauw verwante dialecte.

English : Estimates range from 340 million to 500 million speakers, and as many as 800 million people can understand the language.

Limburgish : Sjattinge loupoe oetein vaan 340 mieljoen ott 500 mieljoen sprekers, en mer leefs 800 mieljoen lui kinne de taol begriepe.

English : Hindi and Urdu are similar in vocabulary but different in script; in everyday conversations, speakers of both languages can usually understand each other.

Limburgish : Hindi en Urdu zien vergeliekbaar in woordesjat, mer versjèllend in scrip; in alledagse gesprekke kinne sprekers vaan allebei de taole ziech miestal verstoon.

English : Around the 15th century, northern Estonia was under great cultural influence of Germany.

Limburgish : Rond de 15e iew stoond 't noorde vaan Estland oonder groete culturele invloed vaan Duitsland.

English : Some German monks wanted to bring God closer to the native people, so they invented the Estonian literal language.

Limburgish : Sommege Duitse mónnike wèlde God diechter beì de lokàle miènse breenge, dus voonte zie de Estse schreiftaol oet.

English : It was based on the German alphabet and one character ¨Õ/õ¨ was added.

Limburgish : 't waor gebaseerd op 't Duitse alfabet en éín teike "Õ/õ"woord touwgevoog.

English : As time passed, many words that were borrowed from German coalesced. This was the beginning of enlightenment.

Limburgish : Naomate de tied verstreek, kaome väöl wäörd die oet 't Duits waore geliend same. Dit waor 't begin vaan verliechting.

English : Traditionally, the heir to the throne would go straight into the military after finishing school.

Limburgish : Traditioneìl góng de erfgenaom vaan de troen direk nao 't beëindege vaan de sjaol 't lièger in.


English : However, Charles went to university at Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied Anthropology and Archaeology, and later History, earning a 2:2 (a lower second class degree).

Limburgish : Charles ging evels nao de universiteit aon 't Trinity College in Camrbidge, boe heer antropologie en acheologie studeerde, en later gesjiedenis, en behaolde 'n 2:2 ('n lieger twiedeklas graod).

English : Charles was the first member of the British Royal Family to be awarded a degree.

Limburgish : Charles waor 't ierste lid vaan de Britse Keuninkleke femielie dat 'n diploom kraog.

English : European Turkey (eastern Thrace or Rumelia in the Balkan peninsula) includes 3% of the country.

Limburgish : Europees Turkijke (oostelek Thracië of Roemelië op 't Balkansjiereiland) umvat 3% vaan't land.

English : The territory of Turkey is more than 1,600 kilometres (1,000 mi) long and 800 km (500 mi) wide, with a roughly rectangular shape.

Limburgish : 't Groondgebeed vaan Turkije is mie es 1600 kilometer (1000 mijl) laank en 800 km (500 mijl) breid, mèt groofweg 'n rechhokige vörm.

English : Turkey´s area, including lakes, occupies 783,562 square kilometres (300,948 sq mi), of which 755,688 square kilometres (291,773 sq mi) are in south west Asia and 23,764 square kilometres (9,174 sq mi) in Europe.

Limburgish : 't Gebeed vaan Turkije, inclusief mere, besleir 783.562 veerkante kilometer (300.948 veerkante mijl) boevaan 755.688 veerkante kilometers (291.773 veerkante mijl) in Zuidwes-Azië e 23.764 veerkante kilometers (9174 veerkante mijl) in Europa.

English : Turkey´s area makes it the world´s 37th-largest country, and is about the size of Metropolitan France and the United Kingdom combined.

Limburgish : 't Gebeed vaan Turkijke maak 't 't 37e groetste land ter wereld en 't is umtrint zoe groet es metropool Fraankriek en 't Vereineg Keuningkriek same.

English : Turkey is encircled by seas on three sides: the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.

Limburgish : Turkije weurt aon drei kante umringk door zieje De Egeïsche zie in 't weste, de Zwarte Zie in t noorde en de Middelandse zie in t zuie.

English : Luxembourg has a long history but its independence dates from 1839.

Limburgish : Luxemburg heet 'n lang gesjiedenis, mer de oonaofhaankelekheid dateert vaan 1839.

English : Present-day parts of Belgium were part of Luxembourg in the past but became Belgian after the 1830s Belgian Revolution.

Limburgish : De huidege deile vaan Belsj maakde in 't verleie deil oet vaan Luxemburg, meir woorte nao de Belsje revolutie vaan 1830 Belsj.

English : Luxembourg has always tried to remain a neutral country but it was occupied in both World War I and World War II by Germany.

Limburgish : Luxemburg heet altied geperbeerd 'n neutraal land te blieve, mer 't woort zoewel in de ierste es in de twiede wereldoorlog bezat door Duitsland.

English : In 1957 Luxembourg became a founding member of the organization which is today known as the European Union.

Limburgish : In 1957 woort Luxemburg ein vaan de opriechters vaan de organisatie die tegewoordeg bekènd steit es de Europese Unie.

English : The Drukgyal Dzong is a ruined fortress and Buddhist monastery in the upper part of the Paro District (in Phondey Village).

Limburgish : De Drukgyzal Dzong is 'n verweus fort en e boeddhistisch kloester in 't bovenste deil vaan 't Paro-distrik (in t dörp Phondey).

English : It is said that in 1649, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel created the fortress to commemorate his victory against the Tibetan-Mongol forces.

Limburgish : Dao weurt gezag dat Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 1649 't fort heet gebiouwd um zien euverwinninge op de Tibetaanse-Mongoolse strijdkrachte te herdinke.

English : In 1951, a fire caused for only some of the relics of the Drukgyal Dzong to remain, such as the image of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

Limburgish : In 1951 zörgde 'n brand daoveur dat mer e paar vaan de rillekwieë vaan de Drukgyal Dzong euverbleve, zoees 't beeld vaan Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal.

English : After the fire, the fortress was preserved and protected, remaining to be one of Bhutan´s most sensational attractions.

Limburgish : Nao de brand woort t fort bewaort en besjermp en bleef 't ein vaan de mies sensationele attracties vaan Bhutan.

English : During the 18th century Cambodia found itself squeezed between two powerful neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam.

Limburgish : Tijdens de 18e iew bevond Cambodja ziech tusse twie mechtege bure, Thailand en Vietnam.

English : The Thais invaded Cambodia several times in the 18th century and in 1772 they destroyed Phnom Phen.

Limburgish : De Thais vele in de 18e iew versjèllende kiere Cambodja binne en vernetege in 1772 Phnom Phen.

English : In the last years of the 18th century the Vietnamese also invaded Cambodia.

Limburgish : In de lètste jaore vaan de 18e iew vele de Vietnameze ouch Cambodja binne.

English : Eighteen percent of Venezuelans are unemployed, and most of those who are employed work in the informal economy.

Limburgish : Achttien percent vaan de Venezolanen is werkloos en de mieste lui wèrke in de informele economie.

English : Two thirds of Venezuelans who work do so in the service sector, nearly a quarter work in industry and a fifth work in agriculture.

Limburgish : Twie derde vaan de Venezolanen die wèrke, deit dat in de deenssector, bijnao 'n kwaart wèrk in de industrie en 'n vijfde in de landbouw.

English : An important industry for Venezuelans is oil, where the country is a net exporter, even though only one percent work in the oil industry.

Limburgish : E belaangriek industrie veur Venezolanen is olie, boe 't land 'n netto-exporteur is, allewijl mer èìn percent in de olie-industrie wèrk.

English : Early in the nation´s independence, Singapore Botanic Gardens´ expertise helped to transform the island into a tropical Garden City.

Limburgish : Vreug in de oonaofhaankelekheid vaan 't land heelp de expertise vaan Singapore Botanic Gardens um 't eiland um te vörme tot 'n tropische tuinstad.

English : In 1981, Vanda Miss Joaquim, an orchid hybrid, was chosen as the nation´s national flower.

Limburgish : In 1981 woort Vanda Miss Joaquim, 'n orchidee-hybride, gekoze es de nationaole blom vaan 't land.

English : Every year around October nearly 1.5 million herbivores travel towards the southern plains, crossing the Mara River, from the northern hills for the rains.

Limburgish : Eder jaor reize umtrint oktober bijnao 1,5 mieljoen herbivore nao de zuieleke vlaakdes, die de Mara-rivier euversteke, vaanoet de noordeleke heuvels veur de rege.

English : And then back to the north through the west, once again crossing the Mara river, after the rains in around April.

Limburgish : En daan trök nao 't noorde door t weste, obbenuits de Mara-rivier euversteke, nao de reges roond april.


English : The Serengeti region contains the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania and the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

Limburgish : De serengeti-regio bevat 't Serengeti National Park, 't Ngorongoro Conservation Area en Maswa Game Reserve in Tanzania en 't Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenia.

English : Learning to create interactive media requires conventional and traditional skills, as well as tools mastered in interactive classes (storyboarding, audio and video editing, story telling, etc.)

Limburgish : 't Liere make vaan interactieve media vereis conventioneel en traditioneel veerdegheid en ouch tools die oonder de knee zien in interactieve lèsse (storyboard, audio- en videobewerking, verhaole vertèlle, enz.)

English : Interactive design requires that you re-assess your assumptions about media production and learn to think in a non-linear ways.

Limburgish : 't Interactief oontwerp vereis dat ger uuch aonnames euver mediaproductie obbenuits beoordeilt en op neet-lineaire menere liert dinke.

English : Interactive design requires that components of a project connect to each other, but also make sense as a separate entity.

Limburgish : Interactief oontwerpe vereis dat oonderdeil vaan 'n project op ein aonslete, mer ouch es 'n aofzoonderlek gehiel zinvol zien.

English : The disadvantage of zoom lenses is that the focal complexity and number of lens elements required to achieve a range of focal lengths is much greater than for prime lenses.

Limburgish : 't Naodeil vaan zoomlenze is dat de branpuntscomplexiteit en 't aontal lenseleminte dat nudeg is um 'n reeks brandpuntsaofstande te bereike väöl groeter is daan bij primelenze.

English : This is becoming less of an issue as lens manufacturers achieve higher standards in lens production.

Limburgish : Dit weurt minder 'n perbleem naomate lensfabrikante hoegere norme haole bij de productie vaan lenze.

English : This has allowed zoom lenses to produce pictures of a quality comparable to that achieved by lenses with fixed focal length.

Limburgish : heidoor kóste zoomlenze beelde producere vaan 'n kwaliteit die vergeliekbaar is mèt die vaan lenze mèt 'n vas brandpuntsaofstand.

English : Another disadvantage of zoom lenses is that the maximum aperture (the speed) of the lens is usually lower.

Limburgish : 'n Aander naodeil vaan zoomlenze is da 't maximoùl diafragma (snelheid) vaan de lens miestal lieger is.

English : This makes inexpensive zoom lenses hard to use in low-light conditions without a flash.

Limburgish : Dit maak beterkoupe zoomlenze meujelek te gebruke bij wieneg leech zoonder flitser.

English : One of the most common problems when trying to convert a movie to DVD format is the overscan.

Limburgish : Eìn van de meist veurkòmende probleìme bei t euverzètte van ne film noà DVD is de euverscan.

English : Most televisions are made in a way to please the general public.

Limburgish : De mètste tielevizes zijn gemoakt om veùl mense e plezier te doàn.

English : For that reason, everything you see on the TV had the borders cut, top, bottom and sides.

Limburgish : Daarvoar is alles wat djie zièt op de televise voèt gesneè, boeve, onner en lèngszeie.

English : This is made to ensure that the image covers the whole screen. That is called overscan.

Limburgish : Dit wordt gedaan om ervoor te zorgen dat het beeld het hele scherm beslaat. Dat wordt overscan genoemd.

English : Unfortunately, when you make a DVD, it´s borders will most likely be cut too, and if the video had subtitles too close to the bottom, they won´t be fully shown.

Limburgish : Spètig, as dzjie ne DVD moakt, zullen de raèn denk ich oek kotter woère, en as de onnertitels te kot bij de onnerkant van de video zoaten, zullen ze nie helegans jonnen getoand.

English : The traditional medieval castle has long inspired the imagination, conjuring up images of jousts, banquets and Arthurian chivalry.

Limburgish : Eùver t traditioneìl kastèl uìt de Middelieuwe is lank gefantasièrd en mense dènke dan oan beìlde van gevèchte, fèste en ridders weì bei Arthur.

English : Even standing amidst thousand year-old ruins it is easy to bring to mind the sounds and smells of battles long gone, to almost hear the clatter of hooves on the cobbles and to smell the fear rising from the dungeon pits.

Limburgish : Zelfs te midde van doezend jaor aè ruïnes is het gemekelek om aon t geluid en de geùr van lang geleie veldslièg te denke, om bekans t geklètter van hoeèn op de keì te heure dei uìt de pùt van de kèirkers omhuìg kòmt.

English : But is our imagination based on reality? Why were castles built in the first place? How were they designed and built?

Limburgish : Mà is osse fantasie gebasierd op de realiteit? Veurwa ijonde kasteìle in de ijoste plak geboùwd? Wei warre ze geboùwd en ontweurpe?

English : Typical for the period, Kirby Muxloe Castle is more of a fortified house than a true castle.

Limburgish : Typisch veur de periode, Kirby Muxloe Castle is mie 'n versterk hoes daan 'n ech kestiel.

English : Its large glazed windows and thin walls would not have been able to resist a determined attack for long.

Limburgish : Dr groete glaze roete en dunne moere zouwe 'n vasteberaoje aonval neet lang höbbe kinne weerstoon.

English : In the 1480s, when its construction was begun by Lord Hastings, the country was relatively peaceful and defense was only required against small bands of roving marauders.

Limburgish : In de jaore 1480, toen Lord Hastings mèt de bouw begós, waor 't land in relatief vrei en waor verdediging allein nudeg tege kleine grópe roondzwervende plundereers.

English : The balance of power was a system in which European nations sought to maintain the national sovereignty of all European states.

Limburgish : 't Machsevewiech waor 'n systeem boe-in Europese naties perbeerde de nationaole soevereiniteit vaan alle Europese staote te behouwe.

English : The concept was that all European nations had to seek to prevent one nation from becoming powerful, and thus national governments often changed their alliances in order to maintain the balance.

Limburgish : 't Concep waor dat alle Europese naties móste perbere te veurkoume dat éín natie mechteg zouw weure, en daorum veranderde nationaole regeringe dèks hun allianties um 't evewiech te bewaoore.

English : The War of Spanish Succession marked the first war whose central issue was the balance of power.

Limburgish : De Spaonse Successieoorlog markierde de ierste oorlog boevaan 't beloàngrekste 't machsevewiech waor.

English : This marked an important change, as European powers would no longer have the pretext of being religious wars. Thus, the Thirty Years´ War would be the last war to be labeled a religious war.

Limburgish : Dit beteikende 'n belaankrieke verandering, aongezeen Europese staote neet langer 't veurwendsel zouwe höbbe um relizjieuze oorloge te zien. De dertigjaorege oorlog zouw dus de lèste oorlog zien dee es 'n relizjeus oorlog woort bestempeld.

English : The temple of Artemis at Ephesus was destroyed on July 21, 356 BCE in an act of arson committed by Herostratus.

Limburgish : De tempel vaan Artemis in Efeze woort op 21 juli 356 veur Christus verweus door e brandstiechting door Herostratus.


English : According to the story, his motivation was fame at any cost. The Ephesians, outraged, announced that Herostratus´ name never be recorded.

Limburgish : Volges 't verhaol waor zien driefveer koste wat t kos reum. De Efeziërs, verontwaardeg, kondegde aon dat de naom vaan Herostratus noets zal weure opgenome.

English : The Greek historian Strabo later noted the name, which is how we know today. The temple was destroyed on the same night that Alexander the Great was born.

Limburgish : De griekse historicus Strabo noteerde later de naom, zoees veer dee vendaog kinne. De tempel woort vernieteg in dezelfde nach dat Alexander de Groete woort gebore.

English : Alexander, as king, offered to pay to rebuild the temple, but his offer was denied. Later, after Alexander died, the temple was rebuilt in 323 BCE.

Limburgish : Alexander, es keuning, booj aon te betaole um de tempel te herboùwe, mer zien aonbod woor aofgeweze. Loàter, naodat Alexander waor gestorve, woort de tempel herboùwd in 323 veur Christus.

English : Make sure your hand is as relaxed as possible while still hitting all the notes correctly - also try not to make much extraneous motion with your fingers.

Limburgish : Zörg daoveur dat uuche hand zoe oontspanne meugelek is oonderwijl geer alle note korrek raak - perbeer ouch neet te väöl vreempde beweginge mèt uuch vingers te make.

English : This way, you will tire yourself out as little as possible. Remember there´s no need to hit the keys with a lot of force for extra volume like on the piano.

Limburgish : Zoe raaks te zoe min meugelek vermeujd, onthouw dat 't neet nudeg is um de toetse mèt väöl krach aon te sloon veur extra voluum wie beì de piano.

English : On the accordion, to get extra volume, you use the bellows with more pressure or speed.

Limburgish : Op de trèkzak gebruuks te um extra voluum te kriege, de balg mèt mie drök of snelheid.

English : Mysticism is the pursuit of communion with, identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God.

Limburgish : Mystiek is 't streve nao gemeinsjap mèt, identiteit mèt, of bewus gewaarzien vaan 'n ultiem realiteit, goddelekheid, spirituele woerheid of god.

English : The believer seeks a direct experience, intuition, or insight into divine reality/the deity or dieties.

Limburgish : De geluivegezeuk direk ervaring, intuïtie of inziech in de goddeleke werkelekheid/de godheid of diëte.

English : Followers pursue certain ways of living, or practices that are intended to nurture those experiences.

Limburgish : Volgers streve bepaolde menere vaan leve nao, of praktieke die bedoeld zien um die ervaringe te hoejere.

English : Mysticism can be distinguished from other forms of religious belief and worship by its emphasis on the direct personal experience of a unique state of consciousness, particularly those of a peaceful, insightful, blissful, or even ecstatic character.

Limburgish : Mystiek kin weure oondersjeie vaan aandere vörme vaan relizjieus gelouf en aoonbeejing door zien naodrök op d edirekte persoenleke ervaring vaan 'n uniek bewusziensstaot, in t bezunder die vaan vreieg, inziechgevend, gelökszaoleg of zelfs extatisch karakter.

English : Sikhism is a religion from the Indian sub-continent. It originated in the Punjab region during the 15th century from a sectarian split within the Hindu tradition.

Limburgish : Sikhisme is e relizjie vaan 't Indiase subcontinent. 't Is oontstoon in de regio Punjab in de 15e iew oet 'n sektarische splitsing binne de hindoeïstische traditie.

English : Sikhs consider their faith to be a separate religion from Hinduism though they acknowledge its Hindu roots and traditions.

Limburgish : Sikhs besjouwe hun gelouf es 'n relizjie die los steit vaan 't hindoeïsme, allewel ze de hindoeïstische wortele en tradities erkinne.

English : Sikhs call their religion Gurmat, which is Punjabi for ¨way of the guru¨. The guru is a fundamental aspect of all Indian religions but in Sikhism has taken on an importance that forms the core of Sikh beliefs.

Limburgish : Sikhs numme hun relizjie Gurmat, wat Punjabi is veur "weeg vaan de goeroe". De goeroe is 'n fundamenteel aspek vaan alle Indiase relizjies, mer heet in 't sikhisme 'n belaank aongenaome dat de kern vörmp vaan 't Sikh-gelouf.

English : The religion was founded in the 15th century by Guru Nanak (1469–1539). There followed in succession a further nine gurus.

Limburgish : De relizjie woort in de 15e iew gestiech door Guru Nanak (1469 - 1539), dao volgde achtereinvolges nog eins nege goeroes.

English : However, in June 1956, Krushchev´s promises were put to the test when riots in Poland, where workers were protesting against food shortages and wage cuts, turned into a general protest against Communism.

Limburgish : in juni 1956 woorte de beloftes vaan Chrosjtsjov evels op de proof gestèld toen relle in Pole, boe wèrkminse prottesteerde tege veujseltekorte en loensverliegin, oetmonde in e prottes vaan ginneraols tege 't communisme.

English : Although in the end, Krushchev sent in tanks to restore order, he did give way to some economic demands and agreed to appoint the popular Wladyslaw Gomulka as the new prime minister.

Limburgish : Allewel Chroejtsjov oeteindelek tanks sjikde um de orde te herstèlle, gaof heer toch touw aon eenkele economoische eise en stumde heer daomèt in de populaire Wladyslaw Gomulka es de nuie premier te benumme.

English : The Indus Valley Civilization was a Bronze Age civilisation in the northwest Indian subcontinent encompassing most of modern-day Pakistan and some regions in northwest India and northeast Afghanistan.

Limburgish : De besjaoving vaan de Indusvallei waor 'n besjaoving oet de Broonstied in 't noordweste vaan India en umvatte 't groetste deil vaan 't huidege Pakistan en eenkele regio's in Noordwes-India en Noordoos-Afghanistan.

English : The civilisation flourished in the basins of the Indus River wherefore it derives its name.

Limburgish : De besjaoving floreerde in de stroumgebede vaan de Indusrivies, boe 't zien naom aon ontlient.

English : Although some scholars speculate that since the civilisation also existed in the basins of the now dried up Sarasvati River, it should be aptly called the Indus-Sarasvati Civilization, while some call it the Harappan Civilization after Harappa, the first of its sites to be excavated in the 1920s.

Limburgish : Allewel sommege gelierde speculere dat aongezeen de besjaoving ouch bestoont in de stroumgebede vaan de noe opgedruugde Sarasvati-rivier, 't touwpasselek de Indus-Sarasvati-besjaoving zouw motte weure geneump, terwijl sommege 't de Harappan-besjaoving nao Harappa neume in de jaore twinteg.

English : The militaristic nature of the Roman empire aided in the development of medical advances.

Limburgish : De militaristische eerd vaan 't Romeine riek holp bij de oontwikkeling vaan medische veuroetgaank.

English : Doctors began to be recruited by Emperor Augustus and even formed the first Roman Medical Corps for use in the aftermath of battles.

Limburgish : Doktoùrs woorte aongewerf deùr keizer Augustus en vörmde zelfs de ierste Romeinse lièger doktoùrs veur 't gebruuk in de naosleip vaan veldsleeg.

English : Surgeons had knowledge of various sedatives including morphine from extracts of poppy seeds and scopolamine from herbane seeds.

Limburgish : Viedeleers hadde kinnes vaan versjèllende kalmerende middele, boe-onder morfine oet extrak vaan maonzaod en scopolamine oet herbanezaode.

English : They became proficient at amputation to save patients from gangrene as well as tourniquets and arterial clamps to stem blood flow.

Limburgish : Zie woorte bedreve in amputatie um patiënte te redde vaan gangreen, zjus wie tourniquettes en arteriële klemme um de bloodstroum te stoppe.

English : Over multiple centuries, the Roman empire led to great gains in the field of medicine and formed much of the knowledge we know today.

Limburgish : Gedorende mierdere iewe heet 't Romeinse riek geleid tot groete veurdeile op 't gebeed vaan medicijne en heet 't väöl vaan de kinnes gevörmp die veer tegewoordeg kinne.

English : Pureland origami is origami with the restriction that only one fold may be done at a time, more complex folds like reverse folds are not allowed, and all folds have straightforward locations.

Limburgish : Putekand-origami is origame mèt de beperking dat mer èìn vaw tegeliek maag weure gemaak, complexere vawwe zoe wie umgekierde vaw zien neet touwgestoon en alle vawwe höbbe duudeleke locaties.


English : It was developed by John Smith in the 1970s to help inexperienced folders or those with limited motor skills.

Limburgish : 't Woort in de jaore 70 door John Smith oontwikkeld um onervare vawwers of lui mèt beperkde motorische veerdeghede te helpe.

English : Children develop an awareness of race and racial stereotypes quite young and these racial stereotypes affect behavior.

Limburgish : Kinder oontwikkele ziech vrij joonk bewös vaan ras- en raciale stereotype en deze raciale stereotype beïnvlode.

English : For instance, children who identify with a racial minority that is stereotyped as not doing well in school tend to not do well in school once they learn about the stereotype associated with their race.

Limburgish : Kinder die ziech beveurbeeld identificere mèt 'n raciaal minderheid boevaan weurt aongenome dat zie 't neet good doen op sjaol, höbbe de neiging um 't neet good te doen op sjaol es ze einmaol liere euver 't stereotype dat verband hèlt mèt hun ras.

English : MySpace is the third most popular website used in the United States and has 54 million profiles currently.

Limburgish : MySpace is de op twieè noà meìst populeìre website in Ameìrika en hit noà 54 miljoen profiele.

English : These websites have gotten a lot of attention, especially in the education setting.

Limburgish : Diès websites hebbe veùl oandag gekreìge, veural in de schoàle.

English : There are positive aspects to these websites, which include, being able to easily setup a class page which can include blogs, videos, photos, and other features.

Limburgish : Doà zeìn goei aspecte oan dies websites, zoas de meugelijkhèt gemèkkelek ne pagina van de klas op te zette bè blogs, video´s, fotos en ànner functies.

English : This page can easily be accessed by providing just one web address, which makes it easy to remember and easy to type in for students who may have trouble using the keyboard or with spelling.

Limburgish : Diès pagina kan gemèkkelijk bekiekt ijonne deur alleìn eìn webadres op te geìve, woedeur t gemèkkelijk is om te onthàche en gemèkkelijk in te tiepe voor keìnger die nie gemèkkelijk kunne werke bei e klavier of bei te schreive.

English : It can be customized to make it easy to read and also with as much or little color as desired.

Limburgish : T kan oàngepàs ijonne veùr t mèkkelijk te koènne lièze en oek bei zo veùl of weinig kleùr als dzjie wilt.

English : Attention Deficit Disorder ¨is a neurological syndrome whose classic defining triad of symptoms including impulsivity, distractibility, and hyperactivity or excess energy¨.

Limburgish : Aondachstekortsteurnis "is 'n neurologisch syndreum boevaan de klassieke bepaolende triade vaan sympteume, boe-oonder impulsiviteit, aofleidbaarheid en hyperactiviteit of euvermatege energie is".

English : It is not a learning disability, it is a learning disorder; it ¨affects 3 to 5 percent of all children, perhaps as many as 2 million American children¨.

Limburgish : 't is gein lierperbleem, 't is 'n liersteurnis; 't tref 3 tot 5 percent vaan alle kinder, missjien wel 2 mieljoen Amerikaonse kinder.

English : Children with ADD have a hard time focusing on things like school work, but they can concentrate on things they enjoy doing like playing games or watching their favorite cartoons or writing sentences without punctuation.

Limburgish : Kinder mèt ADD kinne ziech meujelek concentrere op zake es sjaolwerk, mer ze kinne ziech concentrere op dinger die ze leuk vinde, wie späölselkes speule of hun favoriete teikenfèlms kieke of zinne sjrieve zoonder interpunctie.

English : These children tend to get into a lot of trouble, because they ¨engage in risky behaviors, get into fights, and challenge authority¨ in order to stimulate their brain, since their brain can not be stimulated by normal methods.

Limburgish : Dees kinder höbbe de neiging um väöl perbleme te kriege, umdat ze "ziech inlaote mèt riskant gedraag, ruizing make en autoriteit oetdage" um hun hersene te stimulere, aongezeen hun hersene neet normoàl kinne weure gestimuleerd.

English : ADD affects relationships with other peers because other children can not understand why they act the way that they do or why they spell they way they do or that their maturity level is different.

Limburgish : ADD beïnvlood relaties mèt aander leeftiedsgenote umdat aander kinder neet kinne begriepe boerum zie doen wie ze doen of boerum zie speule wie ze doen of dat hun mierderjaoregheidsniveau aanders is.

English : As the ability to obtain knowledge and to learn changed in such a way as mentioned above the base rate at which knowledge was obtained changed.

Limburgish : Umdat 't vermoge um kinnes te verwerve en te liere op 'n meneer verandere wie heibove vermeld, veranderde 't basispercentaasj boemèt kinnes weurt verkrege.

English : The approach to obtaining information was different. No longer did pressure reside within individual recall, but the ability to recall text became more of a focus.

Limburgish : De benadering vaan 't verkriege vaan informatie waor aanders. Dao waor neet langer drök binne de persoenleke herinnering, mer 't vermoge um teks te herinnere woort mie 'n focus.

English : In essence, the Renaissance made a significant change in the approach to learning and the dissemination of knowledge.

Limburgish : In essentie brach de Renaissance 'n belaankrieke verandering teweeg in de benaodering vaan liere en verspreiing vaan kinnes.

English : Unlike other primates, hominids no longer use their hands in locomotion or bearing weight or swinging through the trees.

Limburgish : In tegestèlling tot aandere primate, gebruke minsechtege hun han neet langer um ziech veurt te bewege, gewiech te drage, of door buim te slingere.

English : The chimpanzee´s hand and foot are similar in size and length, reflecting the hand´s use for bearing weight in knuckle walking.

Limburgish : De han en veuj vaan 'n chimpansee zien vegeliekbaar in gruutde en lengde, es gevolg vaan 't gebruuk vaan de hand um gewiech te drage bij 't loupe mèt de kneùkkels.

English : The human hand is shorter than the foot, with straighter phalanges.

Limburgish : De minseleke hand is korter dan de voot, mèt rechtere vingerkeutsjes.

English : Fossil hand bones two million to three million years old reveal this shift in specialization of the hand from locomotion to manipulation.

Limburgish : Fossiele handbotte vaan twie mieljoen tot drei mieljoen jaor aajd onthölle dees versjuiving in specialisatie vaan de hand vaan veurtbeweging naor manipulatie.

English : Some people believe that experiencing many artificially induced lucid dreams often enough can be very exhausting.

Limburgish : Sommege lui geluive dat 't dèks genog vermeujend kin zien um dèks kunsmateg opgewèkde lucide druime te ervare.

English : The main reason for this phenomenon is the result of the lucid dreams expanding the length of time between REM states.

Limburgish : De belaankriekste reie veur dit versjijnsel is 't rizzeltaot vaan de lucide droum dee de tiedsdoor tösse REM-touwstande verlengk.

English : With fewer REMs per night, this state in which you experience actual sleep and your body recovers becomes infrequent enough to become a problem.

Limburgish : Mèt minder REM's per nach, weurt dees touwstand boe-in geer daodwerkelek sliep en uuch liechaam herstèld, zeldzaom genog um e lestegheid te weure.

English : This is just as exhausting as if you were to wake up every twenty or thirty minutes and watch TV.

Limburgish : Dit is zjus zoe vermeujend wie eder twinteg of derteg menuur wakker weure en tv loere.

English : The effect is dependent on how often your brain attempts to lucidly dream per night.

Limburgish : 't Effek is aofhaankelek vaan wie dèks dien hersene per nach perbere lucide te druime.


English : Things did not go well for the Italians in North Africa almost from the start. Within a week of Italy´s declaration of war on June 10, 1940, the British 11th Hussars had seized Fort Capuzzo in Libya.

Limburgish : De zoake goenken van in het begin nie goèd voor de Italiane in Noord-Afrika. Noa een wèèk noa de oorlog verklàring van Italië op de 10de juni 1940 hànne de Engelse 11de Huzaren Fort Capuzzo in Libië eingenòmme.

English : In an ambush east of Bardia, the British captured the Italian Tenth Army´s Engineer-in-Chief, General Lastucci.

Limburgish : In ne hinderloàg ten oaste van Bardia, noèmme de Engelse de Italioènse generàl Lastucci, hoáfd ingenieùre van t Italioènse Tinde Leger, gevange.

English : On June 28, Marshal Italo Balbo, the Governor-General of Libya and apparent heir to Mussolini, was killed by friendly fire while landing in Tobruk.

Limburgish : Op 28 juni werd maarschalk Italo Balbo, de Gouverneur-Generaal van Libië en vermoedelijke erfgenaam van Mussolini, gedood door vriendelijk vuur toen hij in Tobroek landde.

English : The modern sport of fencing is played at many levels, from students learning at a university to professional and Olympic competition.

Limburgish : De moderne sport vaan 't sjerme weurd op väöl versjèllende niveaus gespäöld, vaan studente op de universiteit tot professionals op de Olympisch niveau.

English : The sport is primarily played in a duel format, one fencer dueling another.

Limburgish : De sport besteit veurnaomelek oet 'n duel boe-in ein sjermer tege 'ne andere dueleert.

English : Golf is a game in which players use clubs to hit balls into holes.

Limburgish : Golf is 'n spel boe-in speulers balle in loker sloon met clubs.

English : Eighteen holes are played during a regular round, with players usually starting on the first hole on the course and finishing on the eighteenth.

Limburgish : Achtien holes weure gespäöld tijdens 'n gewoene ronde, boe speulers miestal starte bij 't ierste hole op de baon en eindege bij de 18de.

English : The player who takes the fewest strokes, or swings of the club, to complete the course wins.

Limburgish : De speuler wat mèt 't minste sleeg, of zwej vaan de club, de baon aofmaakt, wint.

English : The game is played on grass, and the grass around the hole is mown shorter and called the green.

Limburgish : 't Speul weurt gespäöld op graas, en 't graas roontelum de hole is kort gemejt wat de green heit.

English : Perhaps the most common type of tourism is what most people associate with traveling: Recreation tourism.

Limburgish : Misjiens 't meist veurkoumende type vaan tourisme wat lui associëre met reize is: recreatie.

English : This is when people go to a place that is very different from their regular day-to-day life to relax and have fun.

Limburgish : Dat is wienie lui nao 'n plaots gaon wat totaal aanders is vaan hun dageleks leve um de oontspanne en z'ch te ammesere.

English : Beaches, theme parks and camp grounds are often the most common places frequented by recreational tourists.

Limburgish : Strande, pretpark en campings weurde 't miest bezeuk door recreante.

English : If the objective of one's visit to a particular place is to get to know its history and culture then this type of tourism is known as cultural tourism.

Limburgish : Es 't doel vaan 't bezeuk noa 'n bepaolde plaots is um de gesjiedenis en cultuur te liere kinne daan weurt deen vörm cultuurtoerisme geneump.

English : Tourists may visit different landmarks of a particular country or they may simply opt to focus on just one area.

Limburgish : Toeriste zouwe versjillende bezeensweerdeghede kinne bezeuke vaan 'n bepaold land of ze zouwe kinne focusse op ein gebeed.

English : The Colonists, seeing this activity, had also called for reinforcements.

Limburgish : De koloniste, dit ziend, hadde ouch versterkinge gerope.

English : Troops reinforcing the forward positions included the 1st and 3rd New Hampshire regiments of 200 men, under Colonels John Stark and James Reed (both later became generals).

Limburgish : Oonder de tróppe wat de veurste posities versterkde waore de 1ste en 3de New Hapshire rezjiminte vaan 200 maan, oonder Colonels John Stark en James Reed (zie zouwe later beide genneraols weure.

English : Stark´s men took positions along the fence on the north end of the Colonist´s position.

Limburgish : Starks maan naome poùsissie átter t hèk ten noorde vaan de Colonels poùsissie.

English : When low tide opened a gap along the Mystic River along the northeast of the peninsula, they quickly extended the fence with a short stone wall to the north ending at the water´s edge on a small beach.

Limburgish : wienie lieg tij 'n opening maakde bij de Mystic River bij t noord-ooste vaan 't sjiereiland Höbbe ze snel de hèk verlengd mèt 'ne korte steine moer nao 't noorde tot de waterrand op 'n klein strand.

English : Gridley or Stark placed a stake about 100 feet (30 m) in front of the fence and ordered that no one fire until the regulars passed it.

Limburgish : Gridley of Stark placeerde 'ne stèk op oongeveer 100 feet (30m) veur de hèk en commandeerde dat geine zouw sjete tot de soldate dao veurbij passerde.

English : The American plan relied on launching coordinated attacks from three different directions.

Limburgish : 't Amerikaanse plan waor um gecoordineerd op drei locaties aon te valle.

English : General John Cadwalder would launch a diversionary attack against the British garrison at Bordentown, in order to block off any reinforcements.

Limburgish : Generaol John Cadwater zouw 'n aofleiingsaonval oetvore tege 't Britse garnizoen bij Bordentown, um versterkinge te blokkere.

English : General James Ewing would take 700 militia across the river at Trenton Ferry, seize the bridge over the Assunpink Creek and prevent any enemy troops from escaping.

Limburgish : Generaol James Ewing zouw mèt 700 milities te rivier bij Trenton Ferry euversteke, de Assunpink creek brögk innumme en veurkoume dat de vijand zouw oontsnappe.

English : The main assault force of 2,400 men would cross the river nine miles north of Trenton, and then split into two groups, one under Greene and one under Sullivan, in order to launch a pre-dawn attack.

Limburgish : d'n Hoofaonvalsmach vaan 2.400 maan, zouw de rivier nege kilometer ten noorde vaan Trenton euversteke en daan in twieë deile, ein oonde Greene en d'n aander oonder Sullivan, um veur d'n daogeraod aon te valle.

English : With the change from the quarter to the half mile run, speed becomes of much less importance and endurance becomes an absolute necessity.

Limburgish : Mèt de wissel vaan 400 nao 800 m weur snelheid minder belaankriek en oethawdingsvermoge absoluut noodzakelek.

English : Of course a first-class half-miler, a man who can beat two minutes, must be possessed of a fair amount of speed, but endurance must be cultivated at all hazards.

Limburgish : Natuurlek, 'ne ierste klas 800 m sprinter, 'n mins wat oonder de twie minute rent, moot 'n gooje snelheid höbbe, mer zonner oethawdingsvermoge zal t zeìker nit geen.


English : Some cross country running during the winter, combined with gymnasium work for the upper part of the body, is the best preparation for the running season.

Limburgish : Veldloupe in de winter mèt gymnastiek veur 't bovelief is de beste veurbereiing veur 't rensezoen.

English : Proper nutritional practices alone cannot generate elite performances, but they can significantly affect young athletes´ overall wellness.

Limburgish : e Good dieet allein kin gein topprèstaties kweke, mer se kinne 't algemein welzien vaan de atleet good beïnvloede.

English : Maintaining a healthy energy balance, practicing effective hydration habits, and understanding the various aspects of supplementation practices can help athletes improve their performance and increase their enjoyment of the sport.

Limburgish : 't Behaajt vaan 'n gooj ernergiebalans en effective hydratatie geweentes en gooje kinnes euver supleminte kin atlete helpe hun prestatie en plezeer in de sport te verbetere.

English : Middle distance running is a relatively inexpensive sport; however, there are many misconceptions regarding the few pieces of equipment required to participate.

Limburgish : Middelaangeaofstandsrenne in 'n relatief intensieve sport. Mer euver de paar stökke oetrösting wat nudeg is um mèt te doen, zien väöl misvattinge.

English : Products can be purchased as needed, but most will have little or no real impact on performance.

Limburgish : Producte kinne gekoch weure es ze nudeg zien mer de mieste zulle gein impact höbbe op de prestaties.

English : Athletes may feel that they prefer a product even when it provides no real benefits.

Limburgish : Atlete zouwe 'n bepaold product kinne preferere zelfs es 't gein veurdeil heet.

English : The atom can be considered to be one of the fundamental building blocks of all matter.

Limburgish : 't Atoom kin besjouwd weure es ein vaan de fundamentele bouwsteine vaan alle materie.

English : Its a very complex entity which consists, according to a simplified Bohr model, of a central nucleus orbited by electrons, somewhat similar to planets orbiting the sun - see Figure 1.1.

Limburgish : 't Is 'n zeer complexe entiteit wat bestaot, volges 't sumpele model vaan Bohr, oet 'n centraole kern, mèt sjèlle vaan elektronen, vergeleikbaar met de planete roontelum de zon - zie figuur 1.1.

English : The nucleus consists of two particles - neutrons and protons.

Limburgish : De kern besteit oet twei deilkes: neutrone en protone.

English : Protons have a positive electric charge while neutrons have no charge. The electrons have a negative electric charge.

Limburgish : Protone höbbe 'n positieve electrische laojing en allewijl höbbe neutrone geine laojing.

English : To Check the victim, you must first survey the scene to ensure your safety.

Limburgish : Veurdatste 't slachtoffer benaders mooste iers de omgevink controlere um dien eige veiligheid te garandere.

English : You need to notice the victim´s position as you approach him or her and any automatic red flags.

Limburgish : Este de positie vaan 't slachtoffer benaders, mooste häör of häöm en bekieke veur otomatische "red flags".

English : If you get hurt trying to help, you may only serve to make matters worse.

Limburgish : Este zelf gewoond raaks bie ´t helpe, zouwste alles allein maar erger kinne make.

English : The study found that depression, fear and catastrophising mediated the relationship between pain and disability in lower back pain sufferers.

Limburgish : 't Oonderzeuk heet gevoonde dat depressie, angs en doemdinke 'n link is tösse pijn en oongemaak in lui wat pijn höbbe in d'n oonderrögk.

English : Only the effects of catastrophizing, not depression and fear was conditional of regular weekly structured PA sessions.

Limburgish : Alein met doedinke moch geer deilnumme aon wekelekse PA-sessies, neet mèt depressie en angste.

English : Those participating in regular activity required more support in terms of negative perception of pain distinguishing the differences of chronic pain and discomfort feel from normal physical movement.

Limburgish : deginnege die regelmaoteg mètdege in activiteite hadde mier steun nudeg mèt 't liere omgoon mèt de perceptie vaan pijn; ze mooste 't versjèl liere tösse chronische pijn en 't geveul bij normaal gebruuk vaan 't liechaam.

English : Vision, or the ability to see depends on visual system sensory organs or eyes.

Limburgish : 't Ziech, de meugelekheid get te zien hingk aof vaan visueel sensorische organe: de ouge.

English : There are many different constructions of eyes, ranging in complexity depending on the requirements of the organism.

Limburgish : Dao zien väöl veersjèllende ougvörm, varriërend in complexiteit aofhenkelek vaan wat 't organisme nudeg heet.

English : The different constructions have different capabilities, are sensitive to different wave-lengths and have differing degrees of acuity, also they require different processing to make sense of the input and different numbers to work optimally.

Limburgish : De versjèllende vörm höbbe aander capaciteite, zien geveuleg veur aander golflengtes en höbbe e aander niveau vaan sjerpde. Ouch mote ze aanders bewerk weure um de input te begriepe en versjèllende aontalle um optimaal te functionere.

English : A population is the collection of organisms of a particular species within a given geographic area.

Limburgish : 'n populatie is 'n verzameling organismes vaan e bepaolde soort binne 'n vas geografisch gebeed.

English : When all individuals in a population are identical with regard to a particular phenotypic trait they are known as monomorphic.

Limburgish : Es alle individue in 'n populatie indentiek zien in 'n bepaolde eigensjap daan weure ze monomorphisch geneump.

English : When the individuals show several variants of a particular trait they are polymorphic.

Limburgish : es de individue versjèllende variante laote zien vaan 'n bepaolde eigensjap daan zien ze polymorphisch.

English : Army ant colonies march and nest in different phases as well.

Limburgish : Legeraomzeike marchere en nestele ouch in versjèllende fases.

English : In the nomadic phase, army ants march at night and stop to camp during the day.

Limburgish : In de nomadische fase marchere Legeraomzeike 's nachs en stoppe ze euverdaag un te röste.

English : The colony begins a nomadic phase when available food has decreased. During this phase, the colony makes temporary nests that are changed everyday.

Limburgish : De kolonie begint 'n nomadische fase es al 't aonwezege ete op is. Tijdens dees fase maak de kolonie ederen daag e nui tijdelek nest.


English : Each of these nomadic rampages or marches lasts for approximately 17 days.

Limburgish : Al dees nomadische trèkke of marse dore oongeveer 17 daog.

English : What is a cell? The word cell comes from the Latin word ¨cella¨, meaning ¨small room¨, and it was first coined by a microscopist observing the structure of cork.

Limburgish : Wat is 'n cel? 't Woord cell kump vaan 't Latiense woord "cella" wat kleine ruimte beteikend, en is bedach door d'n microscopist wat de structuur vaan körk zaog.

English : The cell is the basic unit of all living things, and all organisms are composed of one or more cells.

Limburgish : De cell is de basis einheid vaan ale levende dinger, en alle organimses bestaon oet ein of mier celle.

English : Cells are so basic and critical to the study of life, in fact, that they are often referred to as ¨the building blocks of life¨.

Limburgish : Celle zien zoe essentieel veur 't leve dat ze dèks de bouwstein vaan 't leve geneump weure.

English : The Nervous System maintains homeostasis by sending nerve impulses through out the body to keep the flow of blood going as well as undisturbed.

Limburgish : 't Zenuwstèlsel hèlt de homeostase door impulse door 't liechaam te sjikke zoedat 't blood blijf stroume.

English : These nerve impulses can be sent so quickly throughout the body which helps keep the body safe from any potential threat.

Limburgish : Dees impulse kinne snel door 't liechaam gesjik weure wat help 't liechaam veileg, en oet de buurt vaan gevaar te hawwe.

English : Tornadoes strike a small area compared to other violent storms, but they can destroy everything in their path.

Limburgish : Tornado's treffe miestal e klein gebeed vergeliek mèt aander störm mer ze kinne alles in hun pad verweuste.

English : Tornadoes uproot trees, rip boards from buildings, and fling cars up into the sky. The most violent two percent of tornadoes last more than three hours.

Limburgish : Tornado's kinne buim oontwortele, borde vaan bouwe trèkke en oto's de loch in goeje. De twie procent mies geweldadege tornado's dore langer es drei oor.

English : These monster storms have winds up to 480 km/h (133 m/s; 300 mph).

Limburgish : Dees monsterstörm höbbe winde vaan tot 480 m/u (133 m/s; 300mph).

English : Humans have been making and using lenses for magnification for thousands and thousands of years.

Limburgish : De mins maak en gebruuk al lenze veur te vergrute veur doezende jaore.

English : However, the first true telescopes were made in Europe in the late 16th century.

Limburgish : Mer de ierste echte tèllescope zien gemaak in Europa op 't eind vaan de 16de iew.

English : These telescopes used a combination of two lenses to make distant objects appear both nearer and larger.

Limburgish : Dees tèllescope gebruukde 'n kombenàse vaan twie lenze um veurwerpe wied eweg, diechbij en groeter te moàke.

English : Greed and selfishness will always be with us and it is the nature of cooperation that when the majority benefit there will always be more to gain in the short term by acting selfishly

Limburgish : Höbzöch en egoïsme zalle altied bij us blieve. Mer 't zit in cooperatie dat dat es de mierdeheid veurdeil heet dao altied mier te winne is op de kotte tièd deùr an oùr eìgge te deìnke.

English : Hopefully, most people will realise that their long term best option is to work together with others.

Limburgish : Hopelek realisere de meiste lui dat op de lange termijn de beste optie is um same te wèrke met aandere.

English : Many people dream of the day when humans can travel to another star and explore other worlds, some people wonder what´s out there some belive that aliens or other life may live on another plant.

Limburgish : Väöl lui droume vaan d'n tied dat de mins nao 'n aander staar kin reize um aander werelde to oontdèkke. Somege lui vraoge ziech aof wat dao weier nog is en geluive dat aliens of aander leve op 'n aander planeet zouw kinne zien.

English : But, if this ever does happen probably won´t happen for a very long time. The stars are so spread out that there are trillions of miles between stars that are ¨neighbors¨.

Limburgish : Mer es dit oets gebört daan is dat woersjijnelek neet binnekort. De stare stoon zoe wied oeterein dat dao mieljarde kilometers tösse stare wat naobers zien.

English : Maybe one day, your great grandchildren will be standing atop an alien world wondering about their ancient ancestors?

Limburgish : Misjiens in de touwkoms staon eure kinder op 'n alienwereld en vraoge ze ziech aof boe ze vendaon koume.

English : Animals are made of many cells. They eat things and digest them inside. Most animals can move.

Limburgish : Bieste zien gemaak vaan väöl celle. Ze kinne dinger ete en vertere alles binnenin. De mieste bieste kinnen bewege.

English : Only animals have brains (though not even all animals do; jellyfish, for example, do not have brains).

Limburgish : Allein bieste höbbe herses (allewel neet allemaol; kwalle beveurbeild höbbe gein herses).

English : Animals are found all over the earth. They dig in the ground, swim in the oceans, and fly in the sky.

Limburgish : Dere weurde euver de ganse wereld gevoonde. ze grave in d'n groond Zwumme in de zie en vlege in de loch.

English : A cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of a living (things) organism.

Limburgish : De cel is de kleinste structurele en functionele einheid vaan e levend organisme.

English : Cell comes from the Latin word cella which means small room.

Limburgish : 't Woord cel kump vaan 't Latiense cella wat kleine kamer beteikend.

English : If you look at living things under a microscope, you will see that they are made of small squares or balls.

Limburgish : este nao levende wezes oonder de microscoop kieks daan zuuste dat zie gemaak zien vaan kleine veerkante of bölkes.

English : Robert Hooke, a biologist from England, saw small squares in cork with a microscope.

Limburgish : Robbert Hooke, is 'ne bioloog vaan Ingeland en heer zaog klein veerkante in körk mèt e microscoop.

English : They looked like rooms. He was the first person to observe dead cells

Limburgish : Ze zaoge oet wie kamerkes. Heer waor de ierste persoen wà doeje cell zaog.


English : Elements and compounds can move from one state to another and not change.

Limburgish : Eleminte en Stoffe kinne vaan d'n eine touwstand nao d'n aander gaon zoonder te veraandere.

English : Nitrogen as a gas still has the same properties as liquid nitrogen. The liquid state is denser but the molecules are still the same.

Limburgish : Stikstof in gaasvörm heet nog altied dezelfde eigensjappe en vloeibare stikstof. D'n vloeibaar touwstand is diechter meh de molecule zien nog altied geliek.

English : Water is another example. The compound water is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Limburgish : Water is e aander veurbeild. De stof bestein oet twie waterstof atome en ein zuurstof atoom.

English : It has the same molecular structure whether it is a gas, liquid, or solid.

Limburgish : 't Heet dezelfde moleculair structuur ouch al is 't gaas, vloeistof of vas.

English : Although its physical state may change, its chemical state remains the same.

Limburgish : Allewel kin de fisieke touwstand veraandere, d'n chemische samestèlling blijf geliek.

English : Time is something that is all around us, and affects everything we do, yet is difficult to understand.

Limburgish : Tied is get wat roond ederein is en 't beïnvlood alles wat v'r doen. Mer 't is lesteg te begriepe.

English : Time has been studied by religious, philosophical, and scientific scholars for thousands of years.

Limburgish : Tied is bestudeerd door geesteleke, filosofe en wetensjappelek oonderzeukers veur doezende jaore.

English : We experience time as a series of events passing from the future through the present to the past.

Limburgish : Veer ervare tied es 'n serie vaan gebäörtenisse vaan de touwkoms door 't hede nao 't verleie.

English : Time is also how we compare the duration (length) of events.

Limburgish : Tied is ouch wie veer de duratie vaan gebäörtenisse vergelieke.

English : You can mark the passing of time yourself by observing the repetition of a cyclical event. A cyclical event is something that happens again and again regularly.

Limburgish : De kins d'n tied ouch zelf in de gate houwe door 'n cyclische gebäörtenis te observere. 'n Cyclische gebäörtenis is get wat obbenuits en obbnuits gebäört.

English : Computers today are used to manipulate pictures and videos.

Limburgish : Allewijl weure computers gebruuk um fotos en video's te bewèrke.

English : Sophisticated animations can be constructed on computers, and this kind of animation is increasingly being used in television and films.

Limburgish : Verfijne animaties kinne gemaak weure op computers, en dees animatie weurd mie en mie gebruuk op tèllevisie en in fèlms.

English : Music is often recorded using sophisticated computers to process and mix sounds together.

Limburgish : Meziek weurd dèks opgenome op krechtege computers um 't te bewèrke en 't geluid mixe.

English : For a long time during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, it was believed the first inhabitants of New Zealand were the Maori people, who hunted giant birds called moas.

Limburgish : 't Groetste gedeilte vaan de negetiende en twintegste iewe dach me tot de ierste einwoeners vaan Nui Zieland de Maori's waore wat jaogde op groete veugel geneump moa's.

English : The theory then established the idea that the Maori people migrated from Polynesia in a Great Fleet and took New Zealand from the Moriori, establishing an agricultural society.

Limburgish : Dee thoerie heet toen 't idee gebrach tot de Maori migreerde vaan Polynesië mèt 'ne groeten vloot en Nui Zieland vaan de Moriori euvernaome um 'n agrarische sameleving te stiechte.

English : However, new evidence suggests that the Moriori were a group of mainland Maori who migrated from New Zealand to the Chatham Islands, developing their own distinctive, peaceful culture.

Limburgish : Allewel Nui bewies aongief tot de Moriori 'n grop Maori waore vaan 't vasteland wat migreerde vaan Nui Zieland nao de Chatham eilande en hun eige apaarte, vreedzaome cultuur oontwikkelde.

English : There was also another tribe on the Chatham islands these were Maori who migrated away from New Zealand.

Limburgish : Dao waor ouch 'n aander stam op de Chatham eilande. Dat waore de Maori wat vaan Nui Zieland eweg migreerde.

English : They called themselves the Moriori there were a few skirmishes and in the end, the Moriori were wiped out

Limburgish : Ze neumde z'ch de Moriori. Dao waore e paar verkenninge en oeteindelek zien de Moriori oetgemoord.

English : Individuals who had been involved for several decades helped us appreciate our strengths and passions while candidly assessing difficulties and even failures.

Limburgish : Individue wat us al tientalle joare bijstoonte um eus krach en passies te appriciëre, terwijl ze openherteg de labberinte en mislökkinge bespreke.

English : While listening to individuals share their individual, family, and organizational stories, we gained valuable insight into the past and some of the personalities who influenced for good or ill the culture of the organization.

Limburgish : Terwijl veer luusterde nao individue wat hun persoenelek verhaole euver familie en wèrk mèt us deilde, höbbe veer belaankrieke lèsse gelierd euver persoene wat e good of slech efek höbbe gehad op de cultuur vaan de organisatie.

English : While understanding one's history does not assume understanding of culture, it does at least help people gain a sense of where they fall within the history of the organization.

Limburgish : Al beteikent 't begriepe vaan de gesjiedenis neet dat me ouch de cultuur begriep, 't help wel mèt 't kriege vaan e besef euver boe me in de gesjiedenis vaan de organisatie vèlt.

English : While assessing the successes and becoming aware of failures, individuals and the whole of the participating persons discover more deeply the values, mission, and driving forces of the organization.

Limburgish : Oonderwijl me de successe en de mislökkinge bestudeers krijgt me e väöl bete beild vaan de weerdes, 't doel en de drievende krachte vaan de organisatie.

English : In this instance, recalling previous instances of entrepreneurial behavior and resulting successes helped people to be open to new changes and new direction for the local church.

Limburgish : In dit specifiek geval heet me door nao aw bedriefspolletiek en successe te kieke lui kinne euvertuige in ope te staon veur verandering en e nui riechting vaan de lokaal kèrk.

English : Such success stories lessened the fears of change, while creating positive inclinations toward change in the future.

Limburgish : Deì succesverhaole höbbe de angs veur verandering klènner gemoàkt oonderwijl 'n gùt beild veur verandering in de touwkoms gemoàkt.

English : Convergent thinking patterns are problem solving techniques that unite different ideas or fields to find a solution.

Limburgish : Convergente maniere van dènke zein technieke om probleìme op te lossen moebei verschillende iedèie of plakke tegoàr ijonne gebraùch om een oplossing te veìne.


English : The focus of this mindset is speed, logic and accuracy, also identification of facts, reapplying existing techniques, gathering information.

Limburgish : T belàngrèkste punt van diès mentaliteit lit bei snelheid, logica en accuratès, oek bei t vaststèlle van feíte, t opneù tuìpasse van bestoande technieke, het verzamele van informàse.

English : The most important factor of this mindset is: there is only one correct answer. You only think of two answers, namely right or wrong.

Limburgish : T belangreìkste van dèi manier van resonàse is: doa is ma eìn just antwoèt. Dzjie dènkt ma aon twiè antweùt, da is t zegge just of verkièrt.

English : This type of thinking is associated with certain science or standard procedures.

Limburgish : Dà soèt denke ijont in verband gebruig beì bepoalde wiètenschap of normàl procedures.

English : People with this type of thinking have logical thinking, are able to memorize patterns, solve problems and work on scientific tests.

Limburgish : Mèinse bei zoè e soèt denke hebbe een loùgisch resenàntie vermuìge, kùnne patroè onthàege, probleìme oplosse en àn weitenschappelijke teste weìrke.

English : Humans are by far the most talented species in reading the minds of others.

Limburgish : De mins heet oongetwiefeld 't mieste talent um gedachte te kinne leze vaan andere.

English : That means we are able to successfully predict what other humans perceive, intend, believe, know or desire.

Limburgish : Dà beteikent dà veer in staot zien um succesvol te veurspelle wat aander lui ervare, wèlle doen, geluive, weite of varlange.

English : Among these abilities, understanding the intention of others is crucial. It allows us to resolve possible ambiguities of physical actions.

Limburgish : oonder dees capaciteite is 't kinne zien wat de intenties vaan andere zien cruciaal. Dat stèlt us in staot um dobbelzinneghede vaan somege acties in te zien.

English : For example, if you were to see someone breaking a car window, you would probably assume he was trying to steal a stranger's car.

Limburgish : Beveurbeild, este iemes zuus wat 'n otovinster breek, daan numste woersjijnelek aon dat 'r perbeerde iemes oto te klawwe.

English : He would need to be judged differently if he had lost his car keys and it was his own car that he was trying to break into.

Limburgish : Heer zouw aanders veroordeilt weure es heer ziene sleutel kwiet waor en 't zien eige oto waor boe heer in perbeerde te breke.

English : MRI is based on a physics phenomenon called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which was discovered in the 1930s by Felix Bloch (working at Stanford University) and Edward Purcell (from Harvard University).

Limburgish : MRI is geaseerd op e fisisch fenomeen geneump keernspin resonantie (NMR), wat ontèk is in de 1930er jaore door Felix Bloch (wèrkend veur de universiteit Stanford) en Edward Purcell (vaan de universiteit Harverd).

English : In this resonance, magnetic field and radio waves cause atoms to give off tiny radio signals.

Limburgish : In dees resonantie zörge magnetische velde en radio golve daoveur tot atome klein radio signaole aofgeve.

English : In the year 1970, Raymond Damadian, a medical doctor and research scientist, discovered the basis for using magnetic resonance imaging as a tool for medical diagnosis.

Limburgish : In 't jaor 1970 heet Raymond Damadian, 'ne arts en wetensjapper, de basis gelègk veur 't gebruuk vaan Magnitic Resonance Imaging oontdèk es methode veur médese diagnostik.

English : Four years later a patent was granted, which was the world´s first patent issued in the field of MRI.

Limburgish : Veer jaor later is 'n patent touw gekint wat de werelds ierste patent woar in op 't gebeed vaan MRI.

English : In 1977, Dr. Damadian completed the construction of the first "whole-body" MRI scanner, which he called the "Indomitable".

Limburgish : In 1977 is dr. Damadian veerdeg gekoume mèt de bouw vaan d'n ierste "ganse liechaam" MRI scanner wat heer de "indomitable" neumde.

English : Asynchronous communication encourages time for reflection and reaction to others.

Limburgish : Inderecte communicatie zörg veur tied um te reflectere en de reactie good te formulere.

English : It allows students the ability to work at their own pace and control the pace of instructional information.

Limburgish : 't Zörg dat studente de meugelekheid kriege um hun eige tempo te bepaole en ouch invlood höbbe op wienie ze hölp wèlle.

English : In addition, there are fewer time restrictions with the possibility of flexible working hours. (Bremer, 1998)

Limburgish : Daoneve zien 'rs ouch wieneger tied beperkinge en de meugelekheid um flexibel te wèrke. (Bremer, 1998)

English : The use of the Internet and the World Wide Web allows learners to have access to information at all times.

Limburgish : t Gebruuk vaan internet en 't wereld wied web gief lierlinge altied tougaank tot informàsse.

English : Students can also submit questions to instructors at any time of day and expect reasonably quick responses, rather than waiting until the next face-to-face meeting.

Limburgish : Studente kinne ouch altied vraoge indene bij instructuers en e redelek snel antwoèt verwachte in plaots vaan te mote wachte tot 't volgend lèsmomint.

English : The postmodern approach to learning offers the freedom from absolutes. There is no one good way to learn.

Limburgish : D'n postmoderne aonpak vaan 't lierperces giet vrijheid vaan 't absolute. Dao is gein good of slechte meneer.

English : In fact, there is not one good thing to learn.Learning takes place in the experience between the learner and the knowledge presented.

Limburgish : Eigelek geit 't neet daorum watste liers. 't Liere vind plaots in de ervaring tösse d'n student en de geprizzenteerde kinnes.

English : Our current experience with all the do-it-yourself and information presenting, learning-based television shows illustrates this point.

Limburgish : Allewijl is eus ervaring mèt....

English : So many of us find ourselves watching a television show that informs us of a process or experience in which we will never participate or apply that knowledge.

Limburgish : Zoe väöl vaan us kieke tèllevisieshows boe-in vertèlt weurt euver 'n perces of ervaring wat v'r zelf noets aon mèt zouwe doen of dee kinness zalle touwpasse.

English : We will never overhaul a car, build a fountain in our backyard, travel to Peru to examine ancient ruins, or remodel our neighbour´s house.

Limburgish : v'r Zalle noets 'ne oto restaurere, 'n fontein make in euzen hof, nao Peru reize um aw ruïnes te oonderzeuke of 't hoes vaan eus naobers herinriechte.

English : Thanks to undersea fiber optic cable links to Europe and broadband satellite, Greenland is well connected with 93% of the population having internet access.

Limburgish : Door de oonderzie glaasvezel verbint Europa en breidband satelliet, Greunland is zoe good verboonde dat 93 % vaan de bevolking internettouwgaank heet.


English : Your hotel or hosts (if staying in a guesthouse or private home) will likely have wifi or an internet connected PC, and all settlements have an internet cafe or some location with public wifi.

Limburgish : Dien hotel of gashiere (este in e gashoes of bij lui thoes verblijfs) höbbe woersjijnelek wifi of 'n pc mèt internetverbinding. Alle dörpe höbbe 'ne kaffee of aander locatie mèt internet.

English : As mentioned above, though the word ¨Eskimo¨ remains acceptable in the United States, it is considered pejorative by many non-U.S. Arctic peoples, especially in Canada.

Limburgish : Wie veer hiebaove al gezag höbbe, wurd 't woord 'eskimo' door veul Arctische volken gezeen es kwetsend, aug al is 't acceptabel in de Vereinigde Staote. Da is zeìker zoe veur Canada.

English : While you may hear the word used by Greenlandic Natives, its use should be avoided by foreigners.

Limburgish : 't Woord wurd soms gebroek doar de inboàrlinge van Grönland, maar boetelenders kinne 't woord beter neet gebroeke.

English : The native inhabitants of Greenland call themselves Inuit in Canada and Kalaalleq (plural Kalaallit), a Greenlander, in Greenland.

Limburgish : Inheìmse Grönlender in Canada numme zichzelf 'Inuit', en Grönlender in Grönland numme zichzelf 'Kalaalleq' (meièrvoùt: 'Kalaallit')

English : Crime, and ill-will toward foreigners in general, is virtually unknown in Greenland. Even in the towns, there are no ¨rough areas.¨

Limburgish : Criminaliteit en koedaordege opzat euver 't algemein, bestoon praktisch neet op Greunland. Zelfs in de dörpe zien gein "gevierleke gebede."

English : Cold weather is perhaps the only real danger the unprepared will face.

Limburgish : Kaajd weer is mesjiens 't eisigste gevaor wà de oonveurbereide tege zalle koume.

English : If you visit Greenland during cold seasons (considering that the further north you go, the colder it will be), it is essential to bring warm enough clothing.

Limburgish : Este Greunland bezeuks tijdens kaw sezojne (euverwegend dat de mie nao 't noorde totste geis, de kawwer 't zal zien), is 't hièl belangrek um werm genòge kleiing mèt te numme.

English : The very long days in the summer can lead to problems getting sufficient sleep and associated health issues.

Limburgish : De erg lang daog in de zomer kinne leie tot probleme mèt 't kriege vaan genóg slaap en bijbehuurende gezoondheidsklachte.

English : During the summer, also watch out for the Nordic mosquitoes. Although they do not transmit any diseases, they can be irritating.

Limburgish : In de zoùmer pas op veur de noordelijke mögke. Entans ze gein kraankeghede euverbringe, kinne ze irritant zien.

English : While San Francisco´s economy is linked to it being a world-class tourist attraction, its economy is diversified.

Limburgish : Al is de economie vaan San Fransisco verboonde mèt 't feit dat 't 'n ierste klas toeriste attractie is, is zien economy ouch hiel divers.

English : The largest employment sectors are professional services, government, finance, trade, and tourism.

Limburgish : De groetste sectore zien de deenstesector, euverheid, financieële secor, commers en t réze.

English : Its frequent portrayal in music, films, literature and popular culture has helped make the city and its landmarks known throughout the world.

Limburgish : Deùrda 't zoe dèks in meziek, fèlms, en literatuur en pop cultuur veurkump, zien de bezeenweerdeghede bekint euver de ganse weìrelt.

English : San Francisco has developed a large tourist infrastructure with numerous hotels, restaurants, and top-notch convention facilities.

Limburgish : San Fransico heet 'n groete infrastructuur mèt hotels, restaurants en de bèste congres centra oontwikkeld.

English : San Francisco is also one of the best places in the nation for other Asian cuisine: Korean, Thai, Indian, and Japanese.

Limburgish : San Francisco is ouch ein vaan de bèste plaotse in 't land um te genete vaan de Aziatische keuke: Koreaans, Thais, Indiaas en Japans.

English : Traveling to Walt Disney World represents a major pilgrimage for many American families.

Limburgish : De reis nao Disney world is 'ne groete bedevaart veur väöl Amerikaanse femilies.

English : The ¨typical¨ visit involves flying into Orlando International Airport, busing to an on-site Disney hotel, spending about a week without leaving Disney property, and returning home.

Limburgish : e typisch bezeuk besteit oet e vlöch nao Orlando International Airport, e bösrit nao 'n hotel neve 't park, 'n ganse week zoonder 't terrein te verlaote en weer trögk nao hoes gaon.

English : There are infinite variations possible, but this remains what most people mean when they talk of ¨going to Disney World¨.

Limburgish : Dao zien ooneindeg väöl variëoùses meugelek, meh dit blijf wat lui miestal bedoel es 't euver "e bezeuk aon Disneyland" höbbe.

English : Many tickets sold online through auction websites such as eBay or Craigslist are partially used multi-day park-hopper tickets.

Limburgish : Väöl keerte wa online verkoch weure door veilink websites zoe-es eBay of Craigslist, zien gedeiltelek gebruukte mierdaagse park-hopper keerte

English : While this is a very common activity, it is prohibited by Disney: the tickets are non-transferable.

Limburgish : Al is dit e gans gebrukelek activiteit, 't is verbooje door Disney: de tickets kinne neet doorverkoch weure.

English : Any camping below the rim in Grand Canyon requires a backcountry permit.

Limburgish : Wie in de Grand Canyon oonder de rand wil kamperen, mot hijveur 'n vergunning veur 't achterland höbbe.

English : Permits are limited to protect the canyon, and become available on the 1st day of the month, four months prior to the start month.

Limburgish : Om de Grand Canyon te besjerme, waere d'r maar 'n beperkt aantal vergunninge oetgegaeve. Deze zeen besjikbaar op de 1ste vaan de maond, veer maond veur de ingangsmaond.

English : Thus, a backcountry permit for any start date in May becomes available on 1 Jan.

Limburgish : Vergunninge veur 't achterland veur startdatums in mei zeen daorum besjikbaar vanaaf 1 januari.

English : Space for the most popular areas, such as the Bright Angel Campground adjacent to Phantom Ranch, generally fill up by the requests received on first date they are opened to reservations.

Limburgish : De meist populaire gebede, wie de Bright Angel Campground naeve de Phantom Ranch, zeen meistal nao de ierste daag dat se aope zeen veur reserveringen al vol.

English : There are a limited number permits reserved for walk-in requests available on a first come, first served basis.

Limburgish : Vergunninge ter plaatse waere beperkt aafgegaeve, op basis van "wie 't ierst kump, wie 't ierst maalt".

English : Entering Southern Africa by car is an amazing way to see all the region´s beauty as well as to get to places off the normal tourist routes.

Limburgish : Zuid Afrika met de oto binne gaon is e fantasitisch mener um de ganse sjoenegheid vaan de regio te zien en ouch um op plaotse te koume boe de normoàl toeriste routes neet koume.


English : This can be done in a normal car with careful planning but a 4x4 is highly advised and many locations are only accessible with a high wheel base 4x4.

Limburgish : Dit kinste doen mèt 'ne normale oto este good plans, meh 'ne 4x4 weurd toch wel geadviseerd en väöl locaties zien allein te berieke mèt de hoege weegligking vaan 'ne 4x4.

English : Keep in mind while planning that although Southern Africa is stable not all neighboring countries are.

Limburgish : Al is Zuid afrika e stabiel land, dink d'r aon dat neet alle naoberlande dat ouch zien.

English : Visa requirements and costs vary from nation to nation and are affected by the country you come from.

Limburgish : Visa benudeghede en koste variëre vaan land tot land en weure beïnvlood dor 't land boe datste vendaon kumps.

English : Each country also has unique laws requiring what emergency items need to be in the car.

Limburgish : eder land heet ouch unieke wette euver welke noedveurzieninge de in dien eige oto mós höbbe.

English : Victoria Falls is a town in the western portion of Zimbabwe, across the border from Livingstone, Zambia, and near Botswana.

Limburgish : Victoria Falls is e stedje in 't westelek deil vaan Zimbabwe, euver de sjraom mèt Livingstone, Zambia en kortbij Botswana.

English : The town lies immediately next to the falls, and they are the major attraction, but this popular tourist destination offers both adventure seekers and sightseers plenty of opportunities for a longer stay.

Limburgish : 't Stedje ligk metein neve de watervalle, en ze zien 'ne groete attractie, meh dees poulair toeriste bestumming beujt avonturiers en toeriste väöl meugelekhede veur e langer verblief.

English : In the rainy season (November to March), the water volume will be higher and the Falls will be more dramatic.

Limburgish : in 't regesezoen (november tot miert), zal 't watervolume groeter zien en zien de watervalle dramatischer.

English : You are guaranteed to get wet if you cross the bridge or walk along the trails winding near the Falls.

Limburgish : De weurs zowiezoe naat este euver d'n brögk of op de paajer in de buurt vaan de watervalle luip.

English : On the other hand, it is precisely because the volume of water is so high that your viewing of the actual Falls will be obscured—by all the water!

Limburgish : Meh percijs umtot 't watervolume zoe groet is, is dien ziech op de eigeleke watervalle hiel slech door al 't opspattend water.

English : Tomb of Tutankhamun (KV62). KV62 may be the most famous of the tombs in the Valley, the scene of Howard Carter´s 1922 discovery of the almost intact royal burial of the young king.

Limburgish : De Tombe vaan Toetankamun (KV62). KV62 zouw de bereumpste tombe vaan de vallei kinne zien, de buun vaan Howard Carters oontdèkking in 1922 vaan de bekans intacte royale begraffenis vaan d'n jonge keunink.

English : Compared to most of the other royal tombs, however, the tomb of Tutankhamun is barely worth visiting, being much smaller and with limited decoration.

Limburgish : Vergelieke mèt de meiste aander keuninkleke tombes is de tombe vaan Tutankhamun emperkes de meujte umtot 'r väöl kleiner is mèt erg wieneg decartaties.

English : Anyone interested in seeing evidence of the damage to the mummy done during attempts to remove it from the coffin will be disappointed as only the head and shoulders are visible.

Limburgish : Ederein die geinteresseert is in 't bewies vaan sjaoi aon de mummie, oontstoon tijdens poginge um 'm te verwijdere oet de kis, zal teleurgestelt zien want allein 't hoof en de sjouwers zien ziechbaar.

English : The fabulous riches of the tomb are no longer in it, but have been removed to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Limburgish : De fantastische riekdom vaan de tombe zien neet mie dao, meh zien euvergebrach noa 't Egymptisch Museum in Cairo.

English : Visitors with limited time would be best to spend their time elsewhere.

Limburgish : bezeukers met wieneg tied kinne 't bèste öreges aanders hun tied spendere.

English : Phnom Krom, 12 km southwest of Siem Reap. This hilltop temple was built at the end of the 9th century, during the reign of King Yasovarman.

Limburgish : Phnom Krom, 12 km zuid-ooste vaan Siem Reap. Dees heuveltop tempel waor gebouwd op 't einde vaan de 9de iew tijdens de regeerperiode vaan keunink Yasovarman.

English : The gloomy atmosphere of the temple and the view over the Tonle Sap lake make the climb to the hill worthwhile.

Limburgish : De soomber atmosfeer in de tempel en 't oetziech euver 't Tonle Sap meer make de klum de meujte weerd.

English : A visit to the site can be conveniently combined with a boat trip to the lake.

Limburgish : e bezeuk vaan de 't gebeed kin gemekelek gecombineert weure mèt e boottoch nao 't meer.

English : The Angkor Pass is needed to enter the temple so do not forget to bring your passport along when heading to Tonle Sap.

Limburgish : De Angkor Pass is nudeg um de tempel binne te trejje dus vergèt neet um dien paspoort mè te numme este nao Tonle Sap geis.

English : Jerusalem is the capital and largest city of Israel, though most other countries and the United Nations do not recognize it as Israel´s capital.

Limburgish : Jerusalem is de hoofstad en de groetste stad vaan Israel, meh de mieste len en de VS erkenne 't neet es de hoofstad vaan Israel.

English : The ancient city in the Judean Hills has a fascinating history spanning thousands of years.

Limburgish : De iewe-aw stad in de heuvels vaan Judea heet 'n facinerende gesjiedenis wat ziech euver doezende jaore aofspäölde.

English : The city is holy to the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and serves as a spiritual, religious, and cultural center.

Limburgish : De stad is heileg veur drei monotheïstische godsdeenste - jodedom, christedom en islam en is e spiritueel, religieus en cultureel centrum.

English : Due to the religious significance of the city, and in particular the many sites of the Old City area, Jerusalem is one of the main tourist destinations in Israel.

Limburgish : Vaanwege de relisgieuze significantie vaan de stad en bezunders de väöl aw plekke in de binnestad, is Jerusalem ein vaan de belaankriekste toeristische bestumminge in Israel.

English : Jerusalem has many historic, archeological and cultural sites, along with vibrant and crowded shopping centers, cafés, and restaurants.

Limburgish : Jerusalem heet väöl historische, archeologische en culturele plaotse same mèt levedege en drökke winkelcentra, kaffees en restaurants.

English : Ecuador requires that Cuban citizens receive an invitation letter prior to entering Ecuador through international airports or frontier admission points.

Limburgish : Ecuador wèlt dat Cubane iers 'n invitatie breef kriege veurdat ze Ecuador ingoon door internationaole vleegvelde of aander sjraomposte.

English : This letter must be legalized by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and comply with certain requirements.

Limburgish : Dees breef moot oonderteikend zien door 't ministerie vaan boetelandse zake vaan Ecuador en moot ouch aon bepaolde eise voldoen.


English : These requirements are designed to provide an organized migratory flow between both countries.

Limburgish : Dees eise zien oontworpe um de migratie tösse de len te organisere.

English : Cuban citizens who are US green card holders should visit an Ecuadorian Consulate to obtain an exemption to this requirement.

Limburgish : Cubaanse börgers die 'n Amerikaans verblijfsvergönning höbbe, mote 't Ecuadoriaanse consulaat bezeuke um 'n oetzundering vaan dees eis te kriege.

English : Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your travel dates. A round/onward trip ticket is needed to prove the length of your stay.

Limburgish : Eur paspoort mot mie es 6 maand geldig zien nao eure reisdata. E retourticket is nudeg um d'n tied vaan t verblief te bewieze.

English : Tours are cheaper for larger groups, so if you´re by yourself or with just one friend, try to meet other people and form a group of four to six for a better per-person rate.

Limburgish : Tours zien gooikouper veur groetere Gróppe, dus es te allein bis of mèt sjus ein vrund, perbeer aander lui te ontmoete en 'ne gróp te make vaan veer tot zés veur 'ne betere pries per persoen.

English : However, this shouldn´t really be off your concern, because often tourists are shuffled around to fill the cars.

Limburgish : Meh, dit zou uuch geine zörge mótte make, want dèks weure toeriste gewisseld um de wagele te völle.

English : It seems actually to be more a way of tricking people into believing they have to pay more.

Limburgish : 't Liekt mie 'n meneer um de luij te fótsje zoe dat ze dinke dat ze mie móste betaole.

English : Towering above the north end of Machu Picchu is this steep mountain, often the backdrop to many photos of the ruins.

Limburgish : Oetstekend bove de noorder zije vaan Machu Picchu is dìze steile berg, dèks d'n achtergroond vaan väöl foto's.

English : It looks a bit daunting from below, and it is a steep and difficult ascent, but most reasonably fit persons should be able to make it in about 45 minutes.

Limburgish : 't Zuut ontmoedegent oet van oonder, en is ouch 'ne stijle en lestege klum, meh de mieste redelek fitte persoene zouwe in staot mote zien um 't in ongeveer 45 minuten te redde.

English : Stone steps are laid along most of the path, and in the steeper sections steel cables provide a supporting handrail.

Limburgish : kingerköpkes zien euver 't groetste deil vaan 't pad gelag, en in de steiler stökke beeje staol kabels 'n steunend handvat.

English : That said, expect to be out of breath, and take care in the steeper portions, especially when wet, as it can become dangerous quickly.

Limburgish : dat gezag höbbend, verwach boete aosem te zien, en zeet veurziechteg op de steiler stökke, veural es 't naat is, umtot 't gaw erreg gevaarlek kin weure.

English : There´s a tiny cave near the top that must be passed through, it is quite low and a rather tight squeeze.

Limburgish : De höbs e klein grötje kortbij d'n top boe-door geer moot gaon, 't is bès lieg en nogal krap.

English : Seeing the sites and wildlife of the Galapagos is best done by boat, just as Charles Darwin did it in 1835.

Limburgish : 't Bekieke vaan plekke en natuur vaan de Galapagos kinste 't beste doen mèt 'ne boot, sjus wie Darwin 't ouch heet gedaon in 1835.

English : Over 60 cruise ships ply the Galapagos waters - ranging in size from 8 to 100 passengers.

Limburgish : Mier es 60 cruise sjepe ploge de watere vaan de Galapagos - versjelend in groete vaan 8 tot 100 passageers.

English : Most people book their place well in advance (as the boats are usually full during the high season).

Limburgish : De mieste lui boke hunne plaots good op tied (umtot de beut miestal vol zien in 't hoegsesoen).

English : Be sure the agent through whom you book is a Galapagos specialist with a good knowledge of a wide variety of ships.

Limburgish : Zeet zeker tot de mins dee uuch de reis verkoup 'n Galapagos expert is mèt gooje kinnes euver väöl sjepe.

English : This will ensure that your particular interests and/or constraints are matched with the ship most suitable to them.

Limburgish : Demèt kaveert geer tot uur speciaol intresse en/of beperkinge gematcht weure mèt 't sjip wat 't mies gesjik is.

English : Before the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, northern Chile was under Inca rule while the indigenous Araucanians (Mapuche) inhabited central and southern Chile.

Limburgish : Ie de Spanjaarde arreveerde in de 16de iew, waor noord Chile bestuurd door de Inca's, wijl de oersprunkeleke Araucaniërs in centraol en zui Chili woende.

English : The Mapuche were also one of the last independent American indigenous groups, that were not fully absorbed into Spanish-speaking rule until after Chile´s independence.

Limburgish : De Mapuche waore ouch ein vaan de lèste oonaofhenkeleke oersprunkeleke gròppe, wat neet gans opgenome waore in de Spaons sprekende euverhiersing tot Chile's independentie.

English : Although Chile declared independence in 1810 (amid the Napoleonic wars that left Spain without a functioning central government for a couple of years), decisive victory over the Spanish was not achieved until 1818.

Limburgish : Nochtans Chile de independentie oetroop in 1810 (oonderwijl de Napoleontische oorloge, wat Spaanje veur e paar jaore zoonder centraol functionerende euverheid leet), waor 'n behöbbeleke euverwinning op Spaanje neet behaold tot 1818.

English : The Dominican Republic (Spanish: República Dominicana) is a Caribbean country that occupies the eastern half of the island of Hispaniola, which it shares with Haiti

Limburgish : De Dominicaanse Republiek (Spaans: República Dominicana) is 'n Caribisch land in 't ooste vaan 't eiland Hispaniola, boe aug Haïti lik.

English : Besides white sand beaches and mountain landscapes, the country is home to the oldest European city in the Americas, now part of Santo Domingo.

Limburgish : 't Land heet neet allein witte zandstranden en gebergtes, maar aug de ouwste Europese stad in 't Amerikaanse continent. Tegenwoordig maakt deze stad deil oet van Santo Domingo.

English : The island was first inhabited by the Taínos and Caribes. The Caribes were an Arawakan-speaking people who had arrived around 10,000 BCE.

Limburgish : De Taíno en de Cariben waore de ierste inwoners vaan 't eiland. De Cariben kalde 'n Arawak-taol, en waore rond 10.000 jaor veur de jaortelling aangekomme.

English : Within a few short years following the arrival of European explorers, the population of Tainos had significantly been reduced by the Spanish conquerors

Limburgish : Binnen 'n paar jaor naodat de Europese ontdekkingsreizigers zeen aangekomme, hadde de Spaanse vereuveraers 'n groot deil van de Taino weggevaag.

English : Based on Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (Tratado de las Indias) between 1492 and 1498 the Spanish conquerors killed around 100,000 Taínos.

Limburgish : Volgens Fray Bartolomé de las Casas (Tratado de las Indias) höbbe de Spaanse vereuveraers tösse 1492 en 1498 zo'n 100.000 Taíno vermaord.

English : Jardín de la Unión. This space was built as the atrium for a 17th-century convent, of which the Templo de San Diego is the sole surviving building.

Limburgish : Jardin de la Unión. Dees ruimte waor gebouwd es hoof veur 't 17de iewse kloester boe-vaan de Templo de San Diego 't einsegste euverlevende bouw is.


English : It now functions as the central plaza, and always has a lot of things going on, day and night.

Limburgish : 't Functioneert noe es centraol plein, en heet altied väöl te beeje, daag en nach.

English : There are a number of restaurants surrounding the garden, and in the afternoons and evening there free concerts are often given from the central gazebo.

Limburgish : Dao zien e poàr restaurants roontelum d'n hoof, en in de middeg en de aovende weure dao dèks gratis concèrs gegeve vaanoet de meziekkioske.

English : Callejon del Beso (Alley of the Kiss). Two balconies separated by only 69 centimeters is home of an old love legend.

Limburgish : Callejon del Beso ('t puungetske). Twie balkons, gesjeie door mer 69 centimeters zien de toes vaan 'e aajd leefdesverhaol.

English : For a few pennies some children will tell you the story.

Limburgish : Veur e paar cent vertèlle get kinder diech 't verhaol.

English : Bowen Island is a popular day trip or weekend excursion offering kayaking, hiking, shops, restaurants, and more.

Limburgish : Bowen eiland is populair es daagbestumming of weekendexcursie en beujt kanoë, wandele, winkels, restaurants en mie aon.

English : This authentic community is located in Howe Sound just off Vancouver, and is easily accessed via scheduled water taxis departing Granville Island in downtown Vancouver.

Limburgish : Dees authentiek gemeinsjap is te vinde in Howe Sound sjus boete Vancouver, en is gemekelek te berieke via watertaxi deenste dee vertrèkke vaan Granville island in 't centrum vaan Vancouver.

English : For those who enjoy outdoor activities, a trek up the Sea to Sky corridor is essential.

Limburgish : Veur hun wat kinne genete vaan boeteactiviteite, is 'nen trèk nao de Sa to Sky corridor 'n must.

English : Whistler (1.5 hour drive from Vancouver) is expensive but well-known because of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Limburgish : Whistler (1.5 oor rije vaan Vancouver) is deur, des bekint vaan de olympische speule vaan 2010.

English : In the winter, enjoy some of the best skiing in North America, and in the summer try some authentic mountain biking.

Limburgish : In de winter geneetste vaan 't bèste skië in Noord Amerika, en in de zomer kinste authentiek mountainbike perbere.

English : Permits must be reserved in advance. You must have a permit to stay overnight at Sirena.

Limburgish : Vergönninge mote vaan te veure gereserveerd weure. De moos 'n vergönning höbbe um te euvernachte bij Sirena.

English : Sirena is the only ranger station that offers dormitory lodging and hot meals in addition to camping. La Leona, San Pedrillo, and Los Patos offer only camping with no food service.

Limburgish : Sirena is de einsigste boswachtershut wat slaopplaotse en werm maole aonbeujt neve campeermeugelekhede. La Leona, San pedrille, en Los Patos beeje allein campeerplaotse zoonder bikservice aon.

English : It is possible to secure park permits directly from the Ranger Station in Puerto Jiménez, but they do not accept credit cards

Limburgish : 't Is meugelek um vergönninge te kriege bij de Ranger Station in Puerto Jiménez, meh ze acceptere gein credit cards.

English : The Park Service (MINAE) does not issue park permits more than one month in advance of anticipated arrival.

Limburgish : De park deens (MINAE) gief gein vergönninge eder es ein maond veur de verwach aonkoms oet.

English : CafeNet El Sol offers a reservation service for a fee of US$30, or $10 for one-day passes; details on their Corcovado page.

Limburgish : CafeNet El Sol beujt e reserveringsdeens aon veur d'n kos vaan US$30, of $10 veur daagkeerte; details kint g'r vinde op häör pagina.

English : The Cook Islands are an island country in free association with New Zealand, located in Polynesia, in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean.

Limburgish : De Cook eilande zien 'ne eilandstaot in Polynesië in los associatie mèt Nui-Zieland, in 't midde vaan de Stèllen Oceaan.

English : It is an archipelago with 15 islands spread out over 2.2 million km2 of ocean.

Limburgish : 't Is 'n eilandegróp bstaond oet 15 eilande verspreid euver 2.2 mieljoen km2 oceaon.

English : With the same time zone as Hawaii, the islands are sometimes thought of as ¨Hawaii down under¨.

Limburgish : Mèt dezelfde tiedzone es Hawaii, staon de eilande bekint es "Hawaii down under".

English : Though smaller, it reminds some elderly visitors of Hawaii before statehood without all the large tourist hotels and other development.

Limburgish : Allewel kleiner, deit 't awwer bezeuker dinke aon 't Hawaii vaan veur de groete hotels en aander oontwikkelinge.

English : The Cook Islands do not have any cities but are composed of 15 different islands. The main ones are Rarotonga and Aitutaki.

Limburgish : De cook eilande höbbe gein steie meh bestaon oet 15 versjèllende eilande. De balaankriekste zien Rarotonda en Aitutaki.

English : In developed countries today, providing deluxe bed and breakfasts has been raised to a sort of art-form.

Limburgish : Allewijl in oontwikkelde lande zien luks bed en breakfasts verweurde tot 'n soort vaan kuns.

English : At the top end, B&Bs obviously compete mainly on two main things: bedding and breakfast.

Limburgish : Gans beuvenaon, concurere B&Bs veurnaomelek op twie hoofzake: bedde en dejeuners.

English : Accordingly, at the finest such establishments one is apt to find the most luxurious bedding, maybe a handmade quilt or an antique bed.

Limburgish : Zoe kint geer beì de fijnste etablisseminte mies luxe bedde en handgemaakde sprije of 'n antiek bed vinde.

English : Breakfast may include seasonal delights of the region or the host´s speciality dish.

Limburgish : 't Dejeuner zouw sezoensproducte of de chefs speciaoliteite kinne bevatte.

English : The setting might be an historic old building with antique furnishings, manicured grounds and a swimming pool.

Limburgish : De setting zouw e aajd, historisch bouw kinne zien met antiek meubels, geregeerd terrein en e zwumbad.

English : Getting into your own car and heading off on a long road trip has an intrinsic appeal in its simplicity.

Limburgish : In dien eige oto stappe en op weeg gaon veur 'ne lange trip heet 'n intrinsiek aontrèkkingsforce in zien einvoud.


English : Unlike larger vehicles, you are probably already familiar with driving your car and know its limitations.

Limburgish : in tegenstèeling tot groetere voortuige, zeet g'r al bekint met oto rije en kint g'r de beperkinge devaan.

English : Setting up a tent on private property or in a town of any size can easily attract unwanted attention.

Limburgish : Campere op privéterrein of in 'n stad egaoleg wie groet, kin gemeekelek verkierde aodach trèkke.

English : In short, using your car is a great way to take a road trip but seldom in itself a way to ¨camp¨.

Limburgish : In 't kot, is t gebruuk vaan uur oto 'n gooj meneer um 'n road trip te make meh zelde op ziech 'n meneer um te campere.

English : Car camping is possible if you have a large minivan, SUV, Sedan or Station Wagon with seats that lay down.

Limburgish : Campere met de oto is meugelek es me e groet böske heet, SUV, persoeneoto of stationwagel boe-vaan de steul neergeklap kinne weure.

English : Some hotels have a heritage from the golden age of steam railways and ocean liners; before the Second World War, in the 19th or early 20th centuries.

Limburgish : Sommege hotels höbbe 'n erfenis vaan de gouwen tied vaan de stoumtreine en oceaan sjepe; veur d'n twiede wereld oorlog, in de 19de of vreug 20ste iew.

English : These hotels were where the rich and the famous of the day would stay, and often had fine dining and nightlife.

Limburgish : Dees hotels waore boe de rieke en bereumpde van deen tied zouwe verblieve en hadde dèks fien diners en nachleve.

English : The old fashioned fittings, the lack of the latest amenities, and a certain graceful agedness are also part of their character.

Limburgish : De awwerwèts inriechting, 't gebrek aon de modernste veurzieninge en 'n bepaald gracieus leeftied heure ouch bij hun karakter.

English : While they are usually privately owned, they sometimes accommodate visiting heads of state and other dignitaries.

Limburgish : Terwijl ze privébezit zien, kinne zie soms ouch bezeukend staotshoofde of aander hoegweerdeghede accommodere.

English : A traveller with piles of money might consider a round the world flight, broken up with stays in many of these hotels.

Limburgish : 'N reizeger mèt helvers geld zouw n vlöch roond de wereld kinne euverwege oonderbroke door verblieve in väöl vaan dees hotels.

English : A hospitality exchange network is the organization that connects travelers with locals in the cities they are going to visit.

Limburgish : 'N hospitaliteids oetwisselingsnètwerk is de organisatie eat reizegers verbint met de lokaal bevolking in de steie wat zie goon bezeuke.

English : Joining such a network usually just requires filling out an online form; although some networks offer or require additional verification.

Limburgish : G'r bij zoe e nètwerk voge is miestal snel gedoon mèt 't invulle vaan 'n online formelier; Dès sommege nètwerke beeje of vraoge beìkoùmend beweìs.

English : A listing of available hosts is then provided either in print and/or online, sometimes with references and reviews by other travelers.

Limburgish : 'N lies vaan de desponibel verheurders weurd daan geprint en/of online versjaf, soms mèt referenties en reviews vaan aander reizegers.

English : Couchsurfing was founded in January 2004 after computer programmer Casey Fenton found a cheap flight to Iceland but did not have a place to stay.

Limburgish : Couchsurfe is gestieg in jannewarie 2004 nao dat computer programmeur Casey Fenton e goojekoup vleegticket nao Iesland had gevoonde mer nörgens kós slaope.

English : He emailed students at the local university and received an overwhelming number of offers for free accommodation.

Limburgish : Heer mailde studente vaan de plaotseleke universiteit en kroog 'n euverweldegend aontal beriechte mèt woènne veur niks.

English : Hostels cater primarily to young people – a typical guest is in their twenties – but you can often find older travellers there too.

Limburgish : Hostels riechte ziech veunaomelek op jonglui - de doorsnee gaste zien in de twinteg - meh de kins dèks ouch awwer reizegers vinde.

English : Families with children are a rare sight, but some hostels do allow them in private rooms.

Limburgish : Gezinne mèt kinder zien zeldzaam, dès sommege hotels laote 'n touw in apaarte kamers.

English : The city of Beijing in China will be the host city of the Olympic Winter Games in 2022, which will make it the first city to have hosted both the summer and winter Olympics.

Limburgish : De stad Beijing in China zal de gaststad zien vaan de olympische winterspeule in 2022, wat 't de ierste stad zal make die zoewel de zomer es de winter speule heet georganiseert.

English : Beijing will host the opening and closing ceremonies and the indoor ice events.

Limburgish : Peking zal de fièste beì oùpenink en àfsluìte en de binne eveneminte op ies organisere.

English : Other skiing events will be at the Taizicheng ski area in Zhangjiakou, about 220 km (140 miles) from Beijing.

Limburgish : Aander ski-eveneminte zalle in 't Taizicheng ski gebeed zien in Zhangjiakou, ongeever 220 km (140 mijl) vaan Beijing.

English : Most of the temples do have an Annual festival starting from November end to Mid of May, which varies according to each temple´s annual calendar.

Limburgish : De mieste tempels höbbe e jaorleks fèsitval wat doort vaan eind-november tot midde-mei, wat varrieert vólges eder tempels jaorkalender.

English : Most of the temple festivals is celebrated as part of temple´s anniversary or presiding deity´s birthday or any other major event associated with the temple.

Limburgish : De mieste vaan de tempels fèstivals weure geviert es oonderdeil vaan de tempels zjubilei, of d'n verjaordaag vaan de residerende godheid of eder aander groet gebäörtenis wat mèt d'n tempel te make heet.

English : Kerala´s temple festivals are very interesting to see, with regular procession of decorated elephants, temple orchestra and other festivities.

Limburgish : Kerala tempel fèsitvals zien hiel interresant veur te zien, mèt 'ne regelmaotegen Broonk vaan verseerde olifante, tempel orkeste en aandere fèstiviteite.

English : A World´s Fair (commonly called World Exposition, or simply Expo) is large international festival of arts and sciences.

Limburgish : 'n Wereldexpositie (geweunlijk Wereldexpositie of gewoen Expo geneump) is 'n groet internationaol fèstival vaan de kunste en de wetensjap.

English : Participating countries present artistic and educational displays in national pavilions to showcase world issues or their country´s culture and history.

Limburgish : Deilnummende lande prezentere artistiek en educatieve exposities in natinaole paveljoene um wereldprobleme te exposere of hun lands cultuur en historie.

English : International Horticultural Expositions are specialised events which showcase floral displays, botanical gardens and anything else to do with plants.

Limburgish : Internationaole gardeneerexposities zien gespecialiseerde eveneminte wat blomme, botanische häöf en alles wat anders mèt plante te make heet, umvatte.


English : Although in theory they can take place annually (so long as they are in different countries), in practice they are not.

Limburgish : In theorie zouwe ze eder jaor plaots kinne vinde (zoe lang es ze en aander lande gehawwe weurde) meh in de praktiek zien ze dat neet.

English : These events normally last anywhere between three and six months, and are held on sites no smaller than 50 hectares.

Limburgish : Dees eveneminte dore gewoenelek, örges tösse de drei en zes maonde en weure gehawwe op locaties neet kleiner es 50 hectare.

English : There are many different film formats that have been used over the years. Standard 35 mm film (36 by 24 mm negative) is much the commonest.

Limburgish : De höbs erg väöl versjèllende fèlm formate wat gebruuk zien euver de jaore. Standaard 35 mm fèlm (36 x 24 mm negatieve) is zeker de gewoenste.

English : It can usually be replenished fairly easily if you run out, and gives resolution roughly comparable to a current DSLR.

Limburgish : 't Kin gewoenelek gemekelek aongevult weure es 't op raak, en giet rizzelutie wat vergeliekbaar is mèt 'n modern DSLR.

English : Some medium-format film cameras use a 6 by 6 cm format, more precisely a 56 by 56 mm negative.

Limburgish : somege midde-formaat fèlm camera's gebruuke e 6 x 6 formaat; exacter e 56 x 56 mm negatief.

English : This gives resolution almost four times that of a 35 mm negative (3136 mm2 versus 864).

Limburgish : Dit giet 'n rizzelutie vaan bienao veer kier groeter es dat vaan 'n 35 mm negatief (3136 mm2 tegeneuver 864).

English : Wildlife is among the most challenging motifs for a photographer, and needs a combination of good luck, patience, experience and good equipment.

Limburgish : Wièl bèste zeìn ein vaan de lestegste objecte veur 'ne fotograaf, en de höbs 'n combinaite vaan gelök, gedöld, ervaring en good materiaal nudeg.

English : Wildlife photography is often taken for granted, but like photography in general, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Limburgish : Sjoen natuurfotografie weurd dèks es vaanzelfsprekend besjouwd, meh sjus wie mèt aander foto's zeet e beeld mie es doezend weurd.

English : Wildlife photography often requires a long telephoto lens, though things like a flock of birds or a tiny creature need other lenses.

Limburgish : Fottografiè van t wièlt hit dèks 'n groete telelens nudeg, ès dinge wie 'n vlöch veugel of klein bieskes höbbe aandere lense nudeg.

English : Many exotic animals are hard to find, and parks sometimes have rules about taking photographs for commercial purposes.

Limburgish : Väöl exotische bieste zien lesteg te vinde, en parke höbbe soms reìgels euver 't numme vaan foto's vaanwege commercieele grun.

English : Wild animals might either be shy or aggressive. The environment might be cold, hot, or otherwise hostile.

Limburgish : Wèl bieste zouwe of sjiechteg, of aggressief kinne zien. De omgeving zouw kaajd, heit, of aanderszins vijandeg kinne zien.

English : The world has over 5,000 different languages, including more than twenty with 50 million or more speakers.

Limburgish : De wereld heet mie es 5000 versillende taole, inclusief mie es twinteg mèt 50 mieljoen of mie sprekers.

English : Written words are often easier to understand than spoken words, also. This is especially true of addresses, which are often difficult to pronounce intelligibly.

Limburgish : Gesjreve weurd zien dèks gemekeleker te begriepe as gesproke weurd. Dit is zeker woer veur adresse, wat dèks lesteg verstaonbaar oet te spreke zien.

English : Many entire nations are completely fluent in English, and in even more you can expect a limited knowledge - especially among younger people.

Limburgish : Väöl lande zien gans vloeiend in 't Ingels, en in nóg mie kinste get basiskinnes verwachte - veural oonder de jonglui.

English : Imagine, if you will, a Mancunian, Bostonian, Jamaican and Sydneysider sitting around a table having dinner at a restaurant in Toronto.

Limburgish : Stèl diech veur, este wèls, 'n Mancuniaan, Bostoniaan, Jamaicaan en Sydneysider wat roontelum 'n taofel zitte um te dinere in e restaurant in Toronto.

English : They´re regaling each other with stories from their hometowns, told in their distinct accents and local argot.

Limburgish : Ze traktere ziech op verhaole vaan hun thoesstei, vertèld in hun eige versjillende accente en lokaal dialek.

English : Buying food in supermarkets is usually the cheapest way to get fed. Without cooking opportunities, choices are however limited to ready-made food.

Limburgish : Ete koupe in de supermerret is normaal gesproke de goojkoupste meneer um diech te veuje. Es geine meugelekheid um te koke is zien de keuzes beperk tot kant-en-klaar maole.

English : Increasingly supermarkets are getting a more varied section of ready-made food. Some even provide a microwave oven or other means to heat food.

Limburgish : Steeds dèkser zuuste bij supermarkte 'n groetere variatie in kant-en-klaar. Somege höbbe zelfs 'n magnetron of aander meugelekheid um ete te werme.

English : In some countries or types of stores there is at least one on-site restaurant, often a rather informal one with affordable prices.

Limburgish : In somege soorte winkels höbste ten minste ein restaurant op 't terrein, dèks zeet zoe sjiek mèt betaolbaar prijze.

English : Make and carry copies of your policy and your insurer´s contact details with you.

Limburgish : Maak kopies vaan eur verzekeringspolis en num die mèt same mèt de contact gegevens vaan eur verzekeraar.

English : They need to show the insurer´s e-mail address and international phone numbers for advice/authorizations and making claims.

Limburgish : Ze mote 't mailadres vaan de verzekeraar en internationaol tèllefoon nummers laote zien veurdat ze advies geve/claims kinne otorisere.

English : Have another copy in your luggage and online (e-mail to yourself with attachment, or stored in the ¨cloud¨).

Limburgish : Zörg veur 'n extra kopie in eur bagaasj en online (sjik eurzelf 'n mail mèt bijlage of höb 't bestand in de cloud stoon.

English : If traveling with a laptop or tablet, store a copy in its memory or disc (accessible without the internet).

Limburgish : Es g'r mèt 'n laptop of tablet reis, maak dan 'n kopie vaan de hel sjijf (touwgaankelek zoonder internet).

English : Also give policy/contact copies to traveling companions and relatives or friends back home willing to help.

Limburgish : Geef ouch 'n kopie vaan de polis aon 'n reiskammeraot en femilie toes die wèlle helpe.

English : Moose (also known as elk) aren´t inherently aggressive, but will defend themselves if they perceive a threat.

Limburgish : Elande (ouch wel elk geneump) zien neet inherent aggresief, meh ze zalle z'ch verdedige es ze ziech bedreig veule.


English : When people don´t see moose as potentially dangerous, they may approach too closely and put themselves at risk.

Limburgish : Wienie lui elande neet es potentieel gevierlek zien, zouwe ze te koteì kinne koume en loupe ze 'n risico.

English : Drink alcoholic drinks with moderation. Alcohol affects everyone differently, and knowing your limit is very important.

Limburgish : Drink alcohol mèt mate. Acohol heet op ederein 'n aander effek en dien sjraom kinne is erg belaankriek.

English : Possible long term health events from excessive drinking can include liver damage and even blindness and death. The potential danger is increased when consuming illegally produced alcohol.

Limburgish : Somege lange termijn effekte vaan excessief drinke kinne leversjade meh zelfs blindheid en de dood zien. 't Gevaar weur groeter mèt zelfgestook alcohol.

English : Illegal spirits can contain various dangerous impurities including methanol, which can cause blindness or death even in small doses.

Limburgish : illegaol draank kin somege gevaarleke stoffe bevatte zoewie methanol, wat blindheid od de dood kin veroorzake zelfs in kleine doses.

English : Eyeglasses can be cheaper in a foreign country, especially in low-income countries where labour costs are lower.

Limburgish : Brèlle kinne goojkouper zien in 't boeteland, zeker in e liegeinkomeslande boe arbeid goojkoupe is.

English : Consider getting an eye exam at home, especially if insurance covers it, and bringing the prescription along to be filed elsewhere.

Limburgish : g'r Zouw thoes 'n ougmeting kinne laote doen, zeker es de verzekering 't dèk, en 't rizzeltaot mèt kinne numme nao 't boeteland.

English : High-end brand-name frames available in such areas may have two problems; some may be knock-offs, and the real imported ones may be more expensive than at home.

Limburgish : Kwaliteit merkmonture in zulke gebede kinne twie probleme höbbe; somege kinne nep zien, an de ecte zien geïmporteerd en woersjijnelek deurder es thoes.

English : Coffee is one of the world´s most traded commodities, and you can probably find many types in your home region.

Limburgish : Koffie is ein vaan de werelds mies verhandelde geujere, en de kins waarsjijnelek väöl versjèllende types vinde in dien ege regio.

English : Nevertheless, there are many distinctive ways of drinking coffee around the world that are worth experiencing.

Limburgish : Desoondaanks, zien 'rs väöl menere um koffie te drinke roond de wereld wat de meujte zien um te ervare.

English : Canyoning (or: canyoneering) is about going in a bottom of a canyon, which is either dry or full of water.

Limburgish : Canyoning (of canyoneering) geit euver 't aofdaole nao de boojem vaan 'n kloof mèt of zoonder water.

English : Canyoning combines elements from swimming, climbing and jumping--but requires relatively little training or physical shape to get started (compared to rock climbing, scuba diving or alpine skiing, for example).

Limburgish : Canyoning combineert elemente vaan Zwumme klumme en springe - meh behoof eigelek wieneg training of lichameleke fitheid um te kinne beginne (vergeleke mèt klumme, duke of skië beveurbeeld).

English : Hiking is an outdoor activity which consists of walking in natural environments, often on hiking trails.

Limburgish : Trèkke is 'n boeteactiviteit wat besteit out wandele in de natuur, miestal op trèkpaajer.

English : Day hiking involves distances of less than a mile up to longer distances that can be covered in a single day.

Limburgish : Oonder 'ne daagtrèk valle aofstande vaan e paar kilometer to langere aofstande wat op ein daag aogelag kinne weure.

English : For a day hike along an easy trail little preparations are needed, and any moderately fit person can enjoy them.

Limburgish : Veur 'ne daagtrèk op e sumpel paad zien neet väöl veurbereidinge nudeg en eder gezoon mins kin daovaan genete.

English : Families with small children may need more preparations, but a day outdoors is easily possible even with babies and pre-school children.

Limburgish : Femilies mèt klein kinder mote z'ch beter veurbereie, meh 'n ganse daag boete doorbrenge is zeker meugelek zelfs mèt baby's en dróbbele.

English : Internationally, there are nearly 200 running tour organizations. Most of them operate independently.

Limburgish : Internationaol zien 'rs bienoa 200 tour organisaties. De mieste daovaan zien zelfstandeg.

English : The Global Running Tours successor, Go Running Tours networks dozens of sightrunning providers on four continents.

Limburgish : De veurgaanger vaan de Global Running Tours, Go Running Tours heet e nètwerk vaan tientalle sightrunning providers op veer continente.

English : With roots in Barcelona´s Running Tours Barcelona and Copenhagen´s Running Copenhagen, it was quickly joined by Running Tours Prague based in Prague and others.

Limburgish : Mèt roots in Barcelona's Running Tours Barcelona en Koupenhages Running Copenhagen, waor 't snel verboonde met Running Tours Prague wat in Praag zit.

English : There are many things you have to take into consideration before and when you travel somewhere.

Limburgish : Veurtot ste öreges naotouw reis zien 'rs väöl zake boe-euver de mós naodinke.

English : When you travel, expect things not to be like they are ¨back home¨. Manners, laws, food, traffic, lodging, standards, language and so on will to some extent differ from where you live.

Limburgish : Es g'r öreges naotouw reis, verwach daan neet tot alles zoe is wie thoes. Menere, regels, ete, verkier, accomodaties en taol enzoeweier kinne allemaol aanders zien es boe g'r vendaon komp.

English : This is something you always need to keep in mind, to avoid disappointment or perhaps even distaste over local ways to do things.

Limburgish : Dat moot g'r uuch good oonthawwe um teleurstellinge te veurkoume en uuch op te riechte euver de lokaal meneer van doen.

English : Travel agencies have been around since the 19th century. A travel agent is usually a good option for a journey which extends beyond a traveller´s previous experience of nature, culture, language or low-income countries.

Limburgish : Reisbureaus zien oontstande in de 19de iew. 'n reisbureau is mietsal 'n gooje meneer um 'n reis boete de ervaring vaan de reizeger wat betref natuur, cultuur, taol of lieginkomeslen.

English : Although most agencies are willing to take on most regular bookings, many agents specialise in particular types of travel, budget ranges or destinations.

Limburgish : Allewel de mieste bureaus alle bookinge acceptere, zalle väöl bureaus z'ch gespecialiseerd höbbe in 'n bepaold type reis, budget, of bestumminge.

English : It can be better to use an agent who frequently books similar trips to yours.

Limburgish : 't Kin beter zien um 'n bureau te gebruke wat dèks reize organiseerd wat lieke op eure.

English : Take a look at what trips the agent is promoting, whether on a website or in a shop window.

Limburgish : Kiek 'ns nao wat 't reisbureau aon 't promote is op hun website of hun etalaasj.


English : If you want to see the world on the cheap, for necessity, lifestyle or challenge, there are some ways to do that.

Limburgish : Es g'r de wereld goojkoup wèl zien oet noedzaak, lifestyle of vaanwege de oetdaging daan zien 'rs menere um dà te doùn.

English : Basically, they fall into two categories: Either work while you travel or try and limit your expenses. This article is focused on the latter.

Limburgish : Ze valle in twie catergorië: of de wèrks oonderwijl 't reize of de perbeers de koste te limitere. Dit artikel geit euver 't lètste.

English : For those willing to sacrifice comfort, time and predictability to push expenses down close to zero, see minimum budget travel.

Limburgish : Veur de lui wat comfort, tied en veurspelbaarheid kinne misse, um de koste zoe lieg meugelek te hawwe, gaank nao budget travel.

English : The advice assumes that travellers do not steal, trespass, participate in the illegal market, beg, or otherwise exploit other people for their own gain.

Limburgish : 't advies geit daovaan oet dat reizegers neet klawwe, op privé terrein koume, nao illegaol merrete gaon, bedele of on eder aander meneer de lui misbruke veur eige gewin.

English : An immigration checkpoint is usually the first stop when disembarking from a plane, a ship, or another vehicle.

Limburgish : Paspoortcontrol is miestal de ierste stop naodat me 't vleegtuig, sjip of aander voortuig heet verlaote.

English : In some cross-border trains inspections are done on the running train and you should have valid ID with you when boarding one of those trains.

Limburgish : Op somege internationaol treine vind de paspoortcontrole plaots op de rijende trein, en me moot 'n gèldeg ID kaart bij höbbe op zoe 'n trein.

English : On night sleeper trains, passports may be collected by the conductor so that you do not have your sleep interrupted.

Limburgish : Op slaoptreine zouwe de paspoorte door d'n conducteur verzameld kinne weure zoetot g'r neet gewèk hoof te weure.

English : Registration is an additional requirement for the visa process. In some countries, you must register your presence and address where you are staying with the local authorities.

Limburgish : Registratie is ouch nudeg in 't visa proces. in somege len, moot g'r uuch en de verbliefsadresse registrere bij de lokaal euverhede.

English : This might require filling out a form with the local police or a visit to the immigration offices.

Limburgish : Hei veur is 't misjiens nudeg op 'n papìer in te völle beì de polis of moot g'r 't immigratiebureau bezeuke.

English : In many countries with such a law, local hotels will handle the registration (make sure to ask).

Limburgish : In väöl len mèt zulke wètte, kin eur hotel ´t eìnschreìve veur uuch doen (vraog 't wel iers).

English : In other cases, only those staying outside of tourist accommodations need to register. However, this makes the law much more obscure, so find out beforehand.

Limburgish : In aander gevalle, mote allein toeriste boete toeristaccomodaties z'ch laote registrere. Allewel maak dit de wèt e stök mie oonduidelek, zeuk dat dus vaan te veure oet.

English : Architecture is concerned with the design and construction of buildings. The architecture of a place is often a tourist attraction in its own right.

Limburgish : Arsjitektuur geit euver 't oontwerpe en de bouw vaan bouwe. De arsjitektuur vaan 'n plaots is dèks 'n toeristische attractie op ziech.

English : Many buildings are quite beautiful to look at and the view from a tall building or from a cleverly-positioned window can be a beauty to behold.

Limburgish : Väöl bouwe zien prachteg um te bekieke en 't oetziech vaan 'ne hoeg bouw op 'ne slumme plaots kin werkelek fantastisch zien.

English : Architecture overlaps considerably with other fields including urban planning, civil engineering, decorative arts, interior design and landscape design.

Limburgish : Arjitektuur heet raakvlakke met aander vakgebede boe-oonder planologie, civiele techniek, decoratieve kunste, interieur oontwerpe en landsjap arsjitektuur.

English : Given how remote many of the pueblos are, you won´t be able to find a significant amount of nightlife without traveling to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.

Limburgish : Este kieks nao wie aofgelege de pueblos zien, zallste neet kinne stappe zoonder zao Albuquerque of Santa Fe te goon.

English : However, nearly all of the casinos listed above serve drinks, and several of them bring in name-brand entertainment (primarily the large ones immediately surrounding Albuquerque and Santa Fe).

Limburgish : allewel, bienoa alle cosino's hei-bove mage alcohol sjinke, en e paar daovaan höbbe good entertainment (veural de groetere wat direk roond Albuquerque en Santa Fe ligke).

English : Beware: small-town bars here are not always good places for the out-of-state visitor to hang out.

Limburgish : Pas op: klein dörpscafés zien neet altied gooj plèkke veur boelanders um naotouw te goon.

English : For one thing, northern New Mexico has significant problems with drunk driving, and the concentration of intoxicated drivers is high close to small-town bars.

Limburgish : Eine groond is umtot in Noord Nui Mexico väöl probleme zien mèt bezope chauffeurs, en 'rs väöl vaan hun zien roond dees klein cafés.

English : Unwanted murals or scribble is known as graffiti.

Limburgish : Oongewinsde muursjrifte of gekrabbel doà op heit graffiti.

English : While it´s far from a modern phenomenon, most people probably associate it with youth vandalizing public and private property using spray paint.

Limburgish : Allewijl 't absoluut gein modern fenomeen is, associere de mieste lui 't mèt jäögvandalisme vaan de publieke ruimte en privéhöb met spuitbösse.

English : However, nowadays there are established graffiti artists, graffiti events and ¨legal¨ walls. Graffiti paintings in this context often resemble artworks rather than illegible tags.

Limburgish : allewiel, tegeweurdeg, zien 'rs gevesteg kunsteneers, graffiti eveneminte en legaol moere. Graffiti op dees plaotse liekent mie op kunst es illegaol, oonaontrèkkelek sjrif.

English : Boomerang throwing is a popular skill that many tourists want to acquire.

Limburgish : Boemarang goeje is 'n populair sport wat väöl toeriste wèlle liere.

English : If you want to learn throwing a boomerang that comes back to your hand, make sure you have a suitable boomerang for returning.

Limburgish : Este wèls liere wie de 'ne boemerang mos goeje wat trögk kump nao d'n hand, móste zeker wete tot d'n boemerang gesjik is.

English : Most boomerangs available in Australia are in fact non-returning. It is best for beginners to not try throwing in windy

Limburgish : De mieste boemerangs watste krijgs in Australië koume eigelek neet trögk. 't Is veur beginners 't bèste um neet in winderege umstandeghede te gooje.

English : A Hangi Meal is cooked in a hot pit in the ground.

Limburgish : 'n Hangi maol is gekook in 'n heite kojl.


English : The pit is either heated with hot stones from a fire, or in some places geothermal heat makes areas of ground naturally hot.

Limburgish : De kojl weurd verhits mèt heite stein vaan e vörke, of op plaoste boe geothermiek de groond verhits op 'n natuurleke meneer.

English : The hangi is often used to cook a traditional roast style dinner.

Limburgish : De hangi weurt dèks gebruuk um 'n traditioneìl ruuster diner te bereie.

English : Several places in Rotorua offer geothermal hangi, while other hangi can be sampled in Christchurch, Wellington and elsewhere.

Limburgish : Versjèllende plaotse in Rotorua höbbe geothermische Hangi, dès aandere Hangi kinne gepreuf weure in Christchurch, wellington en 'n aander.

English : MetroRail has two classes on commuter trains in and around Cape Town: MetroPlus (also called First Class) and Metro (called Third Class).

Limburgish : MetroRail heet twie klasse op forenzetreine in en roond Kaapstad: MetroPlus (ierste klas) en Metro (derde klas).

English : MetroPlus is more comfortable and less crowded but slightly more expensive, though still cheaper than normal metro tickets in Europe.

Limburgish : MetroPlus beujt väöl mie comfort en is neet zoe drök mer is ouch deurder, meh nog altied goojkouper es metrotickets in Europa.

English : Every train has both MetroPlus and Metro coaches; the MetroPlus coaches are always on the end of the train nearest Cape Town.

Limburgish : Ederen trein heet zoewel MetroPlus en Metro rijtuige; de achterste rijtuige zien altied vaan MetroPlus, 't kortste bij Kaapstad.

English : Carrying for others - Never let your bags out of your sight, especially when you are crossing international borders.

Limburgish : Drage veur andere - verluus noets eur koffers oet 't oug, zeker neet wienie g'r euver internationaol sjaome gaot.

English : You could find yourself being used as a drug carrier without your knowledge, which will land you in a great deal of trouble.

Limburgish : g'r Zouw misbruuk kinne weure es drugskoeries zoonder dat g'r t weit, wat veur veul probleme zouw kinne zörge.

English : This includes waiting in line, as drug-sniffing dogs could be used at any time without notice.

Limburgish : Dat beteikent ouch in de rij staon, want drugshun zouwe zoonder waarsjouwing gebruuk kinne weure.

English : Some countries have exceedingly draconian punishments even for first time offenses; these can include prison sentences of over 10 years or death.

Limburgish : Somege len höbbe draconische straffe veur zelfs es 't de ierste euvertrejjing is; dat beteikent dat gevaangenisstraove vaan mie es 10 jaor of de doedsstraof opgelag kinne weure.

English : Unattended bags are a target for theft and can also attract attention from authorities wary of bomb threats.

Limburgish : Zwervende tasse zien 't doelwit vaan deefstal en kinne ouch aondach trèkke vaan de otoriteite met betrèkking tot bommeldinge.

English : At home, due to this constant exposure to the local germs, odds are very high that you´re already immune to them.

Limburgish : Thoes zeet g'r woesjijnelek al imuun veur de lokale krankeghede, umtot g'r dao constant aon bloegestèls weurt.

English : But in other parts of the world, where the bacteriological fauna are new to you, you´re far more likely to run into problems.

Limburgish : Meh in aander regio's vaan de eerd, boe de bacterië d'ch oonbekint zien, weurt 't woersjijneleker datste probleme krijgs.

English : Also, in warmer climates bacteria both grow more quickly and survive longer outside the body.

Limburgish : Ouch in wermer klimate greuje bacterië väöl gawwer en kinne ze ouch langer boete 't liechaam euverleve.

English : Thus the scourges of Delhi Belly, the Pharaoh´s Curse, Montezuma´s Revenge, and their many friends.

Limburgish : Volges de plage vaan Delhi Belly, de vlook vaan de Farao, Montezuma's vraak, en hun väöl vrun.

English : As with respiratory problems in colder climates, intestinal problems in hot climates are fairly common and in most cases are distinctly annoying but not really dangerous.

Limburgish : Zoe es aosemholings probleme veurkoume in kawwer klimate zo zien boekprobleme in wermer klimate väölveurkoumend, en zien de mieste gevalle hiel vervelend me neet ech gevaarlek.

English : If traveling in a developing country for the first time – or in a new part of the world – don´t underestimate the potential culture shock.

Limburgish : Oonderjat de culture shock neet, este veur 't iers door 'n oontwikkelingsland, of nui deil vaan de wereld reis.

English : Many a stable, capable traveler has been overcome by the newness of developing world travel, where many little cultural adjustments can add up quickly.

Limburgish : Zoeväöl stabiele, capabele reizegers zien al euvermand door de nuiegheed vaan oontwikkelingslande, boe väöl kleine cultuuraonpassinge bijeen optèlle.

English : Especially in your initial days, consider splurging on Western-style and -quality hotels, food, and services to help acclimatize.

Limburgish : Zeker de ierste daog zouw 't e good ide kinne zien um westerse hotels, ete en deenste te gebruke zoetotste kins geweene.

English : Do not sleep on a mattress or pad on the ground in areas where you do not know the local fauna.

Limburgish : Slaop neet op 'n matras of mat oppe groond in gebeede boe ste de lokaal fauna neet kins.

English : If you are going to camp out, bring a camp cot or hammock to keep you away from snakes, scorpions and such.

Limburgish : Este 't kampemint verlies, bring daan 'n veldbèd of haangmat um d'ch eweg te hawwe vaan slange sjorpioene en zoe.

English : Fill your home with a rich coffee in the morning and some relaxing chamomile tea at night.

Limburgish : Völ dien hoes 's ochtens mèt sterke kàffe en get oonspannende kamillethee veur 't 's nachs.

English : When you´re on a staycation, you have the time to treat yourself and take a few extra minutes to brew up something special.

Limburgish : Este op 'n staycation bis, hobste d'n tied um d'ch te verwene en e paar minute te spendere aon e speciaol brouwsel.

English : If you´re feeling more adventurous, take the opportunity to juice or blend up some smoothies:

Limburgish : Este diech mie aventuurlek veuls, pak daan dee kans um get sap of smoothies te make:

English : maybe you´ll discover a simple beverage that you can make for breakfast when you´re back to your daily routine.

Limburgish : Misjiens oontdèkste 'e sumpel drenkske watste veur 't oontbeit kins make este trögk bis veur dien dageleks routine.


English : If you live in a city with a varied drinking culture, go to bars or pubs in neighborhoods you don´t frequent.

Limburgish : Este in 'n stad woens mèt 'n gevarrieerde draankcultuur, daan kinste nao bars en pubs gaon boeste neet dèks geweest bis.

English : For those unfamiliar with medical jargon, the words infectious and contagious have distinct meanings.

Limburgish : Veur hun wat oonbekint zien met medische taolgebruuk, de weurd infectueus en besmettelek höbbe aandere beteikenisse.

English : An infectious disease is one that is caused by a pathogen, such as a virus, bacterium, fungus or other parasites.

Limburgish : 'n infectiekraakegheed weurt veroerzaak door pathogene zoe wie virusse, baterië käöm of aandere parasite.

English : A contagious disease is a disease which is easily transmitted by being in the vicinity of an infected person.

Limburgish : 'n besmetteleke kraankegheed weurd verspreid door in de buurt te zien vaan iemes wat kraank is.

English : Many governments require visitors entering, or residents leaving, their countries to be vaccinated for a range of diseases.

Limburgish : Väöl euverhede eise dat binnekoumende bezeukers of vertrekkende inwoeners gevaccineerd zien veur 'n aontal kraankeghede.

English : These requirements may often depend on what countries a traveller has visited or intends to visit.

Limburgish : Dees eise zalle aofhaange vaan welke len de reizeger heet bezeuk of wèl bezeuke.

English : One of strong points of Charlotte, North Carolina, is that it has an abundance of high-quality options for families.

Limburgish : Ein vaan de veurdeile vaan Charlotte, North Carolina is dat 'rs hendeg väöl kwaliteits meugelekhede zien veur femilies.

English : Residents from other areas often cite family-friendliness as a primary reason for moving there, and visitors often find the city easy to enjoy with children around.

Limburgish : Bewoeners vaan aander gebede geve dèks aon dat femilievruntelekheid de hoofreie is um dao naortouw te verhuize. Bezeukers zalle gemekelek vaan de stad kinne genete mèt kinder.

English : In the past 20 years, the amount of child-friendly options in Uptown Charlotte has grown exponentially.

Limburgish : De lèste 20 jaor is ´t oantal keendvrunteleke meùgelekheìje qua woenwijke in Charlotte flink gegreujt.

English : Taxis are not generally used by families in Charlotte, though they can be of some use in certain circumstances.

Limburgish : Taxi's weure euver 't algemein neet door femilies gebruuk mer in somege gevalle kin dat wel nuttig zien.

English : There is a surcharge for having more than 2 passengers, so this option might be more expensive than necessary.

Limburgish : Veur mie es twie persoene gelt 'ne touwslaag, dus dees optie kin deurder zien es noedzakelek.

English : Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth, and surrounds the South Pole.

Limburgish : Antarctica is de kaajdste plek op aarde, en omgeeft de Zuidpool.

English : Tourist visits are costly, demand physical fitness, can only take place in summer Nov-Feb, and are largely limited to the Peninsula, Islands and Ross Sea.

Limburgish : Toeristiese bezoèke zijn dièr, djie moet fit zèin, en koènne allein gebeùre in de zoèmer moeìn van november tot februaère, en zein oak vooràl bepèrkt tot het eiland van sjièr, de eilànne en de Rosszeì.

English : A couple of thousand staff live here in summer in some four dozen bases mostly in those areas; a small number stay over winter.

Limburgish : E poàr dusend van t pèrsoneìl woène heì in de zòmer in pak vier bàsisse, veural in dies gebieje; allein een poàr bleìve in de weìnter.

English : Inland Antarctica is a desolate plateau covered by 2-3 km of ice.

Limburgish : T binnelànt van Antartica is e leìch plateau bei doà op 2-3 km eis.

English : Occasional specialist air tours go inland, for mountaineering or to reach the Pole, which has a large base.

Limburgish : Af en teù goan speciàle vliègreise het binnelànd ein, veur bergbekleumme of noa de Poùl te goàn, moe een greùt kamp is.

English : The South Pole Traverse (or Highway) is a 1600 km trail from McMurdo Station on the Ross Sea to the Pole.

Limburgish : De Zuid Pool traverse (of weeg) is 'n 1600 km lange straot vaan 't McMurdo statie bij de Ross Zie tot de pool.

English : It´s compacted snow with crevasses filled in and marked by flags. It can only be traveled by specialized tractors, hauling sleds with fuel and supplies.

Limburgish : De gecompacteerde snie mèt opgevölde reetse weurd aongegeve door veendelkes. Ze kin allein meh bereis weure mèt speciaol tractore wat sleie trèkke met extra brandstof en veurraode.

English : These aren´t very nimble so the trail has to take a long swerve around the Transantarctic Mountains to come onto the plateau.

Limburgish : Dees zien neet zoe wendbaar dus de weeg nump ruim bochte roond de Transactische berge um op 't plateau te koume.

English : The most common cause for accidents in winter is slippery roads, pavements (sidewalks) and especially steps.

Limburgish : De mies veurkoumende reie vaan oongelöke in de winter zien glitsege wege, stup en veural trappe.

English : At a minimum, you need footwear with suitable soles. Summer shoes are usually very slippery on ice and snow, even some winter boots are deficient.

Limburgish : De moos minstens sjoeisel met gooj zaole drage. Zomersjeun zien miestal erg glitsereg op ies en snie; zelfs somege wintersjeun zien oongesjik.

English : The pattern should be deep enough, 5 mm (1/5 inch) or more, and the material soft enough in cold temperatures.

Limburgish : 't Profiel moot deep genóg zien, 5 mm (1/5 inch) of mie, en 't mattriaol moot loch zien in lieg temperature.

English : Some boots have studs and there is studded add-on equipment for slippery conditions, suitable for most shoes and boots, for the heels or heels and sole.

Limburgish : Somege stievele höbbe noppe en me heet ouch klik-op noppe veur glitserege condities wat op de hak of de hak en zaol passe vaan de mieste sjeun en stievele.

English : Heels should be low and wide. Sand, gravel or salt (calcium chloride) is often scattered on roads or paths to improve traction.

Limburgish : Hakke mote lieg en breid zien. Zand, gravel of zaajt (calsium chloride) weurd dèks op wege en paajer gestruid um de grip te verbetere.

English : Avalanches are not an abnormality; steep slopes can hold only so much slow, and the excess volumes will come down as avalanches.

Limburgish : Lawiene zien gein vreemp geziech; steil hellinge kinne neet zoeväöl snie vashawwe en wat te väöl gevalle is kump nao oonder es 'n lawien.


English : The problem is that snow is sticky, so it needs some triggering to come down, and some snow coming down can be the triggering event for the rest.

Limburgish : 't Probleìm is dat snie plakkerig is, dus 't kump neet zoe mer nao oonder. Nui snie wat vèlt kin deveur zörge dat de snie wat al op de helling ligk nao oonder rótsj.

English : Sometimes the original trigging event is the sun warming the snow, sometimes some more snowfall, sometimes other natural events, often a human.

Limburgish : Soms weure lawiene veroerzaak door smèltende snie door de opwermende zon, mie snieval, some 'n aander natuurleke gebäörtenis, dèks door de mins.

English : A tornado is a spinning column of very low-pressure air, which sucks the surrounding air inward and upward.

Limburgish : 'n Tornado is 'ne lochkolom vaan liege drök boe-door de loch roontelum nao binne en bove gezoek weurt.

English : They generate high winds (often 100-200 miles/hour) and can lift heavy objects into the air, carrying them as the tornado moves.

Limburgish : Ze generere sterke win (dèks 100-200 miles/hour) en kinne zwoer objecte luffe en verplaotse, es de tornade ziech wijer beweug.

English : They begin as funnels descending from storm clouds, and become ¨tornadoes¨ when they touch the ground.

Limburgish : Ze beginne es treisters wat oet störmwolke neerdaole, en weurde "tornado's" es ze d'n groond rake.

English : Personal VPN (virtual private network) providers are an excellent way of circumventing both political censorship and commercial IP-geofiltering.

Limburgish : Persoenelek VPN (virtueel privé netwerk) providers zien 'n gooj meneer um polletieke censuur en commercieel IP-adres filtering te vermije.

English : They are superior to web proxies for several reasons: They re-route all Internet traffic, not only http.

Limburgish : Ze zien beter es proxyservers vaanwege mierder grun: Ze leie all 't internetverkier um en neet zjus http.

English : They normally offer higher bandwidth and better quality of service. They are encrypted and thus harder to spy on.

Limburgish : Ze oondersteune mie bandbreidde en betere service. Ze zien versleuteld en dus lesteger te bespioenere.

English : The media companies routinely lie about the purpose of this, claiming that it is to ¨prevent piracy¨.

Limburgish : De mediabedrieve lege stèlselmaoteg euver d'n groond heivaan en zègke dat 't deent um piraterij tege to gaon.

English : In fact, region codes have absolutely no effect on illegal copying; a bit-for-bit copy of a disk will play just fine on any device where the original will.

Limburgish : Eigelek, höbbe regiocodes gein effek op 't make vaan illigaol kopies; 'n gekopiëerde disc zal gewoen speule op eder apperaat zjus es 't orgineel.

English : The actual purpose is to give those companies more control over their markets; it´s all about money spinning.

Limburgish : 't Eigeleke doel is bedrieve mie controle te geve euver hun markte; 't geit allemaol euver geld verdene.

English : Because calls are routed over the Internet, you do not need to use a phone company located where you live or where you travel.

Limburgish : Umtot opreup via 't internet gaon hoof g'r gein tèllefoonbedrief te gebruke boe g'r woent of reis.

English : There is also no requirement that you obtain a local number from the community in which you live; you can obtain a satellite Internet connection in the wilds of Chicken, Alaska and select a number which claims you´re in sunny Arizona.

Limburgish : g'r Hoof ouch geine lokaal nómmer te höbbe in de gemeinsjap boe g'r woent; g'r kin 'n satelliet internet verbinding kriege in The Wilds of Chicken, Alaska en 'ne nómmer keze zoedat 't lieket es-of g'r in 't zonnege Arizona zeet.

English : Often, you have to buy a global number separately that allows PSTN phones to call you. Where the number is from makes a difference for people calling you.

Limburgish : Dèks moot g'r 'ne wereldweide nómmer koupe zoedat PSTN tèllefoons uuch kinne belle. Wat de nètnómmer is maak oet veur de lui wat uuch belle.

English : Real-time text translator apps – applications that are capable of automatically translating whole segments of text from one language into another.

Limburgish : Direkte teks vertaol apps zien applicaties wat automatisch ganse stökke teks kinne vertaole in versjèllende taole.

English : Some of the applications in this category can even translate texts in foreign languages on signs or other objects in the real world when the user points the smartphone towards those objects.

Limburgish : Sommege vaan dit soort applicaties, kinne zelfs tekste vertaole op borde of aander objecte in de omgeving vaan de gebruker es me de camera dao op riech.

English : The translation engines have improved dramatically, and now often give more or less correct translations (and more seldom gibberish), but some care is due, as they still may have gotten it all wrong.

Limburgish : De vertaolmachienes zien väöl beter gewore, en geve noe dèks vertaolinge wat oongeveer kloppe (oonzin is väöl zeldzamer gewore), mer me moot veurziechteg blieve want ze kinne 't nog altied gans verkierd höbbe.

English : One of the most prominent apps in this category is Google Translate, which allows offline translation after downloading the desired language data.

Limburgish : Ein vaan de prominintste apps in dees cattegorie is Google translate, boemètste offline kins vertaole naodatste de benudegde data höbs gedownload.

English : Using GPS navigation apps on your smartphone can be the easiest and most convenient way to navigate when out of your home country.

Limburgish : GPS navigatie apps op dien smartphone gebruke kin de gemekelekste en hendegste meneer zien um te navigere es de in 't boeteland bis.

English : It can save money over buying new maps for a GPS, or a standalone GPS device or renting one from a car rental company.

Limburgish : 't Kin geld bespaore vergeleke mèt 't koupe vaan nui keerte veur 'n GPS, of 'n losse GPS of eine te heure bij 'n otoverheurbedrief.

English : If you don´t have a data connection for your phone, or when it is out of range, their performance can be limited or unavailable.

Limburgish : Este gein internet verbinding höbs op dien tèllefoon, of gein nètwerk höbs, kinne de prestaties tege valle of hielemaol neet te gebruke zien.

English : Every corner store is filled with a confusing array of pre-paid phone cards that can be used from pay phones or ordinary telephones.

Limburgish : Ederen winkel op d'n hook is gevöld mèt ne hiele grùtte hoèp pre-paid tèllefoonkeerte wat gebruuk kinne weure in tèllefooncelle of met gewoene tèllefoons.

English : While most cards are good for calling anywhere, some specialise in providing favourable call rates to specific groups of countries.

Limburgish : Al zien de mieste keerte te gubruke veur euveral naotouw te belle, sommege höbbe gooj tarieve veur bepaolde gróppe len.

English : Access to these services is often through a toll-free telephone number that can be called from most phones without charge.

Limburgish : Touwgaank tot dees deenste is dèks zoonder extra koste via 'ne tèllefoonnómmer wat te berieke is vaan de mieste tèllefoons.

English : Rules regarding regular photography also apply to video recording, possibly even more so.

Limburgish : Regels euver normale fotografie zien ouch vaan touwpassing op videoopnames, misjiens zelfs nog mie.


English : If just taking a photo of something isn´t allowed, then you shouldn´t even think of recording a video of it.

Limburgish : Es gewoen 'ne foto devaan make al neet maag, daan mooste al zeker geine video make.

English : If using a drone, check well in advance as to what you are allowed to film and what permits or additional licensing are required.

Limburgish : Es geer ne drone wel gebruke check daan vaan teveure of g'r touwstumming nudeg höb um get te fèlme of da beìkòmmende vergönninge nudeg zien.

English : Flying a drone near an airport or over a crowd is almost always a bad idea, even if it´s not illegal in your area.

Limburgish : 't Gebruuk vaan drones in de buurt vaan 't vliegveld of euver groete meinegtes is bekans altied e slech gedach, ouch es dat neet illegaol is in dien omgeving.

English : Nowadays air travel is only rarely booked directly through the airline without first searching and comparing prices.

Limburgish : Allewijl weure vlöchte neet dèks mie direk bij de ogebook, zoonder iers te zeuke en prieze te vergelieke.

English : Sometimes the same flight can have vastly differing prices at various agregators and it pays to compare search results and to also look at the website of the airline itself before booking.

Limburgish : Soms kin dezelfde vlöch totaal versjèllende prieze höbbe bij aander aonbeejers. 't Is dus de meujte um prieze te vergelieke en ouch um de website vaan de vleegmaotsjappij zelf te goon veurdatste books.

English : While you may not need a visa for short visits to certain countries as a tourist or for business, going there as an international student generally requires a longer stay than going there just as a casual tourist.

Limburgish : Es toerist of veur e handelsbezeuk höb g'r veur e kort bezeuk gein visa nudeg in sommege lande, mer es student blijf me miestal veur langeren tied vergeleke mèt de doorsnei toerist.

English : In general, staying in any foreign country for an extended period of time will require you to obtain a visa in advance.

Limburgish : Euver 't algemein moot g'r veur e langer verblief in e vreemp land vaan te veure 'n visa aonvraoge.

English : Student visas generally have different requirements and application procedures from normal tourist or business visas.

Limburgish : Studentevisa höbbe miestal aander eise en indeningsprocedures es toeriste- en businessvisa's.

English : For most countries, you will need an offer letter from the institution you wish to study at, and also evidence of funds to support yourself for at least the first year of your course.

Limburgish : Veur de mieste lande höbste 'n breef nudeg vaan 't instituut boeste wèls gaon studere. En ouch mootste bewieze datste genog geld höbs um te minste 't ierste jaor roond te koume.

English : Check with the institution, as well as the immigration department for the country you wish to study in for detailed requirements.

Limburgish : Vraog nao bij 't instituut, en ouch bij 't immigratie departemint vaan 't land boeste naotouw wèls veur de gedetailleerde eise.

English : Unless you are a diplomat, working overseas generally means that you will have to file income tax in the country you are based in.

Limburgish : Tenzij de 'ne diplomaat bis, beteikent euver-zie wèrke datste inkomesbelastings formuliere moos invölle in 't land boeste bis.

English : Income tax is structured differently in different countries, and the tax rates and brackets vary widely from one country to another.

Limburgish : Imkomesbelasting weurd aanders geregeld in versjèllende len, en ouch de tarieve en sjijve versjèlle vaan land tot land.

English : In some federal countries, such as the United States and Canada, income tax is levied both at the federal level and at the local level, so the rates and brackets can vary from region to region.

Limburgish : In somege federale lande, wie de VS en Canada, weurd zoewel op federaal es op lokaal niveau inkomesbelasting geheve. De tarieve en sjijve variëre dus vaan regio tot regio.

English : While immigration check is usually absent or a formality when you arrive in your homeland, customs control can be a hassle.

Limburgish : De immigratie check is miestal afwezeg es g'r thoeskump, mer de douane kin wel e gedoons zien.

English : Make sure you know what you can and cannot bring in and declare anything over the legal limits.

Limburgish : Bekiek vaan te veure wat g'r wel en neet in maag vore in gief alles bove de wètteleke sjraom aon.

English : The easiest way to get started in the business of travel writing is to hone your skills on an established travel blog website.

Limburgish : De gemekelekste meneer um te beginne mèt 't penne op reis is door te oefene op ein vaan de bestaonde reisblog websites.

English : After you become comfortable with formatting and editing on the web, then later, you might create your own website.

Limburgish : Naodatste comfortabel bis met 't vörmgeve en bewèrke op 't web kinste later misjiens dien eige website ineinfitsele.

English : Volunteering while travelling is a great way to make a difference but it´s not just about giving.

Limburgish : Vrijwèllegerswèrk oonder 't reize is 'n gooj meneer um get bij te drage mer 't geit neet allein euver geve.

English : Living and volunteering in a foreign country is a great way to get to know a different culture, meet new people, learn about yourself, get a sense of perspective and even gain new skills.

Limburgish : Leve en vrijwèllege in e vreemp land is 'n gooj meneer um 'n aander cultuur te liere kinne, nui lui te liere kinne, diech zelver te liere kinne en um 'n aander perspectief te kriege en zelfs veerdeghede te liere.

English : It can also be a good way to stretch a budget to allow a longer stay somewhere since many volunteer jobs provide room and board and a few pay a small salary.

Limburgish : 't Kin ouch good zien um dien budget op te rèkke zoedatste langer örgens kins blieve want väöl vrijwèllegers bäönsjes höbbe gratis verblief en beeje 'n klein vergeujing aon.

English : Vikings used the Russian waterways to get to the Black Sea and Caspian Sea. Parts of these routes can still be used. Check possible need for special permits, which may be difficult to get.

Limburgish : De vikinge gebruukde de Russische riviere um nao de Zwarte en Kaspische Zie te kaome. Somege stökke vaan dees routes kinne nog altied gebruuk weure. Check vaan te veure of g'r speciaol vergönninge nudeg höb; dat zouw lesteg te regele kinne zien.

English : The White Sea–Baltic Canal connects the Arctic Ocean to the Baltic Sea, via Lake Onega, Lake Ladoga and Saint Petersburg, mostly by rivers and lakes.

Limburgish : 't Witte Zie - Baltische Zie kanaal verbindt de Noordeleke Ieszie mèt de Baltische Zie, via 't Onegameer, Ladogameer en Sint Petersburg veural via riviere en mere.

English : Lake Onega is also connected to Volga, so coming from the Caspian Sea through Russia is still possible.

Limburgish : 't Onegameer is ouch verboonde mèt de Volga, dus de kins nog altied door Rusland koume vaanoet de Kaspische Zie.

English : Be assured that once you hit the marinas everything will be pretty obvious. You will meet other boat hitchhikers and they will share their information with you.

Limburgish : Mer wees gerös, zodra geer in de haves zeet zal alles dudelek wure. Geer zal de aander bootlifters tegekoume en ze zalle informatie met uuch deile.

English : Basically you´ll be putting up notices offering your help, pacing the docks, approaching people cleaning their yachts, trying to make contact with sailors in the bar, etc.

Limburgish : In 't kot: de zals e bord make boe- opste dien deenste aonbeujs. In de have mooste lui aonspreke um te vroage ofste hun jachte maags sjróbbe, of contact perbere le lègke mèt werklui in de de kafees, etc.


English : Try to talk to as many people as possible. After a while everyone will know you and will give you hints as to which boat is looking for someone.

Limburgish : Perbeer mèt zoeväöl wie meugelek lui te praote. Nao e tiedsje zal ederein dich kinne en tips geve euver welke beut op zeuk zien nao 'n hölp.

English : You should choose your Frequent Flyer airline in an alliance carefully.

Limburgish : De moos dien Frequent Flyer vleegmaotsjappij good oetkieze.

English : Although you may think it is intuitive to join the airline you fly most, you should be aware that privileges offered are often different and frequent flyer points may be more generous under a different airline in the same alliance.

Limburgish : De dinks misjiens datste de maotsjappij moos kieze boeste 't miest mèt vleegs mer de moos weite dat de veurdeile dèks aanders zien en frequent flyer points kinne bter zien oonder 'n aander maotsjappij in dezelfde alliance.

English : Airlines such as Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways & Turkish Airlines have greatly expanded their services to Africa, and offer connections to many major African cities at competitive rates than other European airlines.

Limburgish : Vleegmaotsjappije wie Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways & Turkish Airlines höbbe hun verbindinge mèt Afrika oetgebreid, en beeje verbindinge nao väöl groete Afrikaanse steie veur minder geld es Europese maotsjappije.

English : Turkish Airlines flies to 39 destinations in 30 African countries as of 2014.

Limburgish : Turkish airlines vluig venaof 2014 nao 39 bestumminge in 30 Afrikaanse len.

English : If you have additional travel time, check to see how your total fare quote to Africa compares with a round-the-world fare.

Limburgish : Es g'r extra reistied höb kiek daan wie dien kompleìte tarief nao Afrika z'ch verhèlt tot dien tarief roond de weìrelt.

English : Don´t forget to add in the extra costs of additional visas, departure taxes, ground transportation, etc. for all those places outside of Africa.

Limburgish : Vergit neet de extra koste veur additionele visa's, vertrèkbelasting, groondvervoor, etc. veur al die plaotse boete Afrika.

English : If you want to fly around the world completely in the Southern Hemisphere, the choice of flights and destinations is limited due to the lack of transoceanic routes.

Limburgish : Este roontelum de wereld wèls vlege, compleet in 't Zuielek haafroond, daan is de keus vaan vlöchte en bestumminge beperk umtot 'rs neet väöl transatlantische routes zien.

English : No airline alliance covers all three ocean crossings in the Southern Hemisphere (and SkyTeam covers none of the crossings).

Limburgish : Gein vleegmaatsjappij alliance besleet alle drei de passages op 't zuielek haafroond (en 't skyteam dèk gein vaan de passages).

English : However, Star Alliance covers everything except the eastern South Pacific from Santiago de Chile to Tahiti, which is a LATAM Oneworld flight.

Limburgish : De Star Alliance dèk alles behalve de Oosteleke Stèlle Zuidzie vaan SAntiago nao Tahiti, wat 'n LATAM Oneworld vlög is.

English : This flight is not the only option if you want to skip the South Pacific and the west coast of South America. (see below)

Limburgish : Dees vlög is neet de einegste optie este de Zuieleke Stèlle Zuidzie wèls skippe en de wes kös vaan Zuid Amerika. (kiek heioonder)

English : In 1994, the ethnically Armenian Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan waged war against the Azeris.

Limburgish : In 1994 voùrde de oùrsproenkelijke Armeense regio Nagorno-Karabakh vaan Azerbaijan oorlog tege de Azeris.

English : With Armenian backing, a new republic was created. However, no established nation - not even Armenia - officially recognizes it.

Limburgish : Mèt de steun vaan Armenië waor 'n nui rippubliek gecreëerd. Mer gein land, zelfs armenië neet, erkint 't.

English : Diplomatic arguments over the region continue to mar relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Limburgish : Diplomatische ruizinge euver de regio blieve de relaties tösse Armenië en Azerbaijan versture.

English : The Canal District (Dutch: Grachtengordel) is the famous 17th-century district surrounding the Binnenstad of Amsterdam.

Limburgish : De grachtegordel is e bereump 17de iews oonderdeil vaan Amsterdam en ligk roontelum de binnestad .

English : The whole district is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique cultural and historical value, and its property values are among the highest of the country.

Limburgish : 't Ganse gebeed is aongeweze es UNESCO Wereld Erfgood vaanwege de unieke culturele en historische weerde. De hoezeprieze zien oonder de hoegste vaan 't ganse land.

English : Cinque Terre, which means Five Lands, comprises the five small coastal villages of Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso located in the Italian region of Liguria.

Limburgish : Cinque Terre, wat vijf len beteikend, besteit oet vijf kleine köspläötskes: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza en Monterosso in de Italiaanse regio Ligurië.

English : They are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Limburgish : Ze staon op de UNESCO wereld erfgood lies.

English : Over the centuries, people have carefully built terraces on the rugged, steep landscape right up to the cliffs that overlook the sea.

Limburgish : Door de iewe heer höbbe lui zorgvöldeg terasse gebouwd op 't ruige landsjap tot aon de kliffe wat euver de zie oetloere.

English : Part of its charm is the lack of visible corporate development. Paths, trains and boats connect the villages, and cars cannot reach them from the outside.

Limburgish : Deil vaan de charme is 't gebrek aon ziechbaar bedriefsoontwikkelinge. Paajer, treine en beut vervinde de dörp en oto's vaan boete kinne ze neet berieke.

English : The varieties of French which are spoken in Belgium and Switzerland differ slightly from the French spoken in France, though they are similar enough to be mutually intelligible.

Limburgish : 't Frans wat in Wallonië en Zwitserland gesproke weur versjèld e bitsje vaan 't frans wat in Fraankriek gesproke weurt, mer dao is gein probleem mèt de verstaonbaarheid tösse de variante.

English : In particular, the numbering system in French-speaking Belgium and Switzerland has some slight peculiarities that are different from the French spoken in France, and the pronunciation of some words is slightly different.

Limburgish : In 't bezunder heet 't tèlsysteem in frantaoleg Belsj en Zwitserland e paar eigeneerdeghede vergeleke mèt 't stnadaard Frans in Fraankriek. Ouch is de oetspraok vaan somege wäörd aanders.

English : Nevertheless, all French-speaking Belgians and Swiss would have learned standard French in school, so they would be able to understand you even if you used the standard French numbering system.

Limburgish : Desneettemin höbbe alle franstaolege Belzje en Zwitsers standaard Frans op sjaol gelierd dus ze zouwe 't standaard frans ouch begriepe es te 't standaard tèlsysteem gebruuks.

English : In many parts of the world, waving is a friendly gesture, indicating ¨hello.¨

Limburgish : Op väöl plaotse op de wereld is zwejje 'n vrunteleke geste, 'nen adie.

English : However, in Malaysia, at least among the Malays in rural areas, it means ¨come over,¨ similar to the index finger bent toward the body, a gesture which is used in certain Western countries, and should be used only for that purpose.

Limburgish : Allewel 't op platteland vaan Maleisië beteikent "kom nao hei", zjus wie me in weste de wijsvinger buig um dat dudelek te make, en 't gebaar moot ouch allein mer daoveur gebruuk weure.


English : Similarly, a British traveller in Spain may mistake a wave goodbye involving the palm facing the waver (rather than the person being waved at) as a gesture to come back.

Limburgish : Zoe kin 'n Britse reizeger in Spaanje 'n zwej met de rögk vaan de hand nao de zwejjer touw (in plaots vaan nao de persoen boe nao gezwejjt weurt) kinne verwarre mèt 'n gebaar um trögk te koume.

English : Auxiliary languages are artificial or constructed languages created with the intent of facilitating communication between peoples who would otherwise have difficulty communicating.

Limburgish : Somege taole zien kunstmaoteg gecreëerd en zien bedach met 't doel um communicatie te verbetere tösse lui wat aanders hiel väöl meujte hadde mèt ein te communicere.

English : They are separate from lingua francas, which are natural or organic languages that become dominant for one reason or another as means of communication between speakers of other languages.

Limburgish : Ze zien neet 't zelfde es 'n lingua franca, wat natuurleke taole wat dominant zien gewore door ein of mie groonde um de communicatie tösse aanderstaolege te kinne facilitere.

English : In the heat of the day, travelers can experience mirages that give the illusion of water (or other things).

Limburgish : Op 't wermst vaan d'n daag kinne reizegers lochspiegelinge zien, wat de illusie wèk vaan plasse water (of aander dinger).

English : These can be dangerous if the traveler pursue the mirage, wasting precious energy and remaining water.

Limburgish : Dees kinne gevaarlek zien es de reizeger beslut um nao de spiegeling touw te goon, umtot dat väöl energie en water verklendert.

English : Even the hottest of deserts can become extremely cold at night. Hypothermia is a real risk without warm clothing.

Limburgish : Zèlfs in de heitste woestijne kin 't 's nachs extreìm kaajt weure en oonderkeuling is 'n groet risico zoonder werm kleiaasj.

English : In summer, especially, you´ll need to watch out for mosquitoes if you decide to hike through the rainforest.

Limburgish : Zeker in de zomer mootste oet kieke veur mögke zeker este door 't oerwoud geis trèkke.

English : Even if you´re driving through the subtropical rainforest, a few seconds with the doors open while you get inside the vehicle is enough time for mosquitoes to get in the vehicle with you.

Limburgish : Zelfs er g'r mèt de oto door 't subtropisch oerwoud veurs kin e paar seconde mèt de deur ope um zelver in te stappe genóg zien veur de mögke um ouch binne te koume.

English : Bird flu, or more formally avian influenza, can infect both birds and mammals.

Limburgish : De veugelgrip of zoàkeleker gezeìd aviaire influenza kin zoewel veugel en zoogdere kraank make.

English : Fewer than a thousand cases have ever been reported in humans, but some of them have been fatal.

Limburgish : Wieneger es doezend gevalle zien bekint in de mins mer somege waore wel duujelek.

English : Most have involved people who work with poultry, but there is also some risk to birdwatchers.

Limburgish : De mieste lui wèrde ouch mèt pluimvie mer dao is ouch e risico veur vogeleers.

English : Typical for Norway are steep fjords and valleys that suddenly give way to a high, more or less even plateau.

Limburgish : Eìge oàn Neùrwege zien de steile fjorde die bovenop e hoeg, redelek vlak plateau höbbe.

English : These plateaus are often referred to as ¨vidde¨ meaning a wide, open treeless space, a boundless expanse.

Limburgish : Dees plateaus heite vidde, wat e ope, wij plek zoonder buim beteikent, 'n grenzeloze vrijheid.

English : In Rogaland and Agder they are usually called ¨hei¨ meaning a treeless moorland often covered in heather.

Limburgish : In Rogaland en Agder weure ze miestal "hei" geneump wat 't zelfde is es de limburgse hei, 'n ope plek zoonder buim, bedèk mèt kruiïge struukskes.

English : The glaciers are not stable, but flow down the mountain. This will cause cracks, crevasses, which may be obscured by snow bridges.

Limburgish : De gletsjers zien neet stabiel, mer 't smeltwater stroump de berg aof. Dit vereurzaak boorste en reetse wat bedèk zouwe kinne zien mèt sniebrögke.

English : The walls and roofs of ice caves can collapse and cracks can get closed.

Limburgish : De moere en de plefong vaan iesgrotte kinne instorte en de reetse kinne z'ch slete.

English : At the edge of glaciers huge blocks break loose, fall down and perhaps jump or roll farther from the edge.

Limburgish : Op de rande vaan de gletsjers kinne groete brokke aofbreke, nao oonder valle en misjiens omhoeg springe of weier vaan de rand rolle.

English : The tourist season for the hill stations generally peaks during the Indian summer.

Limburgish : 't Hoegsezoen veur de bergkampeminte is miestal tijdens de Indische zomer.

English : However, they have a different kind of beauty and charm during winter, with many hill stations receiving healthy amounts of snow and offering activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Limburgish : Al höbbe ze 'n aander soort sjoenegheid in de winter umtot de mieste bergkampeminte väöl snie kriege en 'rs väöl te doen is zoe-es skië en snowboarde.

English : Only a few airlines still offer bereavement fares, which slightly discount the cost of last-minute funeral travel.

Limburgish : Slechs e paar Maotsjappije beeje rouwtarieve aon boe g'r korting krijg op 'n last minute begroàfenis reìs.

English : Airlines that offer these include Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa for flights originating from the U.S. or Canada, and WestJet.

Limburgish : Maotsjappije wat dit höbbe, zien Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa veur vlöchte oet de VS of Canada, en WestJet.

English : In all cases, you must book by phone directly with the airline.

Limburgish : In eder geval moot geer via d'n tèllefoon boke, direk beì de maotsjappij.


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